Friday, January 30, 2009

JAB is the model of decorum, civility and good journalism.

She and Meghan write a bit about Davos, how busy they are, why they're there and their off-the-record conversations. This is where it gets serious.

(Also: Julia says we'll discuss Carr's column next week. OK, bunny.)

So in a recent post, Jules quotes Meghan's post on Davos, and adds her commentary. She is a Real. Journalist. ! She is having off-the-record conversations with Important People! Anyway, here it is:



I’ve assumed in past posts that you’re familiar with events like CES, DLD, and others, without really explaining their merits. It’s a bad habit of mine not to let you in on the details and story behind my lifecast, so I’m answering your questions here.

What is The World Economic Forum?

It’s one of the most esteemed conferences in the world where political, business, and intellectual leaders gather to discuss world issues. For a week, Davos (a resort town in Switzerland) is flooded with over 2000 attendees from 96 countries. Their main focus is to find solutions to the worldwide problems that plague us. With the worldwide economic collapse in the last year, it’s only fitting that this year the theme is “Shaping the Post-Crisis World.” Most sessions (I like to call them mini think tanks) are focused on figuring out what is up next for the worldwide economy. Each session poses questions hoping to educated and work out a game plan for the upcoming months.

Why are we here?

I had an INCREDIBLE experience last year, and when Julia got the opportunity to speak at DLD, we decided to stay for Davos. It’s only four hours away, and many of the DLD conference participants travel here en masse. We were lucky enough to have DLD put us up here in Davos. Unlike DLD, we’re trying to actually absorb and enjoy the conference - not just spend our time looking at our laptops. As a result, many of our posts will be next week, when we get home. In addition, quite a few of the people with whom we’ve had long conversations prefer to remain off the record, and we will respect them.

What exactly is the experience?

One word: SURREAL! Never could you imagine a town full of so many revolutionaries. At events, I’ve had to contain my excitement (keepin’ it cool) being around Hedge Fund idols, Foreign Diplomats, and Esteemed Writers. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk to Richard Branson about his various businesses. HOLY COW, it doesn’t seem real. I hope you don’t think I’m bragging. I’m merely trying to give you my mini-perspective on this strangely brilliant gathering. With that, I’ve been less interested in taking photos, as I find it quite gauche to play paparazzi.

What’s the difference between last year and this year?

Participants are in commiseration mode, mostly about the economic outlook, no one can predict what the future brings, so learning to adapt to the change in sentiment is key in order to move forward.

I have so much to say about our experiences here, but we’re busy nearly every second. We’ll post more when we’re quietly sitting in New York.

Until then, here are a few photos to tide you over! We’re not taking nearly the number we usually do, because it’s a little … inappropriate. People let down their guards at Davos for a reason. The choice is this: have the majority of our conversations off the record - or don’t have them at all. We chose the former.


  1. I seriously hope it all implodes. What a message they send out. I think I have that butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling...weird.

    Wait. I think I know why. I think it makes me sad that those who don't belong in certain places, get to be in those certain places.

    I guess my butterflies are all about how unfair it is. That this world isn't about merit.

    That said, all I know is that I will never resort to such emptiness and betrayal (of myself) to further my career. I'm doing it the hard way, dolls. I research, then I write, then I publish.

    Lorraine C.

  2. Awww, bunny! Come over here. We'll talk to you on the record.


  3. Which is fine, whilst I am sure the off the record conversations are interesting if they are off the record then they are off the record. However, that shouldn't preclude them from blogging about the conference or their experience of it. I won't accept "off the record" as a reason for there being no content from Davos. That would be a complete and total cop out.

    Also photos are not the same of commentary, I can read a guest list off the official website come on Julia kick it up a notch or two!

  4. I have this feeling that all the pics are directed at some high-school "na na na" tactic.

    Who is she posting for? Singing and partying it up? Off-the-record conversations? Don't tell us then! You think we actually think you were told anything that nobody else knows?? Please.

    When your make-up runs out, good luck.

