Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's official: Tumblr sucks.

UPDATED: With this hilarious photo of David Karp as JAB's lapdog, sent by reader meadolus@gmail.com.

UPDATED 2: We have some interesting info on the Charlsie situation, TK soon. Keep an eye out. Until then, here are a bunch of tumblr blogs that add some smart commentary to the situation:

Deuce Loosely
think on this
day macha
do the luminosa dance
The Phenthouse

And one we find very interesting, because of this:

I, too, have a serious problem with this. Also, they are not being transparent with their users, something I asked for in an email yesterday. I asked them to be clear with everyone on exactly what their “investment babies’ role” (my words) was in all of this. Marco responded telling me the Nonsociety girls had no role in their deletion; however, notice that I never mentioned them in my original email.

UPDATED 3: A reader sends some info for those who want to back up their Tumblrs:

Here's a useful tool for quickly archiving a Tumblr blog: http://boutofcontext.com/tumblr_backup.php

I'm not really sure what to do with the data, once you archive it, and I don't have any experience exporting it to another platform, but I wanted to do my part, and share the useful link. It works better in IE than Firefox.

Also, here's more information from Webmonkey: http://www.webmonkey.com/tutorial/Back_Up_Your_Tumblr_Blog

So it's no secret that RBNS started out as a Tumblr blog back in the beginning of January 2009. After we'd been up for just a few days, we were mysteriously locked out of our account. We received no notification or anything, just a complete freeze-out. Real professional like.

Since we kind of hate Tumblr's platform (I've said it before and I'll say it again, Tumblr is like the short bus of content management systems), we didn't care too much. We figured that Julia and her crew contacted Karp and Ko. to complain and had us shut down. Later, we thought we might have violated a particular Tumblr TOS; now, we're reevaluating that idea.

Some of our favorite sites, such as Baugher and Trainwrecks, mysteriously vanished yesterday. Apparently, many Tumblr users noticed and contacted Tumblr management to find out what was up. Here's their response today:

Regarding questions we’ve received about five accounts that were suspended yesterday:

These accounts were suspended by our moderators, reflecting internal discussions about our community guidelines.

I’m sorry for not clarifying these changes earlier. But after serious consideration, we recently decided that accounts with the explicit purpose of reblogging content in a derogatory way are a detriment to our community. Although these accounts were removed prematurely, we’re confident this was the right decision, and have updated our Content Policy accordingly:

Harassment. Accounts with the sole or primary purpose of repeatedly harassing or abusing specific members or groups within the Tumblr community will be suspended.

I’m really sorry for the confusion. Your content and freedom of expression are the reasons we’re building Tumblr.

- David

Oh, lovely. So basically Tumblr got rid of these sites and THEN amended its content TOS to reflect the new rules. Not only is that a shitty thing to do, it's also a horrible business practice. We know from Trainwrecks that they were just suddenly frozen out; we haven't heard from Baugher yet. But we're assuming none of these blogs had a chance to salvage their content.

Do any of you know which other blogs were frozen out? Surely there have to be some other blogs out there that would violate Tumblr's new policy; why were these five singled out?

We love Baugher so much, we went through Google's cache and were able to salvage pages 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 11. If any of you are able to scrounge up 4, 6, 9 and 10, let us know. We may try to republish Baugher's content here if the OG permits.

This post will be updated if we learn anything new.

Update: Just wanted to add: Which is it, Karp? The new TOS says that "Accounts with the sole or primary purpose of repeatedly harassing or abusing specific members or groups within the Tumblr community will be suspended" while your little manifesto claims that "accounts with the explicit purpose of reblogging content in a derogatory way are a detriment to our community." Isn't that sort of subjective? Baugher was smart, well written and offered solid (if snarky) criticism, but it hardly constituted harassment or abuse. Jesus, this is more ridiculous the more we think about it.


