Friday, January 16, 2009

xoxo, your tweetness

RBNS is on Twitter, bunnies! We bet someone is not going to be happy we got this username:


  1. Sweet. You can ReTwitter their Tweets!

  2. I would think that a self-proclaimed "tech geek" (*cough* Meghan *cough*) would have thought about, oh, maybe claiming their name on Twitter?

  3. OMG I love it! Funny they didn't have the foresignt to register accounts under nosociety in a variety of social networkds. But like the comment below says they don't even have a mission statement so why should I be surprised about the rest of it.

    On a side note I was looking at QOTD (I avoid their "lifestreams" for the most part but QOTD can be too funny to pass up) and there is an awesome comment on there. It may be deleted soon but here's an excerpt [I edited out parts for brevity]. It was by "Rachel D":

    "I don't understand what the business is to begin with. None of what I've seen here, save for some of Meaghan's tech writeups, seem like they'd take more than 10 minutes, honestly. You keep reminding me that this is a product. But I'm scratching my head more and more as to what that is.

    The writeups should be longer and more comprehensive. But yeah, posts of skirts with a one-word description, ...kind of tired of those.
    More content, better editing, and overall, more respect for your audience.

    Unless this is, as some people have surmised, a launch pad for something bigger and better. In that case, you're going to end up with a pretty resentful audience.

    Tell us in no uncertain terms what you're selling. And then do a better job of selling it. I'm sure you have it in you!"

  4. OOOOOHHH.....what will you pick as the first of (I hope) many wonderful avatars? NonSociety offers such a rich trove of images from which to pick!

  5. Come oin! She posted 4 new posts!!! She has another date tonight!

    How's that matchmaker, Julia??

    Yes, she's using a matchmaker. That's why the guys are picking her up in towncars. Or...she's being paid by the service to go out on the dates. Many matchmaker pay women - actresses, models, etc - to go out with these guys. Yeah, also known as being an escort but whatevs, right??

  6. Now you guys are rocking. First page on "nonsociety"-only Google search! Check it out and smile.

  7. Ineffable, thanks for reposting that -- I am still stunned that it was considered too offensive to post. I spent more time on that comment (15-20 minutes) than the three of them spend combined a day on posts, I think!

    I'm glad this site is here. I'm not handing over a single extra pageview to them.

  8. I'm with you Rachel. I never posted personal attacks. And after they said they'd leave feedback up as there was no where else to post it on their site, they started deleting it all again without any announcement as to why. They don't even have a posted comment policy for God's sakes.

    And you're right your comment took tons more time I'm sure than the inane chats and pics that make up their "content" plus it was infinitely more insightful and thoughtful than a months' worth of their posts put together. If the QOTD posts didn't interest me I'd never go there at all.

    Maybe rbns will start posting some of those here.

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  10. Great comment Rachel. Anyone else noticing that many of their posts are being cut off by the scroll bar? The site update is not working. I can't read any of the text below the videos. NICE TRY LADIES! FAIL!