    What a snot.
    And her puppy dog friend is empty.

  5. Hi!!
    First time poster and certainly no where as witty or intellectually armed as you all are, but I just HAD to send this link!!! I come here all the time because it's HYSTERICAL. Forgive me if this has already shown up here as I haven't read everything yet, but I stumble on this via a comment on Gawker and I thought this was laugh out loud funny.


  6. So they can't blog about the conference itself? The presentations? Off-the-record conversations have nothing to do with producing content. They could blog about any number of Davos-related things. Jackasses.

  7. What are the hotel accommodations like, bunnies? Did you have to make reservations far in advance? How is it, exactly, that you and Julia had to crash in someone else's room and share two twin beds for three gals (for at least one night that we know of).

    So Megs is finding it a bit beneath her to play the role of Girl Reporter in the midst of such esteemed company, eh? It would be sooooooo much nicer to get invited to an event because of your accomplishments, instead of having to beg and plead for back door access and press credentials, wouldn't it? Maybe next year.

  8. "find solutions to the worldwide problems that plague us"

    your right, if there's one way to solve problems its to disscuss it in a very small group and never speak of it again! that will do it!!

    unless she's just chatting with mr. hurley about if he wants to come to her room tonight i cant think of why it would need to be private top secret information.

  9. Anon 3:11: Thanks for link, I had not seen it before. Good times!!

  10. Regina

    I'm sure they will, after they get home and look to see what others have written that they can cut and paste from.

    Or maybe they'll take the inauguration coverage route and post nothing but pictures. But from their hints here I think they'll take the CES coverage route and post (time corrected of course, i.e. backdated) after the fact when they can piggyback on whatever other people said a week prior.


  11. Also DLD put them up? Didn't they say they were crashing with Randi? Confused. OR Dld put them up as in for the conference, not the accommodations? Whatever, actually, truth be told, who cares? I don't. I'm tired of them and their crap.


  12. "Oh Hi! Yes...It's so nice to finally meet you. I heard your panel at DLD; I spoke there too..."

    "Yesh, I spoke at DLD last week and decided to join the bandwagon up here to Davos. And you?"

    "Ha ha, no. Actually I just spoke at DLD and joined the procession of cars here..."

    Oh, it's been an amazing time here. I mean, first there was DLD where I spoke in front of such innovators; it really was inspiring...and now, this! I'm just in awe really and so grateful to be included..."

    "Well, I actually don't drink, but -- sure -- a white wine, please. Thank you..."

    "Oh thank you very much. Yes, I do get my fair share of negative press! But like I said in my talk at DLD, it's all about this lack of manners..."

    "Well, I met him briefly at DLD last week where I spoke..."

    "Munich and Switzerland are so organized! This is not like New York at all! The DLD event, just as an example, where I spoke last week, was so well put together -- every little detail was taken care of. I was really impressed."

    "You were at DLD?! Which panel?! I was in the Storytelling one on the final morning..."

  13. Oh it's Meghan "Hello Kitty" Parikh again,

    Well, if your read it, you can quickly come to the conclusion she's a horrible writer. It's junior high school thought process and style.

    Again, to echo everyone else here, why wait? Why aren't you taking notes and creating posts now?


    What complete crap. These girls are frauds.

  14. Re: the Carr column.

    Look, you all called it. Hitching herself to this miniscule complain-about-haters web trend. And I knew that one of the possible motives to (*anonymously*) meet ScaryMary was to make it a jumping off point for discussions on her blog.

    The focus of Carr's column is not her problem. Her problem is her. NS' problem is them, not us.


  15. One more thought:

    I think she wants to meet with ScaryMary to get the praise for meeting with a "hater"...for doing what most others don't do. Blah blah blah

    Like, "I went out of my way to meet with an individual who criticizes Mary, and us, on a regular basis. I wanted to understand why. The internet is a good place to hide, but in person, one cant. I wanted to meet the person behind the blog."