  1. hey karp
    Look, the tmblr platform isn't a "public square", I know. So relly, you have no obligation to uphold basic free-speech pinciples. I get it.
    . But I would have thought you guys would've thought long and hard about the slippery slope here. You have, for all intents and purposes, declared that you will monitor all tmblrs and remove those that are harrassing (whatever that means?) In a year, or two, when some kid commits suicide, or attacks a classmate, and every local news tv station in America begins swcreaming about tumblr stalking or whatever they call it drove himn to do it, don't say you're suprised. The lawsuits will come: why didn't you take this tumblr down or that tumblr down. And your response now cannot be, "hey, we lt all the poppies bloom". You have taken editorial repsonsibility. And someone will sue you.

    Also, it is tru that all 5 sites were reblogging that nonsociety site? Really? Of the thousands of tumblr reblogs out there, the most offensive and worthy of a take-down - even before a change in policy - were these?

  2. I shut down meadolus.tumblr.com, mostly cause it's just a mater of time till they kill it.

  3. This generation makes me laugh. So confessional, yet so PC at the same time. Sprinkle a bunch of false bravado on top.

  4. Some Points:

    1. Tumblr is in buyout talks with someone, hence the hasty deletion/change in TOS

    2 TOS change protects Tumblr biz interests is that it NEVER ADDRESSES harassment of those outside of tumblr!

    Time to research folks does any Tumblr founder have money in the Video venture that TMI uses?

    Lets follow the money trial folks,, We love Dirty Laundry..

    That is not to say there is not a JA, MR, MA component just timing wise points to the underlying business relationships between tumblr, NS Girls, and the rest..

  5. Simply saying that, for all the "putting themselves out there" that goes on with people in their 20s, this generation is still very thin-skinned.

  6. If this is the case, why is There's Something About Mary still up? What is the purpose of the "reblogging" function of Tumblr if you can get taken down for reblogging? This sounds incredibly fishy.

  7. David is playing favorites. There are a couple of blogs that should be shut down that are still up including Something about Mary.

    If I see this dipshit downtown this week I'll poke him in chicken chest and ask him what the eff. I see him and his pseudo lover Charles Forman often enough.

  8. Jackles must be sooo proud of herself. Well, my congratulations to you, bunny! Now that you've involved yourself in censoring other people's right to free speech--ok, so she hasn't come out and admitted it, but it's so obvious that she had a hand in the tumblr disappearances--people hate you EVEN MORE!

    Wow. Talk about a new low.

    And Karp, if I were you, I would stay far, far away from that pink harpy. She is bad news and, more importantly, bad business.

  9. also: I just checked the alexa rankings.
    Where, a week ago, this site and ns were neck and neck, now NS is soaring. Their rank and page view counts are at their highest in six months. This site is flat as a pancake.
    My god, what have we done?

  10. What a bunch of webtards with zero business sense. (would you REALLY expect anything else from someone who backed Julia's joke of a "business?") It looks like they didn't even have the good sense to consult a lawyer or PR person before offering up this incredibly contradictory, vague and riddled-with-holes explanation. Truly web 2.0 morons.

  11. We want to make very clear: This is not a free speech issue. No one is censoring anyone's right to say anything. (A free speech violation would be say, if the government censored Baugher's content.) Tumblr is a private company, and, as such, has a right to allow whomever it wants to use its platform. Fine. But its business practice of deleting/shutting out bloggers is heinous and, in our opinion, unethical. We would even be fine if Tumblr said to these blogs: We are changing our TOS, and within that framework, we do not allow you using our services. However, you have X hours to back up your content. I mean, it's a douchey move either way, but this option makes it slightly less douchey.

    Bottom line is: Tumblr=Douchebags.

  12. It's because of their new design. It doesn't allow you to see their site through RSS feeds, and they get double the views when you click on each entry to read the whole thing. Shady as shit.

