Thursday, January 29, 2009

Could it be true?

UPDATE: A new post from Charlsie reads:

Ah well hmm...

I think tumblr is lying. And they know it.
The scandal continues!

One of our commenters apparently waltzed over to one of Charlsie's two tumblrs and found this:

Yes, it’s me. Charlsie.

The tumblr ( I kept for my written component as an intern during J-Term was removed. Well, actually, it exists … but if you go to it, a lovely yet dull page of

We couldn’t find the page you were looking for

comes up.

Sometimes though, this comes up

Sorry, you do not have permission to access this page.

That’s funny. But not really.

On Tuesday afternoon, I received a phone call from NonSociety’s Mary Rambin about my blog. She asked me to make it private or delete the posts. Before I could even really do any of that, my page just disappeared. Now, when I go under my tumblr accounts, I can click on the January in the City account, but I do not have any real permission to post.

That’s all for now.

This post is no longer there. Hmm. We wonder how this happened? We sincerely hope that Ms. C didn't actually lose her posts; it doesn't sound like she did--only that she can't post. But this is fishy.

Another update: You know what really pisses us off about this? We thought NS was all about "putting it out there." Why can't the intern "put it out there"? All she did was share her honest thoughts and the mundane tasks she had to do for these girls. But, you know, since her posts didn't gel with the image that JAB and company are trying to present, it had to go. Way to talk about honesty and transparency, ladies.



    But come here to dish the dirt girl, you know you want to.

  2. Charlsie seems sweet and is a better writer than the other three (faint praise, I know).

    We'd welcome you here with open arms.

  3. Wow, so both of Charlsie's tumblrs are back up but completely scrubbed clean. I'd LOVE to hear the story behind Shady Lady Julia Allison's latest attempt to control the Internet (memo: YOU CAN'T). WHY is she buying boots in Davos or whatever the hell she's there doing? Shouldn't she be back in New York addressing the VERY serious problems that have popped up in the last week that are very well spelling the END of Nonsociety?

  4. There is no reason Charlsie should feel any responsibilty to loyalty if her tumblr was, in fact, censored without her permission. I would be willing to PAY for this scoop- and whether or not Gawker would pay monetarily, I'm sure she could gather a significant amount of press and, assuredly, a real internship there. Regardless, Charlsie has quite a few options, and I hope she takes advantage of them.

  5. ZOMG! This is just like All The President's Men.

    Karp, you're a pussy.

    Charlsie, just start a blog on another server. See? Not so complicated. Unless you signed a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. In that case, you kinda fucked up.

  6. If keeping a journal of her experience as an intern is part of the requirements for her course (it's J school isn't it?), I hardly think Julia Baugher would be unaware of this but it comes as no surprise to me that she would be bitch enough to screw things up for Charlsie.
    And beware all Tumblr users I guess; be nice to JA or she'll have you shut down! (until she is that is ... bwahaha).

  7. She is not in journalism school. J-term is what her school calls the month of January; they can do a mini-internship, travel or take a seminar.

  8. I don't have a tumblr, but for someone who does - is there anything in the Terms of Service that would OK Karp to delete Charslie's blogs? It's also suspicious that they completely disappeared but then popped back up scrubbed of all offending content. Karp is an investor in Nonsociety so it would make sense that he might do a little behind the scenes work to make these incriminating and embarrassing blogs disappear. But if that's the case, then why haven't Baugher and Scary Mary been taken down yet?

  9. We need a Deep Throat type in that hipster douchewad clique of Karp, McCarthy, Forman, et al. Someone need to spill the beans on the banal trio. I'm sure it will eventually be McCarthy as she's been spurned by Karp. Maybe Forman can be loosed up if you buy him dim sum.

  10. Charlsie says: "The tumblr ( I kept for my written component as an intern during J-Term was removed."

    What she says makes it seem like the blog was kept as part of a class requirement or class credit for J-term. If tumblr took it down and she loses credit or is penalized for not having that component, that is seriously shady.

    Charlsie, we want your side of the story!!!

  11. We're not convinced Karp is a NC investor. This rumor persists, but it is unsubstantiated.

  12. What ever happened to intern Kate?!

  13. But NSRB, someone from Tumblr scrubbed your previous Tumblr. Why would Karp allow that if he didn't have some kind of interest in NonSociety?

  14. I bet she's waiting to get her school credit and forms signed before she speaks. Do you think those girls would mess with her class credit? YES! They don't view education as important, at all.

  15. Man, so in the internet age, Julia Allison and her crew are like a weird pouty-faced pink cyber mafia. Cross them and they'll disappear you.
    Julia's like Don Bore-leone.

  16. Karp's either admitting it or being tongue-in-cheek:
    (scroll down)

    It was somewhere on gawker that I read it was 1 or 2 mill $.


