Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Julia: A Dream Come True

Once again, some of our best tips come from loyal RBNS commenters. Looky here! A never-before-seen photo of Jackles and that Eater guy! And look! He is gazing at her quite adoringly. And look what else!! It appears Jackles, an avowed teetotaller, has a cocktail in her hand!!

Read all about's prediction that Jackles and the Eater guy will end up together. Wait til Jackles gets a load of this! It's a dream come true!

Predicted Tweets:

Um. Wow. Just ... wow. Grin!! HAPPY!!!



  1. ah that was me..

    I used icerocket to find it searching on name of Julia Allison

    Yes at some point I will use my real name here

    And yes I am in tech/start ups

  2. its me again..

    here so everybody can play at home:

    It Works like a charm :)

  3. Dear Julia,

    I want to punch you in the face.

  4. ha, unintentional hilarity. i meant thx to the poster of that link. but i'll stand in for julia and take the punch to the virtual face. blerg and wow.

  5. FormerGawkerEmployeeFebruary 25, 2009 at 6:26 PM

    Now now, Anon6:23. Although she does look ridiculously smug there, that seems a bit harsh.

    The Eater Guy, on the other hand. He's seriously fetching. Oh Jackles. You really must be rethinking that tip to Gawker now, huh?

  6. okay I guess I should assign me a name lets see..


  7. No surprise there. He's looking at her, she's looking at the camera.

    Don't need Scooby and The Mystery Van to figure out why they broke up.

  8. Okay so now since my first RBNS contribution ispostee dI go by this alias above

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  10. Snowflake: You girls are still at the computer?

    If they aren't posting any content then what ARE they doing at the computer?

  11. You can tell he's really charmed by her blue Juicy sweat pants and cab sav in a plastic cup. She's real classy, y'all.

  12. we love Meghan's Dad's coworker

    coworker came up with new name for NonSociety..UNSOICAL :)

  13. i am now in love with icerocket. this twittweet or whatever is not julia allison, but couldn't it be with a few tweet-tweaks?

    Original: At jazz class! Talking with julia and allison and watching jordan eat taco bell

    Nonsociety: At yoga class! Talking with [redacted] and [redacted] and watching [redacted] eat taco bell

  14. Hi, sorry to post this in wrong place. From looking at Mary's blog, that 'ski bum' is in another pic as some cool hang out/lounge. Good for her. Also, she is wearing Meg's orange Davos Moonboots in another pic.

    So, OK. What confuses me is this: Mary and Megs are genuine friends (from pics and, I don't know, the feel of them, or rather, what comes across to us)...but who hates Julia? Both?!! Then why is Julia chillin' with Meg's mom? I get the feeling that Julia has crashed at Meg's house since Meg's mom made a joke that they're still at the computer (that can only happen in a house as opposed to a restaurant, cafe, bar, etc.).

    In any case, is it all a joke? Are any of them in a "fight"?!?!


    Hey Julia, I just drank a bottle of wine. I'm going to bed now. This is anonymous fun for me and bleeds nothing into my life. Believe the fact that others do not live like you. Are they happier? Well, you tell us.



  15. off topic, but meghan is having the most retarded content today. a plastic rocker for pouring juice? a dumb video about heating your lip gloss to save money ($20 for lipgloss ftw!)? and wow, super novel money savers (lazily extracted from readers), like grocery shopping with a list and using the library. all the economists and self-help writers in the world just kicked themselves for not thinking of this first.

  16. LMFAO. Grocery shopping with a list! Thank God we have you, Meghan Asha.

  17. meghan asha has a fa-an...

  18. Again, I think they are playing us,

    heiress, posting about saving money..

    the fight

    lack of pics

    no typical pics of them at airlines

    creating question as to whether they were even
    on the same plane

    then julia mentions both parents--

    and meetings--

    it's a race to see who will be the last puppet master standing.

  19. Yeah - they've got to be just fucking around by now right? The funding is over, they have no audience, so now they're just making up some lame crap for any last shred of page views they can get right? They're really not sincerely doing a show on money saving tips - that's so laughable and absurd.

