Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fall in love all over again.

Hi bunnies!

What an interesting couple of days it's been, huh?

We talked to Baugher last night (who, by the way, is 100 times the writer Julia ever hopes to be). She is, as noted in a comment below, a little surprised (to the say the least) about what went down.

But lucky for all of you, we were able to salvage most, if not all, of the content from Reblogging Julia.

And now, just because we love you, we're going to let you experience it all over again. We will post, one by one, all the entries over at the NEW Reblogging Julia, just so we can all relive the good times. The inaugural post is up (backdated for accuracy), and there will be more to come.

Now, we're hoping that eventually Baugher will wield her pen (er, um, her keyboard) once again, but until then, enjoy the archives. You can thank us later.


  1. To avoid Julia getting anymore pageviews, what if someone created a site (not on Tumblr) that just essentially copy and pasted every one of the NS girl's posts? That way, if you wanted to reference a post, you could look at the other site without giving Julia any pageviews?

    I don't know if that is even legal. I guess maybe you would have to make some sort of comment or something?

    I think it might be worth looking into. But what to call it?

  2. Karp & Julia: rue the day bunnies/bitches!!!

    As a history teacher, I am most glad to see the following:

    Restoration of a brillantly written website

    People getting smart and voting with their feet
    [ok their keyboards]

    People getting smarter and teaching those that there is power in solidarity

    Making integrity popular again.


  3. we should nickname this Julia Allion Baugher Gate

  4. Anonymous 1:45 p.m. That's what THIS site is, except w/ only the most compelling stuff.

  5. JABagate? I like it. It operates on a few levels.

  6. Well, Facebook just had to crater on its Terms of Use brouhaha....will be interesting to see how Karp & Co. deal with the considerable bad publicity they have incurred by purging Tumblrs critical of Julia Allison.

  7. So, I am imagining a conversation between Jab and Karp, Jab is crazed with convincing Karp her has to do something about her haters--

    at the end she throws in-- and get baugher too..

    cause, here's the funny. Baugher, as we know, wasn't really blogging all that much anymore.

    Hmmm, now the conspiracy is casting a rather large shadow, a commenter at Gawker stated the obvious, Baugher was great for julia, as great as gawker, she was able to cry stalker and fear for her life.

    The only was this stays good-- is if people stay away from NS and Karp tumblrs.

  8. Nice!

    Yes, Anon1:45 -- we wade through the shit so you don't have to, and generally pick and choose only the most outrageous/heinous stuff, because trust us, the rest is just meaningless shit.

    You didn't need to see her post a million photos of aprons, for example, right?

    There is a lot of that kind of bullshit.

  9. Please---please please do not reblog Mary and her endless head to toes--

    I will pay

  10. ok.. why does "TECHIE" Meghan not know how to POST on the new NS site? I mean, REALLY? And you call yourself a "GEEKETTE?"

  11. Yes Mona, Jacy, I know that is what this blog is supposed to be, but I don't mean creating a blog with the purpose of making your own content off of it, I mean something like a shadow site so that ALL OTHER SITES could just link off of it or Tumblr users could post from it (if it isn't on Tumblr it is technically reblogging!).

    I know that there is a lot of bullshit on NS, it would just be nice for there to be a shadow site (essentially) that everyone could look at instead of NS and parse from it what they wish.

    Just a pipe dream maybe.

  12. Um, I'm pretty sure that would constitute a big 'ol copyright violation. What you're suggesting, Anon 2:31, is not legal.

  13. The WORD heard around blogs NO-=Karp-No-Diem!

  14. A reblog from natface@tumblr:
    Marco's Comment on the negativity post
    What am I supposed to do? Kick people off of Tumblr because they’re mean in real life or aren’t benefiting society as a whole? It’s unrealistic to expect any service to have the resources necessary to make those judgments, and I don’t know anyone who would be comfortable with any service policing on that level.

    Originally posted as a comment by Marco on Sweetness and Light using Disqus.

    No, Marco, you shouldn’t kick someone off Tumblr for being mean in real life. You shouldn’t kick them off Tumblr for being mean on the internet either, since that is a totally subjective thing. Please look out for soupsoup’s survey results in a few days, when I am sure the majority of people will tell you they think Julia’s coterie is a lot more offensive than a couple of snark blogs.

