Monday, January 19, 2009


The Question of the Day today is just too much of a goldmine for us to pass up! "Which blog do you identify most with - Julia's, Mary's, or Meghan's and why?"

What we love about this, bunnies, is that readers can say exactly what they think about our Trio of Banality. But will the responses be deleted? Who knows! We, however, will post them here for posterity. (Thus this post will be regularly updated.) However, if you get a new response first, feel free to put it in the comments.

And now, updated with more, including a note from The Handmaiden of Passive Aggression herself!

So far:

Julia... as obnoxious as she can be, she's the only one with an ounce of originality and a life worth lifecasting. A far second would Meghan Asha, and Mary a really really distant 3rd. Julia you need new side kicks. Nonsociety just aint happening with these 2 by your side.


To be honest, none of them and here is why:
They all come off as caricatures. By that I mean that they all are trying to be something (dating advice person, tech "geek", "fashionista") but yet don't really grasp what those things really are. There are so many blogs out there that cover these topics already and with so much more professionalism. Julia, I get the sense that you don't do so well with dating, so I'm not sure you are qualified to give advice. Meghan, just because you call yourself a "geek" does not mean you are tech savvy (nor does owning an iphone or having dated Mike Arrington). Mary, fashion is not about labels and name dropping brands. None of you have enough depth for anyone to identify with any of the blogs. You don't fill any necessary niche. But kudos for trying, I guess.


I do not identify with any of you.

"Why are you here, then?" you ask.

Well, it's for what you haven't intended, I guess. It's that it's so interesting to look at three women desperately constructing identities from the outside in. Unfortunately, the consequence is bad-tasting inauthenticity and empty know, since it just doesn't come from inside.

I'm not saying Mary does not like styling outfits or that Meghan isn't turned-on by new technology (I could never be the judge of that), it's that it is all presented in such uninteresting, non-innovative ways. I guess I believe that if something is a true passion from the heart, creativity will follow.

You all proclaim "thinking outside the box" theme in your posts (no matter the subject), but you're all so trapped in that box. The box is, of course, the tried and tested formulae that have already been laid out before you.

You're not cutting edge and, therefore, uninteresting.

I come here out of curiosity...I want to know how it ends.

However, that said, I do think Meghan has a good spirit. That comes across to me.

I wish you all luck and, most importantly, remember that some of us comment because we do care. Thanks for reading.

Krista C.xxoo

Rachelle <3

I identify most with Meghan's blog, but not because of the content. She just seems really kind and genuine.

Mary's blog is about things and more things that just happen to not interest me. I think consumerism is the end-all...I think the world is becoming an increasingly dark place and it hurts to think, not about Mary, but about the millions (?) of girls thinking about hair products and juices to cleanse the body. I also have trouble with the marketing of endless crap to women...the societal ideas of what a woman is, what femininity is and how it's all becoming homogenized across the globe.

As for Julia's blog, I think my comments on Mary's will suffice. I really don't see a difference.

I know you all mean well. I know you all want to promote this "living differently and don't give a damn" mentality, but I do wish you cared more about the real problems in societies across the globe. It's just too much of a tough time for so many these days.

Nonetheless, I'm sure you'll laugh at this comment and go back into the sheltering circles of people who only care about the next iteration to their site or how renting dresses is so much more financially-freeing for New York.

New York City once was a hard place in a totally different way.

Thanks for reading mine as well.

Rachelle in the Heights


its a trainwreck to watch this thing and thats why a lot of people come. there could be some people interested in hair dryers and what not to write in a text message to a guy, but i think theres a lot of people looking with one hand over their eyes. you guys arent unbelievable but its fun to see where it will go. dont worry i aint going anywhere. you can still have my page visits.


Julia never gives any advice I that I had never heard before from Oprah-like books and shows and boring websites and whatnot. I dont understand how she justifies giving strangers, not close friends, advice. Julia, do you understand qualitative research? On that note, how do you feel you're qualified to write things about men just from your own dates. It's not even journalism -- it's fluff. I mean, go out and conduct some serious interviews in large numbers like sociologists do, transcribe them and analyze.
Carrie wasn't real, bebe.



I identify with Meghan. She seems cool to have a wine with. Mary may be fun, but I hate hanging out with people who think about the crunches they will have to do in the morning. Buzzkill. Julia has nothing in common with me. The problem is that I have trouble understanding what exactly her voice is; she seems lost in all her personas.


What a loaded question.

Meghan at her heart I believe is a good girl. She, however, let herself get lost in a big city by being drawn in by overpowering forces (ahem, Julia). She's one of those people who just wants to please everyone, fit in and not let anyone down, and now doesn't see a way out to to find the place in this world she truly fits. I don't think it's here...

With that said, I tend to side with the most sincere, which would be Meghan. Mary is growing on me for pure entertainment value and bitchiness toward our litttle Catholic schoolgirl. And Mary also seems to put the most thought into her content.

That leaves Julia, who is pure evil.


i have a miraculous, intermittent soft spot for Julia. Don't ask me where it comes from. Ok, it's probably that she "puts herself out there", mental instability and all. Her most recent breakup and mine coincided and hearing all her girly self help actually helped with the heart bleed for those brief moments I spent in her "lifecast". Poor Mary, I didn't actively dislike her until she got sensey-defensey about plastic surgery in the last day or so.


Again I am totally TEAM MARY. She doesn't pretend to be anything she isn't. Sure she gets stuff wrong, but hell don't we all?



As a blogger I think I identify the most with Meghan, although in saying that her lifecast is definitely the weakest of the three. Hopefully it will get much better as the company develops, she's obviously smart and enthusiastic.

In terms of identifying with the actual lifecast though, I identify the most with Mary's because of the content and quality of the posts, as well as her willingness to answer readers questions. It's the most interactive lifecast of the three.

Although I do enjoy reading Julia's lifecast, it is the blog I probably least identify with. Even though she posts emails from readers it still seems to be the least interactive of the three lifecasts. She generally seems to write about what is important to her at any particular time, which is fine, but I like the community feel of Mary and Meghan's lifecasts and the fact that they tests out products for us etc.


