Friday, January 16, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 16 - 7:39pm

Julia, is this the best you can do with your lifecasting? I mean, this new post is such a bore:

Where’s the Monster dog been hiding?!?

She’s super-shaggy and in dire need of a fur cut (at least aesthetically) … but I don’t really want to give her one now, because that coat keeps her warm! I may wait until March. Of course, by then, she’ll be half fur, half dog. But that could be amusing.


  1. ATTN All:

    Cisco has posted their response to our complaints on their site:

    What do you think? They say NonSociety was never sponsored by Cisco. Hmmm. Funny that the girls kept referring to the fact that they were so busy making content for sponsors they had no time for their site. Something's not jiving.

  2. My personal opinion:

    To quote Barack Obama: "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig."

    Whether or not money was exchanged between NonSociety and Cisco is overshadowed by the fact that a very reputable company - one that has such a huge market on our daily lives whether we realize it or not - is associating with and using NonSociety as a marketing tool.

  3. They said they employed (didn't they?) the girls so it's just semantics. They were paid to make the videos for Cisco. Cisco calls is employed, NS calls it sponsor because that probably sounds better than saying they were hired to do the videos.

  4. I think it means that I will avoid all Cisco products/services, as well as urge those I know in tech jobs to do so as well. Cisco obviously has very poor judgment skills.

  5. Cisco is riding both sides of this fence. Admiting they did not sponsor the girls---it's not our fault--they also admitted they employed them. Difference: contractural agreements. They also stated they 'might' be posting the videos that were shot--with the warning that they will not be posting personal comments about the girls but they will post comments on content. This is called testing the waters, somewhere, someone sits in a room and says, should we use the tapes? We'll get shitloads of traffic, but ... yeah, the real executive finishes the sentence correctly. There's the real sundance challenge----- bitches!!!