Monday, January 26, 2009

RB: Julia (this is the second longass post)

It's 6:10 am in Munich. Meghan & I haven't yet gone to bed.

  • Me: I wish I never had to sleep.
  • Meghan: I know.
  • Me: It's really inconvenient.
  • Meghan: I know.

Jan 26 - 12:09am

Follow along with us with live transcripts of the panels at the Munich DLD conference here!

Jan 25 - 10:30pm

* Me: I make the same fucking face in every single photo.
* Meghan: At least it's a good one.
* Me: That's growing increasingly debatable.

Chad Hurley is clearly stalking me.


With Heiko Hebig, one of the primary organizers of DLD, a genuinely amazing and kind fellow.

If you’d like to follow along with Meghan and me, check out the live transcripts of the panels here!!

With David Drummond, Google’s senior VP and chief legal officer.

Fabien Cousteau = awesome.

He practiced this face for an hour. ;)

With the talented and handsome entrepreneur Mr. Marc Ecko.

At the Chairman’s dinner for all of the DLD speakers, held at the Munich Jewish Community Center. Here I am with Rupert (one of the DLD organizers) and the charming (but taken!) Fabien Cousteau. On my other side - and you can see in the background - is the very handsome (also taken!) Marc Ecko.

My dinner companion, the ineffable Fabien Cousteau. This is his patented “shark” look.

Front row (yes, I’m the type of goody two shoes who likes to sit up close) with Megs & Randi.

With the dapper Sean Parker, after his panel.

Philanthropist Abigail Disney and Causes founder Sean Parker (also of Napster, Plaxo & Facebook fame), during their panel on Philanthro-Capitalism.

“Philanthro-capitalism” panel, moderated by Matthew Bishop of The Economist.

“Competitive Compassion” - lecture by Chris Weeks, director of Humanitarian Affairs for DHL.

Dan Ariely, Duke University professor, is lecturing on “Predictably Irrational” human decision making.

Discussing artificial hearts - “it’s as complex as a missile or a spaceship, but in a very small space.”

Front row at DLD with Hubert Burda and his wife Maria.

Meghan just took this photo of me sitting next to Hubert Burda

“Global Challenges” panel - discussions of internet as a catalyst for social, economic, political and ecological change.

First day of conference!

So, Randi, Meghan and I were supposed to be in Tahoe this weekend, but obviously there was a slight shift in travel plans. She’s another speaker at DLD (check out that impressive bio)!!

Jan 24 - 8:27pm

* Meghan: What should we call this Munich video?
* Me: How about ... Munich #1?
* Meghan: Uh ...
* Me: I'm full of creativity tonight.
* Meghan: I'm going to call it "Munich in the Streets." You know, like "Dancing in the Streets"?
* Me: Clevvvvver.
* Meghan: Shut up.

Munich in the Streets from Meghan Asha on Vimeo.

Jan 24 - 8:14pm

* Meghan: Ohhh, Mary's getting her nails done.
* Me: It's so nice to know what everyone's doing all the time! I wish all my friends had lifecasts.
* Meghan: I know! I wouldn't have talk to them! It would be perfect!
* Me: I have seen the future, and it's filled with Communication-less Friendships.

Popular Words in German from Julia Allison on Vimeo.

In the ridiculously clean, quiet streets of Munich tonight. In fact, it’s so clean and quiet, it doesn’t quite seem real!

The traditional German beer hall we went to tonight, to meet our new German friends!

This is Ben Habbel, who has been working on DLD since he was 19 years old, three months ago. Okay, kidding. Three years ago.

Meghan and I agreed that the Germans are some of the nicest human beings we’ve ever met, ever, ever, ever in our lives.

This isn’t a tourist spot - we were the only English-speakers in the place - the waitresses actually dress like this. For real.

It is awesome.


Faux drinking is such a disappointment to the locals.

The Germans we were with kept wanting us to drink beer, and I kept having to explain that I don’t drink beer, so finally we posed for a photo of me having ONE sip, to assuage them. It was not to my liking (see next photo).

I really don’t care for beer.

I’m only HALF German, after all.


  1. haha, looks like always charming "no really guys, i'm nice in person!" Julia bitched out the valleywag author regarding the Shira/Digg post.

