Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Periodic Feature: New Year's Resolutions Ignored

Remember that hilarious 2009 "Let it Unfold" New Year's Resolutions list that Jackles made almost two months ago? Those desperate to see it can find it here. At some point we will post it on this blog for quick and easy reference in the year to come as pledge after pledge is systematically ignored or broken.

Suffice to say, the list went on so long, and was so dementedly self-involved, that even the most fervent self-help guru would have cringed in embarrassment. It also led to some belly laughs because even as Jackles yammered on about the importance of "forgiving people" and "treating people well" in 2009, she was publicly calling Mary a bitch for refusing to do a similar list of resolutions. Instead, Mary simply and succinctly said her goal for the year was to be less of a bitch. And for that, was called a bitch! What a bunch of crazy bitches!

But we digress!

Here's one of her resolutions:

SLEEP MORE! Shoot for being in bed by 1 am, lights out by 2 am. NO LATER THAN 3 am at least 6 nights a week! ABSOLUTELY NO MORE ALL NIGHTERS.

And yet? Some recent Tweets:

4:20 a.m. We have 12 hours of Best Picture Nominees to get through tomorrow @ the AMC Oscars screening(s), and I'm still awake. Er ... oops? about 5 hours ago from web

Re: this georgetown applicant rec, can I write: "This girl is the SHIT, yo! Let her in, for serious!!" I really want to. What?! Bad idea? 4:03 AM Feb 15th from web

And of course these ones are already good for a laugh:

NonSociety Related: Perfect NonSociety 1.5, and launch NonSociety 2.0. Integrate contributors by Quarter 2 or 3 at latest. Raise angel investment money. Get views up to 3 million by April. Really bring A game content. Start NonSociety Book of Whenever the Hell We Want Club.

Raise TMI viewers to 250,000 per episode by March, 500,000 by June, 750,000 by Sept, and a million by December 2009.


  1. "Really bring A game content." -- Fail!

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. HA!

  3. Red Alert Meghan now in very mood of proving that horizontal scrolling websites do not suck..hurry views must be crashing hurry!

    But bunnies TMI visits are up after web design change but hey ignore that large noise of sponsors running for exists on conversion rate being halved after website design change.

  4. I don't actually hate the horizontal. I hate the messy, awful, shitty impossible version that is the latest iteration of NS.

    It's a fucking mess and it sucks. It is broken by all accounts, but still they continue with it.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb!

  5. I was never fussed by the horizontal either, but not this version with the click through. Especially as more than half the time Meghan never seems to be able to remember that she half the space available to her in the preview.

    Keep it horizontal if you want but take it back to the old version without the click through.

  6. TMI weekly highest views 85,000..guess when?

    When they started..its now down to about 45,000

    Hmm maybe lack of content had its effect?

  7. Every time I go to Meghan's site it crashes my browser. Live differently: Create a website that's always broken!

  8. 250,000 per episode by March? With 7 days to go, you can put a big FAT strikethrough over that one. And no, I didn't emphasize the "fat" for any particular vanity reason, in the event that some randoms flip out over it. ;)
    As for the contributors, I highly doubt that's going to happen until they start doing better themselves. They wouldn't want someone capable outshining their non-efforts, nor would they want someone on par or less than - that would continue to bring them down (if at all possible). This is fun!

  9. Hehe this is funny!

    JA claims to have found God:

    Now now no sick jokes about where or etc she is serious..she found God

    What the CupCake God?

  10. FormerGawkerEmployeeFebruary 21, 2009 at 10:47 AM

    JA's funniest proclamations involve her constantly yapping about what a nice person she is and how she always treats people well.

    a. Who needs to say that -- constantly -- if it's true? She says it because she wants people to think the stories about her vile behavior offline are untrue. Everyone at Gawker knew she was behind all sorts of nasty tips about many of the people she's photographed doing the Blue Steel with. Her entire social circle is ONTO her, and e-mail her constant "You can say a lot of things about me, but nasty/mean/unkind/bitchy/a mean girl I am not" utterances around to one another for a good laugh.

    c. If you're such a nice person, do you engage in a dialog with a blogger who nurses an unhealthy hatred for your "sister" and tell that blogger how "gorgeous" she is? Then, do you proceed to slyly slag your two supposed BFFs to this complete stranger with an ax to grind about one of those BFFs? Even the weird blogger in question was weirded out by it.

