Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mary: A Message For Her Frenemy?

Even though you can manage it all, you can’t care for yourself completely until you take full responsibility for your life. Wednesday’s Quote from Kyle King.


  1. I joined non-society cuz I thought I'd finally be famousFebruary 25, 2009 at 1:38 PM

    Oh yes, Rambo is just bitchy enough to take what are supposed to be words of inspiration and use them to continually poke the bear. [at least every wednesday]

    girlfriend sleeps in her 'sunnies'

    picture with the s'more: trainwrecks suggests it looks like more of a porn still shot and yeah, that it does.

  2. also, she seems to have increased the drinking binges. almost every post on her going out ends in the consequences of her imbibing too much

  3. any advice like this directed at Poofy falls on deaf ears. seriously. trying to get her to be introspective is like yelling at the ocean.

  4. mary looks like chris crocker hiding in shades in her latest post. and yeah, the s'mores: mary's a goo girl.

  5. yeah, can't get the porn shot image out of my head.

  6. That Kyle King is a fucking cuckoo bird. Is that quote supposed to mean something? Because it's completely retarded. Perfect for MR, I guess. She thinks it's deep because she doesn't quite understand it. She doesn't realize it's utter nonsense.

  7. Okay have it now in my best Russian Girl voice:

    It never rains in Southern Cali-Fornication

    And MAry Rambo always warns you

    Smores Smores

    Ow Head hurt

  8. I don't understand why, with all the mediocrities in the american media, that Julia Allison should be singled out for such hatred to be piled on her by the commenters of this website.

    What is particularly hypocritical is to accuse Julia Allison of "stalking" because Reblogging Nonsociety seems to be nothing but a bunch of very nasty anonymous stalkers.

    What really comes as a surprise is how so many of you can make it a full time job to follow JA's every move and constantly analyze her.

    There's no denying that people here are riddled with envy and jealous of her opportunities.

    A week ago I had no idea who she was, I started paying attention because of the tumblr censorship thing.

    As far as I can tell, Julia does actually have a life, unlike some....

    With the nasty and illiterate things that get posted here, I don't think many of you legitimate reason to look down on Julia Allison.

  9. ahem Lana

    Repeating what JA has put out there is not stalking by any legal or moral definition..

  10. @Lana

    I call 'em as I sees 'em. You're a troll.

  11. We don't try to explain ourselves to trolls. We ignore them. Nice try, though, Lana. Better luck somewhere else.

  12. **Heavy sigh.**

    Remember Jackles tried to suggest Baugher was stalking her too? Stalking, in JA's mind, means people reading her blog, her Twitter, and her lip dubs but not liking what they see. If you love it? You're a fan!! If you hate it? You're a stalker!

    She wants people to watch and follow religiously, but only people who LIKE what they see. If you don't like what you see, then you are a stalker.

    As someone on Gawker once put it so hilariously:

    "Look at me!!! Look at me!! Pay attention to me!!! But not you!! No, not you!!! Don't look at me!! Don't pay attention to me!! Only you people, over there, you people who think I'm hot and fabulous!! YOU LOOK AT ME!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!"

  13. Anon @4:36, does a bear shit in the woods?

  14. "I don't think many of you legitimate reason to look down on Julia Allison."

    You may call us illiterate, but "legitimate" is not a verb. Try again, sweetie.

  15. anon 4:47

    Hi JA now why not sign in with your real name.

    You did that when responding to comments at ValleyWag, why not here?

  16. Hey Lana

    as Julia would say,

    "Find something better to do with your time
    than worrying/complaining bout us, take up tennis" then she would add..."suck it, you little cunt" these actually are words she has used recently.

    as Rambo would say

    "Take it or leave it, bitch"

    as Meghan would say--

    well, you get the point.

    Have a lovely day [and this time I do mean Go F Yourself]

  17. JA is here..
    everyone wave to JA..wave

  18. Wow Mary. Really deep quote.

  19. Anon 4:51- that was in response to Lana... DUH!

  20. Lana/Julia/Friend of Julia:


    Jackles embodies A LOT of what is wrong with North American culture. Much more than a lot of public figures -- many of whom are just amalgams of certain characteristics of the End Times -- but not outright embodiments of same. By, like a million. She has not bothered to cultivate anything interesting about her, but insists on taking up as much space as humanly possible.

    Real celebrities DO SOMETHING.

    Real tv personalities DO SOMETHING.

    Real bloggers/writers DO SOMETHING.

    Jackles runs a vanity blog. She does not write, she does not offer content. All she offers is her rapidly declining mug and brays of HOW HAPPY SHE IS.


    Get a grip.

    Also, i think you'd be VERY surprised about the calibre of person commenting here. You're high if you think i for one am jealous of Jackles on any level.

    The declining times are certainly interesting, and Jackles & Co -- inadvertently of course -- do offer front row seats to the crass decay of commodity culture. To which they cling like botoxed, rhinoplastied, cheap veneer wearing clowns to a rickety ferris wheel on the brink of destruction.

    These NonSociety people are walking detritus factories -- both in mental and material capacities -- and it fascinates.

  21. Austen Readers:

    Isn't JA sooo Mary Crawford from Mansfield Park?! Am I right?!

  22. anon 4:51 JA did not know that now you spoiled the damn joke

  23. as Meghan would say--


    She's so smart...

  24. Trolls like Lana give me a gnarly case of the ZZZZZZZs, so I try to not pay attention to their "legitimating." Back to the important jealousy-induced stalking at hand: Julia hasn't posted to her blog all day today. Do you think we will actually go ONE ENTIRE DAY with sweet, sweet internet silence from our beloved Poofy One? What's happened to her? Did she fall into the Pacific Ocean? Did her much hyped birthday extravaganza self-destruct in a spectacular fashion? When things don't go her way, Julia's much documented MO is complete silence on the subject/pleas for sympathy. The silence is telling - I think something has gone terribly awry during Julia's California Gold (Digging) Rush.

  25. Mean Girl,

    Completely agree. Something strange is brewing in foggy, rainy San Francisco.
    By this time of the day, she would have posted the following:
    8 pictures of herself modeling the pink frilly dresses that she will wear tonight
    asked "readers" whether she should wear the red headband with the big bow or the small bow
    2 or 3 pictures of her and some "interesting" person she just "befriended" of course making kissy face.
    a post telling us how happy and ecstatic she is at this moment.

    Can't wait for the conclusion of today's melodrama...

  26. That dingbat Mary just posted a picture of herself celabrating going down moguls. If those are moguls, I am Donald Trump! that is just a trail with cruddy snow.
    Even that she can't get right.


    Most likely to get married: Julia Allison and Ben Leventhal. You know that old adage: when they pretend not to like each other it’s really because there’s something there? Well I’m going to go ahead and put this out there: Internet fameball sensation Julia Allison and Eater editor Ben Leventhal are PERFECT for each other. (Forget Lodwick), Ben’s one of the most discreet editors in the blogosphere, and she is one of the most visible persons. What each one lacks, the other can provide. Ben may not be Julia’s sugar daddy just yet, but we think there’s more to come from these two…

    Maybe that is why she is quiet?

  28. Regarding her silence today, I think Julia is made of stale pink cotton candy, probably constructed in Dr. Frankenstein's lab. The SF rains came today and washed her away amid the shrieks of "I'm melting! I'M MEEEEEELTING! What a world, what a world!"

  29. Hey guys,

    I don't think Lana is Julia. Every once in a while, I try to take a couple steps back and check where we are in relation to Julia Allison and Friends. People finding Reblogging NonSociety now might not understand exactly what the big deal is, seeing as Mary/Julia/Meghan aren't being ostentatious or ridiculous or doing anything interesting at all.

    Lana, it's important that you know that we don't dislike Julia for what she's doing now. We dislike her for what she has done before and who she is as a person. If you're just jumping in now, you're probably not going to get it, so here's a quick summary:

    The girls from NonSociety are overprivileged hacks. Their business model is as follows:

    1. be pretty
    2. blog a lot
    3. profit!

    If the group will allow me to speak collectively, nobody here has a problem with women being pretty. My view, and I think the view of most of the other commenters here, is we have a problem with women who are nothing BUT pretty. Julia and her friends are pretty women with absolutely no substance who regularly try to peddle their bullshit to anybody who will listen.

    The thing that really outrages me about Julia is something she said at the DLD conference (I include a clip of it in the video I linked in my name). She says (in regards to NonSociety) "This is going to be a new form of journalism. We just happen to be the first three people to do it."

