Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 28 - 9:43am

It's rise and shine for our intrepid travelers. The news from Davos today? Cappuccinos and wireless!


Schneider’s is one of my favorite restaurants in Davos. Julia and I still have a rough case of jetlag, hence our two cappuccinos.

They have free wireless here! HURRAY for Switzerland!


  1. This one's even worse. Clueless girls they are.


  2. Save the holiday snapshot album for your parents whydontcha? Oh, right, they probably don't want to see it either.

  3. Hey geniuses, why don't you put down those cups of coffee, check out of the hotel room you're mooching off Randi and fly home to deal with the shit storm that's currently going on. It looks like your intern has fled (who will get you movie premiere tickets, return your dresses and mail your packages?!?) and the parts of your website that do have commenting have completely gone to shit. You're also being exposed on Gawker, Jezebel and other more "mainstream" sites as this one as complete frauds and Google violators. Your business will implode in 3... 2... 1...

  4. The jack-o-latern/joker smile on megs is repellent. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THAT!

  5. here dld panel in its entirety.

  6. Woah, the other people on the panel really give up on her. And on she goes, talking shit and bringing everything back to her. Painful.

  7. Check out 52:10 on the video. Interesting point.

  8. What the FUCK, ladies? You're in the beautifully wintery wonderland of Switzerland, and instead of offering gorgeous landscape shots and actual tourism destinations and local culture, we get vanity close-up shots of you all posing in what looks like the nearest generic cafe?!

    I can't believe such uncultured buffoons repeatedly get these travel-opportunities and squander them away with stupid shit like this. But then again, I suppose that could apply to their entire Nonsociety business model.
    Screw these unappreciative bitches; I can't wait to see this NS thing finally crash and burn.
    Or better yet, see some hotter, smarter and better business-minded gals take all of Nonsociety's fans/former fans with them.

  9. question re: charlise: what makes us think she's fled?

    if it's deleting the blog, that is kind of meaningless. she probably deleted it to avoid further backlash (2l,2l).

    if it's mary's cryptic twitter about "biting the dust," i think she was just talking about the day.

    has the QOD stopped being moderated?

    her j-term ends on friday (classes at hollins kick back in on tuesday), so her time at NS is pretty much over anyway. i really don't think we had anything to do with it.