Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Hello everyone

We miss you angry, Type-A haters. We don't know what the holdup is re: HostGator. We eliminated the problems associated with the attack days ago, and HostGator has given us the all-clear, and yet we are still not back online.

For now, this will be our temporary home. Spread the word.

As for a donkey right now, it's pretty much same-old same-old. She is braying about Tony Robbins. She is wearing bad pants and unhinging her jaw.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Google finally relented and allowed me into the email account I have never been in before. We have renewed our GoDaddy subscription, and we should be back up soon, haters.

Thanks for your support and I apologize profusely for dropping the ball on this. I had no idea the subscription was expiring because they were sending emails to an account I had no access to, and once it went down, I couldn't get any information and/or access.



Saturday, January 19, 2013

Here We Are Again

Hello, haters.

Two years ago, a "friend of RBD" was kind enough to register our domain name with GoDaddy and help us get set back up after Donkey shut us down.

Those two years are up. And unfortunately, we don't have our GoDaddy log-in information, which was long ago sent to a gmail address with an unknown password (the original one has been changed by someone or something, and we don't know what it is).

And so, for the moment, we are kind of fucked given the person who got us all set up no longer has the log-in info either, or has long since killed the information out of their own inbox, and no longer responds to our emails pleading for help anyway.

We welcome suggestions on how to get around this quandary.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Everyone Remain Calm


So apparently when HostGator decides you're some kind of basement-dwelling hog, they want assurances that, sure, you USED to be a gluttonous hog, but you've kicked the Doritos and donuts and you're losing weight pronto. But they need time to watch/assess you for a couple of days -- I fucking guess, because we have been waiting all day for them to get us back up and running after telling them what we've done to lose a lot of goddamn weight!!! -- and we've heard nothing back.

I really don't think Donk had a thing to do with this, unless she got that hottie bare-chested tech expert to do it -- because after all, what WAS she employing him for, and the timing would be about right -- but while I am all for conspiracy theories, I am far more suspicious of the countdown clock. That's when our troubles began.

Enjoy our rustic cabin in the woods for a little while longer, Type-A haters, shitheads and sad, sort of sad adults. We'll be back up soon and in the meantime, are pondering another home that won't shut us out so quickly, just because we gained a little weight.