Friday, February 13, 2009

Other Ways in Which JA is Our Monkