Saturday, January 31, 2009

Don't try to impress us by quoting TWW.

UPDATE: We're loons! Way to keep dismissing what we have to say, Paul, without actually addressing the real arguments (of which you so far have exhibited none). Check the comments here. Most of them are smart, thoughtful and legitimate arguments. Well, at least you're coming back here to check on us. We really appreciate it.

Jesus, this is getting really tiresome now. Paul Carr responds to us (rather, at us).

Anyway, as much as we love Aaron Sorkin and his work, the man's got a thin skin for someone who puts his stuff out for public consumption, as do JA (well, "work" is a loose term) and even Paul Carr. Sorkin wrote the scene Paul "sites" [we will only use this Mary Rambin-approved spelling from now on] in response to mostly constructive criticism he received about The West Wing on sites like Television Without Pity. The dialogue is snappy and amusing, to be sure (when is Sorkin not?), but it was also basically an easy way to dismiss anyone who expresses a dissenting opinion online. A giant "Fuck You," if you will. Draw the parallels as you wish.

Anyway, Paul says that he saw Julia's panel live, so he is a better judge of her performance than we could ever be (though we saw the whole thing, from start to finish, through the video link DLD provided--but maybe we missed the magic fairy dust that didn't appear on camera?). Paul, seriously, you're damaging your own credibility now.

Then he says, quoting us:

Also, we’re sick of people who use this excuse: “having read the vile abuse aimed at Sarah and Julia and countless other women who dare to showcase their abilities online…”

Um, no. We have nothing against women who showcase their abilities online. We are women. We like smart women who can do smart things on the Internet. Julia is not one of them. Jesus. We’re so tired of this bullshit.

Quel motherfucking irony. These weird lunatic Lemon-Lyman-Nurse-Ratched-Parliament-Chain-Smoking-Harpies attack Julia and Friends for damaging the image of women online. And yet, by doing so in such a pathetically catty way, all they achieve is the reinforcement of that hideous stereotype that the worst, most bitchy critics of successful women in the public eye are other women.

Ooh, you got us, Paul! No response about how JAB and company haven't done anything innovative or intelligent all the while saying that's exactly what they're doing. And we don't think Julia and Friends are attacking the image of women online. There are plenty of awesome, smart women online who counteract their presence. We're just calling out their bullshit [like when Mary Rambin likens Botox to abortion]. And yeah, we think cheap shots against their weight and looks are uncalled for. We agree with you. We're not interested in doing that, though some people who comment here are. (We're not the comment or thought police, though.) But ain't nothing wrong with mocking their actions with a little bit of snark. And if you watched them with a little bit of objectivity, you'd realize that pretty much everything they do (that they share online) is ridiculous. And mockable.

Kisses, love!

Friday, January 30, 2009

JAB is the model of decorum, civility and good journalism.

She and Meghan write a bit about Davos, how busy they are, why they're there and their off-the-record conversations. This is where it gets serious.

(Also: Julia says we'll discuss Carr's column next week. OK, bunny.)

So in a recent post, Jules quotes Meghan's post on Davos, and adds her commentary. She is a Real. Journalist. ! She is having off-the-record conversations with Important People! Anyway, here it is:



I’ve assumed in past posts that you’re familiar with events like CES, DLD, and others, without really explaining their merits. It’s a bad habit of mine not to let you in on the details and story behind my lifecast, so I’m answering your questions here.

What is The World Economic Forum?

It’s one of the most esteemed conferences in the world where political, business, and intellectual leaders gather to discuss world issues. For a week, Davos (a resort town in Switzerland) is flooded with over 2000 attendees from 96 countries. Their main focus is to find solutions to the worldwide problems that plague us. With the worldwide economic collapse in the last year, it’s only fitting that this year the theme is “Shaping the Post-Crisis World.” Most sessions (I like to call them mini think tanks) are focused on figuring out what is up next for the worldwide economy. Each session poses questions hoping to educated and work out a game plan for the upcoming months.

Why are we here?

I had an INCREDIBLE experience last year, and when Julia got the opportunity to speak at DLD, we decided to stay for Davos. It’s only four hours away, and many of the DLD conference participants travel here en masse. We were lucky enough to have DLD put us up here in Davos. Unlike DLD, we’re trying to actually absorb and enjoy the conference - not just spend our time looking at our laptops. As a result, many of our posts will be next week, when we get home. In addition, quite a few of the people with whom we’ve had long conversations prefer to remain off the record, and we will respect them.

What exactly is the experience?

One word: SURREAL! Never could you imagine a town full of so many revolutionaries. At events, I’ve had to contain my excitement (keepin’ it cool) being around Hedge Fund idols, Foreign Diplomats, and Esteemed Writers. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk to Richard Branson about his various businesses. HOLY COW, it doesn’t seem real. I hope you don’t think I’m bragging. I’m merely trying to give you my mini-perspective on this strangely brilliant gathering. With that, I’ve been less interested in taking photos, as I find it quite gauche to play paparazzi.

What’s the difference between last year and this year?

Participants are in commiseration mode, mostly about the economic outlook, no one can predict what the future brings, so learning to adapt to the change in sentiment is key in order to move forward.

I have so much to say about our experiences here, but we’re busy nearly every second. We’ll post more when we’re quietly sitting in New York.

Until then, here are a few photos to tide you over! We’re not taking nearly the number we usually do, because it’s a little … inappropriate. People let down their guards at Davos for a reason. The choice is this: have the majority of our conversations off the record - or don’t have them at all. We chose the former.

Why your column has no credibility:

UPDATE: We'll have more thoughts on Carr's column soon. He makes some decent points. (Also: We loved The West Wing, especially Sam Seaborn. That scene? Nobody talks shit about Ainsley.) And actually, we agree that a lot of the vile stuff said about the Trio of Banality is irrelevant. But you can't squelch all criticism because of it. More sometime...soon. Look, we don't have Internet access! Kidding.)

Paul Carr isn't a meanie, and he thinks Julia Allison is "smart, tech-savvy and funny." He writes a column on how bitchiness rules on the Interwebs, and it's not always called for. But here's why he loses cred on this one. When writing about Julia's performance at DLD, he says:

It was an impressive performance both from Julia and from Loic, who showed how his company, Seesmic, uses video to make anonymous commenting almost impossible.

Um, Paul? Did you watch the same panel we did?

Also, we're sick of people who use this excuse: "having read the vile abuse aimed at Sarah and Julia and countless other women who dare to showcase their abilities online..."

Um, no. We have nothing against women who showcase their abilities online. We are women. We like smart women who can do smart things on the Internet. Julia is not one of them. Jesus. We're so tired of this bullshit.

Dear god.

Well, Our Lady of Introspection is back, posting a bevy of photos from her exploits in Davos. But seriously, we just cannot bring ourselves to share them all with you here. But one thing we must note: These most recent images prove JAB's intellectual cred; I mean, she's the coquette next to FT's John Gapper, and in this one, she wants you to name the economists! Julia + Dr. Doom = Davos cred.

Anyway, Megs, ever the techie, shares a link to the WEF Technology Pioneers. Now that's what we call a geek(ette).

A dissenting opinion.

