Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OH NOES! (Updated)

From Our Lady of Introspection's most recent Twitter posts:

Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! I don't care about the $, I just want my camera's memory card back.
Ohhhhh fuckkkkkk I lost my purse last night. Fuck!!!! Camera, wallet, but somehow I still have my cell.
It is five thousand percent too bright in here.

It's OK, bunnies:

MIRACLE!! CRISIS AVERTED!! Purse found in towncar, 14 photos of me & Chad Hurley safe. THANK GOD!


  1. Yeah, "somehow" she still has her cell phone...Priceless.

    And also, doesn't it always kinda appear that she's using her cell phone to take all of those super-awesome pictures (of herself) anyway??

    So...she doesn't have any photos of what she did AT THE FREAKIN' INAUGURATION...because she "lost" the camera...that she never seems to use anyway...?

  2. It so sucks to lose your wallet! (been there and wouldn't wish it on anyone). Who in the hell cares about a damn camera with 100 poses of yourself sticking out your chest and pursing your lips?! Oh. Right.

  3. Of course she is more devastated to lose this camera than any of us could imagine....because for Julia, the experiences of the Inauguration festivities are worth nothing if she can't broadcast them to the internet.

  4. BulimicsDoItBetterJanuary 21, 2009 at 1:26 PM

    Julia's first hangover! Everybody panic!

  5. It's so klassy when she curses like a sailor.

  6. am i to glean from this that she got trashed last night?? but JA doesn't drink!

    i feel bad for whoever finds that camera.

  7. wasn't there a big flap on NS shortly after it debuted this summer about meghan losing julia's entire hard drive worth of pictures on the subway? and there was tons of drama about it? but then somehow she still had all of her pictures of old boyfriends, birthdays, xmases, etc from every single year of her life? now there is more drama about missing pictures. i don't get it.

  8. Who the hell is Chad Hurley? I assume he's somebody that we're all supposed to know and be jealous of, considering she's dropping her name like it's important.

  9. Chad Hurley is a co-founder and CEO of YouTube.

    The silly twat probably just jumped into the frame and had one of her equally dim, famewhoring pals snap pics.

  10. Somewhere, a wincing, hungover Chad Hurley dies a little more inside...

  11. Nonsociety uses shady practices to get higher Google rankings!

    This is the link that shows the "illegal" coding:

    And THIS is where you can report this unscrupulous activity to Google:

  12. Thanks Scary Mary, that practice is despicable as are so many of the rest of their unethical "business" decisions.

    Loved your posts on their lack of disclosure on sponsored reviews. Their response to criticism on that issue is always "Trust us, we would NEVER say we liked something we didn't." Their entire business is based on undisclosed product placement. The fact that they even receive gifts and payment for products is something they've only reluctantly admitted after being repeatedly hassled about it, although like you say they still make a point of never disclosing such compensation in their product placements and advertorials disguised as "reviews."

    NSRB, how about a "sites we like" section on your sidebar? I like what ScaryMary has had to say lately and I'm sure there are some other likeminded sites to send some link love to as well? I know you did the post on other blogs with similar views but what about some permanent links? Just a thought.

  13. I said it earlier and I'll say it again -- what a vile fucking human being. She bore witness to one of the most historical events in U.S. history, and was in a city crawling with amazing sights and sounds and stories every day, and all she cares about is shooting Blue Steel photos of herself in hideous ballgowns with whatever person she thinks might help her get ahead in life.

    And this twat believes she could have been Obama's speechwriter. She would have never got past a handshake with him -- his bullshit radar is apparently finely tuned, and he hates narcissists and showboats.

    Christ she's a sick, sick girl.

  14. ineffable:
    Thank you so much for the feedback! I do appreciate it. There's Something About Mary is not my only blog, and it takes a lot of extra time to maintain it. Nice to hear you understand that it isn't just about dumbly "hating" on her. Yes there is the snark, but it's coming from somewhere deeper than just "hating" for the sake of it.