  16. DLD put them up in Davos. Riiiiiight. That's why they had to hitch a ride there and crash with Randi Z. Was Meg a speaker at DLD, too? Why would they pay a penny for that dimbulb to go anywhere? They are on a manhunt, plain and simple. Lying skanks.

  17. I think everyone's missing the sublime genius here.
    Anyone could go to the inaguration of America's first black president and get all "informed". A j-school student to go to Davos and write a scene describing the mix of gravity, absurdity and excess of the situation, at this moment in time for the world economy.

    But it takes some sort of Zen master, some sort of self-actualized super-human to keep the focus so squarely on herself.

    I'd like to see a picture of the troops storming Normandy. And there in the background next to one of those steel tank obstacles on the beach, is Julia Allison! Hand on hip, right side facing the camera. Pouting.
    Wait, there's Julia at the 1968 Olympics, as the black track athletes raise their leather-gloved fists in protest... with Julia leering at the camera in a pink dress as she gives one of them a peck on the cheek...
    Hold it, wait, is that Julia Allison straightening anew three-button H&M waistcoat, pupils locked with yours through the camera lens? As Mt. Vesuvius erupts behind her?
    She's like Forrest Gump with a hairband!

  18. Guys they "sponsored" (they love that word) their car to Davos. They are crashing with Randi. They moved out of their ski cabin into the exclusive Klosters... Once they got out of their DLD car, the rest is/was on Randi.

    I'm sure they'll give her some money if she asked, but they be crashing on her reservations...

    It's ok tho! They're all bunnies!!!!

  19. This is off topic but have we ever heard from people who went to college with any of these three? Weren't they all in sororities? Surely there is someone who speak about their life then?

  20. "She's like Forrest Gump with a hairband!"

    Best. Line. Ever.

  21. Flat-face, you slay me!! ;-)

  22. What does ghetto mean anyway?

    To Mary: Black People + No Tory Burch Stores = Ghetto

  23. Flatface, you are amazing. Forrest Gump with a hairband, indeed.

  24. "Forest Gump in a hairband"


    Flatface, you rule.

    I love how she shows herself curled up with the skeevy Dr. Doom. Now, there is a match. Two narcissistic egohounds who can use and abuse each other. Somehow, it works! Jules, have a luuurve connection with Dr. Doom. He sounds GREAT for you.

  25. Dr. Doom: “... And so it was clear to me, even as far back as 1986, that the flows of capital and labor were moving in diametrically opposed directions...”

    Julia Allison: (Silent) (blinks)

    Dr. Doom: “What I was saying then, and what I think recent global events have borne out, is that rampant consumerism has taken a core posisiton in the global economy, fuelled principally by the US. And that this isn’t just a cultural affliction. That is to say, it isn’t simply distasteful and empty...”

    Julian Allison: (silent) (purses lips) (snaps cell-phone picture of self)

    Dr. Doom: “.. It’s actually untying vital chords in the world economy. And it threatens not just the free-market system, but, indeed, anything remotely approaching a equitible distribution of the world’s limited resources...”

    Julia Allison: (hand on hip) “Do you know the lyrics to `Single Ladies’?”

    Dr. Doom: “Yes”.

    Julia Allison: “Let’s lip-dub!”

  26. I have tears in my eyes, I'm laughing so hard at some of the nonsense comments that are being posted all over the old Advice Box and QotD areas. They range from completely silly (a photo of a group of adorable sock puppets all claiming to be Julia Allison) to incredibly nasty (Paul Carr comparing Julia's knob polishing skills to Hoover's, Julia recommending semen and urine as natural beauty products). Oh lordy!

  27. Julia and Megan took down their recent posts about Davos and the article written about internet haters. WHY?

  28. A few things to think about...

    Why don't they have internet access?
    A: Because they are not accredited attendees. They don't have batches.

    Why can't they blog about the panels?
    A: Because they can't get in. Read above.

  29. The ONLY reason Paul Carr wrote anything kind about Julia is because she shamelessly flirts with him and he thinks he has a chance.