  18. I think Charslie will speak sooner or later. She seems smart enough about media, that she could use this to her advantage. She might be waiting for the right time. Gawker needs to get ahold of this -- they should give the poor girl a job.
    I want to hear all the real dirt. You know there are stories bhind the scene of Julia being 2 hrs late.

  19. He was being sarcastic.


  21. Re anon 1:48: I think the poor girl has been through enough already with her proximity to the soul-sucking Julia Baugher; work at Gawker? She'd be thrown out with the trash after a few posts ... do they even have women working there? Don't think so. (And I'd advise any woman to help keep it that way; testosterone-only den of two-faced snarks ... who needs it?)
    But didn't the intern claim that Julia was her role model; that she wanted to be just like her or something? Girl needs to get herself checked.

  22. Charlsie, you're awesome. We'll be waiting on you to blow this thing wide open.

  23. Just read meghan's brief explanation as to why no comments today from Davos.
    No wifi.
    No wifi?
    Are you nuts? Many, many of us have had to find an alternate to wifi for work. It can be done. It can be done easily at a four-star hotel in Switzerland.
    Just like CES. Just like DDL. Just like Aspen. Just like the inauguration.

  24. Hm.
    I'm suspicious about this because it seems like if Karp cared that much about the blog he would delete Baugher and There's Something About Mary and any other blog that talked about NS. Why would he delete her blog when it said nothing negative or even surprising about the NS girls and brought his site hits with the Gawker link? Karp knew part of JA's fame was that people hate her. If he didn't realize this and wants to protect the NS girls against criticism then he wouldn't be getting snuggly with the Gawker people (he is always at their parties and hangs out with a lot of them) and he would probably be too stupid to run a successful business.

    More likely? This is a fake Tumblr set up by someone or Mary (or someone at NS) decided to ask Tumblr to delete it for her with "her permission." Maybe Mary thought the girl already gave her to go-ahead or maybe Mary is just a sneaky bitch (more likely).
    Also: her Tumblr could have been hacked and deleted. Some crafty NS haters might have seen an opportunity to have some fun on this girl's blog.

    Wouldn't her Tumblr be cached anyways? Someone should try to contact her and see what the deal is.

  25. Also guest at 1:48: Gawker doesn't hire people out of pity. She doesn't seem all that Gawker-ish anyways. She is too naive and earnest. Even the girls at Jezebel are pretty bitchy.
    Nothing against this girl but her + gawker isn't a great fit. Maybe Daily Candy or Fashionista or something like that. Those are probably the things she has her eye on anyways.

  26. Anonymous 2:30 Too true. Connectivity issues happen; as a journalist, you deal. Hells, they could be twittering from their iphones, just like Jeff Jarvis. It's more likely that they just don't have anything cogent to say--or that, indeed, they can't get in to any of the more interesting sessions.

    Meanwhile I have a splendid slogan for Nonsociety's next goldenrod-yellow tee shirts:

    "I went to Davos and all I got was this lousy pair of Moon Boots."

  27. I can't get too worked up over the disappeared Charlsie blog. Frankly, I think we're being jacked with.

  28. Dyspeptic - sometimes I think that, too. It's like Gakwer has created this whole fake drama / online reality show for page views and publicity. Although I am not sure why Julia, Mary and Meghan would agree to it. This entire venture has basically ruined their online and offline reputations forever so I am not sure what the gain is for them.

  29. "We need a Deep Throat type in that hipster douchewad clique of Karp, McCarthy, Forman, et al. Someone need to spill the beans on the banal trio. I'm sure it will eventually be McCarthy as she's been spurned by Karp. Maybe Forman can be loosed up if you buy him dim sum."

    Awesomely put, Anon.

    "Julia's like Don Bore-leone."

    Mwahaha, flatface!

    And Charlsie, you seem like good people. Keep your chin up and stay true to yourself. You're meant for bigger things.

  30. Flatfoot, not flatface. Sorry!

  31. No offense taken.
    Hmmm. I kind of like flatface. Like a cross between a boxer nickname and some weird ethnic slur. Me likey...

  32. As far as I can tell, there is no evidence of any financial link between NS and Karp. BUT, anti-NS/anti-Julia blogs on Tumblr have a tendency to disappear without warning, and he was photographed (looking kind of bored/peeved) at that NYE party she threw together at the last minute.

    Did this very blog get bounced from Tumblr?

  33. I also think it's way too flattering for these gals for us to believe Karp is involved with them. I don't believe he is.

    Charlsie probably deleted her own blog per NS's request because she's just that brainwashed.

  34. Guest at 3:10: yeah but what about Baugher? Julia used to whine about how much she hated that blog but it still remains. I'd love to know what happened with the other reblogging NS tumblrs...