Kyle responds to all the negative commentary with this:

I dunno... call me crazy, but I think:

All of the stuff that's happening right now, here, is part of the experience. The essence of true lifecasting, as I see it, is that you get it all - the ups and downs, the connected moments and the without wi-fi ones. Shit happens; that's what makes it real. I think it's unfair for us, as readers, to expect slickly produced content like you'd get from a fully-staffed, corporate-owned lifestyle site. This is not that, and I don’t believe that’s what we really want from this site. Could it be like that more? Sure. And will it be, eventually? I think so, if that’s their intention. I just have a problem with the thought that because they had a not-so-wonderful past couple of weeks, the whole venture is a failure. That’s dumb. Remember: these are people we’re talking about, and this is their baby that you’re trashing. Unfair and uncalled for, really. They’re putting themselves out there. They’re trying something new. So what if there are kinks along the way? There are ALWAYS kinks along the way — in life and in any project. It’s just that we’re able to see them, here, live.

So... Can we relax a little and let it unfold a little without being so freaking horrible to them? Maybe? A little?

xo ya'll

Kyle, we actually have something in our head to address your points; it's been percolating for a while. You make a reasonable argument. But because we are actual journalists with actual work to do, we will have to wait a bit before we can put it all down. In the meantime, we're sure our devoted readers will have a few things to say.

An update from Our Lady herself.

She's so excited to be back in the land of Internet, she just took a moment to post this:


How I’ve missed you. We haven’t had access in two days, and we’ll have spotty access until we get home on Sunday, so excuse us for our intermittent updates until then.

Yes, please, excuse them. Actually, can you stay in that spotty access land forever, Jules?


UPDATE: But wait, there's more! Scroll to the bottom of this post for the latest. We will continue to add if and when more trickle in.

We're kind of enjoying the silence. (Well, I guess we could comment on Mary's inane posts about getting great deals in the "ghetto" and the falling of "dominos," but really, it just seems tedious now.) It's sort of our dream; the Trio of Banality ceases posting. In fact, we're not sure how regularly we can keep up with them--it's a little soul-killing. (Don't worry, we're not going anywhere, but you may see changes...)

Anyway, the "fans" themselves are starting to turn. Even SuperFan Sheryl (BTW, Sheryl--why did you delete your comment from here? UPDATED: Nevermind. Err, um...oops?), as evidenced by her comment today at the QOD:

THANK YOU, Caryn P.!

Sorry ladies---I've been your biggest supporter from day one, but this site is officially a joke now.

Who are you kidding anymore? When even your longtime fans like me are left disilliusioned and befuddled, it's time to perhaps consider perhaps throwing in the towel already and admitting defeat.

I'm sure one of you will come in here and delete this comment along with all these others, of course. As usual. Just delete constructive criticism and continue to put your heads in the sand then; just business as usual, right? The heck with what us lowly readers dare think!

And that's one of the main reasons you don't have any of your real readers at your site anymore: you don't value your readers' thoughts or their input. Sorry, but you very obviously don't. If you did, you'd at least offer a public forum beyond the whole "just e-mail us" excuse. And this is why this once promising site has turned into a complete failure.

THAT, and the pitiful lack of content. This is not "lifecasting"---this is a ship that's sinking faster than the Titanic. And your additional failure to address this is all the more reason for your longtime readers to give up on this site entirely. Although in all fairness, I think most of your stats will be due to people stopping by to see how this trainwreck eventually ends.

Julia says you don't believe in allowing anonymous comments, but I really think it's because you all are too scared to allow that third (sic) wall to be broken, and most of us are finally on to why that may be so.

And if "live differently" means going to exotic locales, monumental events and glam parties the rest of us only dream of visiting or attending, only to see the same tired ol' interchangeable vampy photos of you guys that could've been taken anywhere, then consider me officially off the NS lovetrain.

Gals, I think you're all still great and I wish you all well in your future endeavors. But honestly, this place sucks now. Your complete embracement of frivolity in place of interesting social commentary and welcoming your readers, folks you so desperately need here, has come back to bite you in the butts, unfortunately.

She's thanking commenter Caryn, by the way, who wrote this:

I have been visiting this site for a couple of months now. I used to think the nasty commenters had no point. Some don't; it's true. However, others do express some valid concerns.

Mine? I think the content has become more and more weak. There is nothing to see or read or think about here. Why can't you three just answer the question everyone is asking?

"What is going on with NonSociety?"

If you admitted your mistakes, then you'd be percieved as human and honest. You cover them up by not mentioning things. Obviously, you have to see that people do not appreciate that -- especially readers like me...those you want to stay.

Another one bites the dust.
Caryn P., Brooklyn

And a few more fans chime in. See below.

From Former Fan:

Sheryl, I have been following this site for as long as you have and I have appreciated your thoughtful comments, as well as the fact that you don't comment anonymously. I think that you have articulated many of the things that former fans have been thinking and they should really be ashamed that they lost you as a fan, because you seemed to be their biggest cheerleader.

At this point, I do not think there is anything they can do to improve or change. They should just shut the website down and move on with their lives in whatever way they can. It is impossible to regain the trust and respect of your readers when you have treated them so badly.

From Carrie:

I, too, have been a loyal reader and supporter, but this is all beginning to be a little embarrassing to witness. The blogging content is trivial, at best. Julia is obsessed with herself - how many pictures do you have to post of yourself in the same pose? How is that revolutionary, or "living differently" as she claims? It's more of the same, to me. I hate to be negative, but I couldn't keep quiet any longer. You've lost me, along with several of my friends who also read your blog. Good luck with future endeavors. It's too late for your current pursuit.

From Sarah:

OK. I don't even visit the Question page because of the commenters and their filthy words. But there is no other place to go and I would like to say one thing.

Please, girls, out of kindness and respect, do not give us excuses. We want explanations.

I, personally, do not want to hear about the wifi difficulties or how busy you are behind-the-scenes. I want to know that your lack of coverage -- non-coverage -- of Julia's DLD presentation, CES, Davos, etc. was because you do not care.

I'm an intelligent person, too, and I can only think that we (those who are/were loyal readers) aren't really that important.

It's only then that I will know that you three are real.


And we just kinda liked this one:

Seriously? You guys are just baiting the haters now.

If you guys want to control the comment situation, why don't you require people to register before commenting? Or mod the comments before they are posted? It seems like you guys haven't thought this through. Let this be a lesson to any future investors or advertisers of NS: THESE GIRLS ARE CLUELESS AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

From Gemma:

Like Sheryl I've been around for a while and like Carrie this is becoming embarassing. Did you girls learn nothing from CES? You were at DLD and now at Davos and nothing? It is history repeating itself with just the excuse being different. Personally I'm not buying the lack of wireless, how on earth is everyone else managing if there is some sort of wireless blackout? Julia and Meghan you even posted about a great coffee shop that had wireless, why haven't you gone back there? Write up articles on your laptops as and when, then upload them quickly over a coffee? Failing that even an occasional twitter would suffice. I assume there is mobile/cell coverage in Switzerland!

How on earth can it be life casting when there one, doesn't seem to be any casting and two, your life consists of these amazing oportunities that we hear nothing about. All I can assume is that you, Julia and Meghan are snoozing through while occasionally getting up to pose at a party. What on earth do all these influential people you are meeting think when they see your site? That is asuming you've made enough of an impression to get them to that stage. It's incomparable to the things they are doing. And not in a good way.

Disapointing, just really disapointing. And that is even without getting into the Charlise situation. Seriously? Requesting she shut her tumblrs down at best, forcing them shut at worst! What on earth happened to keeping it real?

