Saturday, January 17, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 17 - 2:16am

Who said JAB can't be self-deprecating? See!

Video Skyping with Meghan & Megan.

  • Me: Why am I so excited to talk to you guys?!? I talk to you every day!!
  • [pause]
  • Me: Guys? You there?


  1. And this is, exactly?

  2. It's just more empty crap to try to prove to unsuspecting sponsors and advertisers that they're SOOO "Web 2.0" and down with the tech, YO. Snooze. Millions of people use the same BASIC tech Meghan Asha, Julia Allison and Mary Rambin are using on Nonsociety. Nothing new. Nothing groundbreaking. More empty content to prop up their shell of a website that props up their lifestyle. What's funny is that their content is actually getting WORSE. As Julia would say... "blergh."