Friday, February 20, 2009

When you see a show on the Broadway...

...they make 8,546,786 announcements about how you should not take the photographs (or so I am hearing).


At August: Osage County with my mom. It’s unREAL.

I am a large lover of the theater and have no words. This is sacrilege.

Suck it, poofy.


  1. Get your popcorn and jujubes ready for tomorrow's OSCAR movie marathon, peoples. When Poofy starts up with this shit in the movie theater, we're gonna make it rain!!

    Sit on a cupcake, Jankles, you asswipe.

  2. It's unREAL. As in, I'm typing this and posting it to my blog in real-time while the show is going on???

    Somebody please slap that bitch upside the head. I'll pay you.

  3. I'm going to that theater. I'll see if I can send a picture or two of these fucking douchey twits.

  4. Yes! Thank you Anony 11:52!

  5. Someone's twittering about JAB's breach of theater rules. And here's a great tweet exchange:

    Does Twitter have a business model yet? How much money do they lose in a week?

    Their business model is to keep Julia Allison and the other microcelebs famous in exchange for money slipped under the table.

  6. Yes, they usually announce "NO PHOTOGRAPHY PERIOD, NO CELL PHONES" right before the show starts, and again at the end of intermission. And it's no photography, PERIOD, in the NYC theaters - even during intermission, or post-show.

    As a stage actor myself, it's highly disrespectful to take photos of the set - people have spent years designing, creating, and building the set; for someone to take still photos of the set, unauthorized, destroys the illusion towards which others have worked. But then again, our oh-so-special Jackles doesn't believe in rules applying to her ...

    In other sort of JA-disrespectful behavior, anyone else catch the light flash in the "JA sees famous art, takes photos of self, standing unnaturally wide-legged" montage? At first glance (and admittedly, I am not a photography expert, so I could be wrong), it appears as if she had the flash on. While photography is allowed in most museums, flash photography is NOT (in part because the flash can damage the art, and the subsequent effort to restore the art is terribly expensive).

  7. How appalling. It's the whole "the rules don't apply to me" thing that really grates. Remember when she was Tweeting after the plane took off? Same sort of thing.

  8. But here's the most appalling part. She's with HER MOTHER. Does the mother, at any point, step in and say anything? or does she just let Julia act this way?

    I'm saying it here. Her Mom resents her and is in no way going to intervene with Julia making a fool of herself. If anything is chilling to me, it's how detached her own mother seems to be around her.

  9. Poo[y is a clown. Anyone with EARS knows you do not take the photos in the theater (and her Momsers is sitting beside her... oh, poor, Momsers... I feel bad for her... she raise the psychopath who managed to sit through AUGUST; SNAUSAGE COUNTY and then taken photos of Julia reflected in the 9/11 memorial downtown, I am giving the guess.


  10. Doesn't it seem like basically the only times JA and crew take advantage of the cultural opportunities in NY (or anywhere) are when there is networking and publicity to be had (like Opera gala etc) or else when JA's parents are in town? This is the first time I've seen her post about a play or museum except for another time when she saw a play with her parents.

    It seems like they have no interests other than networking, fame seeking, moneymaking, dating, maintaining physical appearances, and socializing. Even reading seems to be absent from the repertoire of this supposed journalists and her friends, other than for self help tomes and business related writing JA seems to be fond of thumbing through in bookstores.

    Maybe this is why their blogs and content are so shallow and dull? They seem to have no interests outside of themselves.

    To each her own but it's just an observation I found interesting.

  11. I'm sorry she didn't get kicked out of the theater, right on her ever-widening ass.

    As someone who enjoys seeing Broadway shows a few times a year and has MAJOR respect for the performers and all the set designers, costumers, and everyone behind the scenes who makes these shows happen, I was angry to see what she did.

    Too bad that Mrs. Baugher is an enabler of her sicko daughter. Mrs. Baugher is a bad mother, and I don't mean that in a Samuel L. Jackson in "Pulp Fiction" way.

  12. JAB and her cohorts (or maybe it was just Meghan) did the same photography of the set design and costumes when they went to some opera not too long ago. It's beyond crass but nothing unusual for these low-rent wannabes; they think it makes them special to disrespect other peoples' privacy, hard work, and efforts (crashing parties, having their dogs run around on commercial flights, using their PDAs when they're supposed to be turned off, shooting pictures when specifically, out of several levels of respect, everyone is asked not to). They're vulgar entitled little bitches from the backwater who don't know better; I almost pity them in their belief that the spectacles of inappropriatess they make of themselves passes in their deluded minds as "living differently".

  13. This is seriously pathetic. If you're a "journalist" - sorry, egoblogger/banalblogger, you could probably get stage and production photos from the theatre or appropriate PR. JA should know this since she's no stranger to begging PR companies for free stuff. Although, wait, it's only when it's something she can use personally, as it won't ever have anything to do with delivering content for visitors. Ridiculous. At the end of the day all she wants to do is post photos that prove she's done something "substantial" with her day/time (kind of cancelled out when the first things you have to offer are "PER USUAL" self-photography). So sad. The mirror shots are nothing more than SEE, I'M NOT FAT OR WHATEVER SO STOP IMPLYING IT. Same with the full lengths of the awful pink lei outfit from the other day. It would be amazing to see 3 days go by without her taking ONE photo of herself.