    Without giving too much away, I do reviews on one of my other sites. When doing my reviews I *ALWAYS* specify whether the product is a paid or sponsored review, or whether it is a product I am actually using and writing up for absolutely ZERO compensation in any way. I have just always found that to be the most ethical way of doing it, and if you want people to take your reviews seriously you need to show that YOU in fact take it seriously and are in general, honest with them.


    For the sake of trying to mess with Nonsociety's page views, I have linked to RBNS when I post comments shown here. But I would TOOOTALLY be willing to make a permanent list as well on my sidebar. Deal?


  15. I love this. She could have lost her wallet and all its contents but only thanks god that her photo-whoring with people more important than she is has been saved. What a crock of a human being.

  16. Ineffable: You ask, we deliver. Look to the right.

  17. RBNS,
    Awesome, thank you! I like the service around here. ; )

    Scary Mary,
    I totally agree with you about the reviews and disclosures. In the UK they are outlawing the very practice Nonsociety is based on. "Section 11 prohibits using editorial content to promote a product without indicating that the content is paid."

    Some may disagree with that but I believe people have a right to know when they are reading advertising v. editorial content. Many abide by and post ethical policies in this regard but many don't. Of course that is just one in a long list of things wrong with how NS does business in my opinion.

    Here's a story on the issue as it relates to media in the US.

    As far as this post goes, did the name Obama or the words President or historic of something of that nature make it into even one of Julia Allison's posts since she's been in DC? I don't think she once mentioned the fact that we actually got a new president or that an important and historic occasion of a monumental nature just occured, did she?.

    As someone pointed out she could be anywhere in the world and you wouldn't know it based on her posting as you get the same kissy pursed lips and chest thrust photos and no other coverage regardless of event or venue she attends. How very very telling. And sad.

  18. ineffable--no, "obama" "president" "history" never made it into any of her posts but ill put $10 that they will just as soon as she reads these comments!

  19. Her first posed photo is up and I am giving you advance warning... it offends the eyes. Oh God, does it offend the eyes.

  20. Ha, Erin I was thinking the same thing about those words possibly showing up after I commented on it.


  21. funny stuff on QOD at the moment...quick before it's deleted into the "bad bad bad commenter" black hole

  22. She has just posted more photos of herself, one in which she's doing the Blue Steel with Obama Girl, the woman who once so offended her by showing off her tits in a video. Because, you know, JULIA would never do such a thing.

  23. Her pose could not be more forced if she was doing a caricature of herself. Is she trying to become a caricature of herself? Is she finally in on the joke? Can you clear that up for us Julia? (Hi Julia! We know you read this!)

    Also, Alexander's cringing discomfort is palpable.

  24. I think it's all about her breasts. Like, all she cares about are her freegin' breasts!

    Placing her freegin' breasts in flattering, if not enhancing, positions for her Breasts Documentation Project (

  25. posting as charlise was a stroke of genius, really. hysterical.

  26. I dont know if it's a joke, but they got little kids writing on QOD now! aahhahaha

  27. RBNS: Links up on my page too!

    xoxo Scary

  28. ALERT: Gawker posted something about her stupid Tritters, and she responded via e-mail to Owen Thomas:

    8:38 PM

    @Dr.ClaytonForrester: Oh, indeed. As does this lovely email she just sent me:

    From: Julia Allison
    Date: Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 5:17 PM
    Subject: you're such a little cunt
    To: Owen Thomas

    Egoblogger? Really?

    What the fuck is wrong with you, Owen? Did your parents not love you enough?

    He posted it right in the thread! Sweet!

  29. Oh no she didn'tJanuary 21, 2009 at 8:59 PM

    OHMYGOD - she just got a picture with Jon, Obama's speech writer. KILL ME NOW. SHE DISGUSTS ME.

  30. ScaryMary,

    Margot et al. is a joke on them. You know, they got kids babysitting in new jersey and on their site makin' comments...