    I do know that Tumblr helped "build" the NS site, much like how they "built" that molls show site. they I also know that Tumblr offers special benefits to people who they want to use their product. Next New Networks is also connected with Tumblr, they share an office. I don't think Tumblr has enough money to be going around investing millions into NS, but I wouldn't be surprised if Julia won over Karp and the NNN people into letting her use their stuff for her site.
    Julia, for all her faults, is quite the hustler, so I would love to know exactly how she got investors into her site. Maybe Lockheart Steele, of Curbed networks? I know he is pals with Julia. These men are businessmen, however, and I would think they would be more cautious about investing in something just because of a friend.

    What about Meghan's dad, maybe he invested?

  35. Does anyone know Julia's birthday? I know she's pushing 30... which shocks me every time I recall that fact, because the woman dresses like a tween.

  36. Anon @3:25 PM: Yes, I think Megan's dad is invested. Absolutely.

  37. I really think it would've come out already if Karp was involved. Too many people know Karp/hate Julia for someone not to make fun of Karp for investing in that looney's enterprise.

  38. Julia's birthday is February 28th, she will be either 28 or 29 this year I believe.

  39. Also, one more thing. Tumblr has a feature where you can email your post to your tumblr account. There is no reason whatsoever that Megan could not be doing this. Truth is, she is completely over her head, and does not belong at Davos. Look, this chick went to USC (which we call the University of Spoiled Children). Had Megan any smarts whatsoever, she would have gone to Berkeley or Stanford. USC? That says it all.

  40. Anon @ 3:25, I don't know how Baugher has avoided the guillotine, but other anti-NS tumblrs have been disappeared with no warning or notice. Maybe Baugher was too big and too popular, and too many people would revolt?

    This one where we are now was originally on Tumblr, but I think it was shut down like that. Off the top of my head, I know that the Web 2.0 Morons tumblr was taken down, and they were pretty heavy on the anti-NS stuff. I know there were others, but I can't remember which ones right now.

  41. Meghan's family has most likely invested in Nonsociety, hence the Cisco tie ins. This Valleywag post from almost a year ago is interesting. Looks like Meghan Parikh has not wised up - only dug herself into a deeper pit of embarrassment:

  42. Mary also went to USC... it really speaks to the quality of their education, plus their standards for admittance.

  43. What hedge-fund did Megan work for?

  44. Wow, does this apply to Julia or what.

    “There is something vaguely embarrassing—even narcissistic—about our new era of mass photography. Because we’re always carrying cameras, we’re moved to document every moment of our lives—sometimes to the exclusion of actually experiencing that moment. Take a look at this picture of Barack and Michelle Obama at one of the inaugural balls. Everyone in the audience has a hand up with a cell phone pointed at the stage, but nobody is actually looking at what’s going on. The scene is puzzling: If the guy next to you is taking a picture—one that you can be reasonably sure will end up on a photo-sharing site somewhere—why do you need one, too? But we do this often these days. Win Butler, the lead singer of the band Arcade Fire, once told Terry Gross that he and his band mates have stopped going out into the crowd to perform because nobody pays attention to them—everyone’s got their cell phones and cameras in front of their faces.”

    Farhad Manjoo on Slate, regarding “Put the camera down and enjoy a moment for once.” (via soupsoup)

  45. Meghan is really not a bright girl.

    She expects us to believe working at a hedge fund for less than a year as an analyst netted her an independent lifestyle.

    I know hedge funds, and most of financial services.

    Out of college hires like Meghan are put on the research company duty. Compile loads of spreadsheets of company and comparative data. Work long hours for decent out of college pay, at most 100K at the best places for the brightest candidates. Good pay right?

    Well, she's not the brightest and I can't remember the names at the moment, but they certainly weren't the best.

    So working for a year at a hedge fund probably netted her 75k in comp including bonus. Now she alleges that she "lives" off her investments?

    Wake up Meghan, you aren't living on that in this economy. If the economy was great, you aren't living on that, it would generate, what, 10 percent return at best?

    Meghan is living on daddy's money, pure and simple. Trust me, her time at a hedge fund, she wasn't a trader.

    It's sad that the only really truthful in this is Mary Rambin. Even that is suspect because she supports her lifestyle by being a "spin" instructor.

    I hope they fail and crash big.

  46. Mary's father is in Texas oil although I am not sure how much money she currently gets from him. He and her mother divorced when Mary was young and he remarried and had two more children (Leven and a brother). It seems like she probably got child support, her college education and maybe start up money for her handbag line but she seems pretty broke now. Her designer clothes come from her mom's upscale resale store in Houston. She said she got a "very generous" Tory Burch gift certificate for Christmas... perhaps a gift from her father? Mary has admitted to being broke so I don't think he bankrolls her lifestyle, although I have no idea how she affords all those plane tickets.