  13. There's no glossing over the fact, Mr. Karp, that the first blog you "disappeared" without a word of explanation was "Reblogging NonSociety". Then, seeing that plan foiled as they switched to a more accomodating service, it appears your very public friendship with Julia would be called in for a favour once again. Whammo! Her intern's blog was also instantly "eliminated" upon discovery. Charlsie wasn't reblogging, she wasn't harrassing; she was merely keeping a journal (for credit) of her legitimate internship with NonSociety. But it appears widdle Juwia didn't like that blog either and so the kid's work was wiped out of existence before she even had a chance to save it privately. Classy.
    Then, two more NonSociety/Julia Allison blogs get "disappeared" without a word of warning/caution, cease and desist to their authors.
    (I believe you tossed in those other non-Baugher related blogs as a red herring. Interestingly, in those cases, the so-called "stalkees" don't agree with your decision. So, where is Julia Allison gonzo journalist's statement that she too is against the elimination (censorship) of blogs that are critical to her but are in fact expressions of opinion in a society that has fought for such a right? Hmmm?
    Ya. Crickets. No kidding.
    Very very clumsy, suspect, and stinky smelly, Mr. Karp.
    Kinda like a big old fish rotting on a riverbank in China.
    Signed: theremustbeapony@hotmail.com

  14. Still no explanation for why Charlsie's tumblr was taken down.

  15. I think it has to do with RBNS's constant linking to certain posts. I know I've never visited NS on my own unless I clicked on a link from RBNS. There must be something new with NS's updated system that gives it more page views...?

    Yeah, you can tell I know NOTHING about web programming.

  16. Plus when they first brought it in they were getting hits on the old and new sites. I found when I tried to "back" to a previous page I would have to go twice in order to do it. Once to get away from julia2..... and then to get away from julia. If that makes any sense. Seriously shady goings on.

  17. Yeah, this whole thing is disturbing, but worst of all IMO is the fact that they "disappeared" Charlsie's totally innocuous internship blog. I think we should keep picking at Tumblr until they provide an explanation for that.

  18. I recently started a blog and first thought about putting it on Tumblr, but after reading about Charlsie and the original RBNS, I went elsewhere. And now I'm glad that I did, because I DO NOT TRUST Karp et al. with any information about me.

  19. I'm confused.

    A woman can create a Tumblr where she reprints letters from serial killers and murderers like Susan Smith without their permission. (Yeah, sadly, serial killers and criminals still have rights.) But if you create a Tumblr re-blogging that blog and calling that blogger sick, that's wrong?

    David, please explain that to me, as you took down my Tumblr a few weeks ago for exactly that reason.

  20. Tumblr sucks so hard anyway. I can never tell if I'm reading the opinion of the blogger, the reblogger, or the blogger who is reblogging the reblogger.

  21. Wow. So the purge is in full force? Random and in true Julia Allison Baugher fashion, the explanation is after-the-fact (back dating history).
    Who knew these hooray.com web2.0 types where such acolytes of Joseph Stalin? Russian Girl, this must be especially chilling for you to witness! : )

  22. David, your's is not an honorable cause and I think you know it, this will come back to bite you in the ass.
    Shorty ain't worth it.

  23. Re: RSS feeds. I resubscribed (in mail) and I am getting their posts now without going to their "cite".

  24. Anon 4:23, my thoughts exactly. I'm guessing I'd figure it out if I didn't mind subjecting myself to ophthalmic rape every time I visited someone's Tumblr. There has to be a better way to explain who's saying what and when.

  25. The worst of the worst was the removal of Charlsie's blog. There was nothing harassing on that blog to say the least. She merely wrote lists of her daily tasks at NS. Sure, it exposed some of the "crap" she put up with, and JA's unprofessional ways, but that's just about the same as you'll get from any intern's blog.

  26. This whole thing makes me truly angry. People on this board have touche don this before, but it’s this slimy behanvior among the so-called web intelliegntsia that drive speople crazy.

    Whenever they can, Karp, Zuckerberg and even these knuckleheads at NS yip on and on about the web’s brave new world. About the slowness and boring nature of traditonal media. About how THEY are the future. About how brave they are for surging into the madding crowds of the internet. Always grinning knowlingly, too. The boys with their skinny necks and the girls with their awful make-up. And not a one has made a dime.