  30. Total Jing: Which posts? The ones we've referenced here are still there, along with the link to Carr's article.

  31. Your links work BUT when I go to nonsociety and click on Julia or Megan's lifecast those posts are no longer there.

  32. Now they are back up. Julia and megs must have been reordering some posts. I swear that they weren't there between 4-4:30.

  33. Megan's davos "explanation post" is no longer on her lifecast but it is on Julia's a reblog.

  34. Yo JA twittered something or other about her headband...she be talking to us; I feel it!

    Anyway, OK internet personality, nice post (JA dig, of course):

  35. 2006, she writes:

    Although I grew up with a locked TV, I was VERY OCCASIONALLY allowed to watch Beverly Hills: 90210. My father's favorite game was purposely "forgetting" the zip code (ostensibly to demonstrate his distain over the show's sheer retardation). "Why do you want to watch 90418 anyway?" "When will Donna Martin graduate from that 95326 show?" At 13, I considered this highly insulting. HOW COULD HE NOT REMEMBER SUCH AN IMPORTANT FIVE DIGIT NUMBER?? DAD!!!!

    And now, a decade plus later, here comes Harvard, so secure that their zip code is JUST AS MEMORABLE as Beverly Hills' that they've named a whole magazine after it. But I'm taking a stand. I refuse to make any attempt at remembering it. I won't even look at the last three digits.

    I will, however, crash their launch party. And read the actual magazine, which, despite its understandable* focus on a particular university within that zip code, is pretty damn readable.

    *I mean, really, are there any interesting or successful people who didn't go to Harvard? After reading 04865, I think we can safely say "no." And by "we" I mean the editors of 27639. Who graduated from Harvard. Obviously.

    Pictures of me at the party posing with people who definitely didn't go to Harvard, after the jump. Okay, fine. One guy in the pictures went to Harvard, but it doesn't count, because now he writes theatre reviews. And c'mon, how Harvard is THAT? That's like, so totally Yale Drama. Please.

  36. I won't believe that she and the other nitwit are at the actual conference unless they post photos of conference attendee badges with their names (officially printed) on them.

    SEPTEMBER 25, 2006

    The funny thing about being single again is that all my eagerness to go on first dates has been rapidly replaced by the realization that these events are only valuable insomuch as they provide me with a ridiculous story to tell.

    Since I’m a big fan of Ridiculous Stories (note my career choice), I have no problem with such dates. I happily subscribe to the philosophy espoused by my friend, the comedian and professional recovering frat-boy Aaron Karo – AFS: Anything For a Story.

    My date last Friday night falls firmly in that category.
    Admittedly, The Guy started off with emails so farcical, he instantly rendered himself AFS Material. “Julia,” he wrote, “Certain of my friends thought you'd be a good person for me to talk dirty to ... at the very least, you’ll be entertained. What do you say we meet for a drink to start?”

    To start? To start what?? Talking dirty? Um, hold up there, stud.

    The ill-advised subject heading of his next missive wasn't much better: “Let’s grab pizza and sex next Wednesday night.” (Note to future dates: Do not insinuate that girl is a ho before meeting her to confirm such facts.)

    He explained that normally he wouldn’t be so forward, but “Conquering a dating columnist has to be one of the ultimate achievments [sic], and may require unconventional tactics....”

    Conquering? Oh dear god. Even if you were actually thinking something that ludicrous, why would you EVER write it?? With a spelling mistake, no less!

    It’s not a coincidence that The Guy works for a hedge fund.

    I’m sure I would have blown him off completely, but he was incredibly persistent. I rainchecked and/or canceled on him five times, and the only reason I didn’t reschedule again was that I literally couldn’t. He was moving to Europe the next day.

    I wasn’t particularly in the mood to go on a date that evening. I did not want to get dressed up. I did not want to put on makeup. I did not want to down alcoholic beverages out of boredom.

    I wanted to stay home in my PJs and revel in the sheer trashiness of the new book I’d just bought at Barnes & Noble (Bunny Tales, the memoir of a former Hefner Girlfriend - equivalent to 30 copies of US Weekly).

