Friday, January 30, 2009

An update from Our Lady herself.

She's so excited to be back in the land of Internet, she just took a moment to post this:


How I’ve missed you. We haven’t had access in two days, and we’ll have spotty access until we get home on Sunday, so excuse us for our intermittent updates until then.

Yes, please, excuse them. Actually, can you stay in that spotty access land forever, Jules?


  1. Oh how convenient that she posts this after people have been swamping QotD with complaints about the lack of Davos coverage and input from Jules and Megs!

    Does she really think people are that dumb?

  2. Fucking straight up Liar.

  3. HA HA HA. She must think her readers are as stupid as she is. Yep - I am sure Julia and Meghan were in that one spot in all of Davos that didn't have Internet. EVERY other attendee managed to email, blog and twitter except for these two. Riiiiiight.

    You're right Julia - there probably isn't a very good wifi signal in that rock that you're living under.

  4. Aww, Jules, we know the real problem is that you're spending all your time primping for your patented NonSociety ManSandwich (TM) photo ops at the oh-so-famous Davos piano bar.

    Cleavage? check.

    Makeup? check.

    Headband? check.

    Pursy lips? double check.

  5. Dyspeptic, you forgot:

    "Married Dude? Check."

  6. Translation:

    Internet!!!I can't wait to be back in a place where you do not have to have a "badge" to reach you. I think you should be free but they wanted us to pay for you, and I said WTF? I'll just blog technical difficulties and fix everything when I get back