    You’ve set yourself up to police a lot more content than you should have to. I know you’re a limited staff and I wish you would get back to giving us awesome things to do instead of making more work for yourselves. I will give you my money, and gladly, to do some new Tumblr stuff. But this regression into censorship effort is beneath you.

    Restore the anonyblogs— Facebook ate crow, you guys can too.

  15. You know, I'm bored this afternoon and I'm half-tempted to start a Tumblr for the sole purpose of reblogging JAB and sarcastically fawning over her until even she wants to vomit, but A) she might never get the joke and B) I'll lose interest/my lunch in roughly 5 minutes.

    Don't worry, bunnies. I'll probably just alphabetize my paperclips by height instead.

    Long live, Baugher!

  16. Anon 2:31 :

    Yeah, it's a great idea but definitely in violation of copyright laws I'm sure. If only Julia realized how superficial page views were and didn't brag about them, we'd all feel okay going over there to witness her downward spiral. As it stands now, I never go there anymore and come here for the real jewels of content.

  17. Do you think Julia still believes that any publicity is good publicity? Her silence on the matter is sort of telling. Of course, whenever she opens her mouth - like with that idiotic email to Gawker - it only makes her look ten times worse, but I doubt she realizes that.

  18. Some of the commenters on here are often saying that JA has narcissistic personality disorder and how her parents must have had a hand in that.. I just read this article "5 Things You Think Will Make You Happy (But Won't)" - linked in my name - and it totally reminded me of JA:

    #5: Fame

    In a recent survey of high school kids, 51 percent said their ultimate goal was to become famous.

    This is brand new to humanity; for thousands of years, material goods and security dominated. Now, fame is at the top. Obviously part of the reason is the perception that anybody can get famous these days--reality TV and YouTube have proven that you can become a celebrity for doing not a goddamned thing. But there's another, less obvious factor. And it explains why so many famous people are miserable.

    So What's the Problem?

    Experts say where you find kids who desperately want to be famous, you find a history of neglect at home. Parents were either absent completely or, at best, emotionally distant dicks.

    You can see how this sad mechanism works in the attention-starved mind. The kid is programmed by biology to love a parent, but the parent doesn't return the love. Fame lets them turn the tables on that arrangement. When you're famous, millions love you, but you don't even know their names. It's purely one-sided. They wait for hours in the cold for your autograph, you barely glance at them on the way to your limo. You get to take their love and wipe your ass with it, the same as your parents did to you.

    "I love you!" "Your deaths would mean nothing to me."

    But it turns out that kind of massive, paper-thin adoration is a poor substitute. Famous people are four times as likely to commit suicide as the rest of us (Hell, you'd think it'd be higher--everybody reading this has seen more than one of their favorite performers self-destruct).

    Wait, it Gets Worse...

    If you're saying that your parents were awesome and that fame still looks pretty freaking cool, well, we're not done. Studies show nothing is more stressful for a human than when their goals are tied to the approval of others. Particularly when those "others" are an enormous crowd of fickle strangers holding you up to a laughably unrealistic ideal built by publicists, thick makeup and heavily Photoshopped magazine covers.

    You could seek comfort from your circle of friends, only now your friends have been replaced Invasion of the Body Snatcher's-style with hangers-on, vultures, unscrupulous characters and plain dumbasses who only want a piece of the spotlight. . . even if it means selling you out later.

  19. That's great, except for Julia Allison is not actually famous. No one knows about her outside of a very small circle of people in New York and Silicon Valley, and her small group of internet detractors. Her fame is completely fabricated and made up by her own imagination.

  20. Just a thought..lets nominate RBNS for the fourth NS contributor..:)

    We can even make a game of post are full glowing recommendations here before we submit them..:)

  21. James at 3:13,

    I really like this sentence:
    "Her fame is completely fabricated and made up by her own imagination."

    May I please quote you on this page of my website:

    Thank you!


  22. narcissist headbandFebruary 18, 2009 at 9:53 PM

    Dearest Baugher, please please PLEASE pick up that mighty pen and parse again!