I dunno, but it's sad they stole their slogan from Lichtenstein.


Much of the content the girls contribute is specific to the female gender, so in many respects the answer is none. However, I most identify with portions of Mary's and Julia's blogs.

While I find some of the websites that Meghan mentions useful, I definitely do not identify with her blog. Like someone said above, "just because you call yourself a geek does not mean you are tech savvy". As someone who has experience in technology, I find there are better sources for information.

As an active, fitness nut, I totally get Mary's passion and enjoyment of exercise. I can totally relate to her curiosity and desire to find creative ways to be healthy and add variety to the routine. However, I cannot relate to any of the fashion and beauty related commentary.

While Julia is sometimes criticized for her writing style, in my opinion she is by far the most talented writer of the group. She is interesting because she seems to be the most willing to expose her personal life and emotions to the audience. The more personal you make it, the more people can relate.


Totally TEAM MARY Derek.... but don't be fooled. Julia SUCKS


If I was in a mental institution, finally locked up after years of cyber-stalking ex-boyfriends, screwing people over and dealing with the aftermath of many years of raging Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I suppose I'd say I identify most with Julia's blog.

But since I like to work out and find Mary pretty funny, and have elevated her to hero status for making reference to JA's Twatness, I'd say Mary.

Meghan: I like her blog well enough, and I have learned about interesting websites from her, and I think she is by far the sweetest of the three, but she bores me a bit. Even though I admire that she keeps her personal life out of it.


Actually, what drew me to NonSociety in the first place was the fact that I identified with the three various gals in different ways((even though I first started visiting here thanks to having read Julia's original blog pre-Nonsociety off and on))...

I'll admit that I find Meghan's blog to be the least interesting of the three simply because I'm the most non-tech savvy gal you'll meet. I could care less about gadgets, honestly. BUT, like others here have mentioned, Meghan seems like a really sweet, geeky cool chick who just happens to be hot---and I kinda dig that! She seems like such a genuinely nice gal who wants to please everyone, which is exactly how *I* am, so I at least get her vibe---and it makes sense that being so tech-focused, her blog isn't as personal as the others.

I always loved Mary's focus on style AND fitness, two areas that I happen to be passionate about as well. It seems like she tests out the most products and tries out more things than the other three and she's grown leaps and bounds with her blogging style/onscreen presence since she first joined this team. Plus, she seems like a fun, smart a thrift/vintage shopper here, her label wh0redom can be a bit tedious, but I otherwise love her spunk and the fact that she makes a point to be so interactive with this site and her readers. Go Mary!

As for Julia, I've longsince had a soft spot for her, mainly because I've read her blogs for a while now. Yes, I know a lot of folks think she's got more issues than a newsstand, but I think that's part of her innate charm---she puts herself out there, even if it does happen to be one of her various "personas". She's shamelessly proud of herself, her looks and her accomplishments, so why shouldn't she promote herself? Good for her, I say! I've never met the gal, but I do feel like I know her, even if it is only her professional blogger side...her "warts and all" approach to lifecasting is oddly endearing to me.
And I guess I see a lot of my younger self in her---I pretty much made the same damned mistakes professionally and romantically that she apparently has, but you learn from them. The 20's are such a rough decade, filled with so many life lessons and up's and down's---now that I'm well into my 30's and have finally figured some things out, I guess I find it intriguing to watch a gal much like I was, just trying to find herself and make her way in the world. Love her or hate her, admit it, Julia makes for an entertaining, if somewhat confusing read. So thanks for keeping us entertained, JA---whatever happens with Nonsociety, just know that you DO have quite a few folks out there who appreciate what you do! ;-)

((and now if you'll excuse me, I must return to my boring regular-gal job...yes, you gals all spice up many a typically tedious workday for the rest of us!))



You're kind. That's cool. Julia is confusing for a reason -- she's a liar, lying to herself.

Most people wish not to identify with that.

Keep up the kindness!



Ahh, God love you people. Snark doesn't keep me warm at night, but if it does you, more power to you.

I say: kudos to all of the ladies for putting themselves out there, flaws and all.

THAT is the essence, to me, of NonSociety's mission: you don't have to be perfect as you travel towards living the life you like and being the person that YOU want to be.

It's cool that we get to see their process. It ain't perfect, but it's REAL. (As are the negative reactions, which are another fascinating part of the mix.)

xo ya'll


I identify most with Mary's blog because I too am a gym enthusiast and especially spinning. I like her tips on diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The videos too are entertaining and helpful at the same time. I feel as though a lot of people around me don't understand my obsession with the gym, but Mary cares about her well being and seems to be a tough cookie. I appreciate that.

Beagle Boy 176-167

All the boys here on block 11-B got together an elected Mary as the young boy we'd most like to share a warm shower with. We've decided, after careful examination of her many many many workout pictures that she's not an oil/real-estate heiress...she's an heir.


This is a great question that spurred a lot of thoughtful commentary. Props for that one!

As for me... I used to itentify with Julia back when she and Jakob broke up, because she seemed more real then. Something's changed since then... I find her unlikeable now. Maybe it's me that changed or maybe Julia felt she had to shut herself off more, but my opinion's changed.

When Mary isn't gushing about how awful or great something is and she's keeping it real, I relate to that as well. Her breathalyzer post was the first post of hers that made me genuinely and un-snarkily laugh out loud.

Meghan is the sweetest, and I relate to that side. :)

Emily A.

What I love about the nonsociety girls is that they each embody a different little part of me.

I love Julia's spunk. I am drawn to Mary's commitment to health and fitness and I think Meghan is really sharp and I always trust her recommendations.

I don't think my nonsociety experience would be complete without first consulting each of the ladies blogs.

Keep it up are my inspiration.



I'm just curious - do ANY of you ladies associate with minorities? Or do people of color not exist in your worlds? Is Meaghan the closest you get? And I mean, does she really count?

Also, do ANY of you ladies care about world events?