    "Update: Allison, in an expletive-laced IM conversation, informed me that Meghan Asha, her Silicon Valley heiress sidekick, met Lazar at Sundance and subsequently introduced the two."

    How particularly in character for our lady... right up there with calling the gawker writer a cunt. Methinks princess is a bit irked with all the bad press she has been getting.


  2. Notice she used IM this time. Maybe she figured it wouldn't be as likely to be posted word for word on Gawker like her "c*nt" email was?

  3. Correction. It's posted. Gotta love that Owen. I'm growing fonder and fonder of Gawker all the time. Despite that they introduced me to JA in the first place and I do rue that day, honestly.

    Also I don't understand her overreactions. He did say "may" have met through so and so, or whatever, right?. And my God even if he hadn't said "may" and was wrong about how they met, is it that important for her to react that way? That women has the thinnest skin on earth for the "profession" she's chosen. Unbelievable.


  4. I couldn't help myself - after reading about how awful JA's pics in Germany were, I had to click on.
    And now they're here and I donated a pageview for nothing. Arggh!

    Some of the sadder pics - next to the older man and his wife who look like they're just being pleasant to some random stranger.
    And then JA has girlfriend take a SIDE view pic of her with them (bending away from her as if they are starting to get how icky she is).

  5. hello julia, those pearls DO NOT work with that black dress. the neckline just jumbles them up.

    an asymmetrical neckline does not call for any ornamentation, you dolt.

  6. For someone who spends all her time sorting through pics of herself, she doesn't bother to check her shirt/bra combo for flash-through before going out?

  7. No anon, that would mean checking herself to ensure she wouldn't be calling undue attention to herself - and, well... no.

    ALSO: The IM response from the Valleywag post annnnd hilarious comments...

    CONVO - JA & OT

    Julia Allison
    I'm sick of your shit.
    I'm sick of it being wrong.
    I'm sick of it being snarky.
    I'm sick of it being pointless.


    So, Julia, why are you and Shira new friends?

    Julia Allison
    She participated in 24 Hours at Sundance with Meghan, they became friendly, and we happened to both be at the Huffington Post ball on the night before the Inauguration. She came up to me and we hit it off instantly. She's bright, energetic and highly personable. We just clicked.
    that's how normal people become friends.
    I'm a girl's girl, and so is Shira. She's a hard worker, and I like her.
    And Aubrey and I are friends as well. But no, she didn't introduce me to Shira.
    And that's that.

    So. That's that!

    Following comments....

    bigleggedwoman 12:44 AM
    @Rock tha Hizzee: Women like Julia [air-kissers] generally don't like women; they consider them competition - for the likes of you! I like women if they use their brains and have opinions of their own.

    teenage witch 12:53 AM
    seriously? all of these people are badly dressed and unattractive.

    Proofer3 1:34 AM
    @teenage witch: Isn't this supposedly famous person wearing a hot pink nightie in public? Puh-lease.

    karion 2:08 AM
    Owen, she called you a cunt again, didn't she? Why would you post the email last week, and not the IM? Did she land a few punches? Not that I think she can punch. I think she probably suffers from Google Alert rage, particularly if the hit isn't on Digg.

    Owen Thomas 2:34 AM
    @karion: The whole IM thread was tl;dr, as opposed to her snappy, expletive-laced email. I just didn't want to bore.

    deee-lite 2:35 AM
    And who are these people again? I agree with teenage witch. They are unattractive nobodies who can't dress. Yawn...

    KatelyAW 2:38 AM
    Since the mouth, anus and vagina are all sphincteral and tend to work together, it appears JA is clenching something fierce. Why does she do that? Relax your face, girl.

  8. Fabien Costeau face = tolerating Julia and nothing else. Love how she notes him as her "dinner companion" when they JUST met that evening and his expressions in the photos speak VOLUMES.

    Haven't read the Vwag post yet but definitely tickled to find out why JA is cursing out Owen Thomas YET AGAIN. Gosh, I bet she's PISSED she couldn't buy his affection with one of her ineffable (LMAO quite seriously @ this. Describing everyone you sycophantly cuddle up to as such MEANS you quite literally CANNOT describe them, due to that word being a blanket term you apply needlessly to EVERYONE you meet/may need something from in the future!) kissyface photos - anyone remember that? It came with a slew of comments about how clearly awkward Owen looked in the company of JA and how out-of-place she looked PERIOD taking such a photo with him.