    And they have no ethics. Julia made, what $100,000, when she worked for Star magazine. And her job, often, was to go on tv and yap about Paris and Angelina et al. And often she was negative (of course she never did any of the original reporting of course. This “journalist” reblogged the articles in Star that other writers did, only live, at 3 am on Fox). She famously did a segment where she blasted celebrities who were famopus for nothing. But when a young wanna-be writer - who the girls hired by the way - posts on her own blog about her treatment at NS, they use perosnal pull to take down her site.

    Do you wann be brave? Do you believ all that crap you spew at DLD and CES about the audience of the internet? About ocmmunity? Then you have to acknowledge that the internet can shout down as loud as it can cheer on. You may be able to change the rule sin mid-game, by calling your friend Karp.

    But that doesn’t mean you should. Not only is it capital-W wrong, it will catch up to you. You will not be able to pull the plug on some major magazine takedown of your paractices. You cannot stomp out every website that springs up to poke fun at you. Karp, Julia, you guys should know this.

  27. Be interested to see if Gawker Media picks up on this or just lets it slide....

  28. two questions:
    1. We all agree that JA is definitely totally working as an intelliegnce gathering agent of some foreign government. Probably Uzbekistan or Finland. Duh.
    My question is this: could tumblr be the target? Has she goptten close to Karp only to "double cross" him? Is JA about to sell the secrets to tumblr's success to the Finns? The goddamn Finns?!!

    2. It's been noted here that the Meganhoffer looks bored, listless. Does her look remind anyone else besides me of an undercover law enforcement official whose been "in" too long? Kinda like Jonny Depp as Donnie Brasco before his handlers pulled him out because he was "getting too close"? Leo diCaprio in the Departed right around the time he started popping his dead mother's leftover cancer pain pills? Or that crazy fat guy I saw on Maury Povich once? Is it possible that raven-haired Meg is not who she seems? Does anyone else think she's straigh-up CIA? Or NSA? Is she about to save tumblr/us from the Finns? Is Meg about to arrest JA?

    Or is it just me?

  29. JA is a nice person, damnit! She let Mary do the early fashion shows on her own, she let her, ok?

  30. I'd like Gawker to pick this up but they probably won't. In the past they would have picked it up in a second (especially considering that Karp and JA are regular targets for them) but I think they are trying to be "serious" now. I rarely check Gawker anymore, it has just gotten so bad and boring with the occasional crazy conspiracy theory thrown in occasionally about a Scientologist to prove that they are "cool" with hackers.

    Sorry to say it though but Karp doesn't have to be "professional" with his users. Tumblr's TOS already stated that they will delete anyone without notice or explanation and that they will delete anyone who harasses anyone. What is "harassment" is largely up for debate (and I would argue that Baugher and Trainwrecks weren't necessarily harassers in that it didn't appear that they wanted to ruin JA or anyone's life, they were just critical). The point is that it is Karp's company and he can do whatever the fuck he wants with the TOS. I know it sucks and seems like a form of "censorship" (although these people could very well go to another publishing platform, so it isn't ACTUALLY censorship but I understand that some people have a limited legal vocab about this sort of thing) but if you don't like Tumblr, DON'T USE TUMBLR.

    I'm kind of on the fence about this. I think people should read their TOS more closely and I don't think Tumblr is anywhere near as good of a platform as WordPress or whatever and it is obviously just a fad like Friendster or Myspace. I think people should say what they want and the fact that everyone who was deleted was criticizing someone who was somehow connected to Tumblr/Next New Networks is shady. If Karp is going to be deleting all harassers he is going to have to crack down hard on EVERYONE, not just people who mock his friends, and I don't think he wants to play Daddy to all of his users.

    This is all so interesting/confusing to me!

  31. The Internet Archive cache of Baugher is here, but they only have the cache as of Feb 2008, so it probably doesn't have the stuff you want.


