Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Julia at DLD.

You can watch the video here.

Julia says she does everything in real time. Is it really "real time" if you're backdating posts well after the fact? Also, how is what they do different from any other blogger who writes about his or her life? She makes NS seem so "revolutionary."

She also insists that Kodak and Cisco are both sponsors. (Didn't Cisco say they didn't actually "sponsor" NS but rather paid them for a specific task? [Why, we have no idea.])

She boasts her "relatively good traffic--about 800,000 unique page views a month." Sigh.

We haven't even gotten through the whole's kind of hard to get through it. It's pissing us off.



  1. Just finished it. Pretty annoying.

    1. YES all she is doing is BLOGGING. Personal bloggers WERE the original bloggers of yesteryear, so how is this now revolutionary? She personal blogs with Tumblr, her iPhone, Twitter and video. Big wup. She's acting like she discovered North America.

    2. Compete doesn't show her stats being that high AT ALL. Why is she lying?

    3. She doesn't know the definition of real time. Real time would be using UStream or Justin.TV 24/7 or even part of the time. Never do they ever go live on anything. Stop claiming "real time" you moron.

  2. why did they invite 3 other people to the panel if she talked the entire time?

  3. Time to post comments on the DLD page for her panel, with links. Let people decide for themselves. The blatant dishonesty is getting old. Very very very old.


  4. Quasi-Off Topic..BUT:

    I really want to have sex with the scarf-guy. That is all.

  5. At the end of the video she basically says that she wants to become the internet version of Oprah...which makes sense as to why she's a freebie moocher. The only problem is, Oprah didn't become Oprah overnight, or even in a year. It took decades for her to get where people were screaming for her endorsements. Not to mention, Oprah is overall a likeable person. Jules, not so much. How revolutionary is she, afterall? What a freak.

  6. I love that they shot her from her "bad side." Her bad side isn't even that bad, it just makes me laugh that she's so completely neurotic about being photographed from that angle.

  7. I love how she tells the audience that she is the magazine without the editor, the reality show without the producer. They HAVE a producer for their company, that megan alagna chick. Not sure WHy they need her, but on top of that, they definitely edit their lives and presentation of ones self with constant backdating and deleting of posts.

  8. From the screenshots I've seen, JA is reporting the stats from Google Analytics. I'm guessing those stats INCLUDE the traffic they get from their own computers. If you don't filter your own IPs, Google Analytics will always over report.

  9. Anonymous 1:16 Not to mention that if anyone ever needed an editor, it is these 3 NonSociety girls. Not saying an editor could turn the drivel into a silk purse, but an editor could at least tidy up the messes and judgment lapses and hideous grammar and rampant cliches.

  10. she is an AWFUL public speaker, i dont think the others are that great either, but she does want to be on tv, host, get attention, ext and they all have other interests (not to mention speak another language as their 1rst). also, she is extremely repetitive and boring. her phoney and awkward expressions dont flow or make her look like a natural speaker.

  11. I haven't watched the video, but was she claiming that Cisco and Kodak sponsored her for DLD? Maybe those 2 companies need to be made aware of this?

    From a German interview on another thread here, it seems that she's claiming that she is or was a columnist at the NY Post!

    In the blurb for this video, it says that NY Magazine called her "the most famous young journalist in the city." I'd like a URL for that one.

    In all seriousness and with no malice, I have to say that I believe this woman is mentally unstable, if not mentally ill. Her parents (the Baughers) should be ashamed of themselves for not only letting her run around untreated and unmedicated, but also promoting and financing her warped behavior.

  12. Nonentity I posted yesterday that I think she has histrionic and narcissitic personality disorder. Check out this description:

    "The other three are Borderline Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder, and Histrionic Personality Disorder. Those afflicted with any of the four cluster B personality disorders tend to show lack of empathy for others, putting down others and/or pumping up one’s own self-image via exaggerations, frequent lying and distortions, belief of being above the rules of society and social norms, and often a preoccupation with portraying oneself as a victim and others as abusers using those lies and distortions." from

    Other symptoms were dressing and acting provacively and inappropriately, needing to be the center of attention, and basically every other trait JA has. I am also saying this with no malice, and of course with no training in psychology, it is purely my lay opinion.

    When I watched that video "munich in the streets" it was the first time I really felt that JA had a mental problem and Meghan Asha seemed off as well. They were maybe drunk but that couln't explain the weird affect especially on Julia.

    Anyway I watched the DLD video a bit. Man did she monopolize the conversation with self absorbed crap about her bulemia and everything else under the sun. It seemed so inappropriate. I can't believe she showed that video talking about how she thinks it's important to discuss what you ate for lunch, what you are wearing and where you are going tonight, and about her love life while the others are talking about new applications they developed, etc.

