Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MR changes her tone. Not really.

Well, it looks like the post about their "spammed code" has been deleted by Mary. Instead, she's replaced it with this note, explaining her intentions on "siting Roe v. Wade." We, along with Dodai at Jezebel and others, have failed as reporters and women. Oops.

Good Morning

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day huh! I ended it with a couple martinis because I really didn’t see all of that coming - at least at the same time.

Anyway, I’m moving on and I hope you do to.

Before I do, I want to say it was never my intention to offend anyone with the Roe v. Wade reference. Of course I don’t think Botox ridicule is even close to comparable to the mental anguish women go through in even considering an abortion. And I think EVERYONE knows that. Most of you realized that wasn’t my message. My point was be confident in your choices. But abortion was the easy target point in the post. My apologies to those of you who have gone through the hardship and heartache of abortion and were offended. I can’t imagine what the struggle must be like for you even as the days pass. For those of you who chose to use that as your headline and completely missed the real message I was trying to send, you have failed as a reporter and as a woman.

Have a great day everyone.

Also: God, this woman is just so painfully unintelligent. Especially because she's not smart enough to recognize it.


    Dodai WINS at both.
    Mary FAILS at life.
    How dare she even be that dense??

  2. "Anyway, I’m moving on and I hope you do to."

    It's "too," not "to," you dustrag.


  3. To call Jezebel's Dodai a failure as both reporter and woman is... laughable.

    Mary just doesn't get it. The only failure regarding Mary's Botox Confessional is the original. If Mary wants to subscribe to the "feminist agenda" in defense of her own acceptance of patriarchal beauty standards, as well as her subsequent usage of potentially dangerous poisons to fill an archaic feminine ideal, she should not write for a venture with, "Live Differently" as its tagline.

    I am SICK of these girls adopting "brave" as a new, personal adjective. I understand indefatigable, rambunctious, and ineffable cannot work 24/7, but "brave?" REALLY?

    What is brave about being unapologetically selfish? What is brave about "putting yourself out there" when you control the (very limited) content you release?! Bravery is a noun that cannot be attained without an action that requires one to be brave. A soldier going to war, a woman refusing to move to the back of the bus...and even the woman heading to Planned Parenthood -- These people are brave, not those that travel to chic, globally unaware conferences, or those that head to the increasingly dangerous terrain of one's local Tory Burch.

  4. I hope someone screen capped or copied that bullshit post about Google and her "hundreds of thousands" of daily readers. Arguing with this dense woman is like arguing with a wet sponge.

    And keep drinking those martinis Mary - better make them a double - because we will NOT move on and forget about the IGNORANT bullshit you spew on a daily basis. You have pissed of the WRONG reporters and women and YOU will fail, not us.

  5. wait, did she just apologise to women who were offended by her botox/abortion post AND call them failures as women for being offended?
    All in 5 or 6 sentences?

    Weirdly impressive feat, that

  6. I don't see how killing an innocent baby is brave! Taking it to full term and giving up for adoption is brave. The alternative is, well... a choice.

  7. Anon @12:41, that debate should probably be discussed elsewhere. This isn't the place to open a whole new can of worms.

  8. Julia, I'll post this in terms you can easily understand: Rein. Mary. The. Fuck. In.

    She is digging a DEEP grave for your business by posting so much uninformed, unintelligent and offensive content on a daily basis. And then she tries to defend herself which makes her (and Nonsociety) look 100 times worse. Mary "dumber than a bag of rocks" Rambin should stick to manifestos about her adventures at the local Tory Burch store, not diatribes on women's rights. Clearly.

  9. I was calling her "DUM DUM" before it was ever in fashion!

  10. My vote is screen captures all the way for every remotely controversial post. Let's have some evidence of just how little Nonsociety does actually post in "real time." The deleted and backdated posts are becoming absurd. From what I saw a ton of people reblogged Mary's defense from last night on Tumblr. Suddenly though it doesn't exist? They appear to think others are as unintelligent as they themselves seem to be.

    I'm not even going to touch the current post of Mary's. RBNS's final part of the post says it all.

    This trainwreck is wrecking exponentially harder by the day.

  11. But that's what we're doing here--capturing what they say before they can delete it. If someone wants to send us screen caps, email us.

  12. Off Topic but can I say how useless a Tumblr blog is?

  13. Absolutely you can.

    It's not that it's useless, it's just nothing that hasn't been done before. LiveJournal was letting me call a phone number and leave a voice message as an audio post on my blog in 2003. All Tumblr does is give boring hipster kids something easy to be obsessed with.

  14. I laughed out loud. Even when she's apologizing, she can't resist being nasty! "You've failed as a reporter and as a woman." Because apparently she is the arbiter of such things.

    Mary: Statements like that alienate people. Take a deep breath, have someone else read what you wrote, and THEN post. Because, for the love of God, no one is going to be satisfied with an apology that essentially is "I am really, really, really sorry if I offended you. But you're kind of a douchey loser for being offended. The end."

  15. Yet more evidence of why Julia Allison's DLD-panel pride in being a "magazine without editors" is not, in the case of NonSociety, a good thing. They so badly need someone to say, "Whoa, bunny, do you really want to post this? Maybe you should sleep on it."

  16. "For those of you who chose to use that as your headline and completely missed the real message I was trying to send, you have failed as a reporter and as a woman."

    No, fuckwit. It should read: "For those of you who chose to use that as your headline and completely missed the real message I was trying to send, you have failed as reporters and as women."

    What an illiterate bitch.

  17. I will say that I wrote a email saying that I had an abortion and was greatly offended. I believe my exact words were "blah blah blah your disgusting blah blah blab move back to houston marry up and disappear.

    Her apology seemed sincere.

    My problem was not the analogy per se, it is the fact that she really isn't all that intelligent and is a horrible, horrible writer. Her logic never comes across and she blames the reader for misinterpreting her when the real problem is that she cannot express a coherent idea.

    Not all of use are writers. That's fine. But when you write a blog for "money," then you should at least have some professionalism about what you are doing.

  18. Mary Rambin is a perfect poster child for the University of Spoiled Children.

  19. Feminists do not say that someone has "failed as a woman." Especially when said person was standing UP for women.

  20. Right. Because Mary Rambin is the official arbiter of what constitues "failing" as a woman. I know I've always looked to her on such judgments. I'm sure others of you have as well.