  47. Anonymous 4:08. Yes, you are correct. I am also a Wall Street alum, and "analyst" is just a code name for a recent grad who does all the crap. They have to work long ass hours, and the work they do is anything but glamorous. And your guess of $75K I feel is really high. Goldman pays (or paid!) that much for the top of the line kids from Ivy Schools, so I doubt she was bringing in anymore than $60K. Her lifestyle is funded by her family. Remember she lives in a Coop, so she had to submit proof of income to the Coop board. They wouldn't have allowed in someone who makes just $60K a year, unless she was sitting on a fat trust fund.

  48. Anon 4:18 -- "Admitted to being broke" is also known as "obscured the fact that she still gets money from her parents at her age."

  49. I read the interns CollegeCandy article, she is way more intelligent than any of these 3 dimwits combined. I can't believe Nonsociety didn't hire her to ghostwrite all their posts. You can tell she's young, but I think she has a lot more to say than the bunnies.

  50. Mary is homeless. She splits her time evenly between Meghan's couch and some gay guy's heavenly bed. Clearly there is no family money. Although I am sure that is a misconception she makes no effort to correct.

  51. If you go on ACRIS, the NYC Finance website where all property transfers are publicly available, it notes that she purchased the apartment in her name (no parents, or at least they are not the named owners) in Sept. 07 for $575k.

  52. Anon 4:19.

    I've done time at Goldman, JPMC, and CS. Some of their college hiring programs paid out to the BEST candidates 100K. I would think that a USC grad would net about 70k, but you're probably right she's really a 60K earner based on her "intelligence" factor. Note sarcasm.

    That said, if she went to a hedge, the rules are a bit more obscure. Depends on the hedge, how much the have under cap, etc. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't a "favor" hire if her family had connections.

    RE: The co-op. Oh hell yes, every co-op board I've dealt with in NYC is borderline insane. There are very few boards that will take you with that much limited income potential. Only IF, your lifestyle was funded by your parents can you get in a building like the one she lives in.

  53. Anon 4:55,

    I forgot about ACRIS but the one thing you're discounting is the fact that a co-op review is invasive and asks where your income comes from. Only an assurance of financial support could get someone with NO income into most co-ops. Hence the parent factor.

  54. Anon 5:01

    True true. She definitely would have needed to put at least 20-25% down. That is a bare minimum; more likely 40-50%. I am quite certain she did not earn that money having worked one year out of college. Definitely a trust fund disbursement for real estate or a parental gift.

    Nice to be her...excepting of course the reasons it's not.

  55. What they don't seem to realize is that this is it for Nonsociety.

    Julia may feel depressed now but this is really her time -- a year from now, no one will be talking about these three anymore, the NS site may fold, and the invitations to prestigious conferences will stop. I sincerely hope that she is enjoying her brief noteriety because her life isn't really going to crash until the controversy is old news.

    Never really a Julia fan, but she used to at least give her audience an impressive look into her life: a year ago, she was updating her regular " ... And One More Thing" tumblr up to 30-40 times each day. It was interesting, at least, and the "lifecasting" potential was there until it became her life's work -- and now she's over it. Her xojulia blog (which precedes her tumblr rise) barely resembles the content that she posts today. There is no longer the interest in sharing thoughts with her readers or coming up with any editorial plan.

    Good luck, Charlsie! You're sav and have a chance to be a journalist -- do that. Internet-personality fame is really only a successful venture for 15-year-olds.

  56. Emily, Internet-personality fame is NEVER successful, no matter how old you are. I have yet to see anyone truly monetize being purely famous on the Internet.

  57. Like other commenters I don't even remotely believe Meghan paid/pays for her own apartment in Manhattan, can afford all that deisgner clothes (she seems to have the most expensive clothes of the three of them), and gadgets on her own.

    I think part of what bugs about them is they try to present an image that they make whatever they do happen all on their own and seem to conveniently leave out parts about their family fortunes, connected friends, families, etc.

    I'm still wondering if Meghan was at Davos before purely because of Michael Arrington and how and why they are there now? Because of Randi? What about DLD? I guess it's just difficult for me to believe that much of what they do or have access to is anything but 1. crashed (like the Huffpo ball supposedly was) 2. because of a connection

    Here's Gawker's take on the Asha family wealth, and also some posts on Meghan and Arrington at Davos last year. Her video coverage of Davos is particularly amusing, she is in awe of all the "important people" there.

    Arrington and Asha at Davos

    And here is supposedly the Asha family private plane

    Meghan in awe of the people at Davos last year (video)

    Another Davos picture and Gawker on Asha family wealth

  58. Indeed. Her image has been destroyed. If only she cared about the editorial objectives as much as she cares about her outfits. And when was the last time Julia was invited to a New York media/charity/society event? I think the cute NS name is no longer witty or appropriate.