As others have said I assume this will be deleted but I think you ladies really need to take a step back, breathe and think about where you want to go from here.

Krista adds:

Here we go! This is kind of rewarding in some weird way. I don't like how you talk about upcoming events and then they disappear. Example? Julia's talk in Germany. Why wasn't a link posted at the least? Why didn't you share your thoughts about it, Julia? You said this is all an experiment. Nonetheless, it seems as though you withhold more than you *put out there*. So, where's the experimentation then? You used to write more and you used to...kind of...follow through with your thoughts. Now, it seems as though anything and everything you do is just for show. There's no real heart behind your posts on spirituality and whatever else. On top of everything, you lost me at the inauguration. This feels good to say! You want a community here, right? Well, this is how a community breaks up. Your inauguration coverage was akin to an SNL skit. The girl who gets to see history and, instead, just blogs about herself, her coat, her camera photos, the names of people she poses with, and the traffic.

Sorry to be so frank. My name is Krista and I am at work now in Hoboken, NJ. My boss is at a meeting. I'm 24 and different from YOU.

Grant says:

Hi everyone. This is my first time commenting on this site but I thought I would let you know that the "wifi blackout" excuse for the lack of Davos coverage is complete hogwash. I have some friends covering at Davos and they say that they have not been having any problem. Similarly, there hasn't been any mention of any problem in any of the major news services. Julia and Meghan are either lying or staying far far away from the event.

I used to have a love-to-hate relationship with this site but now you girls are just boring liars who obviously don't care about your readers. I understand you guys are having a tough time what with Mary getting torn apart by every major blog in the past week, but honesty and access were the two most appealing things about this blog. Now everything seems like a sham.

Hope to see you after the recession, Julia, but that is looking less and less likely.

Remember Jessalyn? She adds:

Another former fan here. I posted my comment below at TMI but got blown off by Mary with excuses of how much hard work goes on behind the scenes, so I will repost here and add my two cents as to why you have lost many, many fans:

We're not some sad Internet trolls - we're wives, mothers, career women, friends and volunteers. We take offense that you reinforce some very damaging and negative stereotypes here and on your blogs. You want to be taken seriously but when you get any heat for the things you say, you tell people to "lighten up" it's just "fluffy entertainment." We're former fans that have been let down by your once promising web business. You had and continue to have amazing access and opportunities yet you squander them for spectacle. You make a mockery of other female web entrepreneurs. You promised a message of "living differently" but you continue to perpetuate a sad stereotype. You make excuses and don't fulfill your promises. You squash and block out negative feedback instead of listening to the people who care enough to comment or raise the level of discourse. You had so much promise and now you're a sad Internet joke. Is that what you set out to do? Is this what you want to be? Are you accomplishing the goals you set out to accomplish when you launched your venture?

Sheryl makes a bet:

Who wants to take a bet on how soon this is all deleted? Seriously, I'm betting 10 dollars that by the time 12 ET rolls around, someone will delete ALL of this, either one of the gals deletes this or one of their various unpaid lackies. What you gals did to that Charlsie girl was dispicible, by the way. I think you officially lost me right after news of her mysteriously deleted tumblr account surfaced.

"Live differently", eh? More like "Live as Though Mistakes Don't Exist Upon Deletion". Hooray!


Ed. note: Actually, we doubt that, Sheryl. We think they're going to try to prove everyone wrong this time. For serious.

And even "Tina Brown" chimes in:

The funny thing about us over here at The Daily Beast, Julia, is that our writers actually write about things. Even me. My website isn't just endless pictures of me with all the famous people I actually know (as apposed to stalking "names" at parties I've crashed without an invite and snapping a quick picture before they realize what's happening or who you are).

It's truly shameful the mockery you make of hard working young women everywhere. You are flown here and there as some kind of representative of someone or other (press pass at CES for example) and you so blatantly squander those opportunities. Here you are with a front row seat to some very interesting events and people and how do you share your good fortune? By posting kissy faced pictures of yourself. "Hey everybody, look at me! My boobs are about to fall out of this dress and I've just met and am hanging all over Chad Hurley! I jumped up and down when I met him!!"

You were kicked out of Airianna's sphere (and then had the unmitigated GALL to crash her inaguration ball), you were kicked out of Bonnie Fuller's little world, and for the record, you'll never step one foot in mine. Dream on little pink bunny, there's no place for you in any self-respecting organization.


Thank you Jessalyn!!!

The ladies of NS are flushing each and every one of their opportunities down the toilet. Do you girls have any idea how painful the demise of this site is to watch? All three of you are blessed with the privilege and opportunity to not have to work 9-5 jobs like the rest of us "loyal" readers. You don't have to check your account balance before splurging at H&M or gasp, meeting up with friends to go see a movie. You don't have to worry that you're about to be laid off. It is quite frankly disgusting and pitiful to watch you ladies piss away a chance at success that most people would die to have. And for what reason? More and more, it's seeming like sheer narcissism and laziness.


Another former fan. At first I defended NS because I guess I admired the spunk.

From the start, "live differently" rubbed me wrong. In fact I even wrote to the girls suggesting that instead of trying to point out how different they are from what else is out there, they go on their real strength: that it IS NOT DIFFERENT at all. Which is fine!

There are thousands of popular sites and TV shows about shopping, and shallow dating cliches. I don't mean that as an insult. Lots of people, including me, like to indulge in that stuff to relax.

Why not just accept what they were doing?

Instead it turned into such a weird emperor with no clothes situation. Constantly telling us how very hard they work and all the exciting things coming up.

But the content is just the same shallow shoppin' and datin.'

Meghan's ned as well. Never seemed techie at all to me, just gadget SHOPPING.

Again this would all be fine if they owned up to it, but we get hundreds of pages of hand on hip and kissy face. They might as well be at the portrait studio with backdrops of different locale.

All that said. They lost me at "Roe Vs. Wade."

I won't be back.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Could it be true?

UPDATE: A new post from Charlsie reads:

Ah well hmm...

I think tumblr is lying. And they know it.
The scandal continues!

One of our commenters apparently waltzed over to one of Charlsie's two tumblrs and found this:

Yes, it’s me. Charlsie.

The tumblr ( I kept for my written component as an intern during J-Term was removed. Well, actually, it exists … but if you go to it, a lovely yet dull page of

We couldn’t find the page you were looking for

comes up.

Sometimes though, this comes up

Sorry, you do not have permission to access this page.

That’s funny. But not really.

On Tuesday afternoon, I received a phone call from NonSociety’s Mary Rambin about my blog. She asked me to make it private or delete the posts. Before I could even really do any of that, my page just disappeared. Now, when I go under my tumblr accounts, I can click on the January in the City account, but I do not have any real permission to post.

That’s all for now.

This post is no longer there. Hmm. We wonder how this happened? We sincerely hope that Ms. C didn't actually lose her posts; it doesn't sound like she did--only that she can't post. But this is fishy.

Another update: You know what really pisses us off about this? We thought NS was all about "putting it out there." Why can't the intern "put it out there"? All she did was share her honest thoughts and the mundane tasks she had to do for these girls. But, you know, since her posts didn't gel with the image that JAB and company are trying to present, it had to go. Way to talk about honesty and transparency, ladies.

This is getting boring.

