Sunday, February 22, 2009

Julia: Going To The Movies an "Incredible" Day

Jackles is nothing without hyperbole. After seeing all five best picture nominees back-to-back yesterday, she went on about what an "incredible day" it was and how these five films were the most awesome. movies. ever. made. because. they. affected. HER!

All five were the most beautiful, moving, intelligent, thoughtful cinematographic art I’ve seen in years, maybe ever. I’m still trying to process them.

I do know this: every single one of them taught me something, and I spent more of this day in tears than I have since I was a teenager. That’s saying something.

Even weirder were her Tweets later in the night about the confirmed recurrence of her ex-boyfriend's cancer. Terrible, gut-wrenching news. But once again, Jackles feels the need to broadcast his very private and traumatic news publicly, to thousands of strangers, with his name attached, and to recount their long conversation in a way that brings the focus back to her ... again.
# "Nobody who calls you 'Julia Allison' actually knows you." -[redacted], 4:37 am about 5 hours ago from txt

You just find out someone you love -- "at least I know he knows I love him," you Tweet -- has had a recurrence of a deadly disease. Is this what you talk about? You? What he knows about how YOU feel? Your public perception?

UPDATED: I redacted the name of JA's sick friend in her Tweet. Hypocritical of me to leave it in while calling her out for publicizing his troubles. Will also kill out a comment I just made that makes reference to him and replace it with one that doesn't include his name.


  1. Julia Baugher calls herself Julia Allison all the time. Ergo, she does not know herself.

  2. I honestly think its her only true friend in the world..

  3. Julia Baugher is a disgusting human being.

  4. I walk into the theater. See signs that say "Reserved for Julia Allison" etc. etc. on about 8 chairs. Barf in the corner.

    MILK starts. No sign of J & co. They are late. Shock! Turn around at about 1/2 an hour in and they are there. Movie ends. They rush out before the crowd. I get up to pee. Mary walks right by me. The meanest, maddest "bitch, don't think about looking at me" face you can imagine. Later I pass Meghan. She is sickly more skinny in person. And pointy. Her face is very very pointy. I will refer to her as Pointy from now on. Saw Julia... with her parents by the concession area. Not sure if they saw the movie too or if they stopped by to say "hi" for 15 minutes to their daughter, who is also their host, who is too busy life casting to spend time with them. Note though, at no time did Mary, Meghan, or Julia ever speak or talk to each other. They kept their distance.

    Movie #2 (The Reader) starts. Pointy and Bitch Face are no where to be seen. Bunny sits by herself. Actually, no. Some other random people have now torn the "Reserved for..." signs down and are in her aisle.

    The rest of the screenings were the same. Bunny alone. With her iphone.

    To her credit, she did sit through all 5 movies. But so did everyone else in that theater, so overall, not that big of an accomplishment.

    I'm sure the post where she declares she is going to die her hair red like Cate's in BB is just around the corner...

  5. Mornin'

    so livin' differently: hype the AMC event; trade shwag to get free passes and reserved seats to the show; partners/bestest sisters abort mission and walk out on 'the event' and JA;

    Official NS policy: DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE!

    Baugher has an interesting geography post.

    have a great Sunday!

  6. I went to this at my local theater yesterday, and while it was fun, it was far from "incredible". Also, nice Juicy tracksuit, Jules, I'm glad you hopped in your time machine to 2002 yesterday.

  7. I pity Dan.

    Not because he has cancer, or the recurrence of cancer. I feel for Dan because he's oblivious to the beast he constantly feeds with advice and friendship, which only comes back to use his illness as a sympathy ploy against all the "haters".

    Dan, she may "say" she cares for you, but if a true friend put my personal pain on the internet for their benefit, how much of a friend can that person be?

    Just my two and a half cents.

  8. I don't believe it was snowing in NY yesterday. Why the fuck is she wearing those obnoxious moonboots? They're not uggs, Julia Bauger. And it's not 2006.

  9. Every time Julia has one of these Benjamin Button-induced, or otherwise, existential epiphanies, I get hopeful. I think, "Maybe this will be the time she redirects herself, uses her, admittedly ample, intelligence, and attractiveness." However, each time, I've been let down. Where hope once stood, is an uncomfortably dark ball of skepticism, a, perhaps even misplaced, annoyance.

    Unlike many of you, I want to see Julia and Co. succeed; not because these three people are perfect, not because of a subconscious admiration, but because they are human. I make mistakes every day, and I would say, quite confidently, that mistakes are a common human experience. We just don't do it on a public scale...and even if we do, we are accountable for these mistakes, these misjudgments, these travels down the wrong paths. So if Julia truly is searching and reflecting on her past behaviors and tactics- business or otherwise - and decides she wants to change, I will wish her nothing but the best. At our core, we all suck. I am far from a moral authority on any issue, let alone that of second chances.

    I hope she thinks everything over. Money and fame aren't worth feeling empty.

