Wednesday, February 18, 2009

David Karp Backs Down; That Shrieking Donkey Bray You Just Heard Was Jackles's Howls of Despair

I’ve read several hundred responses from users who are upset about the recent changes to our Content Policy.

First, let me again apologize for taking action before publicly explaining these policy changes. Some internal confusion lead to five accounts being suspended prematurely.

To clarify, this policy specifically targeted “reblogging-blogs”, where the sole purpose is to repeatedly reblog posts from a specific user or group. We view this as an abuse of our reblog feature, which places accountably on the identity of the poster.

While there are still relatively few blogs of this genre on Tumblr, they’ve become an increasing detriment to our service as they’ve started to proliferate.

Our moderators make no determinations about your posts, except for spam and illegal content, and we have zero interest in censoring your voice. But we now realize this is the first time our Content Policy forbids content that is potentially meaningful.

After giving this serious consideration, we think it would be more appropriate for us to give you the control to police this content, rather than our moderators. So we’ve hurried to finish a new block feature that will let you filter content from your post notes and Dashboard.

In light of all this, we’ve decided to restore the accounts affected, and remove the language in question from our Content Policy. It was a miscommunication that lead to these accounts being removed prematurely, but it was my decision to leave them off. In retrospect, this was the wrong decision, and I hope we can work to regain your trust and continue building Tumblr into something great.

- David

Some points on this mea culpa:

1. Whoever the clever commenter was who noted the power of a negative New York Times piece -- you're bang on.

2. I do wish young David would learn that the word he's looking for is ACCOUNTABILITY.

3. Once again, whatever Jackles touches turns to shit. She just HAD to send an e-mail to Gawker crowing triumphantly and using big words and concepts that she doesn't understand. What did that achieve? It made Karp look like her whipped little lapdog. Even a 23-year-old who likes to post photos of himself dry-humping Charles Forman possesses some male pride, Jules. What a dumb bunny you are.

p.s. Charles Forman is hot. I wonder if his hearing has returned after the tinnitus he suffered while dating Jackles?

UPDATE: Valleywag has a post. The comments are always fun.


  1. They're all fools. This is why they know each other.

    And this, for fun, is what happens when she is around a 'prettier' person...


  3. The Tumblr's are backkk!

  4. FG: When in desperate straits, thrust out the tits and revert to the Blue Steel!

  5. Is Charlsie's orignal Tumblr back up? I can't locate the address of that blog...

  6. Jacy, so funny eh?! Sorry to invade this celebratory thread with JA BS, but...

    It's refreshing to see her with someone who has a beauty shining from the inside. Is Petra thrusting her boobs?? She has them covered!!!

    Anyway, hooray for tooling tumblr!!!!

    congrats to everyone.

  7. you know, as a skeptic, I have a feeling that this was all just a publicity stunt, orchestrated, of course, by JA, herself. The aftermath of this is a free publicity from the NYTimes (and other media that picked up on the story). Trying to drum up pageviews on both tumble and NS. That JA is one cunning c^nt.

  8. 7:59 - nope, still not.. so wtf when it wasn't even relevant to this batch of "offenders"?


  9. That last one was for Total Jing - I had way too many RBNS windows open lol

  10. esquared, it makes Krap look like a wimp and she a total flake who goes full steam ahead to shut down critics. It may get her a few pageviews, but not from anyone who is going to want to pay her to represent their business.

  11. Wow, esquared. I don't think Karp would let tumblr get a bad name, no? It's not good for business, right??

    Interesting tho.

  12. If she's still orchestrating publicity stunts they will forever be for naught - pageviews and visits that don't convert mean nothing, and "attention" you get for being unlikeable isn't appealing to those whose products you're angling to be paid to promote. It's funny, JA wants to be this spokeswoman, all while letting it "all hang out", except not really because she's half faking it and the real her pops up occasionally and is simply revolting. It's really as if she hasn't learned a lesson AT ALL from the many ACTUAL celebrities who have been dropped from endorsements for failing to maintain wholesome, media and audience-friendly images. Michael Phelps, Chris Brown, anyone? And these are people with actual talent! Her "lifecasting" and plain vanity is shooting her real goal right in the foot, ironically.