I'm sorry, but I really hope there aren't too many young girls following these blogs and lusting after the lives you've created for yourselves online. It's depressing and discouraging how incredibly shallow and self-involved you guys are. And you're all attractive, young, intelligent and wealthy women. Put it to some productive use. As all of you approach 30 perhaps you'll reach a point wherein you step away from the cyber world and really figure out who you are and what you want to contribute. There's a lot of potential there. Just not enough self-awareness.

Btw, I'm a Black woman who works in media and learned of these three characters by way of Gawker. Please understand, I'm not suggesting you must have the United Benetton of friends, but you do live in one of the most diverse cities in the world, yet no Asians, Latinos, Blacks, etc ever even make background appearances in your photos/lives? Give me a break!

Happy MLK Day! Happy Inauguration!


julia. she seems the most thoughtful. Especially her long, long, long 4AM posts. I find them interesting. Megan is probably the most likable, she seems extremely nice but terrified to put out personal content which makes her kind of a snooze. And Mary just seems mean. Like, a real tough critic on things I would never criticize (looks, weight, wealth).


Mary's lifecast is my favorite and the most informative.


I actually sort of relate to Julia most - she reminds me of myself in middle school/high school. She makes these banal discoveries about herself and the world and is SO proud of them and thinks them utterly profound and wants a medal. That was me what I was 15. I really am not trying to be mean, but I read Julia's blog on a daily basis and reminisce about my teenage years.


I find Julia to be the most relatable. She's the one I get most excited about when I see an update, and I just understand her.

Like Julia, I am a fellow journalist/writer, trailblazer (I too was the first of my friends to get a blog, among other things), politico, brunette, and off-the-wall crazy/neurotic person.

Julia is also the one I most admire, because she has created so much success for herself in her chosen field. Julia's success is success This isn't to say that Meghan and Mary don't have success, but while I enjoy their blogs, it does sometimes feel they are riding the coattails.

Joe W.

Its the United States of Julia/Mary/Meghan.
All 3 of them can be loopy darlings...and I'd spend time out back in the shed with any of them.



Meghan doesn't "count" as a person of color? As I recall, Meghan self-identifies as Indian and was an active member of South Asians for Obama:

Your sweeping statement regarding her ethnicity strikes me as highly offensive.


Uptown Girl just said what I have always thought when I read Julia's posts.

"That was me when I was 15 and first discovered ______!"

Fill in the blank, there were many back when I was that age.

Sigmund Freud

Amy--Didn't Julia and Mary make Meghan play airline stew waiting upon the white ladies during some ridiculous photo shoot? I recollect Julia absolutely alienating two women of color in a class at Georgetown a few years back. Unless you're wealthy or a celeb, Julia likes all minorities in their place.


I find a little bit of myself in each of you....
1. Julia, whom i have met, is really EXTREMELY genuine and took the time to let a poor little recent grad interview her. She loves books, is hilarious, and is just a nice person. I feel I am as well.
2. Mary- well im obsessed with fashion so i love her lifecast. the fitness stuff...not quite as obsessed with that...but it is informative.
3. Meghan seems like such a sweetheart. Technology..not quite my forte. But she seems like a great person...once dissatisfied with her job and going for her dreams.

Mary Rambin

Thank you so much for your insightful comments.

After reading your remarks, I thought I would delve into some of your concerns so that hopefully you either continue to try and relate to us, or realize this site isn't for you.

I'll be addressing your posts from the top down.

I can understand why sometimes you might think we look like caricatures. We are smiling and posing in pictures more in one day than most people probably do in a week. But it's a picture, of course we want to look our best. Other times, we aren't perfectly positioned. Take for instance this picture. This is me typing my response to you. Talk about full disclosure. I think these pictures are important because they show you another aspect of our life that isn't so perfect (and in this picture not so pretty).

Let me also explain what Lifecasting means to me. There are a few components:

1. Content -- Like on any other blog, we write about specific topics and offer you our research and opinions. On my site, that does mean mentioning brands and products like hairdryers. A lot of our content comes from your emails and questions. If you have a question, we figure other people do too so we hit the ground running to investigate.

2. Window -- In a lifecast, you have to offer people a window into your daily activites, routines, etc so the audience can relate to the blogger and determine whether or not they like/trust/ care about you. In magazines, you have no idea who is offering you an opinion so how can you trust them.

As Derek points out, "The more personal you make it, the more people can relate."

3. Light hearted -- Sometimes we do write about silly things. Other times we address serious issues. You're right in saying we don't talk about the state of the economy, politics, or world events. Sure we could, but that's not what our mission is. Plus, I wouldn't come here to get a political perspective. I would go to a more informed source. You come here for a little escape from what you're doing, to learn something new, check in with our life, or laugh at our latest shenanigans. There's nothing wrong with that. Of course we aspire to do more, but at this point, if all I do is make your life easier by directing you to a great pair of jeans or the best hairdryer, I'm satisfied. Despite your religion or politics, I just made your day.

4. Transparency -- Whether we have a sponsor on board, get shit for free, or pay full price for ANYTHING, you will ALWAYS get our honest opinion. We only work with brands we love, and if we don't, we tell you. It's not in my best interest to deceive you, you're the reason I have a job. And we know you trust us. We would never do anything to tarnish that.

At the end of the day, you should always know that what you see here is our lives.

Kyle says, "THAT is the essence, to me, of NonSociety's mission: you don't have to be perfect as you travel towards living the life you like and being the person that YOU want to be. It's cool that we get to see their process. It ain't perfect, but it's REAL."

Emily really hits the nail on the head about you as our community which is obvious after reading all of your comments. She says: "What I love about the nonsociety girls is that they each embody a different little part of me." We are 3 women of the same age, living in the same city, working towards the same goal with COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES. We know you won't agree with all of us all the time. Hell, we disagree at least half the time. So we love that you can find a voice in one of us, or maybe two that speaks to you.

Honestly, I couldn't do this if it wasn't for the thank you emails and notes of support you send on a daily basis to make sure we keep up the good work and continue to develop the site. Many thanks TO YOU!

