Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UPDATE: Or wait, was it he?

Okay, I am feeling lucky for original totes hot doctor because maybe it is not he who went on date with poofy. But it WAS doctor, no? And they maybe, possibly make dirty after one glass of champagne and she end up wearing aqua tutu.

Was it THIS doctor? (He create monster -- HA HA HA!!!!!)

Okay, I go clean up pig poop now.


  1. Helllo JAS

    Nice to see that when there is not work to do that you get up bright and eary to read RBNS RBB and etc.

    Game On poofy

  2. I got a real dumb ass question for JA..

    Lets see how much of a Business major JA is..

    NS site gets 5k hits per day.

    Now if you spend al your energy on fighting with a site that only gets 1500 hits per day instead of say oh generating good quality content

    How smart are you JA?

    Your revenue model depends upon generating quality content, once you stop that and fight with us instead you have lost everything

    So bring on Ja come here as much as you like under any male name you like and we will laugh our ass off at your poor choice

  3. Jacy/RussianGirl,

    I work hard to craft comments like:

    "Oh, doctor, keep Rambin me in the Asha!"

    and then you snatch them away. So cruel.

  4. Would she try to guest host diggnation?

    Surely Kevin Rose is nto that damn stupid

  5. I don't know if they slept together, but I can confirm that the deleted doctor was, in fact, the doctor that took her salsa dancing.

    However, I understand and respect RBNS's decision to remove the post.

  6. oh did Ja take he site down?

    I guess that makes it easier to change all her stories in a fast manner..:)

  7. I get an error message when I try to visit Julia's blog and according to her Facebook fan page which reposts all her content, it hasn't been updated since arriving in San Fran last night. Has Julia Baugher finally gone silent on us? Or on this rainy day, is she in the evil doctor's lair cooking up some apocalyptic birthday bomb and joining together with some other rusty mechanical monster parts to form a giant Transformer Godzilla, just waiting to stomp all over San Francisco and destroy everything in her path?

  8. Is MR really an oil heir instead of an oil heiress like some suspect? Looks like the rumors are true:

    "Aspen bed head. I think I’m going to submit myself for the [Axe male] hair crisis makeover!"

    Although, I do like (her?) eyes in this one:

    She should wear a niqab at all times, get herself a Middle Eastern sugar daddy.

  9. The only one posting semi-regularly since they left is Mary. I smell something fishy around here...

  10. Megan Asha has not posted regularly for over a MONTH now. She produces NO content for the site. Mary does ALL of the ad sales according to JA, so what the hell is MA doing? Seriously.

    And, yes, they need content to generate page view and, in turn, get sponsers. They may get a few sponsors up front this way but they will quickly leave. No content=no page views=no sponsors.

  11. Meghanaise is not cut out for this line of "work". Her natural habitat is a cubical farm inhabited by a bunch of old white men. Hell, MA is even "working" on her non-Nonsociety funded vacation while the other two cannot function because it is raining in SF.

  12. Anon: 1:51. You mean that MR is "working." Yes, the other two do not have a work ethic, obviously.

    MA does nothing as far as I can tell.

  13. Total Jing,

    Ya, whoops, getting sloppy. I shouldn't be drinking this early :-)

  14. For the record, I am in San Francisco right now, and it is NOT raining. Grey, yes. Raining, no.

  15. It never Rains IN southern Cali-FOrnica

    And the Girls always warn you..


  16. The thing is...this is a lifecast, not a blog like thefrisky or something. What is the definition of "quality content"? None of them are writing articles...I guess I don't get what yall are looking for.

  17. anon 4:01 or should we say JA?

  18. @4:01 I think we're looking for content, PERIOD. And maybe we think "lifecast" is a euphemism for "don't have to do shit."

  19. ah, anon 401, welcome to the party.
    This party is not really a earnest critique. Ity's sort of scream. I think it's attracted people like me, who are rooting for failure at NS. And at first, we were rooting uncomfortably: I mean what kind of a perosn roots for that?
    But then, we kinda found each other. A lot of what I've read hear reflects this new media anger. Here are these three absolutley mediocre people who have gamed the new media thing just enough to reach a certain level of notoriety, or success, even.
    And it makes me/us mad.

    They are in no sense professional, yet they demand to be treated as such. They don't know how to interview, write or operate a website. No technical expertise whatsoever. They praise the freedom of the web, but then try to subvert that freedom at very turn. By having critics tumblrs whacked etc. The flaunt a high-living lifestyle (probably faked, too, btw) at a time when alot of well-skilled professional journalists/IT people? publishing types, are getting creamed. They persist in this bloodless Sex in The City pantomime 5 years after the worm has definitley turned on that fanatasy, when that fantasy has actually become obscene - because it's a symbol of what crashed the US economy. Reckless, empty consumerism and a cruel kind of selfishness.

    And they do it without humor. Without irony. Without intelligence. They have gone from clueless to crass. And it has become addictive to vent anger - at the chaos in the media world so many of us have toiled in, at the economy and the prada-loving zombies who wrecked it, at SATC/George Bush anti-intellectualism.

    Justice, anon 401.
    That's what I'm looking for.

  20. Anon @ 4:01

    Meghanaise's "lifecast" is about as exciting as watching paint dry. She talks about nothing going on in her life. If she is behind Nonsociety 1.5 then at least she could talk about that; about meeting with the programmers, about what went wrong, etc... As is, I am not sure what she does except replace Lilly the Dog as JA's pet on trips out of town. Additionally, JA's old blog was way more interesting than her new "lifecast". In fact, I would argue that when she was doing the old blog she was at the apex of her game. You know, when, as a "dating columnist", she actually wrote about her dating life:

    Now, all we get are things like:

    "Blerg. SO HAPPY! It's raining. Wow. Just wow."

    along with an occasional picture or her deranged self.

  21. 4:16, 4:33--

    I am applauding you.

  22. Anon @ 4:33- nail on the head!

  23. hear hear, GreenMeanie!

  24. Haha why do u people have time to write multiple paragraph rants. It's so weird and pathetic.

  25. It's probably not as weird and pathetic as taking pride in being an internet troll. I think you are more like us than you would care to admit.

    After all, you spend your time visiting a site filled with people and opinions you don't like. Then you post comments to make fun of those people and opinions you don't like. Welcome to our world, Troll baby. You fit in just fine. ;-)

  26. It's actually not that difficult, troll st. troll... although seeing as you find it hard to type out "you", this is to be expected.