    But I couldn’t cancel just hours before the date. Could I?

    Running through the list of excuses (sick, work emergency, dog has asthma), I felt a twinge of guilt. After all, The Guy had gotten us tickets to The Killers concert, and although I’d never heard any of their songs (there goes my indie music cred), it was his last night in this country.

    Still, I stood in the shower Friday at 6 pm wondering whether, if I called to say I had just broken my ankle, he would try to visit me in the hospital.

    I figured he would, so I gave up and just went on the date. As a preemptive strike, I downed several drinks at the beginning, but not enough to forget him telling me that he could see beyond my “hard shell,” and that he, at 25, was going to prove that “these old guys you’re always dating” were lame.

    I just smiled and nodded, enjoying The Guy’s show of amusingly misguided bravado.

    That is, until he started kissing me.

    I use “kissing” in a loose sense, because what he was really doing could be more accurately described as “jack-hammering his mouth onto mine.” Now, it’s one thing if your date is a bad kisser. Fine. I mean, it’s disappointing, but what can you do?

    However, it’s quite another when that Bad Kisser finally lets up jamming his tongue into your mouth and says, “I knew you’d be a good kisser … like me.”

    WHAT?!? He seemed to take my hysterical laughter as an affirmation, which only made me laugh harder.

    “You’ve met your match,” The Guy then proclaimed. Uhh … yeah. I’ve met something, that’s for sure.

    He then informed me that he wanted to go out with me just to see if I was “a genius or a psychopath.” At this point, I was pretty sure he tended towards one of those categories, and it was didn’t look like the former.

    After the concert, I tried to go home, but having mentioned earlier that I just canceled my gym membership, he offered to give me his fitness pass, good till the end of the year (and worthless to him given his impending move). Because I’m a sucker for free stuff, I reluctantly agreed to go back to The Guy’s apartment to pick it up.

    Upon entering, he sat down at his laptop and told me he had a “special song” to play for me. As the recognizable strains of Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous Girl” filled the room, I couldn’t decide whether to slap him or knee him in the nether regions.

    “You know,” I said, “That’s probably not the right song to play ‘in honor’ of the girl you’re trying to get in the mood. And just FYI, in case you were confused, you’re not even going to come CLOSE to sleeping with me. In fact, I’m leaving right now.”

    At that, he nervously backtracked.

    “Oh, I don’t even want to have sex with you tonight,” he lied. “I’ve already shipped all of my condoms to Europe … But when we do go to bed, it’s going to be amazing.” I almost choked on my drink.

    Thank God for FedEx.

  38. I'm sorry for these posts, but I do think they are terribly relevant (she admits it all). Last one. Promise.

    She says:

    For the record, I was just showing the studly videographer how I pose for photos. Usually I don't move my head around so frenetically, but you know, I don't get out much and I DID have one (imported) beer and ... well, whatever.

    The point is, I was NOT dancing to "Hip Hop Hooray," no matter what slick editing those gawkerettes do. In fact, during the entirety of the time which I was at the More-Hipster-Than-Thou party, I didn't see ANYONE dancing. Just admiring each other's messenger bags.

    And trying not to care that Al Gore was standing next to them. Shockingly, and perhaps because they were so cool (too cool to push & shove, even for an environmentalist), there weren't many people crowding around the should-be sagamore, so I had no problem waltzing right up and introducing myself as a "New York dating columnist." Like he gave a damn.

    Anyway, because I didn't anticipate actually having a conversation with The Gorester, and because the last memory in my head was of him and his bizarre VMA appearance, the only thing I could think of to say was:

    "Mr. Gore, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you bringing Sexy Back. We missed that around here."

    He laughed uproariously ... then he said I had a "nice outfit" as we posed for a photo together.

    If by "nice outfit" he meant "your boobs are falling out of your shirt," he was accurate.

    GOOD times.

  39. --Never could you imagine a town full of so many revolutionaries.

