Thursday, January 15, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 15 - 5:34pm

Julia feels special today, because some dimwit has been tricked into going on a date with her. And he's sending her a chariot!


Taping a podcast with Jules about sex. We have a few things to say on that topic. Well, if you give us a forum and a topic, we’ll talk your ear off. Shocking, right.

We’ve been on the phone doing this fun interview about sex & dating (it feels like we’re just chatting with a girlfriend), after taping our next four TMIweekly episodes from 12-4 pm.

On my agenda tonight? 1) Cleaning my apartment 2) The Gym 3) A date!

He’s sending a car. I feel very special.


  1. Her hair really does look awesome. Notice JA never blogged a single word about her BFF's dramatic makeover when she pretty much blogs when all of them have bowel movements? Telling. It hurts to no longer be the hot one.

  2. I totally agree. I really like Mary - sure she gets up to stuff that I don't agree with - but at least she is honest about who she is and what she wants to do. She doesn't dress herself up as some intellectual like JA. I am TOTALLY team Mary. She is sweet and not a snob (I have sent her a couple of emails and she responds right away).


  3. Mary used to bother me, but as time has gone on I she's become the most entertaining of the three. She dispenses the most original content and has even started to win Baugher over. That, my friend, is something to brag about.

    And loathe or like her, you can't deny that Mary is very good on camera and could have a successful "fashion talking head" career outside of Nonsociety. The Today Show/The View segments, etc.

  4. God I hate Julia's fingers. Sausage fingers creep me out.

  5. Oh! God!
    Yes, the weirdly-pudgy fingers!
    I beleive her when she says she's bulimic. I dis-believe her that it's over. The water retention that comes with foreced-barfing.
    Poor monkey.

  6. He's probably sending a car because he is embarassed to be seen picking you up.

    And Julia, holy Muppet fingers batman!

  7. Mary Rambin now has grownup hair, and looks the best she ever has on teh internets. Julia Allison, on the other hand, still has little-girl locks that would look right at home at a birthday party in the American Girl doll store.

    That will be $130, please.

  8. The bloat is a definite sign of bulimia, and some days she is very, very bloaty.

    What a loon. Jesus, woman, get some therapy.

  9. I think JA has shiny hair, but who cares when you're that repellent in personality? In general, she has tumbled downhill, looks-wise, after getting fired from Star.