Thursday, January 22, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 22 - 7:44pm


  1. I especially enjoy that this picture or some version thereof made up a large part of all three girls' "lifecasts" today. Not just journalists these three, but photojournalists clearly hard at work too. Impressive.


  2. Keep posting those photos, girls! It's just more concrete proof of how little real, relevant work you actually do.

    Hi! We sit on a couch with our dogs and make a three minute video about things that interest us and only us. But it's SO hard, y'all! We work SO hard in our "cubical" (Meghan's word) to line up sponsors and stuff. This is the real life, behind-the-scenes biznass stuff that goes into our super duper popular website. Did we mention the almost 1,000,000 page views? Now give us one meeeellion dollars! [Dr. Evil pinky to the lip]

    Aaand scene.

  3. Boobs again. I think she breathes from her cleavage.