    I think JA's cozying up (I just happened to be reading the VW article as I paused while posting this, funny they use the same word) to Shira L. because that is an EASY replacement. All Shira has to do is move to the East Coast and Julia would be out-Julia'ed - and more legitimately/tolerantly, if you can imagine that. She also gets beat out on Gawker via Ali Campoverdi, the girl(friend of Jon!) who's in the photo she took with Jon Favreau (that speechwriter she COULDA BEEN! Hah.) annnnd who happens to be gorgeous (while - unsuprisingly - appropriately dressed for the inauguration) while having formerly appeared in Maxim (she's now part of the White House staff!). Ouch.

    Hilarious comments on the post:

    "If I wanted to see pictures of these people faking friendship with one another, I would go to their blogs." - story of JA's life

    "is it just me, or am I sensing a potentially SCANDELICIOUS "julia uses shira to get closer to kevin, for REVENGE" angle in the last paragraph, something cruel intensions-ish? also, julia's pout in the third to the last photo is extremely "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!", no?"

    They speak for themselves.

    Plus, RE: "I'm a nice person, really!"
    If you were it'd be clear and you wouldn't have to ANNOUNCE IT as if people might (or regularly do, actually) question your niceness in the first place (wonder whyyyyy).

    Also... Chad Hurley stalking JA? Might be more plausible if we didn't completely KNOW her intent from when she met him at one of the inaug. parties and stated her plans to essentially DO what she's accusing him of. Yeeeeah Julia, he "promised" to hang out with you? If that were the case he wouldn't have "stalked you" (wink inclusive), and I don't doubt you stalked him at the conference for a photo. According to the posts on this site, you should be veeeeery careful JA!

  9. Woah, photo with Google’s senior VP and chief legal officer. Wonder is she had some questions for him about spamming etc.?

  10. Not sure if it means anything, but another JA connection to Shira is their mutual friend, Courtney Friel. Courtney Friel is perhaps THE dumbest person to ever be on TV (more than once), who somehow manages to hang on and consistently stay on the air at Fox News for the past two years while so many around her fall by the wayside and are never seen on TV again.

    To call Courtney "Ted Baxter in a miniskirt" is a grave insult to the memory of Ted Baxter. She's thoroughly incompetent and incapable of reading a TelePrompTer, so she's been effectively banned from reading headlines, but she was an "entertainment reporter" and a hostess on the World Poker Tour (fired after one season) before moving her padded bra, Spanx, and truckload of makeup to Fox.

    Naturally, she and Julia are friends. But she's also friends with Shira, so there may be a connection there as well.

  11. On a positive note, it seems that Julia has FINALLY stopped that bow-legged pose of hers.

  12. Dear Julia: stalking, cozing up to and photographing yourself next to taken, married and otherwise unavailable men is absolutely disgusting. Do you have ANY idea of how awful, ugly and desperate it makes you look? I'd also be careful about any association with Chad Hurley. His wife could squash you like a grape. Might want to "correct" those posts by taking them down ASAP, sweetie.

  13. This was posted anonymously here a few days ago re: Chad Hurley. Miiighty interesting:

    "Hurley is married to Kathy Clark, the daughter of a hugely wealthy and successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur. They have two young children.

    I have heard neither she nor her family are people to be messed with, and she's apparently well aware (probably tipped off by her weirded-out husband) that some vapid NYC narcissistic egoblogger is after her husband. Kathy Clark and her family could stomp her and her business out like a bug if they wanted to.

    Good luck, Jules!"

  14. Most important question: Why is JA wearing WHITE pants in WINTER?

  15. and no, they are not "winter white"

  16. Julia Allison, the illiterate townie you met that unfortunate night in the college bar, stupidly screwed, and she wouldn't shut up about it the day after. That's what these inane photos bring to mind.

    "Look at me! I'm with Fabien Cousteau! He's so successful and handsome and ineffable! Because I'm pursing my Derek Zoolander's lips with him in a photo that he's really given little thought to, it's means that I'm just as important and just as famous as super successful Fabien Cousteau! Even though I was barely a C student at Georgetown! Did I tell you that I went to Georgetown? Did you know that Randi Zuckerberg, the dumpy girl who was just dying to be popular in high school, is my new best friend of the moment? But so is the ineffable Fabien Cousteau! And so are you if you have lots of money and get your name in the papers! That means that I, Julia Allison, can get my name in the media, too!"

