Tuesday, January 20, 2009

RB: Julia and balls

BREAKING: Yes, that was the dress.

Partying w/ @shiralazar and @aubs

Holy shit.

Watching will i am perform. Wow.

Watching DL Hughey do his thang at the huff post ball


  1. Oh no she didn'tJanuary 20, 2009 at 6:36 AM

    why do you sleep rebloggingnonsociety? There is much to do in the world...

  2. Where's the pictures with her stunningly attractive date? Or did she get stood up?

    And love the JA twitter posted on Gawker. Mistaken for whores...that says it all.

  3. Does she realize how stupid that pose makes her look??

    Also, it says SO much about her superficial black heart that she'd take Dan to the inauguration but the "better looking" guy to the photo opp balls and galas.

  4. Can she please cease with the urban "I'm down with it" speak when covering anything related to African American people? Please? It's quite condescending.

  5. Julia Allison and Mary Rambin are some of the most racially tone deaf people I have ever had the pleasure to be offended by. Did you see Mary's incredibly offensive "I have a PC dream" post? Why waste your energy complaining about what's on the outside (botched fillers, bad hair, etc.) when there is so much to loathe about their incredibly ugly insides.

  6. All Julia, all the time? Totes BLERGH, y'all! I miss my Scary Mary Rambin posts! In the past few days she's:
    - defended her cut rate cosmetic procedures (by basically saying that since everyone else does it it's okay if she does to so shut up already you jealous haters). Memo: they just make you look worse. And older.
    - posted about her sister (it's cute when she speaks directly to her, like she thinks Leven Rambin actually reads her blog)
    - admitted she's too lazy (or dumb) to complete a simple task like posting Facebook pictures
    - worked out! shocking!
    - tried a new hairdryer. This blogging stuff is HARD, y'all!!
    - watched football hung over on Sunday after a Saturday night bender. Memo: you are not 22. Stop drinking like one. It's aging you... badly. Also, you are not cool or unique because you are a girl who watches football.
    - posted unflattering pictures of herself, because she's SO REAL (see above about premature aging)

  7. anon @ 9:16,

    She can't help it - she's just a wigga!

  8. What a starstruck dope she is. Almost 30 and just about peeing (in her old lady nightgown that she wore to the party) each and every time someone even remotely famous is in the vicinity.

    One reason of MANY that she will never, ever be A-list, or even D-list.