Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 28 - 9:38am

Well, today's look is a slight variation from the standard Blue Steel. We're making progress!

At Schneider’s in Davos - drinking cappuccinos. I rarely have coffee in Manhattan, but there’s something about snow and mountains and a severe lack of healthy food (it’s all meat and cheese here!) that makes me crave frothy-sugar-caffeine.

PS. I’m wearing about 12 layers right now.


  1. Wow. They really have NOTHING to talk about.

    If they're reading this, how about:

    1. Get out and sightseeing and showing people what's they're missing.

    2. Showing food, drinks, etc. of the culture.

    3. Oh, there's so much more.

    Taking pictures of you drinking fucking coffee is the most boring-ass thing ever. How do we know that you're even there?! Cannot tell.

    What dimwits!


  2. Arrrrgggghhhh. Why why why(!) do they think that no matter where they are in the world, no matter what the nature of the event they might be attending that the MOST INTERESTING THING TO BLOG is another effing self-portrait!??!! VOM!!!

  3. The Jack O latern smile on Meghan Parikh makes me want to get eye bleach.

  4. Hey geniuses, why don't you put down those cups of coffee, check out of the hotel room you're mooching off Randi and fly home to deal with the shit storm that's currently going on. It looks like your intern has fled (who will get you movie premiere tickets, return your dresses and mail your packages?!?) and the parts of your website that do have commenting have completely gone to shit. You're also being exposed on Gawker, Jezebel and other more "mainstream" sites as this one as complete frauds and Google violators. Your business will implode in 3... 2... 1...

  5. James is exactly right. These pics are interchangeable with the vanity shots Julia Baugher / Julia Allison took of herself in Washington.

    Instead of focusing on the beautiful surroundings of Davos or the historic nature of the Inauguration, it was all about what Julia Baugher / Julia Allison was wearing, stuffing down her mouth and/or hanging all over.

  6. Exactly. Why are they there? What's going on in Davos from their perspectives?? Ha.

    No. No. No. We NEED to know how many layers Julia has on! That's reporting, guys! She's telling us how cold it is in the mountains of Switzerland. Duh.

    Sorry, Julia. Carry on.


  7. Well, at least Julia Allison now gets to wear her furry H&M Bunnikins (TM) vest that she didn't get to show off in Park City. So there's that.

  8. Anon 11:10

    Not sure if you saw the NS motto/mantra thread of a few days back but your comment is perfect for it.

    Yet another NS motto: "No matter where we are in the world, no matter the nature of the event we are be attending, the most interesting thing to blog will be our own self portraits (photographed in such a way as to ensure no pesky backgrounds of important events are visible to distract from our visages)."


  9. Oh that evil meat and cheese! Gets me every time!