    Just kill me now.

  17. I hope that a beer truck runs them over. Especially that jack o latern smiling indian girl.

  18. I do not understand why the one who looks like a prostitute wearing the wax lips is posing with so many important peoples. What is she hoping to gain? And why is the other one (Margaret? Marcia? I cannot keep these peoples straight) smiling like the Joker? They all give me the creeps.

  19. Me, I'm just a-wondering why Julia Allison chose to wear her velvet Bergdorf's "dress coat" out to a beergarden with a bunch of 20 year olds. It's a puzzlement.

  20. Julia Allison, keep hitching your sad flickering star to those who are a thousand times more intelligent, connected and successful than you. It's clearly worked out so well for you in the past. People politely obliging a photo with you is not the same as making a successful business connection, you feeble Internet joke. Your blog is so tedious and tired and over, I would think you'd be embarrassed to even give these people your business card.

  21. Also, I note with a combination of dread and fascination that the patented Julia Allison Countdown to Valentine's Day has begun. Lotsa luck with that, bunny.

  22. If you thought the TMI Weekly episode about Blueprint was irritating, wait until you see the latest episode on Lisa Ronis Matchmaking! Actually, don't give them the page view. It's terrible and completely devoid of content and can easily be recapped here. Basically... it's horrible!! It's three minutes straight of Julia Allison, Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin salivating over the prospect of paying to go on dates with sad middle aged Ivy League divorcees. Of course, they are probably getting using services for free in exchange for having her on the show, so no surprise there. Either that or they are part of her "inventory" (yes, they REALLY use that word) of "eligible women." Really. It's disgusting. A new low, even for these losers.

  23. I, sadly, just watched that bullshit video too (or about 30 seconds of it, which was all I could stomach). Julia really does have one of the most grating speaking voices ever. It's horrifying. And Meghan is getting freakier looking by the day. What the fuck?

  24. The interns are awake! In the QotD today on five items for your "bucket list" they deleted two separate comments pertaining to Julia Allison: going to Harvard, changing her name, dying her hair red, selling her blog, marrying Chad Hurley, etc.
    "talk amongst yourselves"? ya, sure, and they'll be eavesdropping and censoring your ass if you say anything funny or critical or make new friends or venture into what they consider "off topic" ... total farce

  25. On last week's TMI comments in response to the many concerns there, Mary promised a page to come explaining their policy toward sponsors and promotions because she said a few people seem "confused" about it. You think?

    Could it be because you have no disclosure policy and made absolutely no disclosures until you were questioned so much about it that you admitted to 1 or 2 freebies way after the fact? And you continue to promote products you use without revealing whether you are receiving any discounts of freebies or other payment in exchange?

    Let's see if this disclosure ever actually arrives. Of course the question is why there hasn't been a posted policy all along.

    As for the QOTD I don't even bother reading it anymore. With all the deletions it's just no longer interesting. In fact it's hard to believe people actually answer the inane questions they post on there. Being ON topic is what should get people deleted if you ask me.


  26. Nonsociety Question of the Day is completely lame. I never go there anymore, not even for a laugh since they delete anything mildly interesting. Um... here's a "business idea" that might save them hours of time and headache: DELETE the entire section! Of course, then they would not get their precious scammed/illegal page views. Their business is completely worthy of failure: they trick Google for page views, chase off readers by hovering over them and discourage any sort of interaction or "community" even though they explicitly state they want a community. I think it's completely hilarious and AWESOME that a thriving, polite, articulate community has sprung up here in a fraction of the time that Mary, Meghan and Julia spent spinning their wheels on that horrible website of theirs. Good work, everyone!

  27. "Mary Rambin"January 26, 2009 at 1:34 PM

    This is too funny not to mention: I posted on the QotD as "Mary Rambin" and posted the following five things as her "bucket list" items:

    1) Get married in the next 3 years
    2) Start a family
    3) Relaunch my handbag line
    4) Move to New Canaan
    5) Write a weekly fashion critique column for the New York Times

    Except I purposely misspelled "relaunch" as "relonch" and it's still up there, but the misspelled word has been corrected. Their "intern" thinks these bucket list items are really from Mary! IDIOTS.