Today, Julia shows us the following two images of Davos. Nothing exciting. Come on, Jules? Where's the stellar content you've promised your readers? I mean, yes, this picture is nice:

But we're not learning anything. Please, J, give us more. Next, she shows us this picture below, with the caption: "The view from our hotel room this Thursday morning, 10:21 am." OK...but surely you can share more shenanigans from Davos? I guess patience is the word, bunnies.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


How long do you think until the Trio of Banality publicly liken themselves to Michael Arrington and start a pity-fest?

It's inevitable; a matter of when, not if.

(Also, a note to our readers: Yes, these girls are vapid, dishonest and generally annoying. Let's focus on the ridiculous things they say and do, not what they look like.)


Mary, Mary Quite Contrary.

RB: Julia, Jan 28 - 3:27pm

Fodder for another lip dub, perhaps? Here's Julia, in all her glory:

The Davos Piano Bar …

(photo credit: Randi Zuckerberg)

RB: Julia, Jan 28 - 3:26pm

The only way to get around, apparently, is by shuttle. Oh, Jules. That article you "sited" earlier talked about how you've gotta walk everywhere.

Miss Meghan Asha, disembarking one of the famous Davos WEF shuttles - the only way anyone ever gets around in this snow-packed town!

RB: Julia, Jan 28 - 3:24pm

Did you know that Julia and Jeff Jarvis are BFFs? Apparently so, according to today's post:

With Jeff Jarvis and Randi Zuckerberg at the famous Davos piano bar!

A few backdated posts from JAB.

Cuz, you know, she posts in "real time." Post dates and times are in quotes, for obvious reasons. Here they are, for posterity:

"Jan 27 - 11:48am"

Looking out at the audience during my panel today.

"Jan 27 - 3:26am"

This is how close I was to Lady Gaga during her performance. She LITERALLY grabbed my arm at one point, and I acted like a 12 year old fangirl. The woman has crazy, crazy charisma.

RB: Julia, Jan 28 - 2:30pm

UPDATE: This post has now been deleted. Not sure why.

UPDATE 2: Sorry, the post has NOT been deleted; rather it has been "corrected" to be posted in what Julia calls "real time"--in other words, she has backdated it to Jan 27, 2:30pm.

With the most famous fashion blogger in Germany! Here’s the interview she did with me on Tuesday afternoon. Yes, it’s in German. Sorry!

RB: Julia, Jan 28 - 2:28pm

UPDATE: This post has also been "corrected" so it appears in "real time"; new datestamp is Jan 26 - 10:28pm.

With Paul Carr, the “Sarah Lacy of London”

RB: Julia, Jan 28 - 1:43pm

The girls are busy at Davos:

Wow, something written by a real journalist, with real value! Imagine that!

Julia at DLD.

You can watch the video here.

Julia says she does everything in real time. Is it really "real time" if you're backdating posts well after the fact? Also, how is what they do different from any other blogger who writes about his or her life? She makes NS seem so "revolutionary."

She also insists that Kodak and Cisco are both sponsors. (Didn't Cisco say they didn't actually "sponsor" NS but rather paid them for a specific task? [Why, we have no idea.])

She boasts her "relatively good traffic--about 800,000 unique page views a month." Sigh.

We haven't even gotten through the whole's kind of hard to get through it. It's pissing us off.


MR changes her tone. Not really.

Well, it looks like the post about their "spammed code" has been deleted by Mary. Instead, she's replaced it with this note, explaining her intentions on "siting Roe v. Wade." We, along with Dodai at Jezebel and others, have failed as reporters and women. Oops.

Good Morning

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day huh! I ended it with a couple martinis because I really didn’t see all of that coming - at least at the same time.

Anyway, I’m moving on and I hope you do to.

Before I do, I want to say it was never my intention to offend anyone with the Roe v. Wade reference. Of course I don’t think Botox ridicule is even close to comparable to the mental anguish women go through in even considering an abortion. And I think EVERYONE knows that. Most of you realized that wasn’t my message. My point was be confident in your choices. But abortion was the easy target point in the post. My apologies to those of you who have gone through the hardship and heartache of abortion and were offended. I can’t imagine what the struggle must be like for you even as the days pass. For those of you who chose to use that as your headline and completely missed the real message I was trying to send, you have failed as a reporter and as a woman.

Have a great day everyone.

Also: God, this woman is just so painfully unintelligent. Especially because she's not smart enough to recognize it.

RB: Julia, Jan 28 - 9:43am

It's rise and shine for our intrepid travelers. The news from Davos today? Cappuccinos and wireless!


Schneider’s is one of my favorite restaurants in Davos. Julia and I still have a rough case of jetlag, hence our two cappuccinos.

They have free wireless here! HURRAY for Switzerland!

RB: Julia, Jan 28 - 9:38am

Well, today's look is a slight variation from the standard Blue Steel. We're making progress!

At Schneider’s in Davos - drinking cappuccinos. I rarely have coffee in Manhattan, but there’s something about snow and mountains and a severe lack of healthy food (it’s all meat and cheese here!) that makes me crave frothy-sugar-caffeine.

PS. I’m wearing about 12 layers right now.

A note about the intern.

We said it before, but it bears repeating: We have nothing against Charlsie. We thought she seemed kind of naive and sort of sweet, and we actually felt sort of sorry for her. Our reblogging of her site focused on her experiences and interactions with NS. (There was lots of other banal stuff from her own life; we didn't care about it.) Someone suggested removing her last name from the posts on our site, and we've done that. We expected that she would remove her blog pretty soon after our post (or at least after Gawker's post), and that's probably best for her. To be fair, she did put her full name and her association with NS on her own site. A Google search of her name took you right to it.

Anyway, Charlsie's own posts about her experiences with NS were quite revelatory, and they didn't paint the NS girls (especially Julia) in the best light. I'm sure no future NS interns will be blogging about their experiences--you can bet Julia Allison Baugher will make damn sure of that.

Charlsie: Good luck with the rest of your college career. Don't take journalism or media advice from Julia Allison. You don't deserve to be schlepping Julia's crap around town and begging for free stuff. That is not a real internship. Get a real one, work hard, improve your writing and you will do well. Good luck.

RB: Mary Rambin responds to some allegations

UPDATE: This post has now been deleted by MR.

The Handmaiden of Passive Aggression posted a response tonight. Frankly, we haven't made much of this Google spamming thing because we really didn't think it was an issue. They probably did get spammed or some such; who knows (though how does your code get spammed?). We don't really care. But there's a veritable treasure trove of other reasons why NS sucks and is unethical. You've commented on many of them. Anyway, here's what Ms. Rambin has to say:

Non Society Violating Google TOS


One thing you definitely don’t want to do if you’re a budding web entrepreneur is get your site banned from Google. You might as well close up shop if you’re unlucky enough to get caught violating their Terms of Service.

Non Society is so desperate for traffic that they’ve put hidden keywords in their source code for such ridiculous keywords as “What Is Your Credit Status” in order to get high Google listing for totally unrelated search terms. This is a major violation of Google Terms of Service.

Shill those boob jobs, botox injections, colonics, and crash juice diets while you still can ladies. Your party is about to end.

In a nutshell, our public forums (Advice Box and QOD) were spammed three weeks after we launched them. Stay tuned for an official response from our programmer.