    Was it just me or did that Seesmic guy seem like he just wanted her to shut up half the time?

    And as usual the whole thing seemed so false and misrepresentative of the real JA and NS (except for the parts she can't seem to control such as her pesonality). The blatant misrepresentation makes me want to go to the DLD comments and post about the reality of that site. Yesterday I felt bad to do so now that I watched the video, I don't at all.

  13. One thing that utterly embarrassed me about the DLD panel shite was how she carried herself. I won't detail all the times, but one great example is how, when walking to her seat after presenting, she did a little "rah rah" cheer thing...for. herself.

    It's so indicative of deep insecurity. WHy would anyone do that? Well, I think one would do that when one is super nervous (fair) and trying to add something to her empty, "I'm cute and funny too!"

    It's just a really awkward and unprofessional way of handling yourself. It's the opposite of wanting to be taken seriously. I truly think she likes to resort to her looks when all else fails and, quite possibly, uses her looks to pre-empt failure. Honestly. That explains the red leggings and the self-cheers and cleavage access...she doesn't think she can stand on her own without some other aspect of her to back her up...meaning, she is insecure about her intelligence and uses her body to fall back on.

    Something like that...

  14. Yes, Ineff, I agree that she seems to have those psychiatric disorders. It's a damn shame that her family is not only not helping her, but is feeding this behavior.

    I agree that something seems off about Meghan as well. My educated guess is that she's very easily led around, and the two bigmouths do just that with her, knowing they can take advantage of her massive insecurities.

  15. Nonentity

    I noticed the same about meghan, like in the munich video she kept repeating what julia was saying and appeared to be waiting to take her cues from julia alsmost like she was the younger sibling following julia's lead and eager to emulate her. It was quite a sight that video.

    And Funny Bunny I totally agree about JA. I noticed the little cheer, the inappropriate clothing, the IMO inapporpriate tangets like the one on bulemia, the clip of her love life.

    I think she doesn't want to change her shallowness and superficiality and self absorption but doesn't want to admit it to herself or others either, so she tries to portray herself an an intellectual and "nerd/dork."

    She wouldn't toss around theose same $10 words over and over, name drop her Georgetown degree (forgetting to mention her transfer there of course) and accomplished family and acquantainces repeatedly if she wasn't insecure about her intellect.

    The sad thing is I think she has reason to be. She was completle out of ehr league at DLD and it showed. She may have some insights on self promtion and scoring freebies (mereley as an extension of her personality rather than strength of her intellect IMO) but has nothing to add in other areas (again IMO).

    Additionally she doesn't seem to want to not rely on her looks and sex appeal in professional settings but doesn't want to be known for doing that either, and so in order to have her cake and eat it too she tries to do one while professing to be the other (if that made any sense).

    And that sums up my amateur psychology hour by Ineffable.

    (I'm still debating whether I should comment on the DLD comment page)


  16. Ineff

    Oh, just comment! Why not?

    You have a lot of valid points...and, interestingly, these points touch upon the panel *a propos*...

    You know, we're all called haters, but what about the years we have spent in English class critiquing the authors and characters of literature? Why is she and her lifecast any different? She says she's got an online persona...well, then, we be critiquing that persona!

    I love how that Ito guy said that she is a product (in reference to what her lifecast consists of)!


  17. I agree Funny. And actually I don't think the comments I'd post are so much about her persona as how they run their site and what to me feels like dishnoesty in how they present things about themselves and their site. It's that deception that really gets to me.

    I have never thoguht of a critic as a hater. But those who don't have any valid argument in their defense tend to use that term since they have little else to refute with.


  18. It's stunning that she would use such a forun to talk about all the negativity directed to her on some of the online sites.
    Gawker made her famous, that's how I heard about her. She made a spectacle of herself, people watched, etc. Without the exposure from Gawker, whe probably would never have started her "company".
    I find it incredible, and disingenuous, that she blamed the fourth wall on the demise of her relationship. It had nothing to do with her calling her ex bi-polar, being needy, clingy, etc. The lack of self-reflection is truly annoying. Also, she had nothing of note to say or add to the conversation at DLD.

  19. She said absolutely nothing. She went around in circles with 600 "you knows" thrown in.

    She isn't funny and she certainly isn't interesting.

    Julia, this is very very different from calling you fat. Understand?


  20. The official video of JA's DLD panel is the lowest-rated one -- two stars. heh.

  21. Ah, Anonymous 12:59: Justice is served.