  59. I know I'm stupid to mention this here, but major dramz went down at Davos between Isreali President and Turkish PM...

    But no. I know. Why would NS mention it...why would they at all?

    So many freekin' things happen all the time. I need to get out of this NS world cuz it ain't jiving with the real world at all.

    Living differently -- they're right.


  60. From a busy internet person, Randi:

    So cool to see Facebook polls up on the big screen when the Prime Minister of Pakistan is talking!
    about 14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    Running polls to thousands of Facebook users at the Pakistan session at #davos #davos09 - 57% predict greater instability in '09 about 14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    Trying to navigate the complexities of the #davos shuttle...and failing miserably! 3:09 AM yesterday from TwitterBerry

  61. @Dyspeptic: I agree. I think this is a carefully calculated plan by NS to make us look bad and drum up page hits. It's too convenient that just days after we began making fun of Charlise for her stupidity that suddenly there's a scandal about her.

  62. I don't know! I think we're giving them a lot of credit! I mean, the botox stuff was pure "innocence" on behalf of Mary...
    The Charlsie stuff - it is believable. Her tumblr was also rather innocent, not even containing any subtle digs -- just straight foward, no? Neutral?

    Well, Charlsie certainly got a lot of hits on her College Candy piece by now...

    I guess, the question is: what do they gain other than pageviews??

  63. Curious:
    If this whole Charlsie-losing-her-blog is legit, then maybe what they gain is control over her. Something along the lines of her promising to not go public with embarrassing details on them in exchange for not screwing her over on getting credit for this "internship." Or maybe even the promise of using their (imaginary) contacts to help her advance in a career as a famewhore.

  64. That's so sinister...I'm not ready to buy that...

    I do believe Julia wants attention at any cost in every venue, all the time. However, I can't believe she would do whatever-it-is to this poor college student? I mean, she has some heart, no?


  65. after reading a couple of her columns, i take back what i said about thinking this is all a big trick by NS.

    did you guys READ this stuff? this girl is a troublemaker who doesn't/can't get along with anyone and creates negative situations around herself everywhere she goes.

    if you read those college candy posts, Charlsie's experiences at NS are just an extension of all of the other experiences she's had at college.

  66. So when NS fails, do any of you think JA will really ever go away?

    (Seriously. I'm asking. I can't figure it out.)

  67. RBNS was taken off Tumblr. So was Web20Morons. I'm sure there are others. WHY? That's what I want to know. And now this girl. This is why I started the blogger version of my page. Just in case I'm next.

    Oh and PS loves: Julia wrote me back. It seems she wants coffee. Feedback?

  68. That's a good question. I tend to think that she will not be as well-known as she is now. She might find something to do...some online column or another website. I mean, one day she will have to change. She will have to change the things she wears and the way she conducts herself will, most likely, become a bit more 'bland' (using her terminology). Then what will she have left? If all of her notoriety has been founded on the way she is and the way she looks, then when those things change, her notoriety will too.

    But I'm no expert. I'm just projecting her lifecast into the future. Extrapolation, let's call it.

  69. They're strategizing!! ScaryMary got an invitation to meet Julia in person...oh come on now!!

    It's in the above thread (or visit her site)! Is Julia reaching out or is she laying the foundation for something?

    Maybe, ScaryMary, she thinks that once you meet her, you'll like her. Or, she will use your meeting as a jumping off point to discuss, on her lifecast, what's going on with all the hate mail/negative criticisms and how NS will try to make "things better". Just like a relationship...she wants to have a talk.

    A treaty in the making? Cease fire? Or a war??!


  70. Curious,

    I have no problem believing that she would hold this girl's internship credit hostage like that. This is the same woman who repeatedly "outed" her ex's alleged mental health problems, and then not only had the nerve to later try to shame him into buying her an expensive laptop computer that he had previously promised (before they broke up & before she exposed his alleged issues to the Gawker people), but when he balked, she snapped at him to stop acting like a victim and get over it.

    More recently, while in D.C., she apparently ditched her friend with cancer in order to chase after the CNN guy and to try to latch onto Shira Lazar.

    Because of discussions elsewhere on this site, I'm going to refrain from commenting on her apparent issues, but I will say that she seems to lack a conscience about hurting other people, especially when it comes to getting whatever she wants.

  71. Anon @ 8:02: She's not as well known as she was when she was a talking head fronting for "Star." And she will never change. She'll be the more than a little dotty 80-something spinster still wearing cutesy headbands and schoolgirl miniskirts and obsessing over teen-oriented TV shows.

