Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reaching the Holy Grail (at least in Julia Allison Baugher's world):


Is NS over yet?


  1. I looked at that "live in the "office"" link and that's it! That's why they didnt move into an office/apartment: the Bravo deal was broken! They would have paid for it...!

    They would definitely have needed a larger space for the cameras and the drama of them all together (or Mary and Julia, that is). HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Hush hush...

  2. Sounds like Charlsie she does a lot of returning, searching for freebies, and sending thank yous for all the free schwag for the girls. I particularly like this assignment JA supposedly gave her.


    Looks like she even takes care of returning of items "ruined in the wash" for replacement. What service!


  3. Yes, RBNS is on Gawker. Good job guys! (By the way I like the JA coverage on Gawker lately.)


  4. What the sam hill is Housing Works going to do with a pink suitcase? Unless I'm dramatically out of touch, most homebound HIV sufferers wouldn't list embarassing luggage among their most critical needs.

    "Deal with receipts"? This intern got PLAYED.

  5. Oh I feel so bad for Charlsie, yet at the same time I'm not convinced s/he exists.

    The tumblr has been removed.

  6. Oh my goodness. I just started reading this on Sunday, and LOVE IT!

    The tumblr has been removed; I wonder if the intern will go as well.


  7. Are you serious? You people are absolutely disgusting. Do you not have anything better to do with your time? This is ridiculous.

    Leave the poor girl alone.

  8. Does the hot blond intern have a tumblr, or is she already gone?

  9. Anon 8:05

    Charlsie, guess you have discovered us! My question to you: don't you have anything better to do with your time than play Hattie McDaniel to a spoiled jackass?

    Get a clue, girl!

  10. Anon 8:05,

    Is that Julia, DUM DUM Rambin, or Non Techy Meghan Parikh? Fess up bunnies!!

  11. Ok, it seems that the hot blond intern, Kate Greer, was Fall 2008.

  12. Mary Rambin's Twitter:

    "I need a martini" - 24 minutes ago from txt

  13. At this rate, NS won't make it to the end of the week.


  14. So Meghan lives at 250 Mercer?


    Nice digs. Thanks Daddy!

  15. Anon 9:16.

    While I appreciate ragging on these douche wads, it's never cool to delve into that level of personal information.

  16. Anon 9:36. I share that opinion. However, I think Charlsie had the address in one of her Tumblr posts. In any event, that comment should be deleted.

  17. I become more and more convinced that Gawker and JA are in cahoots. Seriously. Why would they write about how her interns need to fetch headbands for college credit but not salivate over the fact that NS uses hidden keywords in their code? It just doesn't jive.

  18. Gawker loves the spectacle that is Julia Allison. They get to pick on her and get tons of page views and she gets tons of page views and publicity in return. They have a nice parasitic relationship going on.

  19. Scary,

    Think you're onto something....

  20. Scary,

    Maybe Denton is using similar techniques in his blogs to generate pageviews (advertising dollars)

  21. So Mary has responded to the Google allegations:

    "Non Society Violating Google TOS


    'One thing you definitely don’t want to do if you’re a budding web entrepreneur is get your site banned from Google. You might as well close up shop if you’re unlucky enough to get caught violating their Terms of Service.

    Non Society is so desperate for traffic that they’ve put hidden keywords in their source code for such ridiculous keywords as “What Is Your Credit Status” in order to get high Google listing for totally unrelated search terms. This is a major violation of Google Terms of Service.

    Shill those boob jobs, botox injections, colonics, and crash juice diets while you still can ladies. Your party is about to end.'

    In a nutshell, our public forums (Advice Box and QOD) were spammed three weeks after we launched them. Stay tuned for an official response from our programmer.

    A little note from me. We don’t need to add keywords for page views. With hundreds of thousands of loyal readers, a handful of gossip sites, and a few nasty rebloggers, we’re doing just fine thanks. Thinking about it now, I really should write a thank you note to Denton for today’s Gawker and Jezebel posts. So many of their readers click once and become daily visitors."

    Yes, because being smug makes you look SO much better and more evolved, Mary. Also, I guess that allusion to the Jezebel post means she is totally unrepentant about comparing the decision to get an abortion to the decision to use Botox. Not one conciliatory note in the entire post. Never apologize, never explain, Mary. That will win you friends and fans.

  22. @Scary Mary

    See also - David Karp

    he is cleaning up accounts at her behest, but cannot clean up after Mary reblogs and probably cannot touch Baugher. Still, he is working for her.

    I have no idea what she has on him, but she has him.

    Gawker editors use her as filler and page views. The commenters can sound rabid and you would think that they'd be all up in the google chicanery), but they, too, are waiting to see how this flameball finally dies out. Think of the lip dubs and hair color threats and delusion and lame blog/career/dating decisions to make. So. Much. Fodder.

    Reblogging the rest of the way to the inevitable flame out? Well, thank you.

    These women are not stereotypes or representative of anything of substance. This is cotton candy or coffee klatsch or flipping through the magazine in the dentist office.


  23. Mary is on fire over at QOtD.

    She deleted the response from "Charles Forman" but left the one from "Jakob Lodwick" up. I'm guessing Julia wants to stay on Formans good side, whereas JL is no use to her anymore?

    Charles Forman
    "I always found Mary approachable as a West Side Hooker. Julia, was very approachable, except for her nether regions, which were locked tighter than Fort Knox. Meghan was approachable if I waved a Microsoft Zune in her face."

    Jakob Lodwick:
    "I'm never approachable because I'm bipolar and I smell from lack of bathing.
    But since I had a wad of cash in my checking account, I was very approachable to Julia, who couldn't resist my 1980's style glasses and my manic bouts of anger."

  24. Mary prob. had the interns little tmblr blocked before the naive little shit knew what was going on or wat was happening. Nothing like having David Karpp as your BFF.

  25. I am guessing the girls had tumblr take down her intern blog because the other one still has a page you can access. I don't think this girl knew what hit her.