Tuesday, January 27, 2009

QOD: Bwah!

UPDATE: The word has been corrected rather swiftly and the offending comment has been deleted, yessir. Somebody get Charlsie a cookie!


What makes someone approachable verses not approachable?


for christ sake could you spell "versus" correctly? someone should be embarrassed.

Ed. note: You could try "unapproachable." Also, this is getting worse and worse each day.


  1. The best 'able' word to use for the QOD, and by extension, their site is reproachable.

  2. Who cares what makes someone approachable? And how does this contribute to the discourse on how to "Live Differently"? How about just approach who interests you or smile at people to encourage an approach from them? The poor intern/s. I fear they may crack under the strain.

  3. if they have botox all over their face

  4. They deleted my comment: "Non-botoxed faces."

  5. It just gets better and better. I'd site Roe verses Wade to prove my point, but I'm not sure how to work that in.

  6. They couldn't even do the courtesy of leaving the comment that clued them in on their miserable spelling? I like how they show their gratitude.

    At least this comment is still up on TMI.

    "Kasey is not some fringe freak. I think I can speak for her and many others - a lot of people have legitimate critiques of the overall message these girls are sending.

    An open letter to Mary, Julia and Meghan: We're not some sad Internet trolls - we're wives, mothers, career women, friends and volunteers. We take offense that you reinforce some very damaging and negative stereotypes here and on your blogs. You want to be taken seriously but when you get any heat for the things you say, you tell people to "lighten up" it's just "fluffy entertainment." We're former fans that have been let down by your once promising web business. You had and continue to have amazing access and opportunities yet you squander them for spectacle. You make a mockery of other female web entrepreneurs. You promised a message of "living differently" but you continue to perpetuate a sad stereotype. You make excuses and don't fulfill your promises. You squash and block out negative feedback instead of listening to the people who care enough to comment or raise the level of discourse. You had so much promise and now you're a sad Internet joke. Is that what you set out to do? Is this what you want to be? Are you accomplishing the goals you set out to accomplish when you launched your venture?"

  7. take that BIATTTCH From Gawker:

    Sorry, ladies: We're told Jon Favreau, Barack Obama's 27-year-old single speechwriter, now has a girlfriend. With ample clearance.

    Favreau used to have trouble convincing potential dates he actually had gainful employment, with Barack Obama. They just didn't believe him, and wouldn't give the poor kid the time of day out on the lonely campaign trail. Now that the former Kerry staffer is on the inside, in the Obama White House, he'll "get laid as often as he wants," as former Time columnist Ana Marie Cox put it.


  8. The liveblog (http://www.dld-conference.com/2009/01/telling-stories.php) of her panel is awesome! Julia clearly got a little defensive about us haters, and the liveblogger was not buying into her bullshit. Awesome.

    My favorites: "I am sorry, I am not asking for your opinion" but by putting it up people assume --JA

    # we talk a lot about the lack of manors # there is this period of chaos when there are not yet rules in place # she does not have comments because she does not like anonyous comments # until we have real names and accountability it will not stop --JA

    ... got tons of feedback she claims you would not have had if that would have been a third person account --liveblogger

    young women need to know it is possible - my success does not come at the expense of you --JA

    (Just my two cents: when your "success" includes encouraging younger women to develop an inflated obsession with their looks and "health," it is coming at their expense, bitch. Maybe instead of constantly tearing yourselves and others down, you could use your site as a platform for encouraging women to believe that anything is possible, but as it is, you are setting us all back.)

  9. Oh my God their offensive bullshit is so tiring! And there are easy programming ways to get around people not being able to post anonymous comments but Julia rushed the launch of the website to coincide with her Wired cover (from which she received zero "bounce") so their site sucks and doesn't work and they are now "too busy" to fix it. Just another example of their horribly over inflated egos wanting everything to come easy for them. No hard work. No sacrifice. Silly girls playing "let's start a business" and then not putting in the time it takes to be a success.

