Wednesday, January 28, 2009


How long do you think until the Trio of Banality publicly liken themselves to Michael Arrington and start a pity-fest?

It's inevitable; a matter of when, not if.

(Also, a note to our readers: Yes, these girls are vapid, dishonest and generally annoying. Let's focus on the ridiculous things they say and do, not what they look like.)


  1. Looks like they already associated themselves before they thought necessary:


  2. They can compare themselves to Arrington all they want, but the veritable chasm between TechCrunch and NonSociety is so crystal clear that no one would believe it for a second: Arrington actually posts about the events he's attending!!

    Take this ( excellent post about Davos. It tells me what the conference is, what its theme is this year and how it's different this year than previous years. And that's only in the first three paragraphs!

    From our Trio? Nothing but kissy faces and frothy coffee. (As far as I know. I haven't been there since Mary's post about botox and fetuses.)

    Epic fail, ladies.

  3. Considering Meghan dated Arrington, I doubt the connection will be made...

    But Mary DID post a picture of Jakob, and we all know THAT story, so who knows?!

  4. But part of their ridiculousness is that they're so damn convinced they're attractive, and use their looks to gain favor. If they put it out there (i.e. riding an electric bull/dildo), then even as a woman I think it's fair game.

  5. Now that you've started to censor can we add no more personality disorder assessments? Thanks.

  6. RBNS, that was my very first thought this morning upon reading the Arrington post. Actually I am surprised Julia Allison has not come forward today with some cri de couer about the Hateful Haters and their Hatin'. And how she, too, poor misunderstood Bunnykins, once curled up in her burrow and wouldn't come out to blog, until she realized that that way she would be Letting the Haters Win. Or something.

    I'm giving 3 to 1 odds that she will post something allying her serious, important self with Arrington w/in the next 36 hours.

  7. We can pretty much start the countdown now -- JA will leap upon this, and her attempt to turn herself into a martyr are already starting, I am sure.

    That's how pathetic she is. Anything to get a bit more publicity for herself; blame ANYONE but herself for her predicament. Vintage JA.

  8. they talk about themeselves relating to:

    botox = looks and appearance
    (exessive)working out = looks and appearance
    cloths = looks and appearance
    headbands = looks and appearance
    bags = looks and appearance
    head to toe = looks and appearance
    hair cuts = looks and appearance
    beauty products = looks and appearance
    criticize what celebs look like = looks and appearance
    criticise what ex bf's look like = looks and appearance
    juice fasts = looks and appearance
    tell us which websites to go on for our appearence = looks and appearance
    get paid from sponsers to trick us and tell us what to look like = looks and appearance
    do interviews w/beauty bloggers = looks and appearance

    all of this is put onto the readers and we cants say

    "ya' know what? i think that that wearing a mini skirt to a proffesional conference, or getting on a bull w/no pants LOOKS bad, trashy, and classless."

  9. I like this:

    "When you get famous enough, somebody hates you," he said. "Just ask Britney Spears."

    Arrington's built his blog around his personality, Kuo said, which makes him more of a target for haters than someone like Kuo who runs a more neutral site. That's the problem with creating a blog that shares your personal opinions and thoughts: Sometimes people just don't agree with them.

    (LA Times Blog)

  10. Talking about looks they can't control is one thing but I think it's fair to discuss their exercise obsession and its resuts, the oversexual clothing choices, etc. That is part of their schtick, their choices, and seems legitimte to talk about (even though I rarely do) since they bring it deliberately (not simply by virtue of bieng attached to their body for example hopes that makes sense)into the public sphere. Am I in the minority in thinking that?


  11. Yes, it's part of their constructions and if they cry victim, it's all their doing.

  12. Not sure if this is known:

    cisco soap opera barfs

  13. Is Arrington perhaps how they got to Davos/DLD (and Randi Z too I guess) and how Meghan made her way there in the past? I got the feeling many of Meghan's connections were maybe through him? Total guess though.

  14. Anon 8:12. What the FUCK? Although, honestly, why didn't she just go into acting. She's got the narcissism part covered, she's a ham -- why didn't she go into drama and pursue an acting career?

    This is interesting as well ...