A little note from me. We don’t need to add keywords for page views. With hundreds of thousands of loyal readers, a handful of gossip sites, and a few nasty rebloggers, we’re doing just fine thanks. Thinking about it now, I really should write a thank you note to Denton for today’s Gawker and Jezebel posts. So many of their readers click once and become daily visitors.

Still, hundreds of thousands of loyal readers? That's a stretch, love. There's no evidence your readership is that anywhere near that high. And we don't really feel like getting into explaining how unique vs. non-unique visits or repeat visits work. Le sigh.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reaching the Holy Grail (at least in Julia Allison Baugher's world):


Is NS over yet?

One of our favorite snippets from Charlsie:

Full post here.

I woke up early and headed down to the studio at Next New Networks. The girls of Nonsociety were shooting new episodes of TMI. When I got there, Mary was working and so was NonSociety’s old intern Samantha. She went off to college last year, and now she is home for the month doing work here and there for them. Megan, the producer, and Meghan, the technology blogger, all showed up on time … but there was no Julia in sight. Julia actually showed up two and a half hours late. I think the production team who works on their show grew really impatient, which is understandable. However, when she showed up, things moved really fast and the girls immediately taped their episodes. Interns couldn’t go in the room, so Samantha and I sat outside and worked. I was able to get a lot of work done via the internet, so it was a good time to get ahead.

After the girls shot TMI, we watched the rough draft of their “Mr.Roboto” lip dub that they did for Cisco in Las Vegas for the CES conference earlier this month. It was really funny, but the editing was amazing. I think everyone was pretty satifised, even if it was a little over the top and insane. I am sure “Mr.Roboto” - the NonSociety lip dub, will make its way onto the internet soon enough.

There was supposed to be a Nonsociety meeting at Meghan’s apartment later that night, but it never happened. When I left though, Julia gave me the dress she wore to the Google Inauguration Ball to return and a whole bunch of electronics to send out to people.

Mary Rambin, continued.

Both Jezebel (which we're a bit sad about; NS invades the Jez) and The Frisky picked up on Mary Rambin's nonsensical Botox rant. But you know what makes us sad? That Mary Rambin is not intelligent enough to recognize what an idiot she is or to understand the various arguments against her.

RB: Julia, Jan 27 - 3:27pm through 4:17pm

A little potpourri of ephemera for you to enjoy. First, Julia implores her readers for help. Any translators around? She says:

In this video, Julia proves that she could actually inhale Lady Gaga's sweat:

12 inches from Lady Gaga from Julia Allison on Vimeo.

And finally, isn't this sign amazing? This photo was taken by the one and only RZ:

Randi just snapped this photo of the Davos sign!!


The Internet is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Now, in a break from our regularly scheduled programming, we present to you...

Charlsie. The Musical.

Well, actually, it's just Charlsie, but one of our intrepid—nay, ineffable—tipsters uncovered the online homes of NonSociety's newest intern (and writer for College Candy): Tumblr 1 and Tumblr 2.

Truth be told, we sort of feel bad for the girl. She seems nice enough, if a bit naive, but what college junior isn't? In fact, she has expressed a distaste for all things fake:

I don’t like pretentiousness. I don’t like fake attitudes. Just be real.

Then what the hell are you doing with Julia Allison, girl?

But we digress. Here is how Charlsie's tale begins:

Dear NonSociety,

My name is Charlsie ****** ******* and I want to be your next intern. I am determined to intern for NonSociety because quite frankly, I admire all three of you as strong and determined women in today’s media and society. And to be even more honest – I want my life to be close to what you all have when I graduate college!

This past summer I was an intern for feminist authors and owners of the speaker’s bureau, Soapbox Inc., Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards in New York City, along with interning at CUNY’s Feminist Press. Although my internship experience exists mainly through feminism, I want to broaden my horizons and work in the field of media. I am an English major dedicated to writing, creatively and as a journalist. The world of pop culture fascinates me, and I want to jump into this area as much as I possibly can.

Currently, I am a rising junior at Hollins University (a small all women’s college in Roanoke, Virginia). My university has a program in January called J-Term where I can go on a trip abroad, work as an intern somewhere, or take one class on campus outside of my major. Originally my plan was to go abroad for the month, but after reading about interning for NonSociety, that is all I would like to do. Seriously, I cannot think of a better intern opportunity for me! I cannot think of a better way to spend my January short-term.

Why would I be a perfect intern for NonSociety? I am familiar with the city of Manhattan after this past summer, and my flexibility and eagerness to work will always be available to all of you. I am very passionate and enthusiastic about all I do, and once I become a part of a project or get assigned a task, I won’t stop until it is done perfectly. I plan to plan, meaning that I am always planning and organizing anything in my path. Organizing events is easy as pie. Want your wardrobe arranged? I can do that too. Need some phone calls made? My communication skills serve me well; I am professional and tactful. My ability to catch onto new things helps me in any situation; I can get past any obstacle. I am 100% responsible for my education, and being so responsible and dedicated to achieving the most out of my college experience, I can assure you that I take any job seriously.

Now why would I really be the most fabulous intern for you during the month of January? I seriously will do anything. I will walk 41 blocks in the pouring rain wearing brand new Nine West flats that cut the backs of my feet and give me blisters that bleed more and more with every block I walk all while carrying an umbrella, a ten pound red and yellow basket filled with books that clashes with my outfit, and a $200 vase of flowers if you tell me to (I’ve already done this, and somehow survived). I will fetch Sugar Sweet Sunshine or Magnolia cupcakes for Julia, on command. And match each cupcake she eats with one for myself, of course. I will amuse you with my college stories that somehow scare everyone else I know – including those in college. I will give my honest opinion, and probably make you laugh by doing so. I will perform any pop song at the drop of a hat and endorse all lipdubs, especially those of the Disney kind. I am a professional animal sitter, so Lilly and Mason would be fine; I babysat Gloria Steinem’s diabetic cat, Galahad, for a week while house sitting for her. I can talk anyone into doing anything, including exchanging a six year old MacKenzie Child’s goblet for a newer water glass. I would be comfortable being in front of the camera, and I would have no problem completing any silly task while filming. Not only am I responsible and dependable, but I am an optimist who believes the glass is always filled to the top. Interning for NonSociety would be an amazing opportunity for me, and I would love to help you all out while getting a peek into the world of all things media.

I understand you are looking for someone long term, but for the month of January, I promise to be the best darn intern ever. And maybe, if you like me enough, I could come back for the summer. You will not be let down.

Eager & enthusiastic,
Charlsie *******

I wrote this back in July or August, hoping that I could get an internship with NonSociety. They told me they wanted someone long-term. I got an internship with CosmoGirl instead. And then the economy killed it. But isn’t it funny how things work out?
Yes, it is funny, Charlsie. Here's what she's been up to as Julia Allison's personal slave:

  • Before the meeting began, Julia gave me some tasks to do. I am going to look into starting an internet store with NonSociety merchandise, as well as starting to collect the demographics of NonSociety’s readers. I have found the actual intern-esque tasks to be pretty interesting, so getting more tasks doesn’t bother me at all, really.