A final note on this post: I didn't use spell check. Because here's the thing: I'm NOT PERFECT, nor would I care to be. If I come off as though I think that, I need to reasses my writing. What I am is confident. Confident in my appearance, actions, beliefs, and intelligence. So I can't spell, there are worse things in life. And finally I just kinda want to annoy the hypocrits who seem to think their spelling would be perfect without spell check.

Have a fabulous Monday.


Mary's blog is the most steady lifecasting blog. As a techie, I'd like to like Meghan's, but she posts infrequently. Julia needs to stop [redacted] and posting her emails.


I enjoy all their posts when they are just talking about their lives. I have no interest in cleanses, or Mary's product suggestions, or clothing sales, or new tech gadgets. I just like reading about what they are up to and what's going on for them.


I read all three lifecasts for their entertainment value. If I'm really looking for style, I go to a fashion blog, when I want tech news- I hit up engadget. The difference is, I don't know anything about the writers on those blogs. Here, I get your spin on the subject, and while I don't always agree, at least it's a personal take. Occasionally I see something on one of your lifecasts that makes me want to check out a new product or website, but I don't consider any of the three experts in "life, tech, style". So at the end of the day I wish you'd stop pushing your "expertise" and just post whatever the hell you want.


Hey Amy, that's unfortunate you feel that way. I appreciate the energy you put into providing links attesting to your point.

Too bad you missed mine.


Julia's my sistah from another mistah.

I know there's a lot of haters out there...and that's probably a huge reason why she's my girl. That and she's smart, gorgeous, ambitious, successful & hilarious---WHAT? That's right, 'yatches...she IS. Deal. Julia & I both share this obsessive mutation of people who love to hate. I've dealt with it my entire life. It's a jealously thing, plain & simple. I don't think there's any chance NonSociety could survive without Julia's pizzaz, smarts & silliness.

Don't get me wrong, Mary is a stylin' maven (and a total inspiration with the fitness & healthy eating) & Meghan is technofab. However, they just don't seem as spunky & fun & open as Julia...perhaps it's because Julia rarely seems to hold anything back. Lifecasting to her is the exact definition of it. So, Mary & Meghan....just let it go & see where it flows.

Peace out y'all....and keep up the great work. Don't forget it's always a work in progress & you can only fail if you stop trying. :)


I don't feel that I particularly identify with any of them. I read because it is mindless entertainment (I do not mean that in a negative way,) provides a light-hearted break in my day, and allows me to kind of live vicariously through 3 women living in one of the most amazing cities in the world.
I started out most entertained by Julia and absolutely hating Mary. I have a pet peeve for spelling errors and some of the nutrition/colonic stuff I just do not agree with. Over time I have started to like Mary and enjoy her blog the most. Maybe because she updates more or has content other than reader e-mails, I don't know...she is just more likeable now that she has put herself out there more. She also comes across well on the TMI videos (in my opinion.)
With all three of the blogs I try take everything for what it's worth- if there is a particular post I don't agree with, have no interest in, or feel is repetitive then I move on.
As for Meghan, she seems super nice and genuine but I could care less about the latest gadgets and tech toys.


Julia's. Mainly because she loves to reminisce (sp?). I can really relate to how in touch with her emotions are, how she often contemplates how things could or would have been, where she is going. I like what a variety there is to her life and what she portrays.


Julia, Meghan, Mary

I think you guys are great. Don't let all these people get you down. If everyone put there life on the internet for the whole world to see there would be FAR more imperfect people than the 3 of you.

My boss always tells me "the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
I think that really relates here, not everyone is going to love what you guys are doing but its very brave of you to put yourselves out there like this.

I'm interning at this media company that is about to launch a dating website. My boss (so hot, don't tell him I said that) was talking about you the other day (that's how I found this site). I know he wants to speak with you about this website hes about to launch. I included my email with this post so If you can e-mail me with a way my boss can get in touch with you that would earn me some serious brownie points.

Here is the website.

Thanks Julia.



this makes me SO angry to see all these rude, hateful comments. You guys OBVIOUSLY read the blogs hence all your very detailed comments...but if you hate them so much, why waste your time writing really hurtful things. These women are all clearly working extremely hard hence the multiple posts every day and all you guys have for them is criticism. Seeing that the majority of these comments are negative, it just makes me sad to think I am growing up in such a negative world. Guys, get over your insecurities and see the good in the world, because there really is so much. You'll be happy by then since you clearly aren't now.

As for Mary, Julia, and Meghan...ya'll are fabulous and its so obvious that you guys are trying your best. You have such a large audience to withstand criticism from and your efforts to ignore them are so noble. Keep on truckin', I know there are so many that love you.


Julia's, definitely. Some of her qualities remind me of myself when I was a few years younger, and I root for her. Megahn is very sweet and seems to work hard on her blog, but I am not that interested in tech stuff. Mary's blog is boring and superficial. Hairdryer recommendations? Just buy a hairdryer, people. They all dry your hair. You really need a recommendation? Also, some of her posts give me anxiety about enjoying what I eat or even daring to think about skipping a workout for something else I enjoy.


Like a lot of other people I originally came here because I had been following Julia's blog and I suppose in a way it is still her that I identify with the most. However, as others have said more in a "OMG I soooo would have said/thought/done that as a teenager"

However, as time has gone on Mary is growing on me, especially as she seems to be the one that has the best handle on the whole life casting thing at the moment. Julia's does seem to have consisted of reader emails of late and Meghan, well where has she disapeared to?!?!

I love it when it is just you guys being real and actually life casting, I think that is where the charm was and it was certainly what sucked me in.


My personality isn't really like any of them, nor is my lifestyle (except for the whole living-in-NYC part), but I'd have to say Julia. I love that she goes on many dates (I don't care if they were set up by a matchmaker!), she goes to pretty cool evenBlogger: Reblogging Nonsociety - Edit Post "Bonus Post: QOD"ts, and I love to write like she does (I just don't get paid for it).


This has been such a great QOD! No weirdos posting warnings to potential sponsors or hateful comments. Just great feedback (that is not always positive but when it does get negative, still offers good insight) and fun to read.