  11. Re: Contributors for NS.

    I was reading Scary Mary's blog and she said she was interviewing with Julia to be a contributor to NS.

    No, I am not Scary Mary. In case some random decides to jump in. I followed one of the links someone posted of SM having some bizarre iChat with Julia. Totally weird to me that Julia would engage with SM at all let alone for that long. The conversation was like something from the Manchurian Candidate with the line of question SM was asking. If I were Julia I'd be concerned or at least curious why this person was so invested in my business. So strange. It's now clear SM doesn't hate these girls at all. She wants to be them.

  12. I am not 10:47, btw. I wrote 10:48 but not 10:47.

  13. FormerGawkerEmployeeFebruary 21, 2009 at 10:50 AM

    Anon 10:48: Jinx. That shit was deranged.

  14. SM is involved with this:

    That is why JA was talking to SM

  15. Scary Mary is a boring self obsessed poser wannabee just like Julia. She wants so badly for Julia and Mary to read her blog and notice her. It's pathetic. The iChat was a boring exchange between two attention whores trying to out attention whore each other.

    Julia: blergityblergblerg i'm a nice person
    Scary: blergityblergblergblerg you should read my blog
    Julia: blergityblergblergblerg I'm so busy
    Scary: blergityblerblergblergBLERG! I'm busier. I am juggling so much it's a wonder I can sit on this iChat for hours with you and then take another couple hours to write my phony catty poser rant about how dumb you are, Julia. Because I'm SO BUSY!

    Speaking of photoshopped pictures. Take a gander at the one SM uses for her iChat.

  16. FormerGawkerEmployeeFebruary 21, 2009 at 11:19 AM

    Anon 11:05. What's the point? When you're truly friends with someone, their enemies are your enemies. SM is an avowed enemy of Mary. Jankles should have refused any contact with her at all. Instead she tells her how gorgeous she is and then subtly slags both Mary and Meghan to her. What a soulless little hag.

  17. Hmm any juicy JA emails to Gawker lying around?

  18. I couldn't get through the Scary/Julia conversation. Between Scary's pretend disdain for Julia and Julia's insistence that she's a Really! Nice! Person! my eyes began to bleed.

    If you're a nice person, you don't have to say you're a nice person over and over again. The fact that Julia even entertained Scary is disrespectful to Mary Rambin.

    Scary, give it up. You're in no position to be demanding transparency from these three twits when you're obviously harboring your own agenda for attacking them in the first place.

  19. Oh. SM so wants to be on NS. This is why she is attacking Mary so heavily. She wants to destroy what she perceives as being the 'weak' link in order to take her place.

    It's gross. Especially because Jackles is obvi the weakest link at this point.


  20. Also, let's hope Meghanaise and Rambo takes a look at that nasty little chat and cut Jackles Albatross Baugher loose once and for all.

  21. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet but I don't see anything all that offensive or nasty in that I Chat. Take away Scary's jealousy fueled commentary that attempts to twists Julia's words and it's a pretty boring exchange.

  22. "Raise TMI viewers to 250,000 per episode by March, 500,000 by June, 750,000 by Sept, and a million by December 2009" -- Fail!

  23. Who cares if ScaryMary has her own agenda? It's not like the stuff she says is inaccurate.

    When ScaryMary's blog launches, don't worry, I'm sure she'll get her comeuppance by being subjected to the same sort of treatment Mary Rambin got from her. All in good time, ladies and gents, all in good time.

  24. FormerGawkerEmployeeFebruary 21, 2009 at 12:08 PM

    The issue isn't SM. The issue is JA even having a conversation with her. That violates every sort of loyalty/friendship code.