  20. they must be totes serious. or else they are playing us on joaquin phoenix level.

  21. Owen just brought up this old saying on Gawker and I think it's very appropriate here:

    "Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity."

    These girls aren't nearly smart enough to "play" their audience or be in on the joke. Please. You're giving them waaaay too much credit.

  22. I actually think they are playing off the speculation too. We need concrete facts people! Tipsters, spill your guts please.

    If Meghanaise and Jackles were in a real fight, no way could Jackles crash chez elle, you know?

    I think the Lame-coastal B-day will give us a better view on things -- until then, true stories please?

    But aside from that, i agree that NS is tanking bad. Unless there is some more Dad-revenue soon, this thing must be busted by April.

  23. I think they are in a real fight, but the plane tickets were bought and San Fran trip was planned before the fall out and Meghan is too nice to throw Jackles out on her tail so she's letting her stay with her family out of pity. Meghan has every reason to be pissed at Julia - she invested her money in NS and it's a massive failure.

  24. I agree that both Pointy and Rambo both have good reason to be very pissed at Jackles. But that is where actually being mean comes into play. I'd like to see some evidence of this, b/c if Rambo and Pointy are indeed mad, they are also doormats.

  25. Wow, she looks...pretty.

    Who knew underneath all of that tranny makeup and poofy dresses was a rather attractive young lady?

  26. Uh...if they were making stuff up, wouldn't they make up more interesting shit?

  27. It would be beyond ridiculous for them to make this up. And I don't know why everyone is baffled by them still hanging around together even if they're fighting. Julia probably isn't mad at Meghan (maybe Mary, who in true fashion reclaimed her title as Handmaiden of Passive Agressiva and took off). Even if Meghan is mad at her, it's perfectly plausible that she's being civil because they were/are friends. Julia is clearly a pain. She possibly has some kind of personality disorder. The other two might be at the end of their rope with her currently, but she was ALWAYS a pain. This isn't news.

    I think we've all been in situations where we were totally fed up with a good friend who deserved to be kicked out on her ass, but we sucked it up and weathered through for whatever reason (the plane tickets were already bought, it was her birthday, we didn't want to make a scene in front of the parents, etc.).

    It's not that inconceivable.

  28. I saw the TMI episode that everybody talked about where Meghan made all kinds of disgruntled faces. I think everyone assumed that Meghan was pissed at Julia. Really, I think she was just drained from the drama and infighting. I don't think Meghan is pissed at Julia. If she is, I think the trip was planned and all three were supposed to be there. With the obvious tension between Julia and Mary, Mary backed out, leaving Meghan alone to deal with Julia. I really think that's all it is. Out of all three of them, Meghan serves to benefit most from hob knobbing with Randi Z. Of course she's not going to back out. At this point all three are clearly exploring other options and know that NS/TMI is through.

  29. Don't be fooled- she does look BETTER without the tranny makeup, but when she opens her mouth it's ugly ugly ugly...

  30. I used to be able to read Julia's posted schedule, but it's disappeared for me since the lasted undesign. Is she seriously trying to pull off these bicoastal parties on two consecutive nights? Wow, super fun to be incredibly tired and jet lagged from dragging your butt across the country after a party the night before. The long-distance phone calls verifying all the last-minute details would spoil all the fun of the first one, I would imagine.

    Sounds like a blast, Jules. Carry on.

  31. *lasted = last or blasted, you decide ;-)

  32. Well, we know how much charm Jackles exudes around people's parents. Let's hope they get to spend enough quality time with her that they get a lethal dose.

  33. I think Meghan is stuck in the middle of two full-on narcissists, and probably gets a bit weary of being the peacekeeper. No doubt she considers them both to be her friends. I'm convinced the Jackles-Rambo hate is very real.

  34. Why do so many of Mary's photos seem like a big ol' fuck you to the readers of NS? She is a walking incarnation of the phrase "stuck up."