  15. oh, boo. we can't make fun of poofball anymore for being poofy? :( i has a sad.

  16. Jeez, didn't they have the budget to do a retake when Julia fluffed her first line by saying "thirty severn?"

  17. I'm with you, Ineff. To me, stuff like headbands, slutty schoolgirl skirts, dressing like horny teens, overall tacky fashion choices, label whoring, cheap extensions, too much makeup, etc., are fair game, while body parts and faces (not makeup) are not. At least that's how I do it.

    Anon @ 8:12, that was totally craptastic. Leven definitely got whatever acting genes there were in the Rambin gene pool.

    Anon @ 8:19, I'm pretty sure that Meghan was in a relationship with him, but that he dumped her.

  18. Money well spent, Cisco!

    Actually, where else is this soap opera? Just on Vimeo? Will Cisco not promote it?!

    The questions never end, girls.



  20. I am a little bit jealous of Julia. But only because of that dog. Not fair, the dog is extremely cute. That's it though...just the dog.

  21. If anyone has stupid time on their hands...the end of this one is insane weird

    "We're very lucky..." then some weird look at the camera...

    ayayaya! so interesting...need to breathe tho.

  22. @Anonymous 8:23... Oh my God, this woman is way too amused with self. She's wearing a coat. She's in her own house and she's wearing a coat.

  23. This video is so damn creepy:

    "I was walking here and I knew you'd hold me and take care of me. Of my emotional needs." - Jacob. ICK.

  24. here's julia on the dildo. okay. I'll stop now.

  25. Regarding looks, one of you says:

    all of this is put onto the readers and we cants say, "ya' know what? i think that that wearing a mini skirt to a proffesional conference, or getting on a bull w/no pants LOOKS bad, trashy, and classless."

    Yes you can. That's not what we meant. We're sort of in the Ineffable school of thinking, when she says:

    "Talking about looks they can't control is one thing but I think it's fair to discuss their exercise obsession and its resuts, the oversexual clothing choices, etc. That is part of their schtick, their choices, and seems legitimte to talk about (even though I rarely do) since they bring it deliberately (not simply by virtue of bieng attached to their body for example hopes that makes sense)into the public sphere. Am I in the minority in thinking that?"

    So yes, do discuss. But come on. No more fat jokes. I mean, we don't really censor here, but let's just try to monitor ourselves a bit.

  26. You know what's weird about her 2007 Christmas videos? She did the SAME EXACT videos for Christmas 2008!! 1) the dessert table at the univ Club 2) the holiday sweater xmas meal 3) the xmas eve presents in her parents house.

    The only difference is about 20 lbs. from one year to the next.

    Crazily living differently!


    Just watched her "Fuck You Money" video. She's not dumb. She calls herself a feminist. How then does she guess that 'biology' is to blame for the reason why half of US businesses are run by older women (as opposed to younger ones)?

    Does she mean male biology? Or should she mean social constructs and limitations placed on women in the past? Where does biology fit into that?

    You can't just throw the biology word around, Julia. It's so shocking sometimes how little you know...or rather, how little you think.

    "Live differently: blame biology!"


  28. Grand freekin' statements, my dear.
    Your research methods are sound and full of rigor.

    She speaks for the world!

  29. These girls need to be stopped. I know, for a fact, that they had that intern's blog removed. They think they can control everything. Someone needs to teach them a lesson. Let's just all sit back and wait for the intern to speak out with real dirt.

  30. Anon 9:38: Please email us at Thanks.

  31. I wonder where she's getting all this data about young women not starting their own businesses. Sounds like a bunch of crap she just made up.

  32. Anon 9:38

    Do you mean they told her to remove it or they went through Tumblr/Karp to have it removed?

    One of those is much worse than the other.

  33. I really don't think Karp would risk THAT much for his "friend(s)." Do you?!

  34. Yes, fine, I will humbly abide by the new rules about the three peoples. But I should add that Lily looks poofy and I am worried that Mason is not eating enough solid foodstuffs.

  35. 9:55 - Wasn't the original RBNS on Tumblr and wasn't it pulled?

    Yes, Karp would definitely do what he could to protect his investment.