  28. Exactly James. This site has so many more comments that NS receives on their QOTDs. Not to mention the comments here in general are about a million time more intelligent, insightful, and interesting if you ask me.

    And the fact that here people can talk about whatever they want instead of answering an arbitrary prompt reminiscent of an elementary school journal writing assignment is only partly responsible for that. (Also helpful is the fact that this site has intelligent commenters who know how to have a discussion and can handle two way discourse and that the hosts and commenters are not deathly afraid of criticism or diverging viewpoints.

  29. This is Mary Rambin's exchange in the comment section on TMI Weekly's show today re: matchmaking. I'll repost here so you don't have to visit their site but she basically admits to wanting to join the matchmaker's "inventory" to find "LOVE" ... in the form of being a paid escort (because her tiny mind can't differentiate between cash payment and fringe benefit payment) Can this girl dig her hole any deeper????

    Noreen wrote on January 26, 12:28 pm
    I'd liek you ladies to address the "inventory" issue. It's my understanding that "inventory" girls get a kick back for the dates they go on. A kick back in the form of payment.

    Mary Rambin wrote on January 26, 12:34 pm
    Being in a matchmaker's inventory usually doesn't cost you a dime nor will you recieve one for going on dates. Your profit is LOVE!!!!

    Noreen wrote on January 26, 12:58 pm
    So, the free meals you get don't count? The town cars? The drinks? You're getting free stuff in exchange for going out with someone. Basically you're an escort. Is that what you're saying? This is similar to the line of questioning you received about Blueprint Cleanse. Free product is still a form of payment.

  30. @"Mary Rambin": That is AHMAZING. Truly, truly idiotic. I wonder how difficult it would be for them (their progammer) to make it so people can't post as JA, MR, MA or "NonSociety Intern." That would, in my eyes, legitimize QOD a bit.

    @Preston: Love the general harassment of MR, but I am not sure I agree with this ... the matchmaker sets them up with men, but the matchmaking company itself doesn't give them things. The men do. It would be a little fucked up if they were only dating these men to get things, but I'm sure these trophy-wife-hopefuls aren't thinking about what they can get out of these men in the short term.

  31. Melissa Sue, the escort agency - I mean matchmaker - might be adding perks to the package, so that guys will take them out, prizes that they are.

  32. Just watched the TMI episode...and yes, I am a self-loather.

    ANYWAY: The girls came to the conclusion that "love" is all about "attraction and chemistry." First, I believe a medal is in order! Second, for girls claiming to be NONSOCIETY, they should ostensibly be trying to walk away from the world of being "inventory," and shallow vanity. Perhaps their relationships are based solely on attraction and chemistry; This could be the problem, lifecasters. I always thought relationships were about compatibility, friendship, actually liking another person's BRAIN, not just their boobs.

  33. I am certainly not knocking a matchmaking service but if Mary, Meghan and Julia are as fabulous, famous and connected as they claim to be, it seems like eligible men would be knocking down their doors to date them. Resorting to joining a matchmaker's "inventory" seems like something you might not be too proud of, but I don't know much about how that all works so I really have no idea. Doesn't being set up through mutual friends seem like a better way to go? Do they even have any friends outside of themselves?

  34. Ellie,

    No they are social misfits. Julia is an engaging personality when you meet her, but she's damaged goods. Meghan seems to be a social misfit who's more concerned with using her iPhone, and well, Mary, Mary is a fag hag. She has very few straight friends. Plus she's also more concerned with binging and purging than eating and socializing.

    Let's be realistic, in NYC there are many, many, many good looking intelligent career minded women but don't have the baggage of the banal trio. So as a guy living in NYC, why would I bother with these girls? The pool is wide and deep and doesn't cost a matchmaker to engage in socially.

  35. I assumed as much. It seems like "lifecasting" your every thought and movement might not be a great idea if you ever wanted to seriously date someone. Is that why they use matchmakers - because they can meet men who have NO idea who they are or even know their last name? And even if they quit lifecasting, they've done huge and lasting damage to their reputation with the embarrassing online antics. It also seems like they don't have any friends at all. They photograph themselves next to successful people to make them look connected, but the people in their pictures look SO uncomfortable. They're almost 30 but behave so immaturely... how do they not realize this?!