  14. I think she did forgo photographing herself for a few days after Dr. Bobby last injected something into her face and make it look wonky (wonkier than usual).

  15. narcissist headbandFebruary 21, 2009 at 9:50 AM

    Ineffable, you are right on with your analysis, I have noticed the same thing about these three twits. They have no cultural interests or passions. I lived in NYC from age 24 to 30 and I was constantly soaking up the culture: ballet, lectures, broadway, museums, art installations, etc...and I didn't have the connections nor the money that these girls seem to have. As for JA not thinking the rules apply to her, my favorite example of this is the oft-told story of her keeping a dog in her dorm at georgetown, when this was strictly forbidden. I believe she even blogged about it recently, saying something like "rules, schmules." Yes, Julia, the cleaning staff who had to clean up your dog's messes can just go fuck themselves, as can any students living on your floor who happened to be allergic to dogs. what julia wants, julia gets. the sense of entitlement and the total lack of respect for others is sickening.

  16. Oh, please. Yes, it's against AEA rules to take photos inside Broadway & off-Broadway theatres - but one of the main reasons is because it's harmful to the actors when onstage if they're in the eyes during a song or scene. This picture was obviously taken before the show had started (or at intermission), and on her camera phone (meaning no flash).

    If this was truly the worst theatre etiquette she showed off at August, then I know her fellow audience members are relieved. There are many worse things she could do.

  17. It would be awesome if Julia took pictures at Gypsy and got the Patti LuPone Smackdown.

  18. Allison, it's against rules to take any photos inside of the theater, regardless of whether the show has started or not.

    I suppose the people unfortunate enough to be seated near this bitch should also feel relieved that she (probably) didn't bray throughout the show, and hopefully she didn't fart throughout it either.

    You're still a JABA fangurl. Blerg, as she would say.

  19. Remember how JA, during the "oh, I can go to HBS" phase, ruminated about how much she loved learning and partaking in intellectual discussion? She squanders the learning opportunities at her very fingertips, just by living in NYC! For someone who LOOOOOVES ballet as much as she does, you would think she would be seeking out events at ABT, NYC Ballet, Alvin Alley, BAM, the 92Y ... but the most she writes about this supposed passion is how graceful the ballerina's body looks.

    She wants a public forum, but never extends the conversation beyond dating, clothes, and topics geared towards extolling her alleged strengths. I mean, in the past 24 hours, she's been to one of the world's greatest modern art museums and seen a Pulitzer winning play. If she thought about anything beyond famewhoring, then surely she would have been able to spark some sort of intellectual discourse about what she had just witnessed.

    I can't wait to see what she posits about the best picture nominees (that is, if she even makes it to them all). I can almost guarantee she'll rave about how beautiful Frieda Pinto is, post a link to the end song from Slumdog Millionaire, and fail to mention the cinematography & direction of the film.

    Again, she LIVES in NYC. All of these Oscar-nominated films have been out in the theaters here for at least a month. She was able to see "He's Just Not That Into You" a day after its opening, while "Slumdog Millionaire" and "Milk" have been in NYC theaters since Thanksgiving. For someone who longed for the intellectual discourse that HBS would have brought to her life, she regularly discards opportunities ... all for what?

  20. Taking the photo while in the theater is indicative of JA's motto "rules don't apply to me."

    For someone who wants everyone to abide by "basic standards of decency" while online, she doesn't care one iota about others while in public.

  21. Does Julia actually possess the attention span to sit through Tracy Letts's brilliant epic work of theater? I envision her twittering and twittering away during the play and asking momsers later to explain what it all meant. Even her fucking caption--It's unREAL!--is more appropriate coming from a seventh grader. This is the girl who can't wait for the latest Kate Hudson shitfest and creams in her jeans over garbage--HJNTIY--that everyone with a two digit I.Q. has identified as garbage. Recognizing the shockingly lowbrow cultural taste does help to explain her taste in fashion, or lack appalling thereof.

  22. ah, maybe "appalling lack therof." I do write these things quickly, probably as fast as JAB twitters.

  23. Jack the Bulldog --

    I have seen bootleg of this play here in my village and it is excellent. And I watched it all without Twitting once. Poofy, I am thinking not so of the much.

  24. Russian Girl--

    Yes, Poofy began texting about one hour into the play. One would hope that her mother might have said something but probably didn't have the energy to fight our lady's sense of entitlement. The twitters:

    1. August: Osage County. Two words: WHOA, shit. I've never seen ANYTHING like this.about 20 hours ago from txt

    2. At August: Osage County with my mom. Spectacular.about 21 hours ago from txt

    That's about it for Julia's analysis, which usually consists of one or two words, e.g., "It's ineffable!" One is certain that those who milk the cows in Omsk would be more considerate, thorough, in their analysis. Julia. Forever a philistine.

  25. Jack the Bulldog --

    I just see this. You make me laugh.

    Poofy, she do the opposite.