  • NBC is starting what Gawker deemed it as “a female-foucsed quasi-marketing agency,” which will be featuring 22 women from Meredith Vieira to Tori Spelling. Of course, NonSociety wants in on this because they have taught classes on this kinda stuff before through Unilever, A&E executives, Microsoft, and MIT’s Sloan School of Business. So, I spent a good bit of the day trying to contact someone at NBC who could direct me to a contact #/e-mail for this panel. I had no luck, so I e-mailed the NonSociety producer, Megan Alagna, and she ended up finding it for me because she apparently knows e-mail tricks that I do not know in my young intern age. However, I want to learn them because they will not only serve me well in my life, but as an intern elsewhere one day, too. Tomorrow morning, I am drafting a letter for NBC and they will be sending it out. Lovely.
  • Earlier this week I sent an e-mail to this headband maker that Julia likes, L Erickson bow headbands, and they e-mailed me back saying they would love for her to wear their headbands. Thank God. I was nervous that we weren’t going to hear anything back. I still have a couple more e-mails to send out for those. I seriously cannot believe how much free stuff is sent out to editors, writers, celebrities. It’s all about marketing yourself to their advantage, and I’m amazed by how easy it is and how smart it is.
  • Other intern duties today involved me booking Julia a bus ticket down for the inauguration (she has 2 tickets because she used to work as an intern, I believe, on Capital Hill when she went to Georgetown) from New York City to D.C. Apparently she is flying from D.C. to San Francisco, so I think she may be gone for the majority of next week.
  • The moderation of Question of the Day may be one of the most annoying yet addicting things. People write the craziest things, and then I delete it. And then they write it again. And then I repeat deletion. It’s an on-going circle. I kinda hate it, but I kinda love it at the same time.
  • What have I been doing on this Monday? Searching for the most premiere matchmakers in all of Manhattan, of course. Julia is doing her column for Time Out New York on matchmakers. She is going through three different matchmakers and going on a date with a guy that each matchmaker picked. Three dates, one week - all set up by three different matchmakers. Julia needed me to find the last (and I still may need to find another one because one of them is being less than flexible) one, and luckily, I found this woman who was very enthusiastic and eager to work with us.
  • I also looked into some brands that Julia is interested in using for TMIWeekly and in photoshoots, such as specific headband and bow makers, Juicy Couture, and e.vil horoscope t-shirts. The usual took place too: moderation, e-mails, and drum roll please…I finished the list of 300+ Questions of the Day. I can’t believe I was able to come up with that many questions!
  • Julia forgot her business cards, so I saved the day and went to her apartment and sent them overnight. She’ll get them tomorrow. Even though Julia and crew are in Las Vegas for the CES conferece, I have had so much work that it has all worked out. Not bored. Not lingering with thoughts of ‘what am I doing at this internship.’ It has worked out beautifully.
  • I returned stuff to MAC today, Laura Mercier, and I attempted to return at Betsey Johnson, but they do not take back accessories. I woke up this morning with a terrible cold, and it has pretty much dragged me down all day.
  • This morning, I went to pick up a metallic gold dress by Jill Stuart from Julia’s doorman. Then I went down to the store in SoHo and exchanged the size to something smaller. The lady on the phone gave me a hard time, but luckily, once I explained that it was for Julia and that the head of PR for Jill Stuart approved it, she changed her attitude.
  • I also have to complete book requests (which I did before at my old internship), keep track of the products NonSociety uses and send thank-you follow ups, become a liaison with companies, help make the press kit, start a demographic survey, orangize reader/fan e-mails, and run errands.
  • This is actually the list of things I need to do while Julia is away, on top of all the other work I have like creating an internet store, e-mail companies about their brands, seeing about getting tickets to the premiere of Confessions of a Shopaholic for NonSociety, etc.
  • This morning I got a phone call from Julia telling me that she left her purse in a towncar last night, so I called around D.C. trying to find out if anyone turned it in. Luckily, about an hour after she called me, someone returned it to her. I guess good people do exist in the world.
  • This morning, Julia e-mailed me and asked me to pick up one of her headbands from Time Out New York, which is where she writes her column. She also asked me to print all the biographies of every single speaker at the Digital, Design, Life conference in Munich, Germany. I had to do all of this by 1pm, which was not enough time, especially with the printing of the speaker biographies. I kept calling Julia to explain the situation with the speaker biographies, but I couldn’t get in touch with her.
It's all been worth it, though:

I text Julia and asked what a good restaurant would be for Dillon and I to eat on our last night. She told me to call Aquagrill in SoHo, and ask for Carrie and let her know I was Julia’s intern. We ended up getting a table for two at 9:30pm. Perfect.

The food was absolutely amazing. Our waitor treated Dillon and I like complete crap until Carrie, who I am guessing is the manager, came over and introduced herself to me and said she was so happy to meet me. We talked about Julia and she was very, very nice. After that, the waitor changed his service and attitude. I hate that pretentiousness, and this restaurant has pretentious written all over it. However, it was so good.
Charlsie is on her way, thanks to the Julia Allison School of Journalism:

I have decided that having a press kit, articles about you in the New York and LA Times, and a column in a well known magazine can get you far…far enough to get free stuff, which I think, is good enough for me. Being able to see the behind the scenes of journalism today is very interesting because there is a lot of extra work that goes into it. Writing articles and being a “writer” is one thing, but if you want to be a little more established than the rest, there is a lot of work to do such as turning yourself into an image/brand and keeping up with the latest and greatest in the fields that appeal to you.
Sigh. There is so much more, including a particularly fascinating post about us, the haters, but really, this sort of makes us sad. So we leave it to you to dig through the sludge. Be sure to share your favorites here.


RB: Julia, Jan 27 - 3:36am through 9:59am

Ed. note: So why don't we get any more information on Our Lady's presentation?

A picture is worth a thousand words, you know. That's why Julia Allison would rather post all of these enlightening photos instead of writing about what happened at DLD.

First, packing is hard:

Getting ready to leave for Davos - I can’t close my suitcase!!!

But what trip would be complete without a gratuitous shot of JA's legs? Like this one here:

Oh hells yes red tights

And what trip would be complete without a mention of the founder of Facebook, like in this picture here?

Watching an unusually verbose Mark Zuckerberg give the closing conversation at DLD

Next, Julia shows us the throngs of people who were waiting to hear her every word. She later added this caption: "Looking out at the audience during my panel today."

The tension is mounting! as she illustrates here:

T minus 3 minutes to panel

Now, she explains how she is hard at work:

Setting up the presentation for my panel!

Julia's words of wisdom for today:

Passion is an amazing gender-neutralizing force.
— Marissa Mayer

Jules and Megs attended a panel on woman power. I bet JAB is fuming that she's not sitting up there:

The Woman Power panel (L to R): Silvana Koch-Mehrin, Aude Zieseniss de Thuin, Marissa Mayer, moderator Dr. Maria Furtwangler-Burda, Monika Wulf-Mathies, Debbie Derebichez.
Now, here's a screencap of Julia's Twitter page. Cuz, you know, Julia is the queen of all new media. She lifecasts! She Twitters! She puts her Twitter on her Lifecast! Wow.

RB: Julia, Jan 27 - 3:32 and 3:33am

In this post, Julia shows how intently she is listening to the wisdom being shared. No, she's not fuming at all:

Watching the incredibly inspiring Maria Furtwangler moderate the Woman Power panel, sitting next to her extraordinary daughter, Elisabeth (Lisa), her son Jacob, and her husband Hubert Burda.

But what conference would be complete without the requisite vanity shot? Here it is:

This morning, before the Women Power panel.

RB: Julia, Jan 27 - 3:29am-3:31am

Oh lord. We really have no words for the following three posts. Judge for yourselves, bunnies:


It’s not a real party without a mechanical bull!