  10. Hmmm.. Around 3:15 yesterday I was out taking the dog for a walk and heard someone scream "AND SHE WOULDN'T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE ME!" into her phone. I looked up to a find a woman in a red track suit and moon boots--arms flailing wildly--stomping down 2nd Avenue by herself. She nearly ran me over. It took me a second to realize it was Julia. This near-death experience happened about ten blocks from the AMC theatre. After reading what Anonymous said above, my best guess is she was irritated with someone (Mary? Meghan?) who ignored her during one of the earlier movies, but I really have no idea. At this point it seems like there are legions of people who would think better of speaking to her in public.

    I thought about posting this yesterday but I decided against it because I pride myself on having a life, and I feel a bit sorry for anyone who sits through twelve hours of cinema by herself in a velour tracksuit and full make-up. But when I noticed that the pull quote she took away from a five hour conversation with her best friend about his cancer's return was something about the REAL HER, I could bite my tongue no longer.

    I have never, ever commented about Julia Allison on the Internet before this moment. That tweet really pushed me over the edge.

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  12. This too is speculative, but I had assumed Meghan's father was their connect to DLD. When I watched the video from J's panel [which was not posted on NS???]
    I cringed as I watched her drop F bombs and talk about how people accuse her of being fat.

    Time will tell, and I disagree with Paul's earlier comment about J's tenacity far outliving the critics. JA exists because we watch. If JA fell in the forest, and there was no one around to witness it, would she make a sound?


  13. RE: "And she wouldn't even acknowledge me!"
    The cardinal sin.

  14. She could be talking about anyone not acknowledging her at the theater... I mean anyone. Her "friends", someone she's schmoozed with in the past, her own mother...

    Or maybe she was recapping how the intern would not acknowledge her phone calls and threats to withold her internship paper work.

    I also wondered about the boots.

  15. Are M & M still living together? Mary is unusually quiet about her digs, last I remember was her passive agressive snark about getting back to Meghan's after texas and there being nothing to eat in the place (Meghan was in Davos)

    and yeah, she could be talking about anyone not acknowledging her, more importantly, who was she complaining TO?

    as pointy might say, yikes.

  16. Fascinating, Anon 11:28, and thank you for sharing.

    This is sheer speculation, but I am going to surmise it was Meghan who wouldn't acknowledge her. She and Mary seem to have faked a rapprochement as evidenced by their chummy frenemy photos and e-mail exchanges after Fashion Week that were posted on each of their blogs.

    Jackles has done SOMETHING MAJOR to piss off Meghan, TMI's major investor. We saw Meghan's face at the end of the birthday video, after all -- it was barely concealed contempt. I wonder when it started? Is it just the lack of work ethic or professionalism? Or could it have something to do with JA's indiscreet blogging/Tweeting about Dan Loeb and his private jet back from Davos? Could that have caused some problems for Meghan? It seems like it was her connection that got them on that plane.

    Also, who wants to wager that it's poor, sick [redacted]who has to take JA's calls when she's pissed off all her friends? I'm betting it was [redacted] to whom she was shrieking. The recurrence of his illness was probably a secondary topic of discussion after he talked her off the ledge and assured her that no one knows the REAL Jackles.

  17. Julia: Food is served on those movie concession counters you inconsiderate jackass. Remove your ass from the glass. Gross.

  18. Sunday Game?

    Mary's boxing.
    Captions for the pic with her hitting the bag?

    "This is for blowing me off at FW"

    "This is for committing me to 12 hours @ a theatre, that I never agreed to"

    "I should have gone to Davos"

  19. Seriously, poor [redacted]. He does NOT deserve all this bullshit. Never has.

  20. Don't understandFebruary 22, 2009 at 12:45 PM

    What was Julia doing on the street at 3:15, ten blocks from the theatre, if she was there for all five films?

  21. Jacy,

    I am thinking fall out from the SM posting of her IMs with Jackles might have something to do with it too.

    I'd be really surprised if this weren't the straw that broke some backs around NS/TMI weekly.

    It's like the FormerGawkerEmployee said yesterday, my friend's enemy is my enemy. Speaking with someone who bashes your BFF publicly daily and then sniping at your friends and business partners (one of whom is the target) during said conversation is just beyond the pale. It is beyond comprehension.

    Oh, and if this string of Hollywood prestige films (barring Slumdog) is the best expression of Cinema Jackles has seen, then she is even dumber about film than she is about art.

    Holy fuck what a tool this bitch is.

  22. Maybe there were breaks between the films and she was taking a walk? Not sure -- maybe Anonymous will know more.

  23. Where can one find the video of her DLD panel?

  24. The Reader ended at about 3:05. Benjamin Button didn't start still 3:45.

  25. DLD Info:

    I first saw the video somewhere on the DLD site, when I tried to find it again, I found the transcript. If you scroll down the comments are pretty interesting.

  26. Anony 12:52 -- oooooh it totally could have been one of her girls who did the dissing. Please let it have been Pointy standing up to her.

    Also? Mary's Gay Boyfriend is a lot more charming and interesting than Jackles. Mary would do much better w/ him as her partner in whatever crimes she is out to commit.

