Saturday, January 17, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 17 - 1:28am

This post starts with an embed of Lady Gaga's Just Dance. The rest of the post is just too rich for words:

I was walking Lilly after my date tonight (around 11:45 pm) and couldn’t figure out why there were so many people walking around. Then I realized it was Friday night.


Anyway, here’s my latest favorite “Putting on Your Makeup, Getting Ready to Go Out on a Friday Night (If You Even Realize It’s Friday, that is)” song.

Only question I have? Why is it that singers give themselves shout outs? It’s so weird! What if I started every column like, “Bad dating texts suck. Julia Allison! Men shouldn’t text retarded combos of letters and numbers. JU-LI-A AL-LI-SON!!!”



  1. Why is the poofy one imagining herself to be at the center of raps that do not exist? Why is this one not home washing the clown makeup off and vowing to never let Bello the Clown do her face again? This website never ceases to confuse me. And now I hear that Julia is being pimped out by her publication. Does this make her a prostitute with a bloated face?

  2. Julia has now deleted this post...and I like that Lady Gaga song!

  3. love this site; love wht yore doing! keep it up

  4. Now here's a puzzlement: what would make Her Twatness delete THIS particular post? It is no more NonSensical than many of her posts (see: inane dialogue snippets above). Why would this one embarrass her upon reflection? My Julia Allison scholarship is not supplying me with possibilities, and I would appreciate any theories as I prepare to defend my PHD.

  5. I imagine because she used the word retarded. Not exactly pc when you are using your site to tout for business.