    ScaryMary: Don't meet with her! I don't trust that she wants to talk with you off the record, so to speak. I also don't trust her intentions to meet in person.

  72. Scary Mary: DO NOT have coffee with this loon. She is setting some kind of trap for you. Seriously, do not do it. Do not trust her. She has an ulterior, sinister motive, I can assure you.

  73. ScaryMary: I, too, would proceed with caution. The best case scenario allows Julia to leave an uneventful coffee date with the ability to claim she cares about her readers, which, as we all know, is bullshit. Do you really want to be another bizarre interview-ready anecdote?

  74. ScaryMary:

    Honestly, this sounds like a covert CIA operative. If she lives her life so unapologetically, so publicly, why would she be adverse to discussing this via email if she didn't have something to hide? Or if she wanted to bribe/win your over in some way. In light of their behavior, doesn't this seem in keeping in line with their dishonesty? Isn't their business about transparency? Her email is completely counterintuitive and consistent with the way in which she's not only treated people in her personal/professional life, but the readers of her so-called "business."

    Please don't take this the wrong way because I love your site, but how are you any different than everyone else she's bulldozed to get the minor fame she already has?

  75. Scary, are you sure Julia wrote that?

    Wouldn't it be funny if Charlsie wrote it so that she could meet you in person and spill?

  76. Thinking about it is useless. Trust your gut.
    My gut reaction is, too, what Jacy and NonEntity are warning.

    Don't go. She wrote "Hi there"...that scares me! haha


  77. I agree with ScaryMary. Charlsie's intern Tumblr seemed completely deleted while her other one had just had its posts made private, as you can do on Tumblr.

    It seems if she was directed by NS to remove the posts she could've have just made them private so as to not lose all she'd written especially if she needed it for her school. There's no reason I can see for deleting it all when you could just private it all instead.

    That's why it seems it was done by someone other than her. And her own post about it, t if it is real and true, suggests the same thing.

    Like S.M. has said other sites about the NS women have suddenly disappeared from Tumblr too including this one.

    I'm not accusing Tumblr but I am saying it seems strange and the common thread of these deleted blogs is they all were about NS and all were on Tumblr.

  78. ScaryMary, try as I might, every time I imagine you meeting her I can't help but picture some sort of "Carrie"-esque scene of revenge. ;)

    In reality, I think she would try to win you over by shit-talking Mary. I literally can't imagine a sinister possibility that wouldn't make her look much, much worse than you.

  79. I think she'd have people lying in wait and she'd ambush you in some way and then proceed to try to make your life a living hell. She'd have some bogus lawyer with her, a camera, backup, etc.

    Remember -- this is the woman who has been sending this blog all those angry, hateful messages. She said she prayed we all died. This is the type of lunatic you are dealing with -- sleep-deprived, feeling desperate and looking for someone to blame for her life and business being in the shitter. You are the first person to whom she can put a face ... the "hater" who is ruining her life. She has already proven she's a cyber-stalker and at least once had a restraining order against her ... DO NOT GO!

    I say this out of love and fear.

  80. Jacy, did we get confirmation that was JA?? Wow! I thought maybe it was the other intern (Samantha?).

  81. She has a restraining order against her??

  82. I think she is trying and win Scary over by "charming" her, offering her some of the psuedo-fame that NS has. Scary already seems a bit taken with Julia, at least moreso than Mary & Meghan. i've never understood the appeal of Julia, all I see is a vapid, manipulative wanker.

  83. wait a minute. 1. julia has a restraining order against her? 2. she's sending hate mail to rbns? clue me in!

  84. Other than the email address being the same, this is how I know it's really Julia. Full headers are lovely.

    I would love more info on this restraining order business & hate mail to this site. Can anyone substantiate that?

  85. Scary, DO NOT meet with Julia Allison. She is a proven liar and manipulator. She is unstable. There is nothing she can do at this point to possibly win anyone over or turn the tides. Her business is OVER. She needs to come to grips with that. It was a wreck from the beginning and it was completely run into the ground this week because she was bouncing around Europe and completely ignoring the HUGE problems that came to head this week (Er. Oops. I mean, she didn't have internet). She needs to face the music and pull the plug on the disaster that is Nonsociety.

  86. Sorry, cookie problem.

    OK, the restraining order was something mentioned way back when by a Gawker commenter. Might have been the guy whose apartment she refused to vacate? Not sure of the details but I am sure there is someone reading this who is.

    The hateful comments are obviously JA. They always appear when she's online at weird hours.

    Just like how all the anti-JA comments on TMI get nuked in the middle of the night, when she's lying there Twittering about how she can't sleep. First thing in the morning, while she sleeps, they stay on there for hours.

    Funny she always lets the nasty comments about Mary and Meghan remain.