  25. FGE, is that not why JA's complaints about Jacob after the breakup are ful of shit?

    OH yeah the reason why she left IU was..:)

    She got laughed off campus with her entitlement did not fly even one full year at IU :)

  26. Just one question: Does anyone even ever click on Meghans blog? I find her so painfully boring... she's neither interesting nor irritating. If her little square just disappeared off NS I don't even think I would notice.

  27. anon 1:15- meghan's blog is in my reader feed, but i find myself skipping it almost all of the time. her tech coverage is weeks behind the real tech, or even gadget, bloggers. who wants to read a description (never an opinion or review) of something that's already been discussed to death for weeks? she's slower than the nyt with tech stuff

  28. Julia's blog is just as boring as Meghan's. She's currently posting pictures she took at MOMA of paintings (tacky!) and adding her painfully unsophisticated commentary. Speaking of tacky, Julia is not only requiring people to make a donation/cover charge to get into her party, she's also asking them to dress in pink or blue. Yep... these are all incredibly gauche demands for a party she's hosting FOR HERSELF. Julia also posted a picture of some polk a dot shoes and called them "Minnie Mouse" shoes. Hmmm.... WHERE HAVE I HEARD THAT DESCRIPTOR BEFORE?? Suuuure you don't read over here, Ghoulia.

    Oh, and can we also add that big birthday photo shoot to the list of Julia's much hyped but quickly forgotten nonstarters?

  29. Forgot to add... Julia's also doing the incredibly annoying thing where she posts page after page of clothes and shoes (and headbands!) that she likes or wants to buy. We get it loser... you browse and shop online just like everyone else. But you're SOOOOO SPECIAL!! And SOOOOO BUSY!!! I am sure Tina Brown will see you erudite musings on the values and attributes of Forever 21 headbands and hire you right away, BarbieGirl. God you are painfully boring.

  30. 1:15, I think Meghan IS irritating, despite not being very interesting. See:
    1. completely juvenile, inane coverage of websites and "tech", often YEARS behind the rest of the internet but still presented under the guise of being BREAKING NEWS!
    2. recent adoption of the so-annoying-it-makes-me-want-to-hurt-myself phrase "YAY.COM". Gggrrrrrr.
    3. how many times is it possible to use the word "Yikes"?!?!? she sounds like scooby-doo's old pal, shaggy.

  31. So I get a text this morning from [redacted] at the beginning of the oscar--marathon at AMC and that when they get to the theatre, they see the seats that are 'reserved' for nonsociety.

    J M & M do indeed show up, as do J's parents, who do not sit with their bunny,

    Mary and Megs leave.and now Jules is twittering for someone to join her for benjamin buttons or slumdog.

  32. Yeah, about Meghan's blog, I agree with all of you, her blog is inconsequential. I found it interesting that right after 1.5 launched, she re-blogged j's post about the new design rather than write anything herself. I think she is disconnecting.

  33. Meghan could not get on TechMeme even if she had help..

    Ja can only get in NYC celeb press by Lilly the dog proxy and than without her name or the dog's name..hint JA they hate you do not want your name mentioned

    MR-- Style SNob? where is the f'n' style?

    Now compare it to

    See what you think..

  34. Update from AMC:

    Jules is headbandless and bunny-less.

    Mary, megs and megs did indeed leave.

    Oh, and in between movies, the theatre is giving out prizes for trivia knowledge. UMBRELLAS.

    live differently.

  35. Jab links to a place where she might buy some shoes.

    It is like a virtual slutty/costume shop. Just to be extra servicey, they have latex clothing. Blerg.

  36. It's like a far lower-rent Frederick's of Hollywood!

  37. JABA the Nut is trying to look like JABA the Slut?

    I wonder if she brought her stupid dog with her to the movies.

  38. "Perfect NonSociety 1.5, and launch NonSociety 2.0" -- Fail!