I have really started to identify with Mary's lifecast lately. She posts about interesting products and clothes and seems to be very straightforward. I enjoy her classic style with a twist. I also just recently watched her "Meet Mary" video, and I like that she kind of has a potty mouth. :)

Charlsie - Intern

New Questions of the Day have been imported into the NonSociety system, so you guys should be on the look out for questions that need more thoughtful responses!

To answer the question, when I first found Julia's blog and started reading up about her, I felt a connection with this 'image' that people think she is. I have always been one of those people that everyone else seems to misconstrue until they meet me. I think Julia gets this reputation, which really isn't true. After working for her, I really like her personality and I think she really is a genuine, good person despite what everyone wants to say.

I really like Mary's blog because of the restaurants and snap-shots of what she is doing throughout the day. Instead of just writing about it, she features a lot of photos - which definitely is a plus. I also like how she is upfront about things such as colonics and plastic surgery. I think it's a shame that people demand transparency, and then when she gives it to them, they attack because they don't agree with her.

I really like Meghan's blog because I know nothing about technology really, and she has introduced me to a lot of interesting products that I would never have found on my own. I also like Meghan's blog because her posts are always quality posts.


julia is the reason anyone even knows of megan and mary. Mary sucks and continues to get worse every day. She knows nothing about fashion or style.
Julia, you should never listen to mary when she tells you what to wear, you have your own sense of style which is far better than hers. What does she do other than work-out? Mary is lame


I enjoy contributions from all three NonSociety girls, but Julia's still my go-to gal; Love her thoughtful musings, sharp wit, and general enthusiasm for all things fun! for Julia : )


I enjoy all three of you, because I have interets and relate to each of you in different ways:

Julia is highly entertaining and light-hearted never letting anything get her down except her past, and we all do that, just the same as her.

Mary has a harder personality and she can be very funny.

Meghan I absolutly adore but wish she would post more.

<3 you girls for being exactly who you are. Keep it up.


I love Mary's blog because she lets everyone know where to get the cheapest extensions and Restylane in the city. Thanks, girl!!!!!


Meghan seems like the sweetest person, I feel like I would love to hang out with her in person. She is so genuine I think.


None of them. I have made a lot more bad decisions than these girls do, or spend a lot more time grappling around in the murky netherworld of uncertainty and insecurity than they do.

Also, I've learned that bad decisions and insecurity are a lot more palatable when you have a cu$hion of dough to fall back on. When you have a bad experience, but you can swing by Jcrew and buy a new satin headband (and a cashmere sweater and flouncy taffeta skirt - "both on sale!" said defensively) and then come home to your $2500/mo. apartment and take a Laura Mercier -scented bath surrounded by Diptyque candles, wrapping yourself in an Egyptian cotton bath sheet whilst deciding to eschew the selection of organic veggies and fabulous foodstuffs in your fridge and just order $30 worth of carry out from the local Sushi-teria and oh, what the hell, a $300 juice fast for the next few days and an appointment with Dr. Bobby because you're looking kind of..tired? lately. You deserve this! Maybe you need new highlights? Yes! That's it. Highlights and some extensions. Oh, this will look absolutely adorable with your new headband! Things are looking up, aren't they? Life still kind of sucks, but it's not so bad, is it?

To quote the wise sage Cyndi Lauper:
"Money changes everything." Although you're giving me a great idea for my new tome: Insecurity on $10/Day. (quite different from the $200+/day nonsociety model)

I wish you well but I know that being rich limits your curiosity about life. You don't have that desperation needed to really push the envelope. But...meh. Seems like it's serving you well enough. There are enough women like you who can relate.

But will you ever be truly, earth shakingly great?


I like all 3 blogs, but I feel like each of you is trying to fit into a little cubby that you may not be best suited for. For example, I think Julia's writing and actual journalism is very very good. I don't, however, think she is best qualified to give dating advise as an "expert." It's one thing to say, "Hey, this happened to me, I reacted like this and the outcome was this. Learn from that what you will." But to give out hard and fast dating rules from someone who has admitted to not having the best luck and making mistakes seems a bit silly.
I enjoy Mary's blog because I like to see the latest fashion trends and what I can be looking out for. However, I don't have the budget for new YSL shoes every season. (I know Mary doesn't either, which leads me to my point.) I think if Mary showed us how we can incorporate the trends at every budget level (for example: college student price range, young professional price range, celebrity price range) and even vintage stores, more people would feel like they've come away with something they can use.
As for Meghan, I feel like she tries the hardest but also has the biggest wall up, understandably so given some of the nasty comments all 3 girls have received. I enjoy her new website findings and reviews of new products. Her blog may come off as boring, but that is just because she shares the least personally and has less drama. But I feel like if I met her in NYC she would be the same way.
I think there are parts of each of you anyone could identify with if you stick to what you're good at, and consider the audience you're trying to reach.


Julia. She reminds me of my daughter. And me.


mary, I kind of love you for posting that butt ug-lay picture of yourself!! Kudos, mama. That took some giant, furry balls o' steel. I still think you look pretty in the pic but it is v. unglamourous. Score 10 pts.


I identify with Julia the most, reminds me of myself when I was her age...and even now (I am MANY years older). I like her and she gets on my nerves...just like I do to myself.

Megan is normal and the most "real". What you see is what you get.

Mary goes over the top on everything due to her insecurities. I've been the gym rat and painfully "fit"/underweight...double 0. As I got older, I am more fit and healthy more like a 2, as I should be since I am not tall. After years of self discovery she will achieve what she needs to be more fulfilled. You can tell she yearns for it but isn't there yet. I speak from experience.

love melsy!

love ya Melsy -- I'm right with you!!!

So, girls, count Melsy's commentary twice.



I just want to make sure you understand that I -- yes, me -- think that your content is pretty weak.

I wish you made me think, that's all. Nothing is's all quotes from someone else, ideas already expressed and formulaic (i think someone said that above).

It isn't living differently to do the same. Oh, think about what I'm saying, please. It'll be smart.

Julia, look up a billion quotes on what innovation truly is -- that's a good place to start for you. Mary, don't look in magazines and SOHO boutique windows; take a walk in the Bronx or some other unknown area for you. Meghan, take a trip to a developing country and do some genuine reportage about the adoption of Western technologies or alternative methods used or -- you understand where I'm going I so hope.