    Forget that whole Free Speech thing, Davey. Way to go!

  36. Why is everyone so convinced Dave Karp actually invested in NS? In every picture of see of him on NS, he looks absolutely bored to death and slightly annoyed.

  37. Intern updated her personal blog. Seems suspicious. I smell Karp on this. But my take is that the producer or Mary handled this considering JA and Meghan are gone.

  38. @ anon 8:12

    That Cisco video was the worst thing I've ever seen. Is that what they were working on that took so much time they couldn't cover CES? What an embarrassment. It was not clever or funny in the slightest. Amateur hour.

  39. I posted this down a few posts and it may have gotten lost in the shuffle here (thanks to all the material the Three Stooges give us), but I thought this deserved some attention, in light of whether Julia may have claimed (to the German blogger) that she is or was a columnist for the NY Post or if that was a translation error.

    I remembered this old tidbit, when she not only LIED about being a writer at the Washington Post, but used that to get out of paying for fruit at a hotel:

    "Baugher appears to be an expert on personal agendas. Last July, Post financial reporter Frank Ahrens bumped into her in the lobby of West Hollywood’s Mondrian Hotel. Ahrens was minding his own business when he heard a young woman at the hotel’s front desk haggling over her bill. “Seven dollars for half a grapefruit?!” she complained, according to Ahrens’ account.

    Ahrens says that the woman then proceeded to identify herself as a columnist for the Post and warned the clerk that it would be best to keep the hotel’s name out of the Post.

    “My head swiveled at that,” says Ahrens via e-mail. So Ahrens took her aside and asked her what her name was. He didn’t recognize the byline, but Baugher told him she’d been picked to be a columnist for the Washington Post Co.’s free daily tabloid, the Express. Ahrens warned her against using the Post’s name for personal gain, “whatever it might be.”

    Dan Caccavaro, Editor of Express, says the paper had never made an offer to Baugher. “We talked about the possibility of her writing for us at some point. It was really preliminary,” says Caccavaro.

    Baugher’s recollection of the hotel grapefruit confrontation differs from Ahrens’ in one key respect: She insists she invoked the universally feared Hoya, not the Post, in her discussion with the clerk. “I’ve found that people are much nicer when you tell them that you’re going to write something favorable about the hotel,” she says.

    Nor is she surprised that she turned some heads that day. “I was wearing a very short skirt, so it’s hard to miss,” she says."

    more on the same incident:

  40. Meghan is STILL dating Arrington. Who do you think filmed the video of her snowboarding?

    When the girls talk about how Meghan's "single," they're just saying that because they don't like Arrington. No big deal. He is pretty arrogant.

  41. Ok this is not nice but some girls shouldn't wear leggings as pants i.e. Julia

  42. Anonymous 1:20 : this is very true. The trick is knowing if one is among them.

  43. Deleting negative comments is getting to be a 24/7 job at NS. The "haters" are undeterred, however, and are getting very clever about posting snark disguised as earnestness, in addition to hiding out in older QODs. It seems like 4 out of every 5 comments left standing are authored by Mary Rambin (or Mary Elizabeth Rambi [sic], the self-described "real" Mary). This comment (by Mary Rambin) cracked me up but good:

    "We run a web business. But we don't know enough about "technology" to be able to discern when someone is actually Julia or Meg or Me. Weird right?"

  44. Intern girl posted on her tumblr charlsie account:


    Yes, it’s me. Charlsie.

    The tumblr ( I kept for my written component as an intern during J-Term was removed. Well, actually, it exists … but if you go to it, a lovely yet dull page of

    We couldn’t find the page you were looking for

    comes up.

    Sometimes though, this comes up

    Sorry, you do not have permission to access this page.

    That’s funny. But not really.

    On Tuesday afternoon, I received a phone call from NonSociety’s Mary Rambin about my blog. She asked me to make it private or delete the posts. Before I could even really do any of that, my page just disappeared. Now, when I go under my tumblr accounts, I can click on the January in the City account, but I do not have any real permission to post.

    That’s all for now."



    Was this done by Mary? I hope so.

