Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 27 - 3:27pm through 4:17pm

A little potpourri of ephemera for you to enjoy. First, Julia implores her readers for help. Any translators around? She says:

In this video, Julia proves that she could actually inhale Lady Gaga's sweat:

12 inches from Lady Gaga from Julia Allison on Vimeo.

And finally, isn't this sign amazing? This photo was taken by the one and only RZ:

Randi just snapped this photo of the Davos sign!!


  1. http://babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_url?doit=done&tt=url&intl=1&fr=bf-home&trurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.focus.de%2Fdigital%2Finternet%2Fjulia-allison-das-it-girl-aus-dem-internet_aid_363950.html&lp=de_en&btnTrUrl=Translate

    Das It-Girl aus dem Internet
    Julia Allison is an Internet icon. Via blog and Twitter it has admits itself made - becomes and with Paris Hilton and „Sex and the town center “- main figure Carrie Bradshaw compared.
    Of focus on-line authoress Claudia Frickel

    A It-Girl is a woman, who looks good. One, which is on many parties on the way and admits is. And that, although nobody knows so quite, why actually. Paris Hilton is considered as probably the most famous example of this phenomenon. But there are also the Bloggerin Julia Allison - the It-Girl from the world of the media.

    Actually the 27-jährige is new Yorkerin lady journalist. Even the most well-known young lady journalist of the city, as „the New York Observer wrote “. She is noticed however particularly as Internet celebrity. „I am a medium personality in the USA “, imagine her. One, which create themselves has: Allison bloggt, twittert, moderates a regular popular on-line show and almost documents everything that makes her straight, in the Internet. That calls it „Lifecast “. their blog is to have 10,000 visitors daily. Besides it operates profiles with Facebook and MySpace, has a photo side with Flickr as well as video channels with YouTube and other video platforms.

    Why does it make all this? „Because I can reach people, by using myself as a guinea pig and documenting all on-line. One needs little imagination in addition, but only the own life. It is a large experiment “, says it to the digital conference DLD in Munich. It affects more seriously, than one would expect - and sees in the little glamorous dabbed dress, with is enough, brown hair and in red Strumpfhosen better.

    Experience with strange DATEs

    In the minutes pulse Allison shows Lifecast “new photos of itself in their „: in the ball dress briefly thereafter on the road with the Shopping and, than it waits for it, to a ball to be fetched later. It writes over parties, which it visits, which dresses it carries and processes their experiences with strange DATEs. Parallel to it sends Twitter over the Microblog side all into on-line world, which moves it straight - at least ten times daily: „I look myself the parade in a pinkfarbenen dress on “, write her for example to the inauguration of the new US president Barack Obama.

    Julia Allison is omnipräsent and makes somehow everything. She can be filmed, when she in the bathing suit with swimming tires at the beach to the Disney song „Arielle, which poses small sea virgin “and does in such a way, as if her would sing. The video is considered long as a YouTube classical author. It bloggt over it whether it likes Muffins. It visited with its best friends the entertainment electronics fair CES and shows their favourite technique toys. With these two it operates also the website „NonSociety “, on which it reports of itself and its life in New York. 800,000 visitors has the website each month.

    „The people look at themselves, because it is, as if it into a soap opera to trip in the middle “, explain Allison. „Many send emails to me and thank you, because nobody speaks otherwise about such things. “By reporting it on its own experiences, being able with the spectators to communicate. „I gebloggt for example once over my fight against the Bulimie and hundreds of very personal emails gotten “, mean her. But not always the reactions are positive: „It is sometimes shameful and painful, if humans insult me. “

    Also it publishes its travel plans naturally on its homepage - Vegas read to the electronics fair CES, New York to the Fashion Week and occasionally to San Francisco to birthday celebrations. „I am arduous “, write her on her homepage. In addition: „Game, untiringly, and sometimes simply unausstehlich. “

    Feministin with interest in physics

    But who stamps it thereby as superficial Tussi, you do wrongly. „Women today it is still obtained that it either in mode, make-up and men to interest to be allowed itself or in physics, mathematics and toolism. But everything interests, says me “it and pushes equivalent still unmistakably afterwards: „I am a Feministin. “Belongs for it to encourage other young women to start own projects.