At the DLD Starlight party last night.


Despite riding sidesaddle, I actually managed to stay on!

Aaaaand 3:

RB: Julia, Jan 27 - 3:29pm

Proximity to fame is as good as fame itself. This post proves it:

This photo was NOT zoomed in at all!! Lis and I were within 12 inches of Lady Gaga during the entire performance.

RB: Julia, Jan 27 - 3:23am

Look how important Julia Allison is! She can touch Lady Gaga, as evidenced by this photo:

This is how close I was to Lady Gaga during her performance last night. Unbelievable.

RB: Julia, Jan 27 - 3:22am

Seriously, this is getting very dull:

Lady Gaga

QOD: Bwah!

UPDATE: The word has been corrected rather swiftly and the offending comment has been deleted, yessir. Somebody get Charlsie a cookie!


What makes someone approachable verses not approachable?


for christ sake could you spell "versus" correctly? someone should be embarrassed.

Ed. note: You could try "unapproachable." Also, this is getting worse and worse each day.

Monday, January 26, 2009

RB: More from the Handmaiden of Passive Aggression

We just don't have the patience to post Mary's sad little screeds on SAG Awards fashion. (Especially after she thought they occurred on Saturday night and she started writing about last year's fashion, only to delete that post in a hurry.) Yawn.

But now she's getting all serious on our asses again, this time focusing on her love of injecting botulism into her face. It all begins with this impassioned conversation:

  • Stevie: What are you doing?
  • Me: I'm writing my confession about my Botox.
  • Stevie: That's nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Me: Exactly.

And now, MR in her own words. Back off, haters!


**This is in no way a promotion or medical analysis. Below is my thought process and opinion on the current views of cosmetic procedures.

Let me first say, I’m hesitant to write this post. The haters have been getting to me lately, but I refuse to let them make me feel ashamed of my choices. I only have one major regret in my life at this point, and it has nothing to do with this topic.

The purpose of this post is to give you my perspective on women’s image issues and try to understand why there is a stigma attached to maintaining your appearance. I care about how I look, why is that shameful? To some extent, we are all vain; that’s how we have been socialized. As for me, I’m in the public sphere so you would expect I care a little bit more than most about my appearance. But at the same time, I always post pictures of me at the gym, running around in sweats, and with no makeup. Why? Because that’s real and I don’t care to pretend I’m perfect.

Cosmetic procedures are particularly noteworthy when it comes to judging women. “Why get them? Be happy with who you are and how you look,” people demand. In my opinion, this is a “To each her own” and social tolerance issue.

To Each Her Own

Even if you are confident with your body, soul, and mind, we are always looking to better ourselves in different ways. From reading a book to educate ourselves on a certain topic, to adopting a healthier diet for our well-being, to traveling to explore new cultures, to getting an injection to look younger, these are all efforts to improve ourselves. Some are respected, others not so much.

We should be allowed to choose how we evolve our lives without the judgement of others. If we ask for your opinion, please feel free to be open and honest, but otherwise, keep your trap shut.

Let’s take breast implants as an example. At first, they had a stigma too. No one would confess their boobs were fake. Now women are proud to not only admit to this procedure, but some women will also rave about their doctors and ask you if you would like to feel his/her handiwork. Furthermore, as the NY Times pointed out the other day, boobs are now a standard high school graduation gift (and in my experience they have been for years now). Breast implants are now socially acceptable. I’m not a fan, but it’s my body. You make the decision on what you would like to do with yours. Period.

Social Tolerance

I site Roe v. Wade because it serves as a marker of people accepting (maybe not respecting) a woman’s right to choose. Although abortion is still an issue at the forefront, it’s notable the Supreme Court recognized women should be able to do what they feel is right for themselves.

Cosmetic procedures should be viewed in the same light. Not to mention the procedures are in no way effecting another human being, so the severity of the issue is considerably less. But as with breast implants, time will have to pass before others view cosmetic procedures as acceptable. I won’t say “the norm” because I do think artificial enhancement should carry with it serious consideration before you undergo any sort of procedure. Other things like manicures and pedicures, dental work, highlighting your hair, are all “procedures” that are completely unnatural but we consider normal.

What Does This Have To Do With You, Mary?

You know I’ve had Restylane injections around my mouth, and some of you know I’ve had Botox injected once a long time ago. What you don’t know is that last year I decided to begin getting Botox injections again in my forehead.

Honestly, I was ashamed to admit it. I could hear the rants in my head, “You’re only 26! Why are you injecting chemicals into your body? Be happy with who you are!”

But in my opinion, and very close friends concurred, the wrinkles in my forehead and between my eyebrows were continuing to deepen as the years passed.

I first had Botox at the age of 23 in an effort to stop the oncoming ditches. I had been using Stri-Vectin in an effort to lift the lines, but my muscles were too strong for a cream. So I had the procedure done and LOVED the effect. I had used a few gift certificates to help me pay the $900 fee, but after 6 months rolled around and it was time for round two, the bill was too steep. I couldn’t afford to maintain the Botox so the wrinkles continued to get worse.

Last year, when I was in Dr. Bobby’s office for the Restylane, he suggested I might want to reconsider. Friends and family agreed that it was a luxury, but I should seriously think about it. So I took a good look in the mirror. My face below my eyebrows looked 24 (in my opinion), but my forehead was at least 35. Here was my thought process afterwards:

  • Unless I stop raising my eyebrows, these wrinkles won’t go away.
  • My scowl lines are pretty bad too.
  • If I don’t do something, I will probably eventually get a face lift (OMG).
  • A few injections is so much easier than a nip tuck.
  • I hate needles. Last time I did this I almost fainted because I psyched myself out.
  • How much is this going to cost?

So I went back to Dr. Bobby for the injections. He made the procedure easy and gave me a really good deal on the price.

A day passed, the Botox set in, and my forehead barely moved. The lines, those awful ditches that striped my forehead…they were gone. No one could tell except for the girls I had anything done. Everyday when I put on makeup and snapped a picture I felt so much better about the way I looked.

I get it, that sounds shallow. And as my readers you never saw my wrinkles so you think I’m crazy.

Here’s my point: why was I embarrassed to share this with you? I videoed my colonic TWICE despite the ridicule because I believe what I do is right for me. Now I’m not saying if you get Botox you need to tell the world. What I am saying is we should not be ashamed because cosmetic procedures for women under 30 are not accepted by society yet.

On my last visit to Dr. Bobby, filmed the procedure because I am not the only woman under 30 with this dilema. Due to the fact we filmed for a segment, I did not pay for the procedure. But please know that Dr. Bobby would never adminster anything unless he felt it was truly necessary. As he states in the video, he has several women under 30 who get injections for wrinkles they have or are trying to prevent.

It’s Not About Them, It’s About You

Everyone ages differently. Everyone deals with age in a different way. Everyone feels differently about age. So do what is right for you.

And when judging others, before you judge me, consider this fact that we all are distinct and unique. Therefore, is it acceptable to make a blanket assumption and lump everyone together?

At the end of the day, do you really care what I inject where? What you should care about is that you read a blog that is honest. You might not agree with me and that’s ok. But you respect that I have an opinion and the strength to share it with you.