  32. I have found many tumblrs that I enjoy reading regularly, but I only discovered them because someone else linked to them with a criticism or a snarky comment. There are many writers I've come to admire simply for the way they handle their detractors.

    This was an epically stupid move by Karp. That lap dog shoop is a scream!

  33. All Charlsie did was describe her mundane tasks as an intern in NYC. That was not harassing or abusing anyone. Most tumblr accounts probably have at least one line in them that says something bad about someone. They should all be erased!!

  34. I'm not surprised by this at all.

    I wish I kept this, but maybe about seven months back I predicted at some point Tumblr is going to "go legit" and start putting down some serious enforcement to sanitize the platform in order to lure more investment dollars.

    Well, here it is. They did it. I don't blame Karp and his merry band of geeks. They are going to potentially collect a huge pay day, so to ruffle a few feathers of some tumblr tards is worth the money.

    I liked someone's suggestion that Tumblr offer up a grace period for people to pull their stuff, but Karp is too immature to offer up that level of compromise. He's just going to yank off all the negative in order to make a nice appearance for investors.

    Did Julia Baugher have any influence on this? Probably, but more in the "Hey if you're going to do a housecleaning, here are my personal tormentors" nothing that Something about Mary has avoided the axe. But, more than likely, it will be gone soon with the rest.

  35. Hey, NSRB--genius illustration! My hat is off to you. Hope "chicken-chest" Karp (that's a good one, too) gets a look at it.

  36. Anonny 3:55:

    The purpose of the "reblogging" function on Tumblr is for you to shower luv on the other Tumblrettes. Tumblr is a luv fest, do you hear? A lurrrrrv fest. Don't forget it.

    Fun will NOT be poked.

  37. Oh for crissake. Tumblr is heavily front-loading that web-page with posts so the dissenting voices re: their fake explanation to disguise that they are in fact dancing to Julia Baugher's brays are totally buried.
    Talk about non-disclosure. Here Karp, I'll write it for you:
    "We are investors in Non-Society so we will brooke no criticism of that site or its authors. Dissenters will be silenced without notice. Signed: D. Karp."
    (There, was that so painful? Cripes.)

  38. I don't like Karp's company but I still use Tumblr. Like people have already said, it is a fad and it is a good way to keep in contact with people for now.

    One of my close friends (who has worked for various New Media companies) actually interviewed with Tumblr's president (not Karp) about a position which he told her that she had and that he would email her the following day about starting work. She never heard back from him after repeated emails and she even passed up a job offer because she was told that she had the Tumblr job. This just shows you how Tumblr is run by a bunch of unprofessional jerks. Not such a cute, well-run start up, is it?

  39. flatface, have you been drinking moonshine? You know that stuff can make you go blind, right?

  40. Anon 3:40

    I did the same thing. I took the time to read their TOS and knew at some point, they would shut it down.

    I actually changed the URL to w20m.tumblr.com and deleted the content. I just checked it, they didn't shut it down.

  41. This is just very, very poor business practice. And it is so transparent.

    There are tumblrs just as "harassing" as Baugher's: Young Manhattanite anyone?

    Frangry can be harassing too -- but you'll note she posted a photo of her and Karp together on her bed. So she's safe.

    Karpy is pathetic and full of shit.

    Jackles & company are not worth it.

  42. Karpy dancing to Julia Allison's brays. Thanks for the image, commenters. Very nice indeed.

  43. Oh, can it conspiracy theorists and haters! Julia's latest twitter demonstrates what a NICE and GENEROUS person she really, REALLY is. She SWEARS!!!

    "#NYFW - I let style goddess @MaryRambin handle the morning shows, but will arrive at tents for Max Azria, Tibi & Narciso Rodriguez tonight.
    37 minutes ago from web"

    Hear that?! She LET Mary cover the morning shows (with a special no warning surprise!) because she is such a selfless, kind, caring sister to her beloved business partner. NOT because she's a lazy slob that sleeps until noon everyday, OKAY?!?! But just wait with bated breath, because tonight she will ARRIVE at the tents, so move over Anna and Andre, because the ever-important Julia Allison is coming for her front row seats, you fools.

