Monday, January 19, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 19 - 10:45am

Our Lady of Introspection could have been Obama's scribe, too! (It might help if she spelled her subject's name correctly, though.)

I’m pretty much in love with Jon Faverau.

You know, it’s rare that I look back on my life and wish I had gone in another direction, but reading this year-old Times article about Jon, Barack Obama’s 27-year-old chief speechwriter, my mind pulled a Sliding Doors. For a minute I imagined what it might have been like had I stayed on the Hill, had I continued in politics. I was only nineteen when I started working as a legislative correspondent in the 107th congress - a baby, honestly - but only three years younger than my mom when she worked for Nixon (as a speechwriter) and not that much younger than Jon when he met Barack.

Actually, I went to one of Barack’s first fundraisers, in my neighbor’s backyard back home in Chicago. There must have been thirty other people there, and I shook his hand, and talked with him for a bit. I’m embarrassed to admit what we spoke about … (cringe) … it concerned a former fling of mine, whom we both knew. Of all things. Sigh.

And it’s occurred to me, from time to time, as I watched his meteoric political rise, that I could have tagged along. That I was there at the right time and the right place with the right background and the right degree … and I walked right on by.

I would be lying if I told you that today, reading that article and riding this bus, that realization didn’t kill me just a little bit.



    Someone should forward this and an explanatory note to Favreau, so that he never, ever gets caught up in the sickness known as Julia Allison Baugher.

    How Klassy of her to namedrop that when she met Obama, she dished on her former bed buddy, in order to impress (?) him.

  2. I demand photographic evidence of this meet-n-greet. Her intimation that she would have been capable of being a presidential speechwriter, or staffer of any sort, had she just choose another door, is a delusion of grand proportions.

  3. Of course of course of course Julia Allison talked about a "former fling" during her first/only conversation with Barack Obama. And the thought of Julia as a speechwriter for him is truly comical, as despite her glibness there is no there there.

  4. This is the same woman who is seriously considering not being in attendance at one of the most historically significant events of our lifetime -- the inauguration -- because it might be too cold.

    Julia, it's not a Sliding Doors moment. There shouldn't be regret over something that never could have happened because of who you are. Politicians like being surrounded by smart, capable people who know the meaning of the word "discreet."

  5. I think she meant that she met Jon F., not Obama himself.

  6. Nope, I don't think she meant that she met Favreau. He's from Worcester, Mass. and never had any ties to Illinois, and in her post she referenced meeting this person at a backyard fundraiser in Chicago, although she clearly meant the suburbs around Chicago.

    There's no reason that Favreau would have been close enough to Obama at the time to be at a low-level fundraiser for him, and it makes more sense (in a warped, Julia-like way) that she'd be more likely to brag to Obama than to Favreau about having banged another black legislator.

    She's a shitty writer, so it's not quite clear to whom she is referring, but on second read, I think she's wishing that she'd stayed in Washington and somehow hitched herself to Obama's rising star.

  7. The reflected glory parade is going to be sooo rich over the next couple of days. Expect Julia to go on and on about her Georgetown days, more connected classmates, Chicago connections... blah, blah, blah. Our Lady could not be more obvious about pressing her (new?) nose up to the glass and standing outside looking in. There's nothing she loves more than pretending she's connected to all things fabulous but nothing could be further from the truth. People will smile and oblige a picture with her, but two minutes later they're snickering behind her back. She's the joke of the party. Trust me on this.

  8. i hate when people brag about there parents connections and what they got because of there parents.anway convo:

    J: hi

    Obama: hi

    J: i once screwed a black menz (but i was just a baby, honestly)

    obama: ummm...*walks away in other direction*

  9. She is a vile human being filled with insane illusions of grandeur.

  10. why would she talk to obama about her congressman bedmate? was she trying to get obama?? so confusing and awkward.

  11. See, when *I* met Obama (in 2005), we didn't talk about people I'd fucked, we talked about healthcare.

    Jesus, Julia. Get with it.

  12. Anon @ 6:25, she was probably trying to show him that they hang with the same crowd, and that she's just sooooo liberated and cool to have boffed a black man.

    Anon @ 7:33, that's undoubtedly because you have a brain in your head and are sincerely interested in the issue, not in impressing a politician.