    Perhaps that is a reason, why she is not only compared with Paris Hilton, but also already times as mixture between the hotel heiress and the US-Philosophin Ayn edge one designated.

    Carrie Bradshaw 2.0

    Allison characterizes itself as „Carrie Bradshaw 2,0 “, after the main figure of the TV-series „Sex and the town center “. The reason: Both write columns over Sex, meet with friends, go out with rich men and to visit a hippe party after the other one. Only that Allison documents a genuine person actual and their life multimedially.

    2004 pulled Allison after a study of the political science to New York - with the goal of becoming a cult figure. That created it. Approximately 400 times she was to be seen alleged to Maxim in the last three years in the television, her writes columns for New Yorker city magazines „the time Out “and was among other things for „Cosmopolitan “, „“, well-known Politk blog hoof catching clay/tone post office and „Men´s the Health “active.

    To Internet gossip sides such as Gawker report regularly on it - usually cynical and badly, but who with Gawker is at all mentioned, must already admits to be. The influential US technology magazine „Wired “even dedicated it in August 2008 a five-lateral article and showed it prettily posing on the Cover - under the title „become an Internet celebrity (even if you are not an anybody) “. This expenditure of the magazine sold itself well like no different one in the last ten years. „Wired “summarizes the cult in such a way around the IT-It-Girl: „You is famous, because it is famous. “

    You're welcome, Julia. Yes, we know that you avidly read this site, you little cunt.

  2. I mean seriously: what kind of an internet entreprenuer doesn't know about babelfish?

    I mean really? C'mon! No "journalist" who graduated after 1993 cannot know this.

  3. Yep, this exact translation sums up Julia "superficial tussi" Allison perfectly. This tacky midwestern tragedy certainly is living the "Sex and the Town Center" life. "Julia Allison is omnipräsent and makes somehow everything."

  4. LOL u guys kill me.

  5. What kind of new media guru doesn't know that Google will automatically translate pages for you?

  6. http://jezebel.com/5140505/nonsociety-nincompoop-mary-rambin-abortion-is-just-like-botox

  7. on her vimeo, nice vid of her falling off that golden dick.

    skirt way up...
    I'm jealous. I wish I could be her at that conference. You're right, Julia. It's jealousy.

  8. Jezebel article, I believe, does not have a direct link to Nonsociety...loves!

  9. I had no idea the headband-clad cockroach felt so strongly about mankind:

    "It is sometimes shameful and painful, if humans insult me."

    And this gem:

    "Women today it is still obtained that it either in mode, make-up and men to interest to be allowed itself or in physics, mathematics and toolism."

    Julia, rest assured. Your Ph.D. in toolism is not going anywhere.

  10. http://vimeo.com/2963344

    This could be the best JA video spoof EVER>

  11. First time commenter. I have two things to say:

    1. On the DLD summary liveblog, Julia mentions that she is liveblogging her talk via her iphone...Um?

    2. Wouldn't you think that since Julia and Meghan are at a conference and Julia is presenting on Nonsociety, their coverage of said conference would be really professional, up-to-date and "cutting edge"? Wouldn't they think that conference participants would actually visit Nonsociety to take a look...but all they find are scattered tidbits of info and pics of Julia riding a bullet?

    So sad. Utterly shameful, indeed.

    Peace out, NS.

  12. Carrie,

    They don't care about NS! They use it to travel around and wait for the next better offer! Or, how did Julia phrase that? OBO???

    They don't care. And that's why no one else should.


  13. I was going to post this on the DLD comments (looks like they stopped taking new comments by the way) after I saw a comment questioning whether the criticism of JA and NS was true or not. I know it's a waste of time but it's my pet peeve when people just assume critics are "haters" spouting opinion instead of critics with actual facts and genuine concerns.