  44. Anon 4:54: Tumblr Content Policy explicitly states that "If you are found to be in violation of any of the below policies, you will receive a notice via email. Unless you explain or correct your behavior within 72 hours, your account will be suspended. We will do our best to work with you and ensure a fair outcome in all cases."

    You say "Tumblr's TOS already stated that they will delete anyone without notice or explanation and that they will delete anyone who harasses anyone." Can you point us to that language? The Content Policy says that violators will get notification, and that Tumblr will delete without notice "any content, account, or IP address which we determine to be systematically generated, spam, or potentially damaging to our service or infrastructure."

    From that, it seems like Tumblr should have notified these accounts and followed its 72-hour policy; only spam-type accounts would be automatically deleted.

    So Tumblr is just making up rules as it goes along, and it's not even following them!

  45. I heart meadolus & his/her little dog, too!

  46. Here's a great tool to back up any Tumblr. It works best in IE: http://boutofcontext.com/tumblr_backup.php

  47. Anonymous 5:27: Thank you thank you!! I now have a back-up of my misguided tumblr account (that didn't ever mention JAB, but I'm ascared because I honestly don't like that beyotch and if Karp finds out, blammo, there goes a year of personal pictures I'd blogged there). Step 2, cancelling account.
    Awesome! (I love RBNS for so many reasons!)
    Signed: theremustbeapony@hotmail.com

  48. Tumnlr Gate:


    Its happen before people, Karp has a history of changing the rules after deletions to justify the deletion..

  49. Strike.Tumblr.

    We can all live [hell, I would go as far to say,] we could all use a self-imposed break from julia/rambo and the other one.

    We call it for a number of days...no tumblr visitations, none, no cheating, not so much as a peek.

    If the Alexa figures are accurate, then we are simply supporting those we complain about constantly.

    We have this place so we do not have to go cold turkey....but we should boycott tumblr.

    on a side note, @theremustbeapony I Loved your comments on gawker...for the longest time I thought you were baugher [high praise indeed] peace.

  50. I've sent a formal request to support@tumblr.com to eliminate my now backed-up tumblr account. Karp's lack of disclosure on his personal friendship and/or business relationship with JAB/NonSociety is unconsciable IMHO. Not to mention the whole "shoot first, ask questions later" method of blog "cleansing" he employs.
    Signed: theremustbeapony@hotmail.com
    P.S. I've posted many times on this excellent site under anonymous only because I'm too dumb to figure out how to give myself a name here. You can easily identify my comments I believe as they tend to be rather long-winded, yet without the elegant erudition of the real Baugher Reblogger, of whom I am also a fan. That "Reblogging Julia" was also unwittingly subjected to the Karp Kolonic just adds to my astonishment at his arrogance and narrow-mindedness.

  51. gawker wrote it up:


  52. What do you expect from a 23 year old kid like Karp with little real world experience and the wonderful naivete of someone that age. A vert "natzi" move imo. Carry on the fight RBNS!

  53. Valleywag reports it


  54. I heart theremustbeapony, too. Nice to see that name again.

  55. Theremustbeapony: You can give yourself a name here by clicken Name/URL in the "Select Profile" menu. Then just choose any old URL you want--something random, something that's a good joke, whatever outlandish page you wish--and that's that. Easy! Fun!

    Then when you go to post a comment and you see the "Edit PRofile" box pop up, just fill in your chosen name and url --or start to, and let your automatic "remember me" function do the rest.

  56. "clicken," by the way, is a new and improved gerund form of the verb "to click."

  57. The abrupt removal of intern Charlsie's inoffensive blog makes Karp's intentions clear. There was nothing questionable in Charlsie's writing; she simply reported on her intern duties, be they creating QOTDs or fetching headbands for the Pink Princess. Why Karp kowtows to an asshole grade z fameball like Julia Allison is quite a mystery to me. A gay thing? Like Denton? Is Julia his fag hag? Whatever. He's a little cunt.

  58. RBNS: This is from Tumblr's TOS that I just pulled up this moment:

    This can be found under the "termintion" clause:

    "Either party may terminate the Services at any time by notifying the other party by any means. Tumblr may also terminate or suspend any and all Services and access to the Site immediately, without prior notice or liability, if Subscriber breaches any of the terms or conditions of this Agreement. Upon termination of Subscriber's account, Subscriber’s right to use the Services, access the Site, and any Content will immediately cease."

    (Emphasis mine).

    I don't know where you got your clause from, but that is what the TOS says and said the last time I checked which was when news broke that TW and Baugher got deleted.

    Sorry gals.

    Also: if anyone is worried about TW or Baugher being lost forever, everything online is cached, even deleted blogs and websites. You can find the caches archives on Google if you like. Might be fun to do a "best of" retrospective!

    I'm glad Owen at Gawker got on this and gave it a heavy dose of sass.

  59. Last week I had an ex-girlfriend start trolling my account and I decided to make a couple vague references about her not having to read my blog if she didn't want to. The entire thing escalated, but I backed off because I knew she is the type to complain to Tumblr itself.

    It is a great feeling to have to be restrained because any person could get your site axed.

  60. Anon 6:43: What I posted was from Tumblr's Content Policy. So the Content Policy contradicts its TOS? Also, the part you bolded says "if Subscriber breaches any of the terms or conditions of this Agreement." Which terms were breached by these five blogs? Again, that's the problem. Tumblr has a Content Policy and a TOS, they sort of contradict one another, and they're not clear.

  61. Nice URL choice, theremustbeapony!

  62. I wouldn't worry.... since "she" got her way, you can start the "JA Uses Karp as Kleenex" Countdown Clock. The breakup is not too far off.

  63. @ RBNS

    That's the issue: Tumblr violated its own TOS by removing the tumblelogs before introducing the poorly worded "Harassment" provision and giving the users notice + 72 hours before suspending the tumblelogs. It's total BS.

  64. I love the comment from Dreadnt on Gawker: "Tumblr is the new lame."
    And the JAB kryptonite, first mentioned by "Reblogging Julia" comes full circle. (Just like JAB's little karma necklace, reportedly sent to her by a "fan".) Bwhahahahaha.

  65. JA, probably, blackmailed DKArp with not giving him head or any poontang, if he doesn't take your tumblr, and those other four tumblrs. he's young, he probably got p-whipped by them airnon-society heads. I just quit my tumblr. No point of supporting or enabling the communist world of tumblr.

  66. Lol I had a tumblr for a while and hated how you couldn't just comment on posts like on normal blogging sites such as Livejournal or Blogger but instead, every response was reposted in the form of a post, which is annoying, because I don't want every response I make to someone to be on my blog account. I mean how effing awkward is that? And also, I'm a social creature and I don't want to feel like I'm talking to myself, so I tried to look for communities, but there isn't any REAL presence of communities where people can contribute and comment. It's more like one person sharing something and that's it. And it's hard to look and find a way to connect to people. Blogging and Reblogging on Tumblr is possibly the most awkward and clumsy system of socializing/blogging communication. The best way to describe it is like walking into a room to stumble into a conversation mid way between a group of people and just trying to throw your two cents in, even though you don't know what they're talking about. Your opinion is dismissed as soon as you say anything. Or chances are, everyone is trying to get their own words in that no one notices what you have to say.

    Now I'm aware that Tumblr was originally made for artists to share their work. It's sort of still in that stage and it hasn't progressed passed that to be anything better. But it has a huge fanbase now that's compromised of all kinds of people. Fact of the matter is, Tumblr is not just for artists anymore.Tumblr either needs to evaluate their layout or make it friendlier for their growing members.