  27. It was after The Reader, as well, that she started Tweeting for people to join her. She was left alone at that point. So that would make sense.

  28. SomeProblems: If Meghan was smart, she'd dump JA and bring Mary's Gay Boyfriend in as the third partner. That would totally up their viewership and add something that's actually interesting to the mix. He is funny and charming.

  29. Some Problems:

    Yeah, are you talking about A? She reduced him to a letter when she got called on spelling his name three different ways. Having said that, I agree, he is interesting. The video Rambo posts though is really hard to hear. More Technical Problems.

    and there are some other problems, can 'he' get Rambo into high profile situations?

    Pointy and Rambo should stage a coup, only prob is they would need at least a brain between them and given that they jumped on this train doesn't bode well for them in terms of jumping off.

  30. Adrien interviewed Julia for Myitbag and made a totally passive aggressive comment about her on that site, something to the effect of, "She was surprisingly nice."

    Well, of course she went against type and was NICE to him, she knows he has socialite/NYC party connections.

  31. we could title it: '3 Bitches and No Nuts'

  32. anon 102
    dld vid is here


  33. Total Jing

    "She was surprisingly nice."

    See, I read that as, (wow, after mare told me all about this bitch,) she was surprisingly nice.

  34. Well Mary needs to learn how to spell, so there is that. But Adrien could pipe up and problem solved!

    He is hilarious and witty and charming. 3 things Jackles isn't. And i am sure based on these merits he will do just fine at procuring invites (better than Rambo and Pointy on their own).

    Adding him would be MUCH better than JABA the Nut.

  35. She doesn't realize by bragging and boasting once again about her exclusive access to watch some dumb screening shows the fact that she wasn't invited to actually attend the Oscars, in any capacity.

  36. It wasn't exclusive access. Anyone could pay $30 to see all five at any AMC theater. I considered going yesterday until I realized that I had no interested in seeing 3/5 Best Pictue Oscar Nominees.

  37. To the person who thinks Julia is intelligent: she misspelled "Nixon" in one of her tweets yesterday. Trainwrecks pointed it out and it's gone now.

  38. The fact that it wasn't exclusive and she hyped it up as if she were doing something important makes it all the more tragic.

  39. She is hilariously deluded. She called yesterday's event "a screening." Uhh... you went to the movies by yourself. Anyone could go and pay their 30 bucks. NOT exclusive.

  40. FormerGawkerEmployeeFebruary 22, 2009 at 3:28 PM

    The thought process stuns me. Perhaps it isn't so surprising that in a long conversation with an old friend who's sick, the discussion might momentarily turn to you and your problems.

    But what kind of idiot would choose to highlight that portion of the conversation on Twitter? Does she WANT people to hate her? Clearly not given she nagged David Karp for weeks to knock down any Tumblrs critical of her.

    So does she think she should be admired for this kind of soulless, narcissistic lunacy? Is she that out to lunch, that unaware of how she comes across when she Tweets and blogs appalling shit like that? Yes, she is.

  41. Also Interesting: JA's dad posed for many pictures that ended up on NS over the holidays but not a single pic of him during this trip to NYC.

    Maybe the Biglaw partner knows it's time to abandon the ship entirely.

  42. From the JABber's site:

    "I filmed a Photo Booth video and for some reason it has no sound. Yes, I’ve checked the volume. It’s on. It was on the entire time. Has this ever happened to you before? Is there any way to fix it? It’s a really important video to me, personally."

    Hey, I've an idea JAB! Think of someone you know who's 'techy' or perhaps 'geeky', and ask them!

  43. Anon 3:51 those Geeks stay away from the JabberWonky nut case

  44. RE Photobooth: She probably doesn't realize she has headphones plugged into the laptop or something stupid like that. Photobooth is almost idiot-proof. Almost.

  45. Sorry to interrupt -- isn't the word refering to free things at PR events called 'swag'? Why do they call it "schwag"?! are they being funny?

    I think they don't know better, which is funny to me.

  46. Swag is the correct term technically, but a lot of people use schwag.

  47. Ah, Ok. thanks, annoyed me.

  48. LOL @anon 3:51

    Isn't Meghan the resident techie? Can't she ask her? Unless they aren't speaking...

  49. Anony 4:53 -- Ha! Obvi her and pointy are not speaking! This is so hilarious. She also wants to know about transferring audio files.

    Let's get a tip line going please!?

    Now she is blogging about the handouts she wants for her B-day party.

    Such a tacky piece of work, this one.

  50. What the hell is she wearing? She's positively bonkers. What a jackass.

  51. If you google both spellings--there are more impressive pages for schwag-- then swag

  52. This deeply personal video she is making....

    Who wants to bet it's a plea to her dear sisters to forgive her these past few transgressions?

    The messages she is trying to save as audio....

    $10 says she has old messages from said sisters telling HER that they love her, sisters forever, blergity blahblah blog

    Desperate times.

  53. No, I think it has something to do with her sick friend. He has left her messages telling her how great she is, and she wants to post them to her blog.


    I'll let trainwrecks speak for me.