Sunday, February 15, 2009

NonSociety NonStarters

Let's play a game, bunnies!

Our favorite Trio makes lots of promises with regard to content. And then they never follow through! Here's a starter list:

  • All that great Davos content. You know, like the off-the-record conversations they were going to at least obliquely explain?
  • That Paul Carr piece Jules was going to "discuss."
  • Meghan's interview with the ReputationDefender CEO.
  • Julia having SO much to say (instead of the usual crappy pics and quotes she's fond of posting)
  • Julia's wife fluffer piece (a term she ganked from someone else) in Cosmo--oh, wait, a little Cosmo birdie told us the piece got killed
  • NS live Fashion Week coverage at Mogulus (wasn't there supposed to be something new around 2:30 pm today?)
And this is just the tip of the iceberg, bunnies! Can you think of others?


  1. The Bravo reality show

    The return of vertical scrolling

    The reason she didn't speak to her mother for a month in January

  2. The promised show with Loren of 1938media

  3. I emailed her about the "Why would you think I stick needles in my face?" post and she thanked me for pointing out that she has stuck needles in her face or, rather, a doctor has.

    Anyway, she told me she would post about it...about 3 weeks ago.


  4. The spirituality discussion!

    The community activism/charity discussion! (Sorry, putting yourself and your friends out for date auctions with a laundry list of restrictions determining the acceptable nature of the "winner" DOESN'T COUNT)

    The 40 million New Year's Resolutions that I'm sure, if we went down the list, we'd be able to cross off one by one! (See now, bunnycupcake Jules, why Mary's keep it simple, DOABLE list made more sense?)

    I'm sure there's more, it's really her fraudulent attempts at self-improvement that stick because they're so incredibly transparent - and thereby completely at odds with the stolen "wisdom" quotes she espouses when she's being called out for her less-than-salient moral compass and pretty overt (hard as she may try to hide it) hypocrisy.

  5. Turning the other cheek, in addition to the new spiritual conversations announced for Julia Allison's blog. Lasted what--2 days? 1 1/2?

  6. JA how to get visitors:

    Blog about all the items above this item..

    Large amount of visitors means large amount of click throughs on ad links and hence revenue

    And consider hiring an intern as pr person as you need that input..

  7. 24 dates in 24 hours.

  8. Why is it that all her "serious" posts only come when she's been lampooned really harshly in the media, rather than any true, spontaneous self-reflection? Even her Twitter about Gladwell's Outliers (she could have named any other book, Gladwell and that book in particular were a big Gawker topic in the past, which inspires questioning) was strange in that it seemed she was trying to appear "in the know", while downgrading her reading of the book by announcing she wasn't buying it, just reading it in a bookstore.

    Julesykins, don't you think the "snobbery" you THINK people are exhibiting opting not to read Gladwell (his public persona probably has much to do with that OPINION and personal choice, not snobbery - sure you can relate) may also apply as much (if not more so) to your willingness to namedrop him and his book without actually bothering to show legitimate support and belief in his ideas by - oh, I don't know - BUYING the book?

    Come on already.

    J cites books that are on the Oprah Book Club list or have had attention called to them in a big way by media. It appears to be NOTHING beyond that since she obviously isn't internalizing and carrying out the LESSONS in any of these high-minded books she likes to publicize having read. It's sad because even she doesn't realize how much she's failing while attempting to add some depth to her seemingly entirely vapid existence.

  9. Where's her list of New Year's resolutions? She's bound to have broken the majority of them by now.

  10. CES Cisco soap opera
    Mr. Roboto lip dub

    (Note: I have NO desire to see these, but haven't noticed them posted on their blergs yet.)

  11. Dyeing her hair red.

    Even her recent "hair cut" was a festival of snores.

  12. Attending the actual inauguration.

  13. Anonny 3:48

    Oh dearie me, yes, the Cisco soap opera must have been posted because I have the most hideous, nightmarish memories of it. Truly, stunningly bad. Do. Not. Look.

    Apparently some of our number here have also been unlucky enough to witness the Roboto vid. I was not courageous enough to go there.

  14. Not being a liar and hypocrite. She blogged about the Vagina Monologues and how they said "cunt" in many different languages, saying "there's a word you don't hear everyday" (or something to that effect.) You may not hear it everyday, but you sure TYPE it every day, you lying sack of manic manure.

  15. Haha, where on earth are those shiteous Cisco and Robot vids, anyway? Guess I'll have to schlep over to their blog. Any bets on whether or not the search feature works?

  16. Why does JA keep putting herself up for auction? Holy crap she just posted another one. Auction something people WANT for heaven's sake.

    iJustine auctioned an autographed iPod for charity:water and it was up to $500 last time I looked, whereas spending an excruciating evening with satan's imps was only at $300 or so. All iJustine had to do was scribble on something she got for free!

    If Jackles could stop inflicting her miserable company on people, she might actually raise a few bucks. I'm sure that Barbie doll she got would fetch a better price than JA herself.

  17. Dys, I'm pretty sure you saw those vids because people posted links here. I don't think the Trio actually ever posted links from their own blogs.

  18. cisco opera is on vimeo.
    mr. roboto is missing...........

