Monday, January 19, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 18 - 6:53pm

Sorry for the delay, bunnies!

Gettin my pedicure on … The color matches the Marchesa gown I’m wearing one of the nights in DC.

PS. To the reader who wondered what size feet I have (umm … okay!), they’re size 7 1/2. If you don’t know, now ya know.


  1. I just love it when this totally unhip, uncool white girl from the midwest 'burbs tries to sound like she's down with rap.

    Julia, you're not even a wigga.

  2. Sweet Jesus, she has little bloated piglet toes too! I did not need to see that!

  3. Fat feet. End of story.

  4. Julia Allison's feet aren't as scary as Mary Rambin's feet. Have you ever seen one of her pedi posts. It could frighten small children. She has man feet (to match her man body) and they are HUGE. Shame she has to waste good pairs of designer shoes on them.

  5. I love how she makes fun of someone for asking yet still answers the question. Are we supposed to be impressed that she has size 7.5 feet? It that unnaturally small or something?


  6. Consider that...

    1) she sees the photo after taking it and and thinks "wow my feet look fat"

    2) :: fabricate & insert fake reader inquiry about size of feet ::

    3) Hope for desired reaction post-response: "oh, maybe it was just the angle at which she took the photo - her feet are actually pretty small!"

    4) Add "um, okay" to make it seem like she really DID get asked the question and is answering it even though she finds it strange.

    It's very much like what someone said in comments before about the "reader emails" that support a position of hers or are posted for self-esteem boosting reasons.

  7. how embarrasing for the girl painting her toes. did julia ever think of her?