  36. @ NonEntity: If that's the case, that's kind of messed up. Who are these guys/girls?! I would never want to date someone who was getting tangible perks to go out with me. That's really sad and pathetic on both ends. Dating should be about two people getting to know each other, not two people desperately trying to score free swag.

    @ Anonymous 4:18 p.m.: She's engaging for about 30 seconds or until you ask her to do something for you, whichever comes first. I still can't figure out why ANYONE does ANYTHING for JA, but over and over I've seen people be polite and give her a helping hand. It frustrates me.

  37. I agree Melissa Sue - even without the perks, it seems like paying or be paid to go on dates sort of cheapens the whole experience, don't you think? And earlier you said, "I'm sure these trophy-wife-hopefuls aren't thinking about what they can get out of these men in the short term" but from what we've seen from them so far, it seems like every endeavor they pursue is ENTIRELY focused on what they can get in the short term. I have never seen a group of more ego-centric, selfish, brazen, classless fembots in my life.

    Julia Allison, Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin truly are "nonsociety" because it doesn't seem like they can function as human beings in regular society AT ALL. Things that most functioning adults value - hard work, respect, discretion, true friendship - are completely lost on them. It's vile and repulsive and I often wonder what their parents are thinking.

  38. Anyone see this note she appended to the picture with Fabien Cousteau making a face (

    Fabien Cousteau = awesome.

    [btw, for those of you who haven’t met me in person, and don’t know my sense of humor, I should probably add that I asked him to make a face like this. So please no more emails about how he’s mean. He’s not!]

    ... yeah, Jules, as if these emails aren't actually more along the lines of "Wow, he looks mortified to be with you."

  39. I've been lurking on this site for a while now. Mainly out of sheer curiosity, and mainly because it's oddly amusing to read the various comments here. I used to be quite the fan of nonsociety and still stop by there on occassion, but lately, I have been so seriously, incredibly irked by these gals and their shameless materialism, their vapid and sad little lives, and their laughable excuse of a "business", which is really just three dim-witted famewhores desperately attempting to be relevant at the wrong time.

    It started with CES when I really saw the cards fall with those three; while I used to find those gals quirky and entertaining, I just felt embarrassed for them and embarrassed to even formerly approve of them. I'm a highly educated professional woman who wanted to cheer these girls on, but it became plainly obvious after that trip(why where they there?!) that they're nothing but tacky freeloaders who want fame and fortune at any cost.

    Then when they started deleting comments and egging on haters and doing the whole shady Google practice, I got even more annoyed with them. Don't they realize that successful businesses welcome anyone, haters alike?!

    The icing on the cake was Julia Allison disgustingly fawning all over the VERY married CEO of youtube like an obnoxious teenager with a painfully obvious's one thing to make one respectful photo with the guy, but this hussy took 14(??!!!) photos with him, then splashed 5 or 6 pics of it on her site, all in various "fuck me" poses?! WTF???!!!
    How would she feel if some fame-whoring little trollip ever publically acted like that if that was HER hubby and father of her children??
    Good God, woman, have some fucking respect, not just for a married CEO but for yourself!

    The saddest part of all is that these gals obviously have squandered away what could've been a wonderful opportunity for them. THey've pissed away a great web opportunity and otherwise good connections because of their sheer greed, obvious laziness and lack of any marketable business skills.
    If your business is a website that depends on "lifecasting", why the fuck would you only post a few trivial items maybe once or twice a day? Why would you post the same trivial shit repeatedly?? Why are you sooooo busy behind the scenes for a business that requires you to be ON the scene constantly???
    It's old, it's boring, and it's frivolous. Mix it up, for god's sake.
    (oh wait, that's just what they expect us haters to do instead. yet unlike them, we actually have real jobs, real relationships, and far more meaningful lives to uphold. what's their excuse?)

