Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hi bunnies, RBNS here.

Sorry you haven't seen many posts on my end of late. But Jacy and Russian Girl are doing a lovely job. And how great is it that Baugher's back, and maybe even more often?

Anyway, this is just a little note to say that my interest in NS has waned. Seriously, I think I have some kind of attention deficit disorder, or perhaps I have just succumbed more quickly to what Baugher described in her(?) most recent post. I doubt I will be posting much anymore, if at all. Hell, maybe I'll even hand over the keys altogether.

It's been really fun. Some of you commenters are hilarious. Seriously, I want to be friends. (Dyspeptic, I'm talking to you. Among others.)

Well, I'll still be here for a while, if you want to send an email. We'll figure out what happens to the site, logistics-wise, soon.


  1. I think it is *exactly* like Baugher says (I've had the same feelings myself). Your wanting to step aside is totally understandable. But in its short history so far RBNS has been a forum for some great points and some hilarious humor, and has served as a wonderful antidote to a hellish site. And for that I thank you. : )


  2. Julia, Meghan, and Mary will outlast you all. Julia Allison has her faults, but tenacity isn't one of them.

  3. Paul ... I wish that made sense. Are you saying she's tenacious, or not tenacious?

  4. Sona; Jane; the 1st Dan LoebFebruary 22, 2009 at 1:13 AM


    Thanx for the ride. I too, get tired and weery from all of this. Interesting look into the abyss though. I myself, [or as Mary might refer to herself as I's]
    get forlorn over my ability to put more energy into this then my own life. Lesson learned.

    Thank you again, and best wishes to you.

  5. Her tenacity is not a fault. She doesn't give up. She keeps trying. She keeps swinging. She will outlast this site and its contributors.

    That is all.

  6. I try not to start one on one's in these types of forums--but Paul--you have your faults but intelligence isn't one of them. Right?

  7. Nope. I'm dumb as a rock. You certainly called it correctly. Thanks for noticing!

  8. Outlasting a cite/site/sight; ok, outlasting the contributors, what does that even mean? Julia and her eating disorder and narcissistic tendencies will outlive us all? Ok. so we're dead, she is still julia.

  9. Russian Girl and I aren't going anywhere. Fret not!

    Paul: I believe what you are trying to say is that a LACK of tenacity is not one of Jackles's faults, right?

    That's fine.

  10. Paul's right. We'll all get bored of watching/parsing the Pink Lady, but she'll never tire of broadcasting her banality. She's persistent puerility, that's for sure. I'm not sure that's such a good thing though.

  11. *persistent in her puerility

  12. I hear ya, RBNS. The repetitive nature of the idiocies perpetrated by the Sisters Three does wear upon the brain. How many times can one be amazed and amused appalled by, "hey, god, it's me, Julia, and I'm so blessed and I believe in you even though I didn't in high school, sorry bout that, and by the way I'm a nice person except bitchy Mary picked an unbecoming dress for me. Wah!com."

    Your very noble efforts in establishing and maintaining this site have been much appreciated. It canNOT have been easy. Even a longtime Julia Allison scholar such as myself (as certain bunnies might say) has days when I fear my brainpan will melt into cotton candy if I look into the abyss that is Nonsociety.

    But you have helped me (mostly) kick the click habit, for which I am truly grateful. And I must say it felt good to release the pent up hilarity, bile and outrage that had accumulated over many, many months. Therapeutic, I say!

    Your name will be legend as we gather around the campfire. Rest upon your laurels. Don't be a stranger.

  13. Ah folks not one post from JA about Daddy revenue's visit..strange?

    Does she resent ehwr father that much?

  14. RBNS - it has been awesome to read the posts here so thank you. I am starting to tire of the repetitive nature of JA's exploits myself. She is seeming to be a little too tragic to mock, sort of like mocking someone who is mentally retarded. Not saying I won't be back but the thrill is gone a wee bit.

  15. i hear you too, RBNS, BUT, this website has turned into a big favorite in the past few weeks. take a break if you must, BUT COME BACK!! if you would like, you can hand over the website to me and i'll take it over. haha.


  16. I'm jealous that it takes people six whole months to get tired of reading about Julia Allison. People get tired of my comments after reading one sentence.

    P.S. I'm a troll, for all you newbies out there. You can see evidence of my (somewhat) tireless efforts to troll this place on about 75% of all posts. Enjoy!

  17. BunnyBingo, you hit the nail on the head. Picking on Jackles is almost like hurling insults at the Elephant Man. Neither one can help their horribly repulsive condition. I half expect her to start screaming, "I am not an animal!"