    And Julia, every "success" you have had is from perpetuating an awful and offensive stereotype. You have risen to "fame" by shoving your tits out for photos with people more connected than you, not by being a smart, hardworking woman that earns her success the hard way. You took the easy way up and it's coming back to bite you in the ass. It's so incredibly sad and offensive that you actively work to set women back. Believe me - we're not jealous of you. At all. We're saddened and offended by your disgusting behavior. Your mother is an intelligent woman - what does she think of your demeaning antics?

    I also appreciate Jessalyn's comment over on TMI (posted above). It's too tedious to even watch their shows anymore and I usually get brushed off as a crazy freak when I try to comment over there, but they DO leave up comments so it's worth your time to voice your overall grievances over there. At least someone from Next New Networks will see it and perhaps give a second thought to keeping these offensive women around.

  10. Julia's "presentation" on NS at DLD (live blog says this):

    Julia Allison
    Traditional media background. Now working at Nonsociety which is a Lifecasting company.
    What's lifecasting? 3 girls sharing their everyday dating, tech and fashion experiences with a wide online network of friends.

    Lunch table conversation
    Soap opera without directors
    Reality show without producers
    Magazine without editors
    is liveblogging from her iphone during the presentation of the video

  11. Don't want to get you bunnies all excited, but I went over and peeked at NS (First time in days and days, I swear it), and THERE ARE PHOTOS OF JULIA ALLISON RIDING A GOLDEN PENIS SIDESADDLE & BAREFOOT. I swear I am not making this up.

  12. Well now, Dy, it would not be an event without Julia there to make a spectacle of herself, this time riding a mechanical bull in a dress. Nope. Not improper at all. I am sure this is why all of her peers take her SO seriously. Look at all the horrified onlookers. She is an INSULT to actual web entrepreneurs. It makes me sick.

    Care to leave a comment on Julia's involvement with DLD? You can do so here:



    J[ULIA]: we talk a lot about the lack of manors

    there is this period of chaos when there are not yet rules in place

    she does not have comments because she does not like anonymous comments

    until we have real names and accountability it will not stop


    talked about her own experience with bulemia in telling that in first person experience and got tons of feedback she claims you would not have had if that would have been a third person account

  15. question from the audience to Julia: with growing popularity and power, how do you plan to use that to get ahead in life or have more things than getting better at sex?

  16. I think her "riding" that golden bean is just insane embarrassing. What impression is she after?

    NS Mantra

    "When all else fails, remind the men in the room about sex."

  17. The DLD comments on storytelling are good. Accountability, baby.

  18. There's a summary of the morning panels vid!

  19. Does anyone else thinks that when JA talks about the need for commenter "accountability" she really just wants to be able to identify her detractors so she can (literally or figuratively) pull them by the scruff and shout expletives at them? There is something shocking to me about someone who has pursued fame ruthlessly, even at the cost of becoming an object of public derision, not yet being inured to criticism.

  20. Dyspeptic--I couldn't resist taking a peek after hearing about our lady riding mechanical male members--even thought I might be being had. Nope. There's JA, shoes off and toes a gleamin', riding a golden love shaft to ecstasy much to, I would assume, the shock of onlookers. She's also posted snaps of Lady Gaga in extreme fetish wear. The pics resemble the removed snaps of the porn convention at CES, only more outre. I thought the former Ms. Baugher had an agent or a "communications advisor" or somebody to tell her not to make an ass of herself. Again.

  21. http://video.dld-conference.com/watch/0ibY9Qx

    she speaks about nothing! Fashion, what we eat, and where we're going tonight!

    I bet it was revolutionary...because it's NOT blogging; it's LIFECASTING.

    Go stick the microphone up your ass like Mary.

  22. Absolutely, Regina. We see this every time Julia Allison has a freak out bitch fest at every Gawker writer that dares mention her in an unflattering way. She's a spoiled brat who wanted fame but did not understand that it comes at a steep price. She's been slowly coming to that realization this year and has completely gone delusional, and it's not pretty.