    Despite that I couldn't bring myself to post it there. It felt too mean even though it's all true. Since I took the time to write it I'm posting it here even though it's just preaching to the choir. Maybe those who questioned the authenticity of some of the JA criticism on the DLD comment board will read it here.

    With this comment I have officially embarrassed myself with my NS expertise. I have beat another self proclaimed expert commenter (I think it was Dyspeptic?) in completing my JA dissertation and obtaining my NS PhD. Sad. Time to go be productive.

    But first:.

    "While I was not at the conference I did follow the coverage online. As a reader familiar with Nonsociety and Julia Allison's online career I can assure commenter Richard that the concerns about Julia Allison and her business are not based on fabrications.

    Some links from which you can judge Nonsociety and Julia Allison's work and online presence for yourselves:

    -Hidden search terms, a practice prohibited by Google
    (When questioned Julia Allison said that the terms must have been placed there by a spammer of some sort without her knowledge. As of the writing of this comment the phrases remain in the source code of her site.)

    -Backdated and deleted posts without no notifying updates
    As an example at the Consumer Electronics Show Nonsociety covered and took some questionable photos at the AVN porn convention. Afterward, despite defending the coverage against reader complaints, they quietly deleted the posts without indicating they had done so.
    --One of the deleted post on the AVN porn convention:

    --Or see the google cache of the same deleted post [WARNING NSFW, PARTIAL NUDITY] by googling the phrase: the avn awards are an obvious draw because it meghan nonsociety

    -Crude online behavior
    From the online coverage it seemed that in her panel at DLD Julia Allison stated that better manners are needed online?

    -Unprofessional online behavior
    Julia's video about wanting to attend Harvard Business School to make "F*** you money":

    There are other concerns as well, many of which seem to stem from Nonsociety's absence of a posted mission statement, absence of posted policies on issues such as comment moderation policies and disclosure policies concerning sponsorships and paid promotions of products they recommend on their site.

    The absence of these basic clarifications combined with what appears to be inconsistencies in the way the site is run in regard to these and other issues seem to leave many readers confused and unclear about the site and their (readers') role in it.

    Comments on the Nonsociety blogs are not enabled so readers with concerns about such topics have difficulty having their questions and concerns addressed.

    For these and other reasons I believe commenter concern about whether Julia Allison was an appropriate choice for the DLD conference are genuine and fact based. "

    Phew! That is my last contribution to the annals of JA critique (not my last comment but the last time I waste time "gathering data") like that. Not healthy!

  14. @ Ineffable: doesn’t it make you feel lame? My NS addiction is so so so sad. It’s not that I don’t have anything else in my life. It’s that I am actually willing to spend my lunch break reading reading/talking about NS or get up a half hour early so I can check in with RBNS before work. It makes me feel slightly better that we can be sad together, although I secretly think this site has made my trainwreck addition that much worse. My fiancé is a little worried about me, I think. I am totally unhealthy.

  15. I translated this with my German skills, but posted in in the wrong place. Pardon. I'd edited it down a bit.

    An It-girl is someone who is pretty, goes to parties, and is well known. Paris Hilton is the archetype. Julia is the it-girl for the world of media. "I'm a media personality in the USA," she says. She blogs, twitters, posts videos, and hosts a show, which all together she calls a "lifecast." Her personal blog gets 10,000 hits daily.

    "It's all an experiment to show people that there's more than one way to live," she said at DLD. She wore a glamorous dress, long brown hair, and red pantyhose.

    On her lifecast she talks of parties, which dresses she wore, and her experiences on dates. She posts to Twitter at least ten times a day. A sample: I'm watching the Inauguration with a bright pink coat on.

    Julia's omnipresent, and does it all. She lipdubs The Litter Mermaid. She and her two best friends attended CES, and together, they call their site Nonsociety.

