Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 28 - 2:30pm

UPDATE: This post has now been deleted. Not sure why.

UPDATE 2: Sorry, the post has NOT been deleted; rather it has been "corrected" to be posted in what Julia calls "real time"--in other words, she has backdated it to Jan 27, 2:30pm.

With the most famous fashion blogger in Germany! Here’s the interview she did with me on Tuesday afternoon. Yes, it’s in German. Sorry!


  1. Ha! The twit is even getting dissed in GERMAN! Wow.


  2. is she wearing the same outfit she wore the other day? or is this old? way to blog in "real time" Julia.


    "I am a media personality," replied Julia Alison on the question of a journalist after her intentions, her life publicly on Nonsociety with us to share. Together with Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin, she is a pioneer in the field of Life Casting by blogging, photographing and video shoot what keeps the stuff.

    Juliet Topic: Dating. No wonder that they are living in New York as a single woman living the Carrie Bradshaw is seen (see cream cake factor article from the Tagesspiegel).

    Starting Julia Alison has classic as a journalist, got her column in the New York Post, in which they deal with the whole world summed up their dates, and then suddenly the possibilities of the Internet, a professional online identity to be. The fact that it not only brings cheering sympathizers, is obvious. But rarely have I (besides Mark Zuckerberg) seen someone who learned his trade so well understands, just like Julia.

    You yourself said you did it to some degree himself in the hand, which details the places where you placed. Julia sees himself as a kind of voice of today's female generation (born'82). The fact that they are trivial issues such as men and fashion in addition to views on their role as a woman in terms of policy and self-perception with us, submit it to the first module for virtual friendship. True to the motto: Sharing sorrow is half sorrow.

    It succeeds the Grande Dame of self marketing and splendidly so far this gets it from me the price of the "Most Charming American Entrepreneurette 2009". More about her great talk at the DLD panel "Telling Stories" finds her in the live blog.

    After much input, we drew her answers to questions that remained open - to dress, designers and other Favorites: (YouTube video)

    I realize that an automated translation isn't exactly the most reliable, but did she tell this person that she writes or wrote for the NEW YORK POST?????? Fucking LIAR!

  4. Thankfully this is all HERE, as the moron deleted it from her site. AGAIN. I'm dizzy from all their global deletions.

  5. This article and the claim that she writes or wrote for the NY Post need to go into the NonSociety FAQ, just to show what a chronic LIAR she is.

    No person or business should ever trust these people.

  6. New pics are posted & I know for a fact that Jeff Jarvis thinks she's a fool. For A Fact.

  7. We need to start taking screen caps of her posts, so that we can prove that she's backdating and therefore LYING to her readers, as well as potential sponsors and advertisers.

  8. Not to defend Julia Allison, is entirely possible that the German fashion blogger or the online translation cruncher got it wrong. Fair's fair.

  9. Well, she's definitely over. It's all about the I-banker Girls now:


  10. man, I gotta say, that outfit is so bad, not on "business attire" terms, but on common sense terms.

  11. Dyspeptic is right. That was my initial thought too. I'm sure it was a mistake...

    HOld your horses! ahha

  12. That may be, but I think she's delusional and enough of a liar to say that.

    I just wasted 5 minutes (that I'll NEVER get back!) watching the video with this interview, and one of the best whoppers is when she said: "I'm a media personality."

    Oh really, Ms. Baugher? When was the last time you were on TV? Could it be that at least part of the reason you lost your "Star" gig was that the people at the cable news networks so thoroughly loathe you and didn't want to book you on their shows anymore? Funny how your immediate predecessor Jill Dobson was able to parlay that "job" into something more substantial, but you failed at it.

  13. I remembered this old tidbit, when she not only LIED about being a writer at the Washington Post, but used that to get out of paying for fruit at a hotel:

    "Baugher appears to be an expert on personal agendas. Last July, Post financial reporter Frank Ahrens bumped into her in the lobby of West Hollywood’s Mondrian Hotel. Ahrens was minding his own business when he heard a young woman at the hotel’s front desk haggling over her bill. “Seven dollars for half a grapefruit?!” she complained, according to Ahrens’ account.

    Ahrens says that the woman then proceeded to identify herself as a columnist for the Post and warned the clerk that it would be best to keep the hotel’s name out of the Post.

    “My head swiveled at that,” says Ahrens via e-mail. So Ahrens took her aside and asked her what her name was. He didn’t recognize the byline, but Baugher told him she’d been picked to be a columnist for the Washington Post Co.’s free daily tabloid, the Express. Ahrens warned her against using the Post’s name for personal gain, “whatever it might be.”

    Dan Caccavaro, Editor of Express, says the paper had never made an offer to Baugher. “We talked about the possibility of her writing for us at some point. It was really preliminary,” says Caccavaro.

    Baugher’s recollection of the hotel grapefruit confrontation differs from Ahrens’ in one key respect: She insists she invoked the universally feared Hoya, not the Post, in her discussion with the clerk. “I’ve found that people are much nicer when you tell them that you’re going to write something favorable about the hotel,” she says.

    Nor is she surprised that she turned some heads that day. “I was wearing a very short skirt, so it’s hard to miss,” she says."

    more on the same incident: