Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Julia: Could This Be The Much-Needed Parental Intervention?

A Tweet from a twit:


  1. My parents are visiting on Thursday - Saturday. I just windexed the inside of my fridge. Oh, you think these two facts aren't related!?!

If I were Mommy or Daddy Baugher, and was watching from afar as my kid, two years before her 30th birthday, was injecting chemicals into her face to such an extent that it started to collapse, was publicly dissing friends and business partners and/or outing their possible illnesses, was chasing after wealthy married men and being rejected time and time again, was refusing to work or to honor her commitments to her business partners on any front, was braying about how OMG!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! she is and in the same breath talking about how depressed she is, I'd be on the first plane to New York.

When I arrived, I'd pay Meghan back the money she's wasted, apologize to Mary for all the abuse, and drag my kid's screeching ass back to Chicago for many many months of intensive therapy. Seriously. The woman is deranged.

Where have they been?


  1. And you know they look daily at her lifeblast.

  2. Over or Under on the plug being pulled via Daddy and Mommy?

  3. lets hope they drag a camera crew there with them.

  4. They're probably just planning a pow-wow on a new name. "We won't disinherit you, dear, but the flip side is, you must take on a completely untraceable identity. Facially, you're already unrecognizable and for that, we thank Dr. Bobby. But ... here are the papers, sweety. Time for a new 'persona'."

  5. Why in God's name would her parent's come during fashion week?

    This is a totally unplanned and unwanted visit, I'm sure. Make one wonder???

    Mary's going to have to do most of the coverage now unless Daddy Baugher is going to the shows on Thurs, Friday and Sat.

  6. Julia is the textbook definition of Narcissistic personality disorder:


    1. has a grandiose sense of self-importance
    2. is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
    3. believes that he or she is "special" and unique
    4. requires excessive admiration
    5. has a sense of entitlement
    6. is interpersonally exploitative
    7. lacks empathy
    8. is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
    9. shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    Girl needs therapy.

  7. Sigh. Life...miscast.

  8. You want o really make JA freak out?

    Thursday early ,morning post:

    TO JA/JAB's parent's...

    We hope you enojoy your stay the in fine city of NY and the much needed Parent and child interaction. Have a Nice Day.

  9. Think it would be a bad time to ask Jules' mom for the true recipe on the dish she makes that includes, spinach, salsa, cranberries, and collard greens?

    Cuz, I don't think it calls for 'frozen' spinach.

  10. Momser Baugher does not impress me as the warm and affectionate type. I doubt she wants Princess to interfere in her life thank-you very much. Intervention maybe, bringing her back to Chicago would be as likely as inviting Grandma over for tea.

  11. If in fact this is an intervention then I think Dad Baugher is the one that initiated it. Mom doesn't really want to be involved with Julia.

  12. Sorry, but whenever I see a reference to Dad Baugher, I flash back to the post on a Gawker thread about him lugging big bags of VS lingerie across the Georgetown campus to his pink-obsessed daughter.

  13. Hey guys. I love you all.

    I have been sitting on this for a while now, because I really didn't want to bring Jackle's parents into the equation, but seeing how they are going to visit her soon...

    I mentioned in a comment for an earlier post that all I knew about Jackle's parents (her father in particular) is that he is a Princeton grad and a lawyer living in Chicago.

    My (reliable) source tells me that there is a Peter Baugher '70, married to Robin Baugher, who lives in Chicago and is a prominent lawyer. He is the alumni liaison for the Chicago area and interviews prospective Princeton students from Chicago in the fall. He also holds a party at his house (apparently he does this every year?) for the newly admitted Princeton students in the spring.

    Google search on Peter Baugher, princeton, chicago...

    A link to the Princeton Club of Chaicago confirms what my source told me.

    And then, CHA-CHING:

    Going back to Jackle's blog to find pictures of her father to make sure they match...

    We have a winner, folks!

    Peter V. Baugher, Partner (at a CORPORATE firm)
    Princeton AND Yale (well, excuse me!)

    I'm sorry if you think I am being mean by bringing him into this, I really am. I personally have not contacted him, nor do I ever plan to. But, if anyone feels compelled to give him a talking to before his rendez-vous with his daughter, well, now's your chance.

  14. (Sorry, I should mention that my reliable source is from Princeton.)

  15. That whole Daddy bringing the college coed daughter Victoria Secret lingerie is just... eww.

    She has DADDY ISSUES!

  16. Theory....

    Daddy's little princess (who mom thinks and still thinks has been overindulged and catered to entirely too many times) has far outgrown the role but can't shake needing that form of attention..

    Cue chasing after rich + unattainable men, acting out when scorned or simply denied things (be they material or attention), dressing much like and imitating characters that reflect the spoiled brat princess or overtly girly-attired teen/early 20-something she wishes she could be.

    Elle Woods (and wouldn't doubt Cher Horowitz, too) in college.. Carrie Bradshaw before moving to NYC, until the whole thing became passe.. Blair Waldorf after having lived in the city for awhile, noticing the buzz about the show and BW in particular, Charlotte York for the like-Blair-but-older' once the pointed comments about the strange BW obsession started popping up.

    What I want to know is who she was mirroring when her goal was to be a big name in DC. Arianna Huffington, who she's now apparently throwing under the bus to get an in with Tina Brown? Maaaaybe.

  17. I play a psychologist on TV, so here are my thoughts...

    Her parents have definitely had a strong influence on her. My guess is that she would like to match her dad's achievements so that he will actually pay attention to her instead of ignoring her or making her feel like she is not good enough. In fact, she probably suffers from an Electra Complex:

    "Girls' Electra Complex involves "penis envy". That is, according to Freud, the girl believes that she once had a penis but that it was removed. In order to compensate for its loss, the girl wants to have a child by her father (Ed. Note: This child may actually be Nonsociety itself since it is rumored that the father may be funding it). Success or failure in the Oedipus conflict is at the core of either normal psychological development or psychological disorder. If a child is able to successfully resolve the conflict, he or she will have learnt to control their envy and hostility and begin to identify with and model after the parent of their own sex, and are ready to move on to the next developmental stage." (1)

    The Electra Complex theory would explain why Julia's last serious relationship was with Jakob Lodwick - a doppleganger of her dad circa 1983 as evidenced below:

    Jakob Lodwick

    Dad (a.k.a. Peter Baugher) w/ Julia

    While Mr. Baugher apparently failed to shepherd his daughter through the Phallic Stage of Development, it seems that the mother (a.k.a. Robin Baugher) may bear some responsibility for Julia's post-Georgetown personality. Specifically, the mother played a prominent role in editing and promoting Julia's Georgetown sex column (2). In fact, only recently has Julia's mother gone MIA which may explain the sudden lack of real content being produced by Julia.

    In summary, it seems that the mother's enabling tendencies have forced Julia into living a fantasy that she is not equipped to maintain, but, if she should fail, she faces a perceived risk of losing her father's love and respect. Truly this is a bad situation and it may take years of intervention before the family can cut the proverbial Gordian Knot and create an integrated and realistic Julia.

    (1) http://faculty.mdc.edu/jmcnair/Joe5pages/Psychosexual%20stages%20(simplified).htm
    (2) http://www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/summary_0286-24341056_ITM

  18. You are fucking insane for stalking her father like that and posting his contact info. Seriously, that's WAY over the line. WTF is wrong with you?

  19. Also, Anon 10:40, you act like you're conducting a fucking journalistic investigation. Julia's father's name has been mentioned many times in many of the articles about her, as has the fact that he is a Chicago lawyer and a Princeton grad. Google "Peter Baugher" and his firm profile is the first link to pop up.


    Ugh. Crazies like you make me feel really terrible for visiting this cite.

  20. I agree with Anon 11:55. First off, we all know who her dad is. Why would anyone consider calling a perfect stranger? That's nuts.

    Let's keep it on point, people.