    Does she mean visionaries? Because I wouldn't classify billionaire titans of industry as revolutionary unless they've all decided to liquidate their assets to fund a uh, revolution.

    NS, please stick to monosyllabic words that you really understand. Cat In The Hat is less amusing than your malaprops.

  40. Before too long, I guarantee that something like "attended the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009" or even "participated in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009" will slip into Julia Allison's bio, just like she abused the name of the "Washington Post" to get out of paying for half a grapefruit at some hotel...when she didn't even work for the Post, but had interviewed to do some writing for their giveaway supplement.

  41. "She's like Forrest Gump with a hairband!"

    Best. Line. Ever. TOTALLY

  42. That Loren Feldman videoblog is EXCELLENT. He took the words right out of my mouth. "why are these people at the world economics forum? they can't even manage their OWN economics!" heh.

  43. Flatfoot, I bow at your altar of genius. Forrest Gump with a hairband -- brilliant. Gawker should consider hiring you.

    The Dr. Doom exchange was also spot on. Brava!

  44. Julia cozying up to Jimmy Wales - founder of Wikipedia at Davos. Everyone else is "redacted"?

    juliaaliison: #Davos - at the google party w [redacted], [redacted], [redacted] & @jwales about 4 hours ago from txt

  45. I love it when Julia Allison goes all redacty on us. Makes her seem ever so much more important.

  46. For sure one of the redacteds is whatshisname married youtube guy. And probably Zukerberg too. She's either trying to be mysterious or whoever she's glommed herself onto has begged her not to reveal that yes, they are actually in her proximity.

  47. Jimbo Wales, yet another notorious perv. She's gonna need a hazmat shower before they let her back in the country.

    The Question of the Day is now completely overrun with spam and outrageousness. If they can post, why can't they clean that up? Don't they have the admin passwords? Here's hoping Charlsie locked the gates before she left, and they are helpless until they get back into town. All their new-found friends from DLD and Davos have gotten a special treat if they visited Nonsociety today.

  48. [redacted] is supposed to mean "tee-hee can't tell you, super vip"

    [redacted] really means individual didn't want a mention/for it to be known they were in her company ;)

    after all, we all know she doesn't [redact] unless she HAS to [redact] and even then the [redaction] is to let you know JUST how necessary a [redactment] was due to how special the situation is! sigh.

    jwales should tweet this : #davos no julia, no more edits

  49. oops, jinx above hahahaha

  50. Just for some light relief, Jakob and Jules back in the day. Trademark pose and all...

  51. I can't wait to discuss this with Julia ! are we all going to be able to get in on a conference call? or log into aim? or will it be a one way conversation, starring mrs allison?

    link to article pointing out inconsistencies in Arrington's goodbye post

    Mike goes on with a story about an "off-balance individual" with a "felony record" who "owns a gun" that threatened to kill him. He went into hiding and hired $2,000-per-day private security to protect his family and TechCrunch employees.

    Fun fact: felons can't own guns in the United States. It's even illegal to allow a felon to handle a firearm. The police take this very seriously, and if you reported that a convicted felon owned a gun and was threatening you with it, they would act. An attorney would know this.

  52. In case you missed it, Julia's best attempt at business attire:

  53. Twitter:

    juliaallison: #Davos - Finally home from Piano Bar (4th night is the charm). Tomorrow is all about the tobogganing, then WEF formal soiree. Yay! 2 minutes ago from web

  54. Of course there would have to be a Davos Prom, and guess who's gonna be running...and running...and running for Prom Queen? Our Julia, bien sur. Hope you brought something in your special bunnykins shade of pink.

  55. ho hummm wonder if the sudden -formal- invite had anything to do with some gratuitous photos w. some wef badge-totin dudes (announcement sooo late? rare!).. oh, would also explain the loooong OTR conversations.