There. I gave you some places to start.

Really dig deep into your subjects and think about filling voids!



I visit Julia's blog first, then I'll wander to Mary's, and then Meghans.

Julia has a zest for life, and it shows. I love her vivaciousness. The stories she tells about her family and friends and her love for all things 'cute and sweet and pink'... I appreciate her tender hearted posts and her adorable dresses. Who needs jeans! I am with you Julia! Julia is the truest lifecaster, in that I feel included in her life. Whereas the other girls just post a lot of 'things'...

Mary is a 'tell it like it is' girl and I love her various tips on health, but overall as a fashion blogger, I don't connect. Everyone has their own taste, I get that, but every piece of clothing she shows I silently gag at. It's a bit akin to menopausal women in the hamptons having a fashion show that went really wrong. I think she should move more into health blogging. Beauty/Health/Nutrition. I would read that obsessively. Plus I can tell she is passionate about it. It would be a huge hit.

Meghan is so precious and I appreciate her voice the MOST in TMI episodes, but her blog I least connect with. I love HEARING about gadgets (i.e. via tmi) but reading about them is a little mundane after awhile. I would love to read more about her as a person. Overall, can a person really connect to just gadgets?


Mary :)

i see genuine ambition in Mary. everything from the exercising (which takes a strong will and spirit) to designing handbags, and even though she isn't a writer here she is giving blogging a shot.

you have to admit the girl REALLY shines on camera. The way she talks, sits, holds an interview, she comes off smart, classy, and her personality really shines. and those things don't always come off in a blog or snapshot.

<3 the others too!



Julia reminds me of myself when I was younger which is sometimes wonderful and occasionally painful.
I love Meghan's tech posts because she tends to cover the types of gadgets and websites that interest me.
While Mary's fashion and "health" posts leave me cold I really like her personality. Is she a bit bitchy? Yeah, but I still think she would be a riot over a glass of wine.


Mary. Absolutely. She is my neice. She is beautiful, smart, outgoing and just a really nice person. For real.
However, she should take better care of herself and start drinking MonaVie. The juice with the popular Acai Berry. It's good for you.

A Mother

The real pull for me is the commentary.
I relate to what the critics have to say. I feel comforted knowing that there are other people who recognize that these three girls are not living differently. In fact, there is nothing outstanding at all except their apparent belief that they provide quality insight and info.

If they were brave, they would admit that their site is a house of cards. The critics have migrated to a more friendly spot and that's what's so exciting! It's society!

Kissie kiss kiss
Somebody's Mother


Of the three blogs, i think Meghan's is the one I most ID with because her unabashed love of all things Geek. I don't know everything there is to know about most Geek things, but I have an open mind and a willingness to try new stuff. Meghan comes across to me exactly like that: adventurous, and wanting to dive in with both feet.

Now if we talk twitter, then Julia and I are simpatico because of our deadly insomnia. No one understands it unless they have been in the grip of that horror. Hang in there!

Also, do not listen to the haters. I have never ever understood why people go to sites they dislike and comment on them. If I don't like something, I don't interact with it. Why be hurtful?


I'm sick and tired of my comments being deleted on here. I'm never rude. Always provide an honest answer, without being unfairly critical. And yet anytime I have anything to say that isn't complementary, it gets deleted. This time I'm sure it was by MARY.

What's the point of asking questions if you can't deal with honest answers? If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.


I enjoy all three blogs for their different personalities, but I identify with Mary most often because of her spunk and strong ambition.


The thing about blogging is that you are putting yourself out there. You want to share with everyone aspects of your life and what goes on from day to day. Not everyone's life is super exciting 24/7!!
You girls shouldn't have to defend yourselves to anyone. By creating NonSociety, you're telling the world that you don't care what they think of you, that you are three young and intelligent ladies who make mistakes like the rest of us.
Blogs are supposed to be fun, careless, and yes,serious at times.
Who cares, Mary, if you don't use spell check. I'm sure most of the people that nag you about it don't even speak proper English sometimes. You are only human and so is your audience.

Don't apologize to us.

I think that this blog shows that you all work hard and like to have fun. And the people that put you down for it, are not happy in their own lives so they take it out on you.

You've all probably inspired your readers to start their own blogs which is something to be proud of. Clearly you've got everyone's attention.

Be proud of it.


Its Karl, Mary.


Julia, because there is a little of everything: fashion, life, philosophical ramblings, dogs...etc


Meghan's by far. As a native New Yorker, Mary's style, while not terrible by any means, is completely lost on me.


It's Mary. She reminds me so much of my last girlfriend. I go to Meghan next. I think I could hang out with her all day. Julia is my dessert. I think we could just be friends though. All very enjoyable -- keep it up!


I'm going to be completely honest with you guys... I used to really enjoy Julia's blog when she was working for Star, because her blog was about work and life and trying to balance.

What this site has become is a blog about blogging, and that's not necessarily what most people want to read. I think if you guys were to refocus a little bit and attack blogging as less about what you're doing and more as reporters, it'd be a little easier for the audience to swallow.

CES is a prime example... the posts were interesting when you talked about what gadgets you had seen, and less interesting when you were talking about what you were doing in the hotel and whatnot. I think you guys definitely have potential, but you cannot keep saying yes to everything. Focus your business plan, carve out your niches, and be done with it.

Mary, I have to commend you for addressing QOD directly, but it may have been a good idea NOT to address it in your blog. I'm sure there are many people who read your blog through dashboard or on this site who would not have known about the craziness here in QOD had their attention not been brought to it from your blog.

Also, Mary, I think your blog is the most successful as far as staying "on-topic" goes. Meghan's posts seem relatively infrequent, though I do find her adorable on TMI Weekly and think she's probably a good person. It would be great if each of you could come up with one substantive post per day on your given topics.

Though I used to enjoy her blog the most, I think if there's any dead weight here, it's Julia. Her caption is "Dating Columnist" but her blog is mostly a venue for her to post pictures of herself over and over and over with little content.

