Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Doctor Post

Hello all.

RussianGirl is currently crafting a post to replace the one about one of JA's alleged suitors. We here at RBNS shared some of our commenters' concerns that, in fact, we didn't know if that guy was THE guy, and even if he was, we agreed that he didn't ask for any publicity -- that's the sole terrain of Jackles, who may or may not have been someone he's dated and, if so, someone he will certainly soon regret dating.

RG has heard, however, that Jackles might have another doctor in her sights. Post to follow.


  1. Sugar Daddy RestaurantFebruary 25, 2009 at 12:10 PM

    So with the TONY gig almost over and no career left, I guess this is all Julia Baugher has left, huh? Dating rich men and hoping to marry one and be supported financially. It seems like that is what this San Fran trip is for - to sniff out some tech millionaires to sink her claws into, since it looks like she's run her course in DC and NY.

  2. Hey Jacy, thanks for continuing to fight the good fight. I agree with your decision on this. The purpose of this site, IMHO, is to provide a forum to call out NS and its proprietors on their continual b.s. (and there's plenty of that to go around!) Who cares what poor sap dates Jackles? That's hardly the point. She may call them "boys", but as a few of them have aptly proven in their own right (Oh, snap, Lodwick/Forman/Leventhal!) they are quite capable of fending for themselves.

  3. Yeah, you know, I am just realizing this... what a pattern. All THREE of her most recent exes have now publicly humiliated her and dragged her in front of the bus.

    That's gotta sting, huh Poofy. Man. It's like, this cite doesn't even exist, the guys are wise enough already.

  4. A doctor would be a good match for Jules. They're usually too busy to spend much time at home, so that would bode well for a longer-lasting relationship. Her best bet would be a plastic surgeon, because they love publicity and, hey, free Botox! Let's hope she finds one without a family to talk him out of it.

  5. All the regular docs (non-cosmetic specialties) I know are completely out of touch with popular culture and the internet. They may be her only hope, eventually.