  87. Well she's up to something. If you don't go, she'll say she extended an olive branch but you wanted to hide behind your mean words. If you go... best case scenario, she'll do some inane lib dup video around you.

    By the way... Julia doesn't drink coffee. Unless she's in Switzerland.

  88. Which posts here did JA make hateful, crazy comments? I follow this blog pretty closely but I missed them somehow. Can someone link to them below?

    And yeah Scary, don't meet with Julia. Nothing good will come of it. She's over. Done. Finished.

  89. God, I can't remember after what post but she said more than once that she hopes we all die, that she prays for it. It was after one of the posts about Charlsie.

    Pretty much every over-the-top nasty comment made on here are made as she just so happens to be Twittering and blogging at the same time.

    There was nary a nasty word, for example, when she was on her trans-Atlantic flight, but a flurry right before she left and Twittered that she was Twittering after the plane took off. So brave!! Living differently!!!

  90. I hate to break the conspiracy theory about Tumblr and deletions, but in the case of Web 2.0 morons, that content was deleted by its owner. Me.

    I started with reblogging Mary "DUM DUM" Rambin because frankly she's so ridiculously stupid, it was easy. What I found after time is that she really is that stupid, and will never change. Stupid is as stupid does. I grew a bit tired of her. But as my interest waned, I noticed......

    Meghan Asha Parikh on the other had really started catching my attention. As someone who's made a career in technology I found her claims about being a "tech" blogger and the fake reader emails claiming she's a great resource, infuriating. Combine her lack of knowledge with her junior high school writing style(hence the Hello Kitty moniker), and privileged life she became a much more deserving candidate for some snark. But even that grew tiring. She's just as clueless as DUM DUM.

    I figured out these people are not going to change, no matter how much you post constructive (Scary) or snarky to mean spirited commentary (oooindiekid, myself), they won't change. The habit became a bit consuming, and when realized, I cut myself off cold turkey and deleted the content.

    Now, these twatwaffles deserve all the snark, and I commend RBNS in setting this up. It's a great setup because it's away from the meddling hands of Karp and his lead lapdog developer Marco. I'm sure Blogspot is not gooing to be assisting "Tit" Baugher and her merry band of retards in removing content or tracking down people via IP. I'll comment on this site as often as I can.

    Meanwhile, Scary, my partner in snark, email me, and I will give you my opinion and possible solution to the Julia Baugher meet n greet.



  91. Hey all, I know the party is totally going on over here... but sometimes it's hard for me to keep up with comments on the Tumblr, the Blogger, and also this page. So please, if I didn't acknowledge something you think I should or a comment you left... know it wasn't on purpose! You can always comment on any of my blogs or email me if it's THAT important. I'm just sayin. I am not a contributor to RBNS, I come here for all the same reasons you do and support the site, but no need for snarky emails about ignoring your comment when you didn't even leave it on my own pages. I love how you can email me to say how uncool it is, but you can't email me with your actual input. Anyway. That said:

    I do NOT in fact live in NY so coffee would be impossible anyway. Unless of course Julia charters Meg's plane and comes to me. So. Yeah.


  92. Web! Glad to hear that, actually. I don't want to hate Tumblr! And that tainted things a touch for me.

    ps: emailed you!

  93. Web 2.0 I'm so with you on this:

    "I figured out these people are not going to change, no matter how much you post constructive (Scary) or snarky to mean spirited commentary (oooindiekid, myself), they won't change. The habit became a bit consuming, and when realized, I cut myself off cold turkey and deleted the content. "

    I know I cannot be too much longer for the world of criticquing NS because as much I dislike just about everything they stand for and what they are about, my input changes little to nothing in the long run and ultimately just uses time and mental energy much better directed toward other issues and pursuits.

    Thanks for clearing up your the issue behind your blog's deletion.

  94. Not implying coming here is a waste of time at all of course, just that I personally am a bit too involved in my disdain for NS and I know my "cold turkey" period has got to arrive soon enough too.


  95. ineff and Anon,

    At some point I think it will happen whether you're a fan or a "hater". They offer nothing of real value and will eventually just lose readership because of it.

    Doesn't mean that I won't help the process along, but now I'm doing it in a reduced fashion.

  96. Mary,
    You were the one that posted least, that engaged least on TMI, when this train left the station.
    Now you're all full of posts and opinions.
    Glad to see Domino go down? Really? If they can't get advertising, what hope do you have? You guys post like a combined 8 sentences a day, but want to count hits as visitors and be considered an online magazine.
    You are the first season of Flavor of Love. People are watching you unwind. Mentally. Business-wise. Personally.
    And a lot of people are taking some joy in seeing a bunch of people who praised the internet, and the get-rid-of-editors, give it away free attitude fail.
    It costs money to have professionals. Who know how to write. Who know how to gather information. Know how to write online code. Who know how to read, absorb information. And process it. Into cogent ideas.
    Kinda being energetic? Selling a stale SITC vibe? Photographing yourselves?
    Not gonna work.

