Monday, January 12, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 12 - 8:46pm

More conversational wit and witticism from Our Lady, bunnies:

* Me: I just want a couch like THAT! [gestures towards giant L shaped couch in Palazzo suite]
* Megan Alagna: Yeah! It's super wide so you could have sex on it.
* Me: Uh ... I wasn't thinking sex. I was thinking naps.
* Megan Alagna: I was thinking sex, because I haven't had it in six months.
* Me: HA.
* Megan Alagna: Then again, you haven't had a nap in six months.
* Me: This is so very true.


  1. Their producer isn't professional at all, either. No wonder this became a trainwreck. That's what happens when you are surrounded by enablers with no business sense.

    My vote is that Mary will be the first one out. Meghan is a pleaser. She wants to make everything peachy even when it is going horribly awry.

  2. Dorothy Parker is rotating in her narrow grave.

  3. Mary has a temper and doesn't like being pushed around, as she demonstrated during the delightful New Year's resolution catfight. She hates, hates, hates the costumes, the bows, the headbands, the goo-goo girlyness of The Universe According to JA. Sooner or later, she's bound to blow.

  4. it will probably be something like this:

    M: julia i'm starting to think going to a porno conv. during ces was a bad idea.

    J: shut up B****!!

    M: i'm sick of your crap julia, we havent made a dollar. we are actually in more debt (to our parents) now then when we started.

    J: i know how to fix this, we will go to the inouguration and try to take pics of or with famous people. and then we will say how 'So NS' inougurations are.

    M: how will that help the 'bussiness'

    J: ummm... pictures of me in a dress will make everybody jealous of how happy i am.

    M: i think me and meghan are going to start our own site with the numa numa guy and that leave britney alone guy. and this time i get to be the oprah....sorry.

    J: fine B**** i'll just replace you with lillydog and a box of frago mints

    end scene.

    J: I'M HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

    ok, end scene for real. lol

  5. It grieves me to point out that the above dialogue is one that Our Lady would imagine to be a creative contribution to a SATC episode--or, quelle horreur--to the screenplay she has resolved to write this year. Just guessing, but I expect said screenplay will involve 3 crazy feisty girlfriends and their crazy digital Manhattan lives.

  6. lol, i am laughing to hard to remind you that it is TM "Frango" mints, soon to be announced as a sponsor of the NS Inaugural Coverage.

  7. oops make that "too" hard. Channeling Mary Rambin here.

  8. Why does she post those fucking boring, uninteresting, unfunny conversations as though she is a storied wit. It is bizarre. Jesus she is delusional.