I know that the first page of NonSociety says, "your window into our crazy lives." Right now, ladies, your lives are not that crazy to the average onlooker. I know that Julia's big thing is "lifecasting" but consider how well your blog could be received if YOU weren't the story anymore? Meghan is currently in Park City, and all her updates have been about 24hoursatsundance. There MUST be other interesting things going on there. At CES, your coverage was mostly about where you were and what you were doing. Julia's in DC for the inauguration, and so far all she's done is post old pictures. These are big events, guys, and you have the money and access to participate in them.

Lifecasting is a castle built on quicksand. Try covering things as journalists instead.


Mary. She gives REAL content such as, recipes, work out's, clothes, beauty idea's and travel. NONE of the other girls do all this.
Plus, Mary really shines on camera.



Julia's. Her blog is just the most intriguing - she's a frequent poster and you cannot deny that the girl knows how to write. Love her late-night musings... her entries are the definition of real talk. Please keep it up!

Brush the haters off, girls, you're the entertainment and inspiration to many.


Mary;s because lets all be honest. We all want to be a lollipop a nice big head and a stick for a body. I mean really though I like diet and exercise so she's my girl


mediocrity breeds mediocrity.

I would like to second what Anonymous posted above.

His/her points can be used to sum-up the brush-fire of criticism you have received lately.

Remember, Mary constructively criticizes people about their fashion choices; Julia constuctively criticizes people on what to do/not to with regard to dating; and Meghan constructively criticizes...I don't really know. Point is: it's ok. Dish it and take it. Use it and break it.

Good luck


Mary's blog is the most interesting. She seems to take blogging the most seriously. I just wish she would focus more on Fitness and Beauty though. Fashion is not her strength in my opinion.
Please take this as constructive feedback, none of us would leave feedback if we didn't want to help you guys be better at what you do :)

Ashien Lazaro

Julia's...she's very outspoken and she responded to my twitter about finding investors.


  1. WTF is this??

  2. Nice try ladies, but I will not be visiting to lend my page view or my opinion. I prefer to watch the Julia Allison, Mary Rambin and Meghan Asha Nonsociety train wreck from the warm an cozy safety of RBNS.

  3. Wow, getting under their smooth Restylaned skin much? I am sure they envision dueling blogs about NonSociety, but be careful what you wish for, bunnies.

  4. I don't want to go to the site but it will be fun trying to identify which one Julia writes about herself under an assumed name. (And then read Mary's p/a follow-up incognito reply.)

  5. I must say I look forward more to Julia Allison's posts, but for all the wrong reasons. I can't wait for her to start twittering and posting her meaningful inaugural insights--please keep us up to speed, RBNS. Your grateful readership applauds you noble efforts.

  6. NS is going down. After the disaster that was CES, it is clear that the joke is on them -- and sane people are watching the train wreck from here (rather than contributing their page views their Non Site.

    I give them three months.

  7. They're time is definitely almost up. I get the feeling Mary is totally happy being home in Houston. She didn't have much a of a life here.

  8. Did anyone read the commetns on the new TMI weekly? The girls announced they're cutting back to two episodes a week.

  9. I really liked most of what was said in this QOTD response by Klesh but then I don't l ive in NY and can't speak to whether this is normal for most or not. I noticed the same thing when Jakob Lodwick had a blog and most of that College Humor crowd seemed to be and associate with 99.9% white crowd. It just stuck out to me.

    "I'm just curious - do ANY of you ladies associate with minorities? Or do people of color not exist in your worlds? Is Meaghan the closest you get? And I mean, does she really count?

    Also, do ANY of you ladies care about world events?

    I'm sorry, but I really hope there aren't too many young girls following these blogs and lusting after the lives you've created for yourselves online. It's depressing and discouraging how incredibly shallow and self-involved you guys are. And you're all attractive, young, intelligent and wealthy women. Put it to some productive use. As all of you approach 30 perhaps you'll reach a point wherein you step away from the cyber world and really figure out who you are and what you want to contribute. There's a lot of potential there. Just not enough self-awareness.

    Btw, I'm a Black woman who works in media and learned of these three characters by way of Gawker. Please understand, I'm not suggesting you must have the United Benetton of friends, but you do live in one of the most diverse cities in the world, yet no Asians, Latinos, Blacks, etc ever even make background appearances in your photos/lives? Give me a break!

    Happy MLK Day! Happy Inauguration!"

    Also, Mary's QOTD response? I don't use spellcheck because I'm not perfect? WTH? And she thinks those who think they can spell without spellcheck are hypocrites because apparently no one can spell without spellcheck. Wow, I won't even try to touch what is wrong with these statements.

    I think one of their biggest problems is that they refuse to accept any legitimate feedback and continue to take a defensive stance without even the consideration that critical feedback may be valid.

    Either way, I'm disgusted enough by the 3 of them and their venture that I need to stop following their antics very soon even if it is through this site, which I appreciate so much for allowing me to keep my page views away from NS, instead of NS itself.


  10. Nooooo, Ineffable, don't go, I would miss you mucho. It just wouldn't be the same around here. Beat back that feeling of uncleanliness, if you can.

  11. Aw, that's so sweet Dyspeptic. Thank you. If I stay away from NS itself and only read up on it all here, I feel much more cleansed. And without the aid of Blueprint juice, no less.


  12. PLEASE start reblogging Mary! her posts are ridiculous and I'd love to hear what you all have to say about them

  13. From Meghan's blog:

    I’ll defer to the other two girl’s blogs as being a little more ‘real’ and compelling than my own. I’m obsessed with Mary’s sense of style and Julia’s self-reflective very poignant posts. Truth be told, I have a hard time expressing myself, I like to keep my emotions to myself at times. When comments get to me (like yesterday), I retreat to deal with my feelings versus putting it out there for the world to dissect. As I’ve said before, my blog and the selective coverage of my life is still a work in progress. I’m slowly learning to not let comments ruin my day. But to be honest, some days are better than others.