  39. How has she still not seen Slumdog or Benjamin Button?

  40. I've held my tongue because I have felt like if I say this all the commenters will turn on me but I am going to say it anyway. It's weird you think your version of hating on these girls is somehow better than SM. She is doing the same thing as you are just on her own space. Her own space that she had before any of you came along to RBNS. She also never said she was auditioning for NS. She's pretty so she must be photoshopped? She's talking to Julia so she must be trying to be part of NS? Why when she is making her own thing? Julia asked her to talk not the other way around. Julia strangely asked her for help and SM said in her commentary:

    No I do not want to help you, nor am I interviewing to be a contributor to BS NS. You wanted to talk, we're talking. And I've already gone from defending you to tasting my lunch.

    How do you turn that around into posting on some website that "I was reading Scary Mary's blog and she said she was interviewing with Julia to be a contributor to NS." That is a Julia Allison type lie. I wonder if it wasn't Julia who said it trying to sabotage a project she feels threatened enough by to initiate that talk with SM in the first place. It was Julia's request. Not SM's.

    I have never had a problem with her, the fact that she is trying to do her own project, or anything she has said here or there. No one says the perfect thing all the time. Every commenter in her has at some point screwed up. Make it so anyone who does doesn't want to come back here? Turn the hate on them? If we dislike Julia for the reasons we say we do why would we turn on someone who decides to try to do something better as a fuck off to JA? Someone who at least so far doesn't post a hundred pics of herself and then one reblog about NS. She doesn't seem to be the same type of person as JA at all.

    You hate Julia for being a famewhore in tutus and lying and not having good content and being a bad friend and backdating posts and not divulging about advertisers and etc. It's a long list. Fine so justify being mean because for years you see this person gallivanting around intentionally thrusting herself in front of any camera to chase PR, going out of her way to be famous. That person deserves to get what they wish. Including the hate that comes their way. We have seen she is not a good person.

    But we know nothing about SM besides her picture in those IM talks and that she is going to make her own website. It doesn't seem like she's trying to be famous or wants anything to do with NS. From what I read about her own website when she talks about it it sounds like she just wants to try to make a website that is different from what NS has. Why does that deserve the same kind of harsh words we give Julia? It's not the same thing. Your brand of hate is not better than hers. I see the same kinds of comments or worse here about everything from Julia's life from school years on to now that SM makes, but when you all do it it's okay but when SM does it it's "weird" or "obsessive?". Obsessive is a lot of what I have seen here on this website also. Someone here posted her fathers work contact information! Stalker much? But no, SM is the one, let's gang up on her just like we do NS cuz she deserves it just like JA!

    Not everyone hates this person, not everyone hates her blog, and not everyone hates that she will try to do her own page. I can only justify my own distaste for the NS girls because I see a shiesty project that doles out twisted advice and participates in dishonest business practices. Julia posts a million pictures of herself but not much else and calls it content. Mary really is a snob, but without the style she thinks she has. And Meghan couldn't design a MySpace page let along give out tech tips. I'd rather wait to see what SM is going to do or the kind of person she is when we see more from her than just her reblogging NS before dumping the level of hate I have for NS onto her as misplaced aggression.

    It also makes me mad that anytime someone stands up for her here you say it must be her. Dishing it out to JA and pals when they have proven for a long time now how much they deserve it is one thing. But randomly doing that to someone who doesn't deserve it, who hasn't walked JA's road, is bull and hypocritical.

    I like this site, I like coming here because I think the NS girls deserve it. But if this is going to turn into just a place to say hurtful things about anyone who tries to do anything other than comment here, or anyone who once said something that a few people did not like but that's all they ever really did wrong, even people with the same feelings as you all about a lot of things, I wont be able to justify my part in keeping sites like this going. At least SM seems to have a purpose behind her hateration. And at least she took her judgements and decided to attempt something of her own. I don't think that's something to hate on I think that's admirable.

