Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, it's apparent that the Trio of Banality backdates blog posts on a regular basis. Going forward, we'll be able to keep more accurate tabs on these shenanigans, but if you look at the post below, you'll see that many of those entries listed were backdated or altered. And it's not just Our Lady of Introspection! The Handmaiden of Tragic Rebounds (Meghan) has gotten into the game. See the comments in our previous post for chronicles of backdating.

Here's the thing: Why backdate posts? If you have something to say, don't you want you readers to, um, read it? That's hard to do when readers don't realize you've posted something new because it's backdated. So that leads us to believe that backdating has something to do with the way they want to be perceived, not by readers, but by advertisers or potential sponsors. Is it coincidence that many of Julia's backdated posts have references to Kodak? Or that Meghan's backdated posts are all the techie product "reviews" she should have done at CES? It's all about image. But maybe--just maybe--this little house of cards is going to tumble?


  1. Yup, this is clearly an effort to put together another promo package that will make it look as if they gave CES serious real time coverage when of course they did anything but. I had to laugh when one commenter over on QOTD said they still didn't know what kind of company Cisco was or what kind of products it make. Me neither!

  2. I think they backdate because of their retarded ass layout. I notice on their feed things get published in reverse order than they appear on the page. I think they're trying to make website readers view content left to right when their blogs probably publishes right to left, because it's a blog. But here they go trying to live differently on the web. Those crazy gals.

  3. Also the new zappos posts on Julia's blog which are slightled backdated....all those photos/events at zappos took place months ago. they are trying to court them as a new sponsor.

  4. Complaining on this blog is not going to get you anywhere. If you are angry at how dishonestly Julia Allison, Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin run their shady "business" then you should let the sponsors know. Here are just a few of the sponsors and companies they associate with. Why not let them know how you feel about their shoddy behavior?

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