  56. this is just another error-laden post that really says nothing. these two do not belong at Davos, even if we are willing to admit that Davos is basically a giant, useless wank (which I am).

    i am sure all of the actual policy talk is sailing right over their heads (nothing to be ashamed of-- it'd sail over mine, too), and their tweets and photos make it clear that they're far more concerned with the SOCIAL side of the conference rather than the INTELLECTUAL side of the conference.

    if it's true that they JUST got invited to the party ... my, whatever will they wear? is it too late to borrow some designer duds?

    they are so boring. and they are wasting that oh so rarefied air.

  57. Is it just me, or would Julia's spunk, ambition and "look" (the clothes, the hairbands, etc.) be totally adorable on say, a 17 year old. It just boggles my mind that she's about to turn 29. Doesn't she feel ridiculous?

  58. QUESTION: Do you think Julia sees any validity in our criticisms, or does she just take them as personal attacks? Do you think she entirely believes that the flack she receives is undeserved and that we're all just "jealous?"

  59. ^^^ she is impervious to any negative feedback and writes us all off as "haters"

    she has been impervious to feedback her whole like. CHRONIC NPD.

  60. looks like the QOD is completely overrun. I wonder when they are going to get on those deletions. There's a lot of spam in there, so I bet they will just delete them all without really reading. Unfortunate, because there is actually some good stuff in there which would be beneficial for them to read!

  61. No new QOD yet for Saturday. They usually show up at midnight, don't they? Maybe it's only a M-F thing.

  62. Think they've said before that it is a M-F thing.

  63. Model of decorum? Family friend Fernando Sulichin would beg to differ. Fernando was appalled by Miss Allison's vulgar presence on his DLD panel. "Missing feminine charm" were his exact words.

  64. Usually they would have deleted the QOD comments by now.
    Just a theory: I think Julia is leaving the posts up as she's going to use them to prove the point she's going to make next week re. online criticism.

  65. More than likely, however that particular QOD is far more tame than usual so is actually a pretty bad example of what has taken place over there.

    I think RBNS had it right when they asked that commentators stop making it personal. Keep it away from the girls physical looks and concentrate on the lack of content, that way they really don't have a leg to stand on.

  66. Why is she braying and shouting at the camera in the Google party video? Does she not realize how supremely unattractive that is? Julia Allison = epic fail.

  67. Those Jack Handey quotes are BRILLIANT.

    Rock wraps itself up in Paper and gives itself as a gift to Scissors.

    That's a hell of a lot deeper than anything I've read on NonSociety!

  68. I think the comparison is sick. Partying it up in the Swiss mountain air as the world economies (and personal economies) turn further and further down.

    As for Miss Allison Baugher, we all know her cv. She does not deserve to be partying it up there. It's insane. She has a one-track mind: PERSONAL GAIN.

    I hope one day she learns a hard, hard lesson -- in (her beloved) public.

  69. The intern left and they are too incompetent to get another intern to replace her to monitor the QotD comments. Surely, they knew this girl was leaving so they would have to find a replacement, right?

    And Megs and Jules being in Davos is no excuse. They knew this was coming and Mary and their site's producer are still in the US. It really is sad how poorly run their website is. It is really insulting to female web entrepreneurs because Julia is constantly saying that she is a "revolutionary" and a "businesswoman" and she gets invited to great events to represent NS but their site is poorly run, the content is boring unless RBNS or Gawker picks it up, their writing is horrendous for "professional" writers (I'm mainly talking about Mary here) and their site is essentially a vanity project that was set up for a reality tv show that never materialized. This is the female businesswoman that DLD and Davos invites to their events? It is disgusting!

  70. Anon 11:15am.

    Right on!

  71. Did she really post a photo of Myspace founder Chris DeWolfe and then hyperlink it to a story about him sucking face with Paris Hilton at Sundance??!!??! Is she really trying to draw some Six Degrees of Separation comparison? Oh, really bright idea to further humiliate the guy, as there's no doubt he's embarrassed by that byte.

  72. She'll do anything to curry favor with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, which is a rival to MySpace, right? Hence her thought-provoking QOD on Thursday about Facebook, and all Mary's recent blather about using it "strategically."

    She also has to pay Randi Z. back for giving her a place to sleep in Davos.