  41. I never really thought I would have this advice for anyone....

    ...but Julia really needs to learn a thing or two from Paris Hilton. Paris is at least in on the joke, hell she created the joke, and she lets people laugh at her and with her. I've met Paris and she is actually a very nice person in social situations, but do I think that behind the scenes she probably hasn't been a bitch to people? No. Do I care? No. Paris has a consistent image, and even though it has grown tiresome she is committed to it and never really responds to the "haters". She understands that the haters are going to pay the bills just as much as the fans.

    Secondly, Paris has multiple sex tapes on the Internet, as well as evidence of her doing drugs on the Internet. It's not hard to find, but yet not many know about it (they think it's just the one sex tape and she is able to lie to Larry King about never having done drugs). Why? Partially because she hasn't screwed the wrong people over, but mostly because she has a PUBLICIST. A good publicist. A publicist who I hope is well paid. It's really telling how many people are willing to sel Julia out for how much of a bitch she is, and that there are media outlets willing to publish it. She needs to make less enemies (oh wait...that would involve not thinking of only herself).

    And lastly, Paris doesn't take herself seriously and is willing to admit (or at least lie well about) her faults when called out on them. She knows the clock is ticking and she is milking it. Julia seems to think the clock has infinite time on it - it doesn't.

    And on another note, I am not unwilling to admit that while JAB & Co are RIDICULOUS....I am jealous. No, not jealous of their looks, money, stuff, lifestyle etc but more jealous that they have this opportunity, they had a sizeable initially interested audience, and they had people rooting for them. It's every writers dream, a well- funded site, people taking interest, friends who will fly them to tech conferences, people willing to take them seriously, etc. Yet they've flushed it down the toilet trying to defend themselves from "haters" and learning to spell. It's sad.

  42. I am not speaking on behalf of RBNS, but I will remind you that this blogger once came onto this site and had a few hateful things to say about one of the commenters who was posting here under her own name. That might be where some of the ill will stemmed from.

    But I actually think that because RBNS has her blog on its blogroll, people who frequent this site have visited hers, and have formed their own opinions on her content -- opinions they are entitled to.

    I personally found it odd that she wanted to engage in a dialogue with JA about her supposed best friend -- I felt that crossed some kind of line that went beyond snarking from a distance and into a personal involvement that made me uneasy, and it's nothing I would do, regardless if JA was asking for that dialogue. It seemed aimed at causing dissension between two real-life friends simply because she didn't like the way one of them blogged. That seemed wrong to me.

    Perhaps that is how some others feel? I don't know, but I don't think anyone at RBNS is interested in these comment sections turning into a referendum about another blogger.

    So please ... back to the subject at hand. Enough ink has been spilled in here about the person you're wanting to focus on; she has nothing to do with RBNS, so we'd like to end any further debate about her and direct people to her blog if they want to discuss it further.

  43. That was addressed to "Obsessed Hoopla" by the way.

  44. Hollie Go Lightly is a real name? Because that's the only commenter I've ever seen her go at and it was because she said she didn't like body image comments of calling someone fat. Agree or not, Hollie then attacked her for saying so so SM gave her a taste of her own medicine and insulted that persons own body image. A little hypocritical but not something to crucify someone over. And didn't she link to this site over and over in her posts? She happily promoted this site and then got slammed here for being just like every other commenter, opinionated and not afraid to say what's on her mind. Or posting one link here to her page when she posted so many to this one from hers? No one is perfect all the time. Sorry I used your commenting space to voice this but when I see an outright lie posted I am going to say my piece. Just like you all do to JA et al.

    "I was reading Scary Mary's blog and she said she was interviewing with Julia to be a contributor to NS."

    This individuals reading comprehension skills leaves much to be desired.

    Why don't you tell people to bring it "back to the subject at hand" when they post outright lies about SM? Only when people stand up for her? I've seen it happen over and over. You might not care but I don't respect that and that to me is just as wrong as Julia deleting comments that don't compliment her. It's one sided.

  45. I don't care that SM is trying to start her own website or whatever, I just find her blog and brand of snark rather artless.

  46. OH, you seem to know an awful lot about the entire history of issues in the comments section regarding this other blogger just off the top of your head. Seriously, as mentioned, the discussion can go on over at the other blog, not here.

    I am not going to police commenters on what is essentially a snark blog and order them not to snark on someone not associated with RBNS in any way. That makes no sense.

    You reap what you sow.

  47. Yes, I have been following both of these blogs for a long time and unlike some people my reading comprehension is at least on the average. It isn't so hard to remember.

    And, Jacy that is exactly what you are doing to me though. "police(ing) commenters (me) on what is essentially a snark blog and order them not to snark on someone not associated with RBNS in any way." But you never say the same to the other side of the coin.

    Admit how JA-like that is. That's what you sow. What do you deserve to reap?

  48. Yes, that's right -- I am JUST LIKE JA.

    My point is this: every time the subject of your beloved other blogger comes up in here, it leads to some kind of shitstorm because people have strong opinions on her based on the tone and content of her blog and some of the comments she's made in here. I can't control that, but I can ask that we keep to the subject matter at hand -- and I have before -- since this is not her blog and we have nothing to do with her other than linking to it.

    Why don't you ask her if she'll post your thoughts on this matter on HER blog, and you can write about how stupid and illiterate and JA-ish everyone over here is, and then you can have a full and frank discussion about it over there. I'm sure she'd be right into that.

  49. THANK YOU Obsessed Hoopla. i agree completely.


  51. Has she ever talked trash about this blog like you do to hers? No. And my point is still true and it's also JA-like you can't simply admit it. You only step in to "police" the matter when people defend her not when people post direct lies on your comments section. That is why I am over here saying this in the first place and not on her blog saying this.

  52. But Jacy, why would she do that? All the commenters are over here. Which is what this is really all about.

    Keep up the good fight RBNS and don't even bother worrying about this stuff.

    Back to JA ... She's apparently gone crazy over Benjamin Button:

    # I sobbed hysterically during the last twenty minutes of Benjamin Button. In a good way. 39 minutes ago from txt

  53. Honestly, thank you Obsessed Hoopla- you could not have said it better.

    And Jacy. I hate reading your comments. You are so angry. If someone doesn't agree with exactly what you say you are instantly in attack mode. It's annoying and makes me not want to read this blog.

  54. OH: I have never once talked trash about her blog except to say I found the IM with JA to be not something that I would feel comfortable doing, and something that seemed to cross a line.

    Can you please just let it drop. And you know, your identity is showing ... if you wanted to come over here and defend your own honor, why not just do it? A lot more respect would have been garnered that way.

  55. Anon: I'd appreciate you pointing me to a comment I have made in here that's any angrier than anyone else's. Seriously, have a go.

    If I seem angry in this thread, it's because we want to stop thread hijacks, that's all, and that's what this is.

  56. THANK YOU JACEY! Just ignore this woman and her sockpuppets. How obvious can she be?

    I cannot wait until we get Jankle's longwinded spewfest about Benjamin Button. It is going to be good.

  57. Ok, let's all simmer down in here please. Obsessed Hoopla, please give it a rest. No one needs to be throwing the JA attack dogs on anyone, ok?

    Jacy's first post about live and let regarding TSAM and RBNS is the correct tact.

    No need to get up in the grill of another blogger and let the chips fall where they may and all.

    We have a respectful community here and TSAM has her own community.

    As i was reading on Scary Mary's blog just this afternoon, in her own words of advice to Jackles Albatross herself, "you can't take reblogging too seriously."

    So please just relax a bit Obsessed Hoopla. No need to call a person the worst of all insults -- JA!


  58. "And you know, your identity is showing ... if you wanted to come over here and defend your own honor, why not just do it? A lot more respect would have been garnered that way."