  46. If that is true and Mary did have it deleted, then this "business" is over. Lifecasting is okay when it's censored tripe. Live differently, as long as it's controlled by the three vapid cunty fameballs.

  47. It looks like poor Charlsie has deleted all the old posts on her account, too (including the one above). There's just two new posts there. If Mary or David really did have her intern tumblr account somehow suspended or taken down and she was required to keep a written blog or diary or her internship for as part of a requirement for her J-term like she seems to indicate above, that is seriously SHADY. Not having her written intern account count against her for school credit or something. It seems like her school could get involved. Mary Rambin threw this girl under the bus. Is there any way we could contact Charlsie and get the real story. Something smells seriously fishy here.

  48. NSRB - this is just a housekeeping question, but it looks like you went back and added links to all of Julia's reblog posts? Is this so you can have a record of the link in case she deletes stuff or for some other reason? Just curious. I think you are doing an AMAZING job.

  49. Kasey,
    It seems as though Mary made a reasonable request to Charlsie that she make her blog private. Too late though, bunnies, because I believe Julia threw a major hissy fit and demanded Karp exterminate that incriminating evidence NOW!! (i.e., before the Charlsie even had time to archive it or do anything).

  50. Tangent:
    Wow, their coverage of the World Economic Forum is extraordinarily shitty.
    We have a photo from a hotel room, a photo of them trying on Moon Boots, a photo of them having a cup of coffee. . .

  51. Meanwhile Jeff Jarvis, Julia's new BFF, is busy twittering the future of media panels. Oh, right...he's a real journalist, not a vanity blogger.

  52. I hear Mary just asked her to make it private, but it was Julia who went nuts -- and posted all her profanities here -- and ordered Karp to shut it down. What I don't get is why Karp does whatever JA tells him to, including practising censorship. What would he agree to close down blogs to keep JA happy? Is it just to get her screeching, braying self off the phone?

    In any event, if the intern herself is saying she didn't knock it down and didn't want to knock it down, this is pretty fucking scandalous and makes Tumblr look petty and small. Someone should get this to Gawker.

    It's the same as Jimmy Wales intervening to cut out all the scandalous stuff out of Rachel Marsden's Wikipedia entry because he was fucking her. That caused Wales all sorts of problems. This is just as bad.

  53. I was amused that Julia Allison's twitter stream mentioned, right before her DLD panel appearance, that the attendees "wouldn't know what hit them." I'm pretty sure they're still scratching their heads wondering that very thing. Yay Julia! Yay Nonsociety! Yay Girl Power! Yay red tights! Yay yay!

  54. Juicy stuff re: shutting down the intern's blog. This makes the story a whole lot more interesting because it could potentially implicate Tumblr and Karp in very negative ways. Do you know which post here had Julia's profanities/outburst?

  55. I'd just like to say: way to block off Julia's means of exiting this whole shit-fest that she's generated (by suggesting her future tactics before she's had time to implement them) with posts such as this one. Brilliant.

  56. New TMI on Office Fashion. Really? Seriously? When's the last time any of them held down a REAL job.

    Love how Meghan moved to NY to specifically meet guys in suits.

    Keeping it independent and classy, ladies. As always.

  57. Pissed at TMI WeeklyJanuary 29, 2009 at 11:31 AM

    Funny how before their TMI show they asked their "hundreds of thousands" of readers and fans to leave a comment on the TMI blog about office fashion... and got exactly four responses.

    But I think if you have a grievance with the dishonest ways these ladies run their business, non to mention the offensive messages their shows and blogs send, I think the best place to leave it is on the TMI weekly show comment section. Those comments are not deleted and I am sure someone at Next New Networks reviews them. It's easy and anonymous to register and leave your thoughts.

  58. PaTW: When you click on the button for their most commented TMI videos, the top one has a whopping 67 comments. The second highest has less than 30. Eek!

  59. I have to agree with the physical criticisms ban. it is OBVIOUS, right? They're all trying to be glamorous-looking and all, so it invites insults.
    But this isn't a woman thing. It's a new media, ego-blogging, presumptuous, ill-informed, wasted-opportunity thing, really.

  60. totally right flat-face. TOTALLY.

  61. Here is it: