Thursday, January 22, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 22 - 7:39pm

The continued evolution of Our Lady of Introspection as a spiritual being:

  • Mary: Charles Forman was a giant douche to me at the New York Times party.
  • Me: I'm not surprised. He's been a giant douche to me for the last two months.
  • Mary: Well I didn't know this! I went up to him all like "Hi, Charles Forman!! Give me a hug!" And he's like, "I don't touch people."
  • [pause]
  • Mary: And then he grabbed David Karp's boob.


  1. So classy! So civilized! So adult! I see those New Year's Resolutions truly are working well for her.

  2. That "turn the other cheek" and holier-than-thou spirituality have really taken hold!

  3. Oh. See above under the "baugher" post. My mistake.

  4. You know how Julia's latest guy asked her never to mention him on her blog or post any pictures of them together? Surprisingly, she obeyed him. However, as soon as he broke up with her, she added pictures of him on her facebook!

  5. @ Anon 10:27 p.m.: she just looked SO PRETTY in those pictures, she really owed it to us to put them up, don't you think?

  6. Please post a Facebook link.

    Also -- Charles Forman is good friends with Karp, who owns Tumblr. How smart was that post, do you suppose? Karp is already thinking NonSociety is a disaster and wondering why he bothered investing. By leaving in the boob thing, she's also trying to subtly suggest they're gay, a running joke, but she left that in there by design.

    Sometimes I really marvel at her stupidity.

    Also, if Forman's being openly rude to them, it's probably because he's hearing what the rest of that hipper-than-thou in-crowd is hearing -- that NS is over and done soon, and these girls have made social pariahs of themselves. No one wants to be associated with them, and they are deemed excessively "uncool" by this crowd.

  7. Dear Mary Rambin: (Hi Mary Rambin! We know you're reading!)

    Please stop obsessively mentioning Karp, Forman, Caroline, Denton and all the other actual Internet entrepreneurs you glom onto on a daily basis. It just makes you look bad because you actively draw comparisons to how much they have accomplished with how LITTLE you have accomplished. You are a sad Internet joke and everyone is laughing but you (even though you think you are "in" on the joke. You are so not.) Pack your bags, move back to LA or where ever you came from (since you are basically homeless and crashing on a friend's couch in NY) and do what ever it is you do (teach class at a gym). People are laughing at you and they're SO tired of laughing at you. You're tedious and tired and over.

    Thanks for your time.

  8. Also, she has hair from a haystack.

  9. On the positive side, at least she didn't call him "a little cunt."