    Yet again it just must be SM over here posting all these comments because everyone must agree with you or its her. The only one who would defend her must be her. Because everyone agrees with you Jacy. Right? If she does come here to defend herself you say it would garner respect when any time she has you slam her for that too and police the topic because of it, but not before.

    There are obviously at least some people who agree with me so maybe you should look at yourself again before you become what you hate. If you are going to police the topic when people speak up because a direct lie was posted here, then you need to police the topic when the other side of it, the lies themselves are posted too. Or no sorry but you are then no better than JA.

  59. Obsessed Hoopla! Hi there!! Just relax, ok? I'm okay, you're okay. Alright? Thanx!

  60. FormerGawkerEmployeeFebruary 21, 2009 at 7:49 PM

    Ummmm -- YAWN. I haven't even read the blog these "people" are up in arms about. I just looked over there though and it appears no one reads it. So that must be driving some of the hostility. Everyone chill. There's enough room on the internet for all of us.

    If you don't like one blog and its commenters, you can run along and piss in someone else's playground. That is what the Internet is for.

    I see JA is pulling quotes from Benjamin Button that she feels are relevant to her. LOL.

  61. Thank you so much for this, Obsessed Hoopla. I am now going to go stare deeply into my own eyes in the mirror, have a good long talk with myself about how I must not become a narcisstic online junkie with a talent for the Blue Steel, and I will send you a thank-you note after I've done so. I don't know what might have become of me without your wise counsel.

  62. Now Jacy do not go over to the NS dark side :)

  63. To change the subject, what do you all think about both Mary and Meghan's very public new friendships?

    Mary has this Adrien dude. And Meghan has Natalie Del Conte, who herself wrote on her Twitter that Meghan was her new best friend.

    Seems to me that forging new alliances is the thing you do when you want to change jobs and are setting the stage to do something new with your life.

    The catch is, we all say "It's time for Meghan and Mary to drop JA!" like it's the easiest thing ever. The truth is, these women are more or less legally conjoined triplets through this business. Breaking up a business partnership is the equivalent to getting a divorce - it's tough, costly and time-consuming. It's not as easy as saying "I'm tired of your shit, Julia," walking out and calling it quits.

  64. Jacy, isn't now the time you start blogging about how HAPPY you are. How BLESSED you feel?

  65. It's too bad Mary's resolution wasn't to improve her grammar. Her latest post:

    "Feb 21 - 07:38pm

    I’d say this is a snip it of Adrien and I’s chatty Cathy banter, but we’re obviously putting on a show for you. Grab a glass of champagne and watch!"

    I don't even know what that means.

  66. Anon at 9:25 PM:

    Maybe it's the start of SapphicSociety.!

  67. Whatever happened to the discussion that was going to take place about JA interviewing Tina Brown? I was looking forward to that. Did I miss it?

  68. I mean that was supposed to take place on RBNS. --10:48

  69. sona [I was the first Dan Loeb]February 22, 2009 at 1:06 AM

    wow, go to a school play and miss alot of shit.
    Jacy: I like ya, Obsessed Hoopla? don't know ya.

    Onto the bunnies on the bullseye.

    They show up for the marathon. They have seatc reserved. The theatre [coincidently] gives away UMBRELLAS in between movies. Mary, Meghan, Megan LEAVE and Julia sits in a row by herself and watches the movies.

    At one point, she was joined by two girls and a guy from another row. Then, she was joined by a young man, for an hour [intern?]

    Put AMC oscar marathon with DLD and CES- k, that's a joke, but her best friends/business partners publicly walked away and left her obviously alone.

    Tough week for Ms. Baugher.

  70. Ok, I am not a creepy stalker, I got a text or two from someone in the theatre.

    reaping and sowing gossip girl big time.

  71. Obsessed Hoopla - it is SOO transparent that you are SM! And not just because you defend her. But the manner in which you defend her, and the detail you go into. Give it up, lady. We would all have a lot more respect for you if you defended yourself admitting your identity. You are stooping to JA lows by defending yourself in the third person under a pseudonym. Pathetic.