    "Many people send me e-mails to thank me for talking about the things that I cover," she says. "For example, I wrote about my struggle with bulimia, and received hundreds of positive e-mails in response." But not all the responses are positive. "It's painful and embarrassing when people insult me."

    She often on an airplane, which her site attests to: Las Vegas for CES, NY for fashion week, and back and forth from San Francisco for her birthday.

    "Women are told that they can be interested in fashion, make-up and manners, or physics, math, and feminism. I'm interested in all of it," she says. This is some ground she doesn't share with Paris Hilton. Perhaps she's somewhere between Paris Hilton and Ayn Rand.

    She rarely characterizes herself as a real-life Carrie Bradshaw, but here is the proof: both write sex columns, meet up with friends, go out with rich men, and attend one hip party after another. But Julia's life is real.

    She's been on TV 400 times. People say mean things about her on Gawker daily. As Wired so correctly put it, she's famous for being famous.

  16. Speaking of NS addictions, I actually told my parents about them last weekend. To sum it up, I described the tech "geek" who is confounded by most technology, the fitness "expert" and fashionista with horrible taste and an insistence on promoting dangerous misinformation, the dating "expert" who repels most men and can't sustain a relationship.

    Frankly, I think Ineff's well-written summary of what's wrong with NS needs to be highlighted and easily accessible. That way, the next time that there's an opportunity to share it in a prominent internet forum (DLD, Kodak, Cisco, for example), whoever gets to it first can copy and paste it for decisionmakers to see for themselves. Maybe put it as a standalone post on another blogpost blog and add it to the Sites We Like?

    I suggest that we also take screen caps of some of the offending material (like the Google search results for the hidden spam) and include that in the standalone.

    Here's the credit spam: http://i42.tinypic.com/2rh3429.jpg

    Here's the tittie post from AVN that Meghan posted: http://i44.tinypic.com/2znpg85.jpg WARNING: nekkid boobies and large file size (took it from Google cache, before it expires)

  17. Aw NonEntity £ thanks for the words of support for my long ass post. (I Just remembered as long as it was I didn't even remember the whole "I'm a journalist from Nonsociety" thing in there.) I realized later that most of the post could have been summed up much more succinctly, like this:


    I think your idea is a good one since it clarifies what problems people have with NS and that posting here isn't just about random snark, etc. We need a RBNS mission-statement post linked to on the sidebar that sites (just kidding) all our issues with NS!

    Melissa Sue,

    Yes it is sad and this site has actually increased NS's trainwreck magnetism tenfold for me. Of course it's also ended my page view donation to NS so that is a good thing. Ultimately I must tear myself away eventually. But every day I check and find something crazy has happened yet again, such as JA riding a golden bucking dildo like object. Who could make this stuff up?

    At least (I read) you knew JA and so have personal reasons for your dislike. Mine is purely internet based.

    And by the way I just wanted to say great investigative work RBNS (+tipster) on the Charlsie scoop. Did NS not realize she had a blog and was writing about all their freebie chasing secrets?

  18. Email me everything (nonsociety.rb@gmail.com) you want in the "well-written summary" of the wrongs of NS. I'll create a post.

  19. Ineff, you deserve mucho praise for what you put together. And it gave me the idea that we need an easily accessible resource for backing up what we say and for potential sponsors to read before becoming entangled with them and their negative popularity.

    NSRB, would it be possible to put the link to the summary with the Sites We Like? Maybe even at the top of list? Something like "Read This Before Entering into a Business Relationship With Non Society."

    I think that screen caps of posts (like the AVN porn) should be taken as soon as possible, before the gals delete the offending posts. While I'm glad we were able to get that one titty post from Meghan's blog, I wish we could have gotten some of the crude ones from Mary, I think there was something about a t-shirt reading that she likes to be licked?

  20. NSRB you can use any part of my rant from earlier in this thread if it's at all useful.


  21. Please add this to the summary post http://vimeo.com/2983924