    Speaking of Gawker, I've been enjoying the subtle way they've been taking old and tired Julia out with the trash by focusing on a fresh new crop of younger and prettier fameballs. That must drive her insane, hence the expletive-laced tirades at Owen over his recent jabs.

  23. i had a friend in high school who used to check your outfit up and down when you walked in to school. it was so annoying. seems like something mary would do = unapproachable.

  24. Every move Julia Allison makes advance her "career" only serves to make her look ten times worse. Can you imagine being at this conference full of REAL entrepreneurs and visionaries and listening to a silly girl in red tights talk about blogging like it's something ground breaking and then trotting out some tired old bulimia story like she's discussing an issue of Cosmo? She makes herself look like a huge unprofessional joke... what are these sponsors and conference organizers thinking?? It seems like she would have burned enough bridges to be a complete social pariah by now but she keeps getting access and invites to things that are completely beyond her professional reach. How is this possible??

  25. LOL @ James... yes, yes and yes.

    Also, these publicly-aired expletive-laced bitchfests (which aren't even limited to Gawker, see: her post on Mary's resolutions/lack thereof, multiple Charles Forman wahwahs, etc etc) kinda throw a major wrench in her "yeah I'm really that nice" mask, no? Hahahahaha

  26. Preston it's really just as well. In the first place, conferences/events like to invite any/most of the press they can "legitimize". JA is legitimized by bad press, but unless it's something very, very serious, NS would be let through. It isn't a problem that she gets the access/invites, her coverage thus far for what she's gained access to CANNOT be sufficient for those who gave her the "golden tickets". A big thing is that, when people grant you such things and you don't deliver, you're cut off in the future. Someone mentioned that JA will talk up something big, or gloat endlessly about something she's attended or be completely MUM about it if she didn't end up going. As far as the audience is concerned, there's no real "reporting" going on at whatever she attends, just tons of pictures of her "experiencing" it - and hardly, at that. Purely superficial, insignificant fluff that's more appropriate for a personal blog than something someone is trying to pass of as a "business". The invites are going to dry up once people realize nothing truly comes out of it.

  27. Julia's "I'm really a nice person" line is a huge lie, just like her "I'm so misunderstood online, if you met me in person you'd really really like me" line. Um, Julia? Your entire career is based on who you present yourself to be online. Why then exactly would not not put your best face forward (no pun intended) or present yourself in the most honest way? I think she really did assume people would just gobble her up and when they were revolted by the image she presented she didn't know what to do, so she lashes out in the most immature and ugly way possible.

    So, dear readers, does anyone actually have a first-person account of meeting or interacting with The Pink One? Is she really a nice person like she claims, or it is all pink smoke and full-length vanity mirrors?

  28. Thanks for the link, Melissa Sue! But I had to stop reading when Julia was described as having a "traditional media background." How pathetic and delusional this almost 30 y.o. woman is!

    Stitching together blurbs for TONY and that freebie that most people toss onto the subway tracks, after being busted for plagiarism is NOT a "traditional media background."

    How do people fall for this bullshit?

  29. Apropo of nothing, and everything: "You can’t take something off the Internet - it’s like taking pee out of a pool"

  30. James--I attended Georgetown with Julia Baugher Allison and was forced to spend senior semester with her in a class on celebrity of all things. When Baugher managed to show up, usually arriving in her porno skirt in mid January and 20 minutes late, she attempted to monopolize the class. Baugher would mention her then idol Paris Hilton at every opportunity, in between speaking gibberish about race or class that was often from a far right perspective and intended to shock. By the end of the semester, it appeared that every student in the class of, I think, around 60, loathed her . . . with exception of some husky guy that she flirted with and the proverbial dumb blonde, GU's version of Mary Rambin. Oh, and when Baugher sashayed across the stage during graduation, the place went suddenly quiet. You could hear a pin drop. I could go on and on and on . . .

