Monday, January 26, 2009

RB: Julia (this is the first of two longass posts)

Sigh, bunnies. We can't be with you all the time, and for that, we're sorry. Especially because we're sorely behind. So here's the first of two longass posts on what we've missed. RBNS will be back to its regular schedule this week.

Meghan: “Should we wear our DLD pins?”
Me: “Um, YEAH.”

Pink Palace from Meghan Asha on Vimeo.

Jan 24 - 2:55pm

* Me: How come all of the hotel rooms we stay in now are bigger than my apartment?
* Meghan: It's God's cruel joke.

Another Rachel Sklar (TM) photo, with YouTube founder Chad Hurley, who (coincidentially) will be here in Munich/Davos - and promised to hang with us - this week!

Rachel Sklar just sent me this amazing shot from the Google Ball with the stunning Ali Campoverdi, who works in the Obama administration.

See the rest of Rachel’s colorful/intriguing shots the Inaugural festivites here!

Jan 24 - 12:22pm

About DLD

So, what is “this DLD thing” I’m at right now?

DLD stands for Digital, Life, Design, and it’s meant to be the technology precursor to the Davos World Economic Forum (most of the conference participants take cars from Munich to Switzerland on Tuesday evening). Speakers range from Arianna Huffington to Marc Ecko to Sean Parker to Marissa Mayer - people who are doing interesting things in the digital age, be it art, music, science, design, publishing, business or high tech.

The conference is run by the largest German publisher - Hubert Burda Media. (They’re basically the Conde Nast / Hearst of Germany.) Here’s what the conference organizer told me:

We currently publish 260 magazines globally, both magazines that we completely own and magazines we publish under license in certain European and Asian markets.

Hubert Burda Media is also the largest magazine publisher in Russia as well as in Turkey (through a Joint Venture with Dogan Media)

In Germany we publish mainly weekly / biweekly and monthly magazines. A comprehensive list of all 60 magazines we publish in Germany is here.

You are probably familiar with ELLE and InStyle, maybe even Playboy ;)

FOCUS is the second largest German weekly news magazine.

BUNTE is the largest German weekly celebrity magazine.

We also own stakes in Internet companies like &, for example.

Most publications and Internet ventures will be present at the conference.

So! One of the things they offered me was an opportunity to sit down with the editor-in-chief of any of their publications. (I’m going to make a list of my top 10 in a few minutes.)

Do you guys have suggestions? What about thoughts and/or questions that you’d like me to ask on your behalf?

Email me at!

The DLD program. I am the youngest female speaker here and the second youngest speaker, period (just discovered one fellow who’s a 1982 baby), and that makes me want to vomit a little from nerves.


Resetting my MacBook’s clock.

Because I have such dysfunctional sleep patterns already, jetlag isn’t as much of a problem for me (basically, imagine yourself having jetlag constantly - that’s my life).


Meghan & I are attending a ball at the end of the week in Davos, and I wish I were wearing this gorgeous rose pleated BCBG gown, sent to me by reader Michelle Z. (thank you!!)

In fact, I love it so much I’m going to try to get it in time for Valentine’s Day …

holy wow.



“It should be illegal to charge for Internet. It should be like charging for air!”

-Julia, on our exhorbinant Internet charges

We’re paying ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THREE EUROS for three days of wireless internet access here. WTFFFFFFF?!?!

Arriving at our hotel!

Packing up the car at the Munich airport

Lufthansa Kilroy!

Checking in (and we’re on time!)

The puppy patrol this morning.

My apologies for the lack of “insightful” lifecasting today … I have so much to do before my flight for Munich leaves at 5 pm. I’ve been almost hyperventilating all day long - you know when you have so much to do, you don’t know where to start, and so you get even LESS done??? That’s the mode I’m in now.

Meghan & I will be in Munich until Tuesday evening, then we’re driving to Davos, Switzerland for the rest of the week. I’ve not yet been to either city, so this should be quite an adventure.

I can’t wait for that feeling of relief when you finally sit down in your seat on the plane and you’re like, “Well, that’s that! Nothing more I can do now!”

Meghan on a call with a potential (work out related) sponsor - yes, at 9 pm!

  • Me: Here's the thing about Alexander Marquardt ... he's like ... [thinks] ... who do we know who's a *genuinely* nice guy?
  • Meghan: Do we even know any genuinely nice guys?
  • [Silence]
  • Me: Not really, no.


  1. I work in animal rescue (that's right Julia - it IS possible to be a compassionate volunteer AND criticize you at the same time!) and I think it's absolutely horrible the way Mary Rambin and Julia Allison leave those poor dogs all the time. We get pets in like this all the time and it's fucking sad: dumb girls who get little dogs because they think it's cute and then they give them up to rescue because they're never home and the dogs are miserable. Having a dog is a huge commitment. It's as seriously harmful to their well being to drag them all over the country in an airplane as it is to take them out of their home and leave them with pet sitters. The constant upheaval and lack of routine is terrible.

  2. Thank you, Jessica!
    This is an ongoing issue I have with JA and M: jetting all over the world, partying all night, sleeping all day, leaving their pets alone mainly-when does it end? Why do they need dogs if they're sooooo busy with such jet-setting lifestyles??
    I suppose they're so selfish/lonely that they need SOMETHING to greet them at the doors of their sad little apartments when they get home from the latest party or event.
    It upsets me as someone who would love to have a dog, but who admittedly is wayyyy too busy to care for one. Like these gals, I travel a lot and go out a lot. I love dogs enough not to have one right now, as much as I wish I could have one around. apparently these two don't give a damn about their dogs' own happiness, of course.

  3. ^^^ Agreed. They also seem to really use that girl Georgie to have her take care of the dogs at a moment's notice. Notice they never talk about "the lovely Georgina" until it's time for her to take care of their mutts? Pathetic.