  19. by the way, their live footage is from sept. 2008. and it isnt even smooth!

    they must be having problems. you cant even access Julia's blog...

    poor them.

  20. Well, search brings up all the photos she posted related to the Cisco soap opera, but no soap opera. Clicked on "video" and they are all out of order or god knows what. They're not searchable because she doesn't title or caption the post, just puts up the vid.

    Holy wow, batwoman. What a mess.

  21. the other russian girlFebruary 15, 2009 at 4:10 PM

    Remember the contest where readers were going to supply t-shirt designs? And they'd feature every one on their site?

  22. -Their disclosure policy on receiving payment/free prdoucts for personal use from companies they promote. Mary did say to assume they get everything they review for free but that doesn't address payment and compensation in the form of products for personal, not review, use.

    -Some NS book of whenever they feel like it club they mentioned a few times. I guess whenever they feel like it never happened.

    -Also in one of the vids from Munich JA said she'd be posting the video of her DLD panel talk. That never happened (unless it was backdated in later but I don't think so).

    Do they really think no one notices that they don't follow through on practically anything they say they'll do? Their entire business seems to rest on the approach of doing the opposite of what any responsible, reasonable, sane person would do when running a business.

    Anon 3:55 I think the Cisco soap opera is on one of their vimeo accounts. I don't think they released the other one (they did but then took it down I think.) It's not worth watching IMO but if you want to I think it may be on JA's vimeo.

  23. All that talk of MC Hammer being in Mr. Roboto and no posted vid? Maybe it's still in post...

    Or maybe there's a problem with posting "professional" lipdubs when you don't own the rights to the music? No inside scoop here, just wondering "out loud".

  24. Ineff is here! Old skool!

    -- Funny Bunny

    P.S. I think I found the cisco opera on Mary or Meg's vimeo. It's not publicized, of course. Mr. Roboto has never been posted. The DLD talk never happened since she NEVER posted a link or talked about her actual presentation (Meghan, who was in the audience filming, didn't say a thing either). However, guys, we get the good stuff: dildo-riding/party-crashing/ski-related vids. Be grateful!

  25. Anonymous 3:48 PM & Dyspeptic

    Yeah, I was the one who was unlucky enough to see it.

    In fact, it was taken down just moments after I mentioned it here. Just another sign that Miss Wonk Eye reads this site religiously.

  26. soap opera

  27. I should clarify: I'm talking about the Mr. Roboto video. I've seen it. It's finished and wrapped in a pretty pink package (literally, pink lights pervade the whole video).

    The thing is, CES was so long ago...the video is now completely irrelevant.

  28. Mona:

    Really? Wow...I wonder why it was removed. Of course, youre right -- it's all irrelevant. Everything they do!


  29. It is just perplexing that they would talk up the Cisco soap opera and the Mr. Roboto lip dub vids as taking up so much of their CES time they couldn't even blog--yet apparently they are not proud enough of the final products to actually post them?

    I mean they post oodles of lame-o stuff all the time, are these two videos actually so much worse? I mean....wha?????? I don't get it. But what else is new.

  30. This is on a tangent but now that I'm commenting (hi Funny Bunny, hi Dypectic, thanks for the warm welcome!) anyway, I really need to vent about one thing. Please bear with me.

    I hate how they never credit people who tip them off to their many ridiculous, lazy errors. Sometimes, as with the CES porn debacle, they even attack their readers for their input while soon after taking the input into account and acting on it without a word of acknowledgment about those who pointed out the error to begin with.

    SM links to a post another blogger put up pointing out yet another of JA's misidentifications of fashion week audience members. Of course JA has quietly made the correction with no notation thanking the commenter for the tip, or at the very least with an update posted that corrects the error while showing that the initial ID was wrong.

    That is why they'll likely never have a update/backdate policy posted because their egos are too fragile to ever be able to leave their original posts up and admit their errors by posting the correction as an update instead of as an edited post that makes it seem as if there never awas an error to begin with.

    If it wasn't for their critics pointing out their many errors, their site would be ever worse than it already is, and that's quite an achievement. I think at least when they act on the tip they should acknowledge those who bother to point out the original errors.

    Rant over.

  31. Someone posted a link here the other day of a rough cut of an upcoming TMI Weekly segment when they talk about cooking. You can sense the tension between Mary and Megs versus Julia. And you can see that look that comes over Jules's face when the other two are getting more talk time than she does, and she suddenly comes out with this supposed recipe that her mother used to make for her involving spinach and guacamole and cheese. It is so obvious that she made it up and that even her friends think she's making it up, because she needed to bring the focus back on her. They are utterly incredulous and rightfully so.

    It disappeared within a half hour of it being posted here. Maybe it's back, I haven't looked lately, but it was gone for a few days every time I checked.

    I apologize in advance if I am just too stupid with fatigue to find it.

  32. it is still there. Search next new networks on vimeo

  33. there you go

  34. It will be interesting to see if the much hyped bi-coastal birthday party pans out. Julia could not even get a crowd to her Nonsociety launch party last year... I'm curious to see if anyone at all shows up for her birthday parties that she's charging an incredibly tacky "charity donation" admission to.

    They're also hyping that they are going to SXSW. Will that happen? And WHY are they going? They have nothing to contribute to the discussions going on there.

  35. Peeps

    An actual women that writes..

    Journalism major, writes for mashable when not in school

  36. Ineff --

    Glad you vented. I agree...
    Everything is treated with silence. Unfortunately, what this does is create an avalanche of resentment on behalf of their readers, as we all know. They do not know how to cultivate trust; they do not know what accountability is, and they certainly do not care.

    I really think -- JA especially -- is just in it for the freebies and the fuck-you money that will fall upon her in 3-5 yrs. It's ridiculous. I don't think she cares about anyone.

    My mini-rant over.


  37. Thank you, Anonymous! I was searching with the wrong search terms!

  38. Julia's blog: "If I ever get off this laptop & spackle on some makeup, I’ll be attending the sexiest of all Fashion Week shows - Herve Leger."

    People have mentioned Julia's SPACKLED makeup here many, many times - using that exact word. Way to let everyone know you're reading Julia. HI Manic One!! Can you please lose those FUG moon boots next? Thanks, chunky monkey.

    Also, please stop saying you're sitting front row. There are RBNS spies there that know you're not, you shitty liar.

  39. I like this video the best:

    Cisco basically disowned Julia Allison during CES. At first Cisco claimed they were "sponsors" on their corporate blog, but when the backlash came they stated quite simply that they weren't "financially" sponsoring NonSociety, despite asking NonSociety to make videos, or to show up to headline the Cisco CES TweetUp Party, or even getting them to compile the superlative list ( that never got mentioned ever again--my guess being that they couldn't rack up more than a handful of votes.

  40. Oh yes! All that fuck you money! I am sure she'll be rolling around in dozens upon dozens of dollar bills that she earned from her Google ads. Take that, doubters!

  41. So Fetch --

    really?! They ain't front row?! hahahahahha

    Oh she totally reads everything here...I bet she stays up so late...we write about her -- she loves reading about herself!!! me me me

  42. Mean Girl:

    They are going to SXSW for the same reason they go anywhere: to meet guys (internet company founders if at all possible). To flirt. To dress up in costume. To take photos of themselves in said costumes. To make kissy faces and purse-lips,. To take photos of themselves doing same. To write a couple 2 or 3 sentences blurbos (or is it blergos?) throwing around some geekspeak to make it look as if they are internet their own minds and those of impressionable 14-year-old tween bunnykins, that is.

    Um, have I left anything out? Oh, of course: to film lip dubs.

  43. LOL

    I've met them so many times at these tech events that it's not enjoyable anymore to just point and laugh. I've got loads of candid pics of them stored up in Aperture somewhere.

  44. Anonny 4:59:

    Ah yes, the vaunted CES Superlatives contest, with those cunningly printed cards they were handing out at the event. Came to a BIG FAT ZERO. Sank like a stone. Another in the annals of NonSociety NonStarters.

  45. I figured that, Dyspeptic. But aren't people laughing at them by now? (and not in a good way) Between the three of them, they've gone to dozens of conferences, parties and other events swarming with tech guys - the people that they want to either marry or be seen as their peers. And that's led to.... nothing at all, despite all of Julia's desperately ugly husband hunting. So, my question is, assuming all of these people run in similar circles, when will their peers catch onto these dimwits and start laughing them out the door? Also, with what little start up money they have left, HOW do they afford the plane tickets, hotels, etc. for these upcoming events, parties, birthdays, etc. etc? (even mooching only gets you so far) It seems like their money would have dried up by now, especially since they are now resorting to cheesy adsense ads.

  46. Seems like they must be drawing on "dad revenue" by this point--at least on Rambles' and Meghanaise's end. Where Julia is getting her cash I cannot even begin to imagine. Living on her credit cards by now? Drawing a salary off whatever NonSociety investment money she was able to scrape up from whatever poor schmuck?

    Pitching a fit in the hotel lobby so she'll get comped, just like she tried to get that free hotel grapefruit back in the day?

  47. @Mean Girl

    A quick primer:

    There's the Silicon Valley tech scene, the NY tech scene, and the LA tech scene. We all travel from one point to another for major conferences, parties, and etc.

    These girls being based out of NYC have pretty much saturated that place and everyone sees them as fools. In Silicon Valley, they blend in easier considering the high sausage ratio--but the tolerance is only good until they start putting out. The LA tech scene barely has much contact with NonSociety so if both SV and NYC falters they can always chase after the LA tech crowd. Too bad, the girls down there are prettier--if not equally as vapid--so they gotta step up to their A game.

    And, oh, yeah, money? Daddy. Julia's dad kicked in some as well as Meghan. Mary has her handbag sales.

  48. Hasn't has much, I should say.

  49. ah how long before JA's daddy finds this thread?

  50. Did we ever find out who won the supossed "Tshirt Contest" for CSS????? The winning design was to get an Ipod, they said. All I saw were gold tees with thier twitter names on the back. What about the Betsy Johnson dress Julia was giving away awhile back...did anyone actually "win" these items?

  51. That TMI weekly would be available on iTunes and Hulu.