  13. That photo is fucking hilarious! Jackles looks like she is just eating it in that pic. Heheheh.

  14. They are back all of them..

    That scream of I'm melting you heard ws JA melting down into a puddle of pure hate

  15. Charlsie's internship project blog isn't back.

  16. There is no publicity in the world that can help NonSociety in its current state. Now that the web design is as bad as the content, there's nothing they can do. The new design, NonSociety 1.5, is so terrible that I can't even go there anymore. They took an awful idea (horizontal scrolling) and made it difficult to navigate and annoying to try to read.

    Clearly, their web designer hates them.
    Clearly, their TMI Weekly editors hate them.
    Clearly, everybody hates them.

    Mary and Meghan need to get out NOW. Their names haven't been brought up at all in this and they need to get away from the bad publicity.

  17. Mary is still a dumbass (she spelled Julia Stiles as Julia "Styles" today) but she did look pretty statuesque and stunning today for her fashion week coverage. That must KILL Julia a little inside. I think Mary is learning to use deep v-neck dresses to flatter her shoulders rather than make them look huge (like her tank tops did). JUMP SHIP NOW, MARY!!!

  18. Just listen to how good this phrase sounds:

    "Former NonSociety Blogger Meghan Asha."

  19. Meghanaise and Mary need to cut that braying donkey strumpet loose before she destroys the NS brand completely.

    M+M are largely left out of the publicity / kryptonite. Mary *is* a dumbass, but is hard working and seemingly knows what facts are.

    Meghan obviously has the coin and connections to make it work.

    Jackles is just a giant turd in the negative column at this point.


  20. Oh, it kills her A LOT inside. She has to spend a week in the midst of incredibly skinny and judgemental people (such is the nature of the fashion industry), some actually successful, after getting into a fight with Mary - who fits in and "gets" the fashion, albeit very mildly for her inappropriate title - and even Meghan, who fits in more than she does and whose disgust couldn't even be hidden in the birthday TMI shoot.

  21. "Former Manhattan ego-blogger Julia Allison has returned to Chicago to live a 'big fish in a small pond' lifestyle amongst the Chicago elite, courtesy of Dad Revenue and parental intervention"
    Sounds good, no?

  22. I wonder if anyone else was struck by Meghan's dour expression in the "Sisters Three" arm-in-arm photo taken at Mary's birthday party? Julia Allison looks poofy and grinny; Mary Rambin is smiling it up for the camera; and Meghan looks glummer than Bill O'Reilly on Nov. 5.

    She didn't even TRY to smile weakly. In fact, she is actively glaring at the camera.

  23. Scroll down to see the Meghan Glare of Death:

  24. I understand the concept of pulling stunts to get a little publicity, but publicity for what? Her whole fucking life is a publicity stunt. I can't even pity her, because she's just that loathsome.


    advertised on mary's site

  26. "It was a miscommunication that lead to these accounts being removed prematurely, but it was my decision to leave them off. In retrospect, this was the wrong decision, and I hope we can work to regain your trust and continue building Tumblr into something great."

    No, it was a failure to consult with your legal advisors beforehand...

  27. Reality check today for JA perhaps, she is actually showing behind the scenes of running a fashion show.

  28. huge-ass arm:

  29. I just want some rich older man to marry Julia, demand she stop blogging, lock her away in a manse in CT and never let us hear of her again. Think about it: Julia would be happy (money!) and old man can stare at her tits whenever he wants and we will be free of the JAB.

    Also: Charles Forman is kind of hot (in an inflated muscle man doll kind of way...) but his personality kills it. He reminds me of that nerdy kid with ADHD in high school who would never look girls in the eye but spit out uncomfortable attempts at insults as a form of social interaction. Charles Forman is basically that kid in adult form. He dated Julia, so you know there is something wrong with him.

    I used to think Ben from Eater was kind of hot until I heard he was dating Julia. Men of NY, READ THIS: If you date Julia Allison you can guarantee no literate woman will be willing to date you again.

  30. For the masochists among us:
    Karp and Jackles lipdub Madonna's "Hung Up"
    (personally, can't watch)