  18. RBNS, this site was a great idea to provide a forum for those who were silenced in their criticism of the NS vanity blog and rightfully defer what amounted to unwarranted site stats there. (We'll use your clicks as promo for the site but shut up and get a life if you question or criticize us; in the meantime, "delete".)
    And your weariness, distaste, boredom or whatever it is, fairly dovetails with what appears to be a recurring motif in the life/career of Miss Baugher, short-term relationships.
    But Paul is quite right. Tire of her though many may, our girl seems unlikley to ever exhaust her capacity for shameless self promotion. Her aresenal of "look at me" stunts is both startling and strangely predictable.
    Tenacity? So that's what the youngsters are calling it these days. The lack of discretion with personal convos? Printing old love letters, pictures, and laments of exes long gone? Crashing "name" parties one is not invited to, then subsequently trashing some of those same "names" on camera when meeting someone who is currently estimated to be more fawn-worthy? Dressing provocatively and snuggling up to married guys for the camera? Calling out friends as bitches online then insulting their ability to do their job? Using an IM conversation with a sick friend as an excuse to skip going to work? (Hey, she's efficient too! No actual train travel or bed-side manner required!) Printing endless self-portraits and staged shots, both current and many quite stale-dated? Attending myriad events of import/interest yet constricting their significance into little more than self-referential photo ops. Modeling a costume-like wardrobe based on tv characters or company brands in the hope, I suppose, of being linked with their prominence?
    Well, you're very generous, Paul.
    I'll tell ya, my girlfriends wouldn't be nearly as supportive and admiring of my chronic "tenacity" if I were so determined to repeatedly flaunt myself and my tactlessness online. They'd be more likely to duct tape me to a chair, remove all electronic devices from my vicinity, and stage an intervention.
    Happy trails, RBNS.

  19. Notes JA I Think:

    1. Alone movie watch like date with shepard boy. Use not much outside of shepparding to life.

    2. No date dating columnist is like laughter crowd huge people.

    3 Develop opinion requires living as living others not so good when they are Mary and Meghan failed fame hunters.

    JA I like invite our sheep throwing contest in April since you already dress for such events

  20. Hear, hear 6:48! LOL but that's what it is, you actually have GIRLFRIENDS (and who care about you), I don't think it's kicked in yet.. but it seems most of the people in her life (girlfriends aside, even) are acquaintances rather than true friends. Otherwise, (well we'd assume anyway) much of this wouldn't be out in the open, rife for mockery. I guess when one is nearing 30 "saving them from themselves" shouldn't be necessary, but this may be an extreme, unique case. At least Dan's tried over the years!

  21. 7:24: To be fair, birds of a feather, etc.
    Not all of us collect friends/satellites who could be likewise be classified as attention-seeking fame whores.
    Julia Baugher does not appear to be without friends and admirers, most of whom seem to share aspriations/behaviours similar to hers.
    In my crowd it's a rare exception to have even a Facebook profile (we shudder), much less attempting to devise a "personal brand/persona" to shop out indiscriminately and relentlessly as an entity in itself.
    So, what my pals would consider truly deviant, embarrassing, and destructive behaviour seems, conversely, to be considered exemplary and commendable comportment amongst the types Miss Baugher runs with.

  22. Why do I get the impression that JA's grandmother is the sane one of the family?

  23. I think I speak for many, many people when I thank RBNS, Jacy & Russian Girl for all the work they do, especially in having to read Jaba the Nut's idiocy on a regular basis. That could drive any sane being batshit, not even considering the loss of IQ points from doing that task on a regular basis.

    Now, if Jaba's parents leave the city without her or without staging some sort of serious intervention, then they suck. I will have to conclude that they are bad, negligent, selfish parents and that their son is an anomaly, who thrived despite their incompetence as parents.

    As for Jaba outlasting her critics, that may well happen. However, after a while, she'll be photographing herself and posting idiotic blurbs long after anyone gives a shit. She's almost completely unemployable and is fast turning into kryptonite, so that no reputable company will want to be associated with her. Once that cycle is complete, she'll be no different than any teenybopper girl with a freebie blog.

  24. "So, what my pals would consider truly deviant, embarrassing, and destructive behaviour seems, conversely, to be considered exemplary and commendable comportment amongst the types Miss Baugher runs with."

    Theremustbeapony, I think the difference is that your friends care about you and would intervene if you went off the rails and had a yearlong mental meltdown in public. Julia has no real friends, and it's becoming apparent that her parents are oblivious to her mental illnesses.

    Mary and Meghan are probably plotting how to get the hell away from Jaba the Nut without incurring her sicko anger and obsessive stalky behavior against them.

    How the Baughers can read her blog, I mean "lifecast," in the last year and not yank her ass back to Chicago for some intensive psychiatric help is appalling.

    We all know that she repeatedly blabbed that her ex is allegedly bipolar, but she is the one who consistently displays extreme highs and lows in her moods and behaviors, often within the same hour.

  25. Seems like Mary and Meghan flew the coop

  26. There has been a glaring lack daddy posts on this trip though we're given to understand that both of Miss Baugher's parents have been in town and she has blogged material/photos about her mother. Could it be that father dear did intervene? He, afterall, is the sole breadwinner in the family with a prominent professional profile. Something along the lines of: "One more word about or picture of me on your egoblog and not a penny more. End of intervention."

  27. Thanks RBNS, it's been a fun ride. I have no doubts Jacy and Russian Girl will do this site justice.

  28. Thanks RBNS.
    Not every boxer has the courage to get out of the ring before the real brain damage sets in. I tip my hat.

  29. Flatface: Hahahahaha.



  30. RBNS,

    Do come back when you've had a chance to rest up a bit. Though i do understand JAB fatigue and loss of sense from exposure.

    She is one tenaciously tedious egoblogger, that is for certain.


  31. Completely understandable. Hope you get some respite from this shitshow.

  32. RBNS, please don't let the site die. Hand over the keys if you're not up to the task anymore. Understandable that you aren't.