    Meghan annoys me strictly because she won't even own up to being a total heiress or admit to her privileged background. What's there to hide for this poor little rich girl? Maybe it's because no one could possibly relate to a gal who mysteriously owns a posh NYC loft, wears designer duds, has constant access to pricey gadgets and goes on endless international travels, yet claims to be as broke as the rest of us? And really nice try there with the attempt to appear all humble on her birthday by posing as a volunteer in a soup kitchen.
    Notice that was the first and last time we ever saw or heard mention of any of those famewhores attempting volunteer work or to do anything for anyone besides themselves? I'm not even convinced rich girl didn't stop by for 10 minutes to pose for pics in a shower cap to pretend like she actually did volunteer at that soup kitchen. Why didn't she lifecast THAT then?

    Mary annoys me because she actually thinks she's some sort of well-connected, intelligent fashionista. When really, she just had a lucky streak with some goofy-looking overpriced/faddish handbags. What a poseur. She's just some badly educated broad with a severe case of label-whoredom whose gene pool unfortunately rendered her a good 10 years older-looking than she should be. I guess excessive tanning and living on nothing but juice and booze does that to a gal!

    As for Julia, the woman I once found oddly endearing, I just find odd and sad. She really is rather astonishingly full of herself, isn't she? Who cares about covering a historic Innaguration and all its festivities when you can just shoot pages of photos of yourself in a borrowed dress within various hallways doing kissy-poses instead?
    It's actually pretty pitiful to watch how her star flickered so bright for a hopeful while there, and now that her looks and former contacts are fading, so is that once bright star. She's basically a has-been whose 15-minutes of internet fame are ticking away faster than ever. She really is like the Edie Sedgwick of the internet world---like Edie, she was so hip and hot for a glam year or so, but instead of giving in to drugs like Edie, Julia's given in to mismanagement, a ridiculous sense of self-entitlement, and cupcake binges.
    NIce going there, dumbass. You had everything going for you, and your former fans were rooting for you! Amazing how a failed reality show deal suddenly left all three gals flailing about for relevence. As if a reality show ever gives any of its former stars continued relevence anyway once its season is done.

    These three need to face the facts that this nonsociety thing is going down the shitter and get on with their lives.

    Julia seriously needs to move back to CHicago and go be a newscaster there or something. Maybe report on local entertainment. Write an autobio about her more entertaining years.

    Mary needs to give up her deluded dreams of being a Manhattan socialite and move down to the South where she can meet that hubby already without all the younger/hotter competition eating her up alive there.

    Meghan can use her awkward good looks to secure another plum hedge fund position or work for some techie site and continue to thrive on her trust fund. Maybe she wouldn't worry about being single the rest of her life if she'd put those gadgets down already and reinvest her time in learing better personal skills.

    I guess I'm just as frustrated as the rest of you now. Especially since those three dimwits don't even have the balls to allow any comments on THEIR site; if they had any business sense whatsoever, stupid Julia would continue her whole "any attention is good attention" motto and let the haters keep the site entertaining, because right now it's a total snoozefest!!!

    But then again, her ego is every bit as bloated as the rest of her is gradually getting, so I would expect no less.

    One more thing: I'm annoyed that three grown women, women almost 30, act like a bunch of goofy teenage girls. If that's their idea of "live differently", it's no wonder none of them seem to have successful relationships.

    The world only needs one Paris Hilton, and it's obvious that all three of them secretly would give anything to be just like her, living a fluffy little bubble of a desirable life that's nothing more than endless parties, overpriced designerwear spending sprees, fashion shows, magazine stories, etc.

    But their former fanbase is finally onto them and their severely gauche ways. And for three women who seem to offer nothing more than idiotic girlie stereotypes in pretty packages, their clock is ticking extra fast:
    These gals are not 25 anymore. Time to start Plan B if they still plan to compete like they're the hot young hardbodies who use their good looks/feminine wiles to get where they want to in life.

    Whew! Sorry if I rambled here. It felt so good to get that off my chest finally. Especially considering that they would never allow this post on THEIR site!!

    If anyone wants to do me a serious favor, I double-dog dare any of you to e-mail my entire comment here to these three sad girls for the wake-up call they truly do deserve from a former fan; I would myself, but I figure I've wasted enough of my time here hating on them as it is. I have to go work with the mentally disabled tonight, after all!

    (nice work on this site, folks. fight the power!)

  40. Who takes all those photos of Julia? I have a hard enough time asking people to take a photo of me and my bf when we're on vacation.