    Even during this weekend’s competition, I was rattled at just how far the lynch mob is willing to go, posting on various sites with personal attacks that seem unwarranted. My mother found her way to one of the heated areas filled with vitriol and promptly responded under a code name. I can’t begin to express how sad I felt knowing that my mother had read such remarks about her daughter. To all of you that get a kick out of posting hatred, next time, please put yourself in my position and think of how you’d feel if your parents read the anonymous slander. Even though it was painful to know that my mother had read that crap, I take this experience in stride and will be stronger because of it. To all those that want to hurt NS with anonymous words, you will NOT shut us down, you will NOT shut me down, you are in fact just making us stronger able to take more hits than a ball in a baseball game (weird analogy, but I’ll just go with it).

    We’re not hurting anyone, we’re three women brave enough to put ourselves out there and push the envelope. Like anyone, we make mistakes. We’re not trying to put others down, we’d only like you to be inspired to succeed, to learn from our mistakes by living vicariously through our own experiences. We want nothing but the best for everyone we work with and for you as a reader.

    Our stunts mean no malice, it’s all for the sake of entertainment, for you to feel engaged. Why you feel the need to bash us anonymously is beyond me. You say I’m a fraud, I never said I was an expert, I’m just a girl that likes tech, likes to know how things work, and stays up late at night reading tech news. I personally know and respect the REAL tech hackers that have crossed my path, just so you know, I’m not pretending to be one of them. All I can offer is advice on general lifestyle technology. Subjects like: what to do when your computer poops out, what gadget is worth purchasing, and what new websites to explore.

    Please keep in mind, you are looking through a window of what we put out there, it’s not the entire story. I know you feel the need to judge it. I do the same sometimes, it’s human nature. But please, for those of you that still need to spew particularly venomous comments, please look at why you are doing so, what is making you so unhappy that you feel the need to make rude comments about virtual strangers? I know most of the time when I speak ill of someone else, it mainly has to do with how I feel about myself. I want all of you to find peace (even the haters), as I doubt that nastiness makes for a very fulfilled life. That’s all the Namasté I have for today. X

    This just makes me like her more.

  14. oh please...the others told her to write a typical "meghan-nice" post.
    They feel threatened.
    And why does she refer to the 3 of them as virtual stangers when they want to be real, open, and accessible?
    I'm so tired of how boring they are. How they must always say they're women and how they think they're brave. Yes, they took a risk, but they also could provide the content that so many other internet personalities offer...they just aren't good. Isnt that enough??
    Take another risk ladies; it aint working out.


  15. Yes, I am so tired of the "we are not hurting anyone, we are just putting ourselves out there, pushing the envelope, etc,etc." crap that we have heard from all three of them. They are so blind. They have picked the wrong moment in history to provide a "window" for all of us to watch three privileged, self-obsessed girls attend parties, photoshoots, fashion shows, etc. They are at best uninteresting, at worst, narcissistic and clueless. The world's problems never intrude on their precious, privileged lives. And they clearly have no idea what "pushing the envelope" really means. What envelope have they pushed? Acting "crazy" at CES? Making kissy-faced pictures? The whole thing exhausts and infuriates me. Meghan may be the "nice" one, but she is every bit as blind to the real world as the other two.

  16. Yep. It bothers me so much that Mary did post about the miraculous airplane landing in the Hudson, but Gaza? Madoff? the economy? NOTHING.

    and, you know, there are so many freegin' things's hard to not think of even Jezebel and they're coverage of both the cute and the horrible...or even vids...

    They're so talentless and numb.


  17. Meghan is like the rest of them. Brave? Come on. And no we're not unhappy because we express our opinon online. Most people don't use real names online because of work and other concerns not because we don't stand behind our views and comments.

    And if she really wonders why we've posted our view on Nonsociety on other sites it is partly because posting them on NS just gets them deleted and even if it didn't, it gets no response. Since they make it difficult for people to voice their views on their "content" and practices, people will go elsewhere to do it.

    Besides, all people wish to be heard, Nonsociety is not unique in wanting their voices out there.
    Honestly I am beyond tired of the accusation (often offered online by those who have no other response to criticism but yet are bothered enough by people voicing their views of them that they can't just let it slide either) that posting criticism=being angry, bitter, envious, and having no life.

    Intelligent people have opinions and opinionated people like to express their views. All people like to express themselves. Get used to it. Or is Meghan's mother a malicous, bitter hater too for posting anonymously online and presumably attacking others' viewpoints as invalid (my answer: no)?

    It reflects neither on a person's happiness nor malicious intentions that they have and share critical commentary. But I guess that is too complex a concept for some to wrap their minds around.


  18. Meghan is old enough to have long ago learned that we are judged by those with whom we choose to associate. And she freely chooses to associate with a narcissistic liar and manipulator, who sucked her in with delusions of fame and fortune.

    Sorry, Meghan, but I've read enough of your posts to know that you are not anything resembling a tech expert, and I have serious doubts about your experience in the world of finance, also based on some of your shallow and asinine posts.

  19. Ineffable- Very, very well said.

    I think you make a valid point that just because someone expresses some kind of criticism online it doesn't mean that person has no life/is a bad person. I can tell by the writing displayed in these comments that most of the people here are educated, if not MORE educated, than our dear bunnies. And my inkling is that most of us have jobs, go to school, etc., and just come to this site as a pastime.

    The fact is that Megan has let herself get caught up with everything that Julia Allison is and desires to be. It kind of reminds of Junior High - being completely mesmerized by the most popular girl in class, agreeing with everything she says, imitating her to the nth degree. I think these women feed off of each other.

    They're poor little lost girls. Belong in Never Neverland.

  20. most people in the comments said that they liked meghan. the only thing was she wasnt their #1 most relatable. so she takes that to mean that they are haters? if that is too much to handle then sorry meghan your not cut out to have a simple blog.

  21. how did she get invited to this and why does she keep such secrets, you know? Like, how dare us mere mortals want to know how she ends up at these things, especially since we are fully aware of the disdain held by others in media for her.

    If you're bored. A livefeed

  22. I couldn't help but comment on the QOD about how Mary spelled Karl Lagerfeld's name incorrectly. She is a STYLE blogger and he is probably the most iconic designer of our time. I can't get over it