  31. Anonymous 10:33.
    I think it's less complicated than that. I figure that Randi Zuckerberg called Julia to say "Sorry, bunny, I won't be able to make it for the birthday party YOU are trying to plan for US." Then had to listen to a bunch of whining from poor JA about not being able to ride on Randi's coattails (and $$). I think one of them then had a brainstorm: how about if instead Randi gets JA an invite to the conference Mark and her are attending; just make a couple of calls and JA'll be in, all expenses paid. "Aren't we such clever little bunnies?!"

  32. It's disgusting the way Julia Allison gloms onto Mark Zuckerberg and Randi Zuckerberg. What does she contribute to that friendship at all, besides riding their more accomplished and more moneyed coattails? She just looks like a desperate little mooch, just like with all her other "friendships." I don't understand why so many other successful and accomplished people oblige her. They don't need her and she only tarnishes their image. When will Julia's gravy train run out?

    Anon 11:38... great little tidbit on Julia Baugher's time at Georgetown. I'd love to hear more stories like these. It just proves my point above about what an outcast she must really be, even though she likes to present the image that she's so "in."

  33. She's basically a shameless stalker who gloms onto the names/ideas of other people with actual accomplishments and pretends she has something to do with it all. She drops the lingo (even if she doesn't understand it), she fawns, she assumes, she's loud and insistent (and fast, so the flashbulbs are going off before anyone really has a chance to say "I'd rather not".) She's not much more than a really determined autograph hunter of pre-internet days and her notoriety is only possible because of how simple it is to create a vanity blog. She realized back in the day that tech boys were young, socially awkward, had money, and would be easily dazzled by her "slutty schoolgirl" persona. She followed the money, and, infuriatingly got dumped by no less than one of the uber geeks, Jakob Lowdick! How dare he. So she stalks him (and Charles Forman) and disses them and blathers on and on about what jerks they were to poor widdle Julia. Vom.

  34. Oh God is anyone reading snobby Mary's replies to QoD? It's like she's her own troll.

  35. Anon @ 12:11

    Who can really tell the difference between the real Mary/Julia/Charlsie and the parodies?

    Kind of sad when it's not always possible to know which posts are real and which are not.

  36. If you look at that transcript, it's embarrassingly obvious how much Julia dominated that conversation. Everyone else said one bullet, she said five (on every single topic). She's up there with three way more accomplished and interesting people, shut up for five fucking seconds. Talk about manners.

  37. These comments are GOLD. I wish there was a better way to archive them according to individual topics and create a big compilation of opinions in some way to present them to potential NS sponsors.

  38. Preston said Can you imagine being at this conference full of REAL entrepreneurs and visionaries and listening to a silly girl in red tights talk about blogging like it's something ground breaking and then trotting out some tired old bulimia story like she's discussing an issue of Cosmo?

    To this, I would like to add that she is a silly girl in red tights talking about blogging like it's ground breaking, and then posting to her twitter about how google and youtube are kind of not ground breaking (http://twitter.com/juliaallison/status/1148690614). Awesome.

    @NonEntity: I live to send links to JA related media that is not on NonSociety! :)

    @ James: I've been reluctant in the past to tell how I know JA (seeing as I am using my real name), but here's my scoop: I worked alongside her for about a month back in 2005. When I met her, I didn't know that she was an infamous "Internet celebrity." All I knew was that she took every opportunity available to tell me how successful she was and attempt to make me feel like shit (which wasn't difficult because I was going through a very tough time in my life). After 5 minutes of talking to me, she wrote me off and proceeded to look at me and treat me like I didn’t matter for the rest of our unpleasant time together. I remember once trying to teach her how to do one of our tasks at work and she basically told me not to bother wasting her time because she didn’t “do” work. And, she was right. She rarely showed up to work and, when she did, she did very little. Extremely frustrating because at the time I was working my ass off and going on 3 or 4 interviews/week trying to find a better job. My lasting impression of her was that she was a spoiled, lazy bitch. And reading her blog for the past few years hasn’t changed that at all.

    I am interested to know how many others have had similarly unpleasant experiences with her.

  39. These girls need to find God.