    Love your site and your passion!

  31. whatever it's just a photo!!! remember how many photos these people have taken these past couple of days...
    He won't remember her and if he does, he'll soon be sorry...!!

    Relax it's all going downtown

  32. ugh she's having a poll on which dress was better!

    It's just insane I need to get back to my life. It's so sad. how can her parents be proud? How can she...

  33. Hey, Oh no she didn't - if he had any interaction with her other than quick hellos, her personality is enough to drive off most sane men. Those who don't run screaming into the night from her either want something from her or are social retards.

    But she's still the same starstruck nitwit she's always been.

  34. I love when natural beauty blows away the "beauty" Julia pretends she has...

    Look at that girl Ali..and even Obama girl...! They aren't posing and their skin isnt some corpse color!!!

    Stage make-up wacko.

  35. She lifts that pink dress out to the side in every photo. It must be to "trick" the lens.

  36. she is a total FUCK-KNUCKLE

  37. Her Twatness has fucking gone off the rails. She's now posting "reader emails" about how she and the TV guy should be having babies. Mr. and Mrs. Baugher: PLEASE have an intervention. Take your daughter home. Get her therapy. No snark - I'm serious.

  38. Good find, Preston! Frankly, these days she looks like her childbearing days are over and she's going through hot flashes.

    Totally unrelated, but I just want to thank our host(s) for this site, for making sure we can observe what's going on without giving them the pageviews and also a place to comment on the inanity and share dirt. I also like the related links. I already knew about Scary Mary, Boycott NS Sponsors and the O.G. of all - Baugher, but I'm truly enjoying Trainwrecks. You might want to take a look at and see if that's worthy of being added.


  39. She is a cunt. And now thanks to Gawker, everyone knows it.


  40. Oh, but she really IS nice! She's not faking it!

    That's what she says in her intro to her blog!

    She is vile, soulless fraud, and why those parents haven't done a major intervention I will never understand.

    Her mother used to work for Nixon, Twatface has mentioned before. Imagine logging onto your kid's blog and seeing that's what she got out of the one of the most momentous inaugurations in American history? More tits and Blue Steel?

    She is a soulless fraud who needs serious help.

  41. Also, I'm glad that she posted an email (that she probably wrote herself) about how she should have babies with that guy.

    GOOD GOD, WOMAN! Have some self respect! Have you really gotten through 28 years of life -- and put in time as a dating columnist, no less -- and not figured out that that is the sort of pathetic, desperate gesture that sends men running screaming into the night?!?!

    No. No, I guess not.

  42. Also...Alex...he doesn't seem like a good bet for Julia. I'm just sayin'.

  43. Dys, are you thinking that he might be more interested in fellow CNNer Anderson Cooper?

  44. Remember when they were all going to rent that fancy apartment together since they "anticipated significant filming?"

    That was such a good one.

    And so '08.

  45. Anonymous - yes, Julia was going to live in the apartment and the others were going to work there. But strangely, that plan disappeared without a word of acknowledgment from our dear bunnies.

    Their motto: You cannot be a failure if you never admit you failed.

  46. Mona -- It's always such a wonderful thing when deserving people fail.

  47. Mona:

    I remember that quest for their live/workspace well. In fact they made it seem as if they'd leased a beautiful, huge place, that if I remember right allowed JA to once again name drop some celebrity for some reason, then never mentioned it again.

    Oh and Nonsociety Motto # 2: You cannot have an unethical, shady, sloppy, business if you never acknowledge or admit to your unethical, shady, sloppy practices nor leave up any comments that bring them to light. Right?

  48. Oh no she didn'tJanuary 22, 2009 at 1:08 AM

    Dear RBNS: You totally rock. Thank you for providing this wonderful and most needed community service.

  49. I am sure Chad Hurley's wife appreciates countless pictures of Julia Allison drunkenly cuddling up to him in the back of a town car. Care to tell us WHY your purse got left there, Julia?

    She is truly disgusting.