  73. I'm loving that Jack Handey stuff, too. Off topic, I know, but he has a VERY cool website (

  74. Lord forgive me, I went over to NS and looked. (First time all week, I swear it.) And oh, the fabulous horror of seeing Julia Allison decked out like a superannuated Blair Waldorf, making a spectacle of herself as usual at the famous Davos Piano Bar (TM) and the Google party. And the (presumably) inebriated shouting and, yes, braying video at the Google party, in which Megan appears tipsy. And the shrieky shout-out and pulling-into-the-picture-frame of Jimbo Wales. And the "I'll show the Hatin' Haters" shots inside an actual conference session that she (finally, one presumes) managed to worm her way into. Ack. Too, too classic.

    Now must go do penance for peeking. Maybe some volunteer work at a charitable institution.

  75. Must add that Our Lady of the Pink Lightbulbs appeared a little off her "Making New Friends" game, as she did not refer to a single one of her newly met playmates as "ineffable" or "indefatigable."

  76. So do you guys think that the spam thats all over the QOD right now might be a strategic move to deflect from the whole actual hidden keywords/etc issue?

  77. Peek Freans,

    I think they both owe Randi Z everything -- from DLD to Davos. I believe this is how they currently have badges around their necks and photos of sessions...

    Pulling some strings for the bunnies...

  78. Anon 1:04:

    Wow. What a thought. Sounds good to me!


  79. I looked too. I am confused. Why is she dressed like Minnie fucking Mouse at a conference of some of the world's most towering intellects? So what is it, she WANTS them to think she's an imbecilic lightweight? Jesus.

  80. Jacy: Minnie Mouse! If Minnie Mouse were going club-hopping! And idolized Blair Waldorf. That's exactly it.

  81. I think JA should be careful calling out the haters. It would be devastating to make public the identities of all the people she's pissed off and fucked over. Especially when they are likely more influential than she could ever hope be.

    Be careful what you ask for, bunny!


  82. That spam on the QOD is simply copy/pasted from an older QOD about guys who leave their socks on during sex. They are so stupid! I once wrote to them to let them know that all the QODs that were on top when you click on "Popular" were full of spam, and they just left it all there. Now the commenters are just throwing it back in their face. (I know, because I copy/pasted under the name Spamarama Ding Dong). ;-)

  83. FunnyBunny, you're right about them owing Randi Z. At one point, Randi twittered about there being unexpected room at Klosters (probably because Davos was more notable for who WASN'T there than who was), and then two little bunnies suddenly ended up getting into Klosters, too.

  84. Peek Freans,

    Yeah, absolutely. And I really think it doesn't stop at accommodation. I mean, Randi and her brother have a real reason to be there. Facebook, as a web business, is exclusively involved, through online polls, with the discussions at Davos. It's a deal/partnership that has been set up a while ago. Therefore, Randi can most likely get most anything she would need, including a room at an exclusive hotel, extra badges made up for her "business acquaintances", and access to anything.

    I think it's that simple. That's why they JA and M are in Europe, DLD included.


  85. Jacy, she dresses like that because her sole purpose in life is to try to get male attention. She has nothing else to offer. Despite constantly telling us how brilliant and innovative she is, she has yet to show any of that. So she has to try to get men turned on.

    True, FunnyBunny, the Zuckerbergs have legitimate reasons to be there. Not only are they doing the online polling thing, but they're also at the head of a rather innovative and influential business.

    I'm just wondering what the hell Randi is getting out of this. The pleasure of hanging out with the loud, braying bitch?

  86. NonEntity (Pound sign),

    I don't know, really. I guess she just really likes JA. What other reason could there be? Randi doesn't need press, connections or money (not saying JA can provide all that, but...). I am perplexed. And no, Julia, I don't think you are likeable. In this case, I will have to surmise there is something off about Randi, sorry.

    And yes, Facebook deserves to be represented at Davos for its own merits. True. NS? Ha!

    But it's funny to think what else can Randi hook them up with. Really, what a friend JA has...