  97. BTW
    Does anyone else think its ominous that neither julia nor meghan (despite professed internet problem in Switzerland, the online banking capitol of the world) has posted one sentence in 36 hours while in Davos?
    I see them both in bed. Cupcake wrappers strewn about the room. Shaking.

  98. Mary,
    You guys are scared to end the free-for-all here by making commenters register ( and thereby really becoming part of a "community) the way Gawker does for three reasons:
    1. you dont know how to. Even your "tech geek" can't write a simple entry code predicated on an avatar and password.
    2. You know it would reveal you have not hundreds of thousands of readers, but only, like many start-ups, dozens.
    3. Even the readers who do support you would criticize the meager content.

    So shut down QOD and Asku Us.

  99. I have to agree with the physical criticisms ban. it is OBVIOUS, right? They're all trying to be glamorous-looking and all, so it invites insults.
    But this isn't a woman thing. It's a new media, ego-blogging, presumptuous, ill-informed, wasted-opportunity thing, really.

  100. I hate that they are pretending to offer something innovative, something of value, when all they're really doing is trying to snag rich husbands. Their obvious gold-digging and desperate social-climbing perpetuates the worst stereotypes about women and makes the concept of "girl geeks" nothing more than a joke. As a woman, I am sick to death of bimbos trading on their tatas to get ahead in life instead of hard work. I am devastated to see that so many successful men are willing to tolerate (and even assist) these three giggling idiots. We haven't come such a long way, baby.


  102. How is it that Megs can post excuses but not content? They always promise "tons" more to come once they get a connection. Not sure how the lack of WiFi prevents them from doing any actual writing.

  103. Great find, Anon 2:43. Just in case Charlsie can delete her tweets, here it is:

    "One little blog for school credit turns into a scandal, and puts my words, out of context, on Gawker. Oh New York, you have been too kind."

  104. I honestly feel really bad for Charlsie if that blog was for school credit and Tumblr deleted it.

  105. Wonder what intern Samantha thinks of intern Charlsie? I bet intern S is mad that intern C is getting all the attention these days. Poor girls have to compete together.

  106. Running errands for Julia in the snow. Everything is kinda closed for MLK day. Oops! 12:42 PM Jan 19th from txt

    Your fakeness speaks louder than words. 8:31 PM Jan 18th from txt

    I have no internet at the 92Y. So, I'm sitting at Starbucks working my little intern ass off. Lovely. Oh, and it's snowing. 4:10 PM Jan 18th from web

    I have no wireless anymore? Ugh. 5:49 AM Jan 18th from txt

  107. ScaryMary and crew --

    Julia is taking cues from yet another television character. This time she is Blair Waldorf!

    She knows that ScaryMary would post her email reply/coffee invitation...she wants to show us that she has balls to meet her 'enemies' (Blair talk). She is also consistently backing up her points in DLD -- that is, she believes that commenters should have faces and names (which would lead to accountability and better internet manners).

    She believes very much in fictional characters (who have been created for entertainment purposes only). She was Carrie and now she is Blair...

    Scary, what's the purpose of going? You criticize her best friend, Mary, on a daily basis. She has no dignity, then, if she wants to make friends with you...that's what makes me think that there is something else going on in her Blair mind.

    Hey Julia, get a T-shirt with this on it:

    "What Would Blair Do?"

    and then go jump into the East River, as they say where I come from.


  108. How is there no wireless? Every single journalist there is still managing to send in stories/twitter/blog etc! I'm sure there is phone signal so why aren't they life casting from their mobiles? I thought the whole point was that they didn't require laptops to do it!

  109. The radio silence from Davos is comical and--one presumes--perhaps meant to be maddening to the Hordes of Hatin' Haters out here in RBNS land. Like maybe we'll slink off into the blogosphere if there is nothing to mock or critique. But no, Bunnykins. Certain of us Nonsociety scholars emeritus are simply biding our time, licking our chops in anticipation of the next, inevitable act.

    And I am still laughing my ass off over Don Boreleone. Nice one, flatfoot!

  110. I agree with funnybunny. Julia and Meghan have come up with a list of suspects in NY and by asking you out for coffee, they're trying to flush out who it is. If you say you don't live in NY, then it automatically eliminates all the 'haters' in NY. Julia's handling this situation like it's some sort of high school tussle. She definitely has planned something for you ScaryMary, if you end up going.
    Remember, Blair Waldorf is her idol.....


    "In good time, the truth shall come."

    And in case the twitter disappears -