A Final Note

I am not condoning cosmetic procedures for everyone, especially younger girls. Unfortunately, teenagers are hyper concerned and sensitive with their appearance these days so a girl could take my commentary to imply countless different meanings. Cosmetic procedures are administered by doctors who I would hope help their patients (of any age) make the right decision. Or deny services to women who don’t need work done. I hope that’s not wishful thinking.

Young girls, listen to me. You have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. Don’t abuse your body while you have the time to implement a healthy lifestyle now. You see the effects of smoking, you know how harmful the sun can be. Make the right choices. Embrace who you are now. The makeup, cosmetic procedures, marriage, etc you can make choices about that later.

I have made the right choices for me at my age for where I am in my life right now. I look to the future with confidence and a less wrinkled forehead.

What she said.

One of our commenters posted a little diatribe of her (his?) own, and we rather liked it. Here you go, in case you missed it:

FormerFan said...

I've been lurking on this site for a while now. Mainly out of sheer curiosity, and mainly because it's oddly amusing to read the various comments here. I used to be quite the fan of nonsociety and still stop by there on occassion, but lately, I have been so seriously, incredibly irked by these gals and their shameless materialism, their vapid and sad little lives, and their laughable excuse of a "business", which is really just three dim-witted famewhores desperately attempting to be relevant at the wrong time.

It started with CES when I really saw the cards fall with those three; while I used to find those gals quirky and entertaining, I just felt embarrassed for them and embarrassed to even formerly approve of them. I'm a highly educated professional woman who wanted to cheer these girls on, but it became plainly obvious after that trip(why where they there?!) that they're nothing but tacky freeloaders who want fame and fortune at any cost.

Then when they started deleting comments and egging on haters and doing the whole shady Google practice, I got even more annoyed with them. Don't they realize that successful businesses welcome anyone, haters alike?!

The icing on the cake was Julia Allison disgustingly fawning all over the VERY married CEO of youtube like an obnoxious teenager with a painfully obvious's one thing to make one respectful photo with the guy, but this hussy took 14(??!!!) photos with him, then splashed 5 or 6 pics of it on her site, all in various "fuck me" poses?! WTF???!!!
How would she feel if some fame-whoring little trollip ever publically acted like that if that was HER hubby and father of her children??
Good God, woman, have some fucking respect, not just for a married CEO but for yourself!

The saddest part of all is that these gals obviously have squandered away what could've been a wonderful opportunity for them. THey've pissed away a great web opportunity and otherwise good connections because of their sheer greed, obvious laziness and lack of any marketable business skills.
If your business is a website that depends on "lifecasting", why the fuck would you only post a few trivial items maybe once or twice a day? Why would you post the same trivial shit repeatedly?? Why are you sooooo busy behind the scenes for a business that requires you to be ON the scene constantly???
It's old, it's boring, and it's frivolous. Mix it up, for god's sake.
(oh wait, that's just what they expect us haters to do instead. yet unlike them, we actually have real jobs, real relationships, and far more meaningful lives to uphold. what's their excuse?)

Meghan annoys me strictly because she won't even own up to being a total heiress or admit to her privileged background. What's there to hide for this poor little rich girl? Maybe it's because no one could possibly relate to a gal who mysteriously owns a posh NYC loft, wears designer duds, has constant access to pricey gadgets and goes on endless international travels, yet claims to be as broke as the rest of us? And really nice try there with the attempt to appear all humble on her birthday by posing as a volunteer in a soup kitchen.
Notice that was the first and last time we ever saw or heard mention of any of those famewhores attempting volunteer work or to do anything for anyone besides themselves? I'm not even convinced rich girl didn't stop by for 10 minutes to pose for pics in a shower cap to pretend like she actually did volunteer at that soup kitchen. Why didn't she lifecast THAT then?

Mary annoys me because she actually thinks she's some sort of well-connected, intelligent fashionista. When really, she just had a lucky streak with some goofy-looking overpriced/faddish handbags. What a poseur. She's just some badly educated broad with a severe case of label-whoredom whose gene pool unfortunately rendered her a good 10 years older-looking than she should be. I guess excessive tanning and living on nothing but juice and booze does that to a gal!

As for Julia, the woman I once found oddly endearing, I just find odd and sad. She really is rather astonishingly full of herself, isn't she? Who cares about covering a historic Innaguration and all its festivities when you can just shoot pages of photos of yourself in a borrowed dress within various hallways doing kissy-poses instead?
It's actually pretty pitiful to watch how her star flickered so bright for a hopeful while there, and now that her looks and former contacts are fading, so is that once bright star. She's basically a has-been whose 15-minutes of internet fame are ticking away faster than ever. She really is like the Edie Sedgwick of the internet world---like Edie, she was so hip and hot for a glam year or so, but instead of giving in to drugs like Edie, Julia's given in to mismanagement, a ridiculous sense of self-entitlement, and cupcake binges.
NIce going there, dumbass. You had everything going for you, and your former fans were rooting for you! Amazing how a failed reality show deal suddenly left all three gals flailing about for relevence. As if a reality show ever gives any of its former stars continued relevence anyway once its season is done.

These three need to face the facts that this nonsociety thing is going down the shitter and get on with their lives.

Julia seriously needs to move back to CHicago and go be a newscaster there or something. Maybe report on local entertainment. Write an autobio about her more entertaining years.

Mary needs to give up her deluded dreams of being a Manhattan socialite and move down to the South where she can meet that hubby already without all the younger/hotter competition eating her up alive there.

Meghan can use her awkward good looks to secure another plum hedge fund position or work for some techie site and continue to thrive on her trust fund. Maybe she wouldn't worry about being single the rest of her life if she'd put those gadgets down already and reinvest her time in learing better personal skills.

I guess I'm just as frustrated as the rest of you now. Especially since those three dimwits don't even have the balls to allow any comments on THEIR site; if they had any business sense whatsoever, stupid Julia would continue her whole "any attention is good attention" motto and let the haters keep the site entertaining, because right now it's a total snoozefest!!!

But then again, her ego is every bit as bloated as the rest of her is gradually getting, so I would expect no less.

One more thing: I'm annoyed that three grown women, women almost 30, act like a bunch of goofy teenage girls. If that's their idea of "live differently", it's no wonder none of them seem to have successful relationships.

The world only needs one Paris Hilton, and it's obvious that all three of them secretly would give anything to be just like her, living a fluffy little bubble of a desirable life that's nothing more than endless parties, overpriced designerwear spending sprees, fashion shows, magazine stories, etc.

But their former fanbase is finally onto them and their severely gauche ways. And for three women who seem to offer nothing more than idiotic girlie stereotypes in pretty packages, their clock is ticking extra fast:
These gals are not 25 anymore. Time to start Plan B if they still plan to compete like they're the hot young hardbodies who use their good looks/feminine wiles to get where they want to in life.

Whew! Sorry if I rambled here. It felt so good to get that off my chest finally. Especially considering that they would never allow this post on THEIR site!!

If anyone wants to do me a serious favor, I double-dog dare any of you to e-mail my entire comment here to these three sad girls for the wake-up call they truly do deserve from a former fan; I would myself, but I figure I've wasted enough of my time here hating on them as it is. I have to go work with the mentally disabled tonight, after all!

(nice work on this site, folks. fight the power!)

This caption is particularly funny, because, you know, NonSociety probably has 1 billion uniques!

“100 Million Uniques” - starring leaders from YouTube, Glam, Mozilla and Yahoo.