Friday, January 16, 2009

RB: Julia, Jan 16 - 6:55pm

Do you think the Tumblr boys sit around patting each other on the back because Our Lady of Introspection is "so, so proud" of them? Because she is. This post proves it:

Introducing: Tumblr v5 from David Karp on Vimeo.


Introducing: Tumblr v5

I am SO proud of the team for pulling this together. I’m incredibly lucky to be working with you guys :)

Congratulations to David and the entire Tumblr team. This product just blows my mind. I’m so, so proud of you guys.


  1. Christ I saw this. Her fondness for public ass-kissing really knows no bounds. Even they all think she's an obsequeious idiot -- why hasn't she figured it out?

  2. Also, do you suppose they can make the trio's blogs go back to being vertical again? Because that's worked out SO well.

  3. Don't you think it's embarrassing for the Karp and Co to have JA proud of them?

  4. Reflected glory. Also, a bit like a dog marking its territory.

  5. Dude, JA and Karp really good friends. Everyone who knows them knows they genuinely like each other and spend time together. You can hate on her, but that's not a fake relationship.