    There are just no words. She's deluded herself into thinking that she's pioneering some new, exclusive type of journalism? No. She broadcasts everything she says and does because she likes looking at herself, because she's insecure and needs constant reassurance of her worthiness. It's pathetic.

  30. Julia keeps quoting Meghan's mom (with the freakish name of "Snowflake" -- this is not cute)... clearly she's shacking up with Meg's family.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Well, she had to camp out somewhere for free! I guess Randi is not paying for Megs and JA to stay in a hotel suite! Hey, when is the birthday party?

  33. JA when a mom says freeze your eggs its something like ..

    Translated: Girls you are so terrible at dating that you should freeze your eggs..

  34. I question Julia's silence at 5:11 and a new post goes up from her at 5:13. SPOOOOKY. It's almost as if... wait for it... wait for it.... she's reading over here. NAH.

    And I don't even know what sorts of creep-tastic conversations are taking place to produce those quotes from Meghan's mom, so I will just discontinue the mental image of either of them bearing offspring right now before my brain melts.

    Julia at 5:14
    “I really think you girls should freeze your eggs.”
    - Snowflake

    Julia at 5:13
    “He’s going to go marry a teacher! He just will.”
    - Snowflake (Meghan’s mom)

  35. birthday party is on friday. for some reason jackles has been most silent on the subject... perhaps because of a lack of venue or guests?
    (spill the beans if you know!)
    and yeah, looks like jaba is staying with meghan's family (los altos hills).
    and... maybe snowflake has secret dreams of making julia and meghan octo-moms with frozen eggs. imagine the horror on seeing julia with that gruesomely huge belly.

  36. The San Fran birthday party is Friday, February 27 and the New York birthday party is Saturday, February 28. Silence on the subject means it might not be as huge and hyped up as originally bragged about. Maybe Randi Sucker Zuckerberg has wised up to Julia Baugher's freeloading ways?

  37. So, MR does have time to ski for five days M-F and still make it to SF for the party....
    We shall see if she shows up.
    I don't think the random snowflake quotes mean anything is up! JA is always randomly quoting people. She thinks almost anything is HILARIOUS and INTELLIGENT. JA is easy to please.

  38. and meghanaise has posted about 'pitching pennies'... um, i think (hope?) she meant 'pinching' (yes, exactly what you are doing flying somewhere every week). le sigh.

  39. ah since when do trust fund girls pinch pennies?

  40. The three of them giving money saving advice? HA HA HA HA. That's even more hilarious than them giving cooking/food advice. Really - is TMI Weekly some sort of stealth comedy show? This stuff is too funny to make up. Do they not get how unbelievably out of touch they come across? What dolts.

  41. A couple of possibilities:

    MA's dad did invest in non social [actually a better name] Jab & MA have to play nice. trip was already planned before 'fight' and/or hard feelings and they 'had' to go.

    The commenter a day or two ago, I think it was anon 10:51 called it with this is a joke--they're trying to take over the puppet-master role.

    Yeah, I know C. Foreman said they fight all the time, that doesn't seem to have real legs in terms of whether this blow-out is real real or manufactured in some sense.

    Jab is in her tease-mode, stupid empty posts designed to make us all realize that she is indeed with Meghan. Right now we are supposed to discuss whether they were on the same flight, blah blah blah

    And the pinching pennies post, maybe meghanaise is growing some Rambo sized [albe them passive aggressive] balls, and is rubbing her heiress nose in Jab's face.

  42. Meghan’s Dad’s co-worker: Joe Biden

  43. Why is it that people like Lana always assume that folks who enjoy a bit of gossip have no life? I assure you Lana types that, outside of the 15 or 20 minutes a day I might spend sharing a laugh with my virtual friends on my favorite reblogging website, I manage to fill the other 23 hours and 40 minutes or so with respectively productive activities.

    By the way, having "no life" is really not the devastating put-down you imagine it to be, considering you are here doing the exact same thing, just with a different viewpoint.

  44. And why does one ever think anyone spends hours and hours here, either... it's just another stop while surfing. People don't need to stop commenting on trainwrecks that are laid out for all to see, you just need to accept that it's going to happen. :D