    Our Lady of the Pink Lightbulbs likes to bring up the Harold Ford stuff whenever she wants attention. The most (in)famous time was when he was running for the U.S. Senate, and she wanted some attention from the media. Oh she got it alright - but she also ruined his chance at being elected.

    Poor guy. Got screwed over by what was probably the lousiest lay he'd ever had.

  13. So wait, I'm sorry she's regretting that she fucked the wrong negro?

    She is repellent.

  14. What was the story there? Was he married at the time that she was seeing him? How did that story leak out?

  15. No, he was not married at the time. She was a college student working on Capitol Hill, and being somewhat attractive (before the Botox, Restylane and other shit injected into her face) caught his attention. They apparently had something of a brief fling, and that was it. Until she wrote about it in "Cosmo" and then blabbed and blabbed until it got her some attention.

    "But while Ford would no doubt rather his ex disappear for a while than defend him, that's not looking likely. "I was sort of annoyed that the New York Times didn't interview me," she says. "I'm the only person who has been publicly linked to him, ever. I'm sort of surprised no news producers have called me yet." " (she later added a comment to the Radar post, claiming that she was being sarcastic and that the writer is a friend of hers but also a dick)

    This is a great overview of what a loathsome creature she is but here is the key info about how she ruined Ford's career

    "Brand Allison ramped up in the summer of 2006. That July, Allison wrote about her undergraduate relationship with representative Harold Ford for Cosmopolitan. He wasn't named, but Allison let everyone in the media know it was Ford. The timing couldn't have been worse for the Tennessee politician. He was trying to become the first black senator elected from the South since Reconstruction. The timing couldn't have been better for Allison. Shortly after, she upgraded her dating column from AM New York to Time Out New York."

  16. She turns my stomach.

    Also, comparing a senatorial career to a job jump from AM New York to Time Out is hilarious.

  17. Oh no she didn'tJanuary 20, 2009 at 5:26 AM


    REAR-ENDED? AllisonRepublican smear ads notwithstanding, most Americans born since World War II would agree that black Democrat Harold Ford didn't do anything shameful when he dated a white woman.
    Where Ford, who is running for Senate in Tennessee, did go wrong was in his choice of white women to date: He picked a blogger. Worse, he picked a blogger who writes a first-person sex-and-dating column for AM New York, in which she discusses such matters as her desire to have a threesome. Worst of all, he picked a blogger who loves publicity and is given to posting scantily-clad photos of herself on her site.

    Her name is Julia Allison.

    Ford's relationship with Allison first became news in 2003, when it was reported in the Washington Post's Reliable Source column that he was dating the then 21-year-old Georgetown student. (In that article, she was identified as Julia Baugher; she later adopted Allison as her professional name.)

    It made headlines again two weeks ago, when the National Republican Senatorial Campaign issued a press release about "Ford's Fancy Fling." Allison responded with a post on her blog, filled with photos of her and Ford on a ski vacation. The post caught the attention of conservative radio talker Rush Limbaugh. On Monday, Limbaugh read from Allison's blog on the air, citing it as evidence that a controversial Republican National Committee ad implying Ford likes Caucasian women was based on fact, not innuendo.

    For her part, Allison—who also wrote about Ford, without naming him, in the July issue of Cosmopolitan—says she considers the attacks absurd. "My whole point is that he didn't do anything wrong," she tells Radar. "I really didn't think it was relevant, and it shouldn't affect anything."

    But while Ford would no doubt rather his ex disappear for a while than defend him, that's not looking likely. "I was sort of annoyed that the New York Times didn't interview me," she says. "I'm the only person who has been publicly linked to him, ever. I'm sort of surprised no news producers have called me yet."

    From the RADAR post - Sorry for this but SURELY she should be mortified by this publicity.... SURELY?

  18. Oh no she didn'tJanuary 20, 2009 at 5:34 AM

    OK, so I just read more and she REPULSES ME...... I am ashamed that she is an educated (imagine what her poor, God fearing parents and brother think) woman like me. To all people out there: sorry we are not all like that - see Mary and Meghan for details. Girls RUN AWAY FROM HER NOW.

  19. What a disgusting human being.

  20. Ahh, the rampant delusion continues. I love how she just assumes she could have "tagged along" with Obama. She blithely assumes he would have actually HAD her. Um, girlfriend? He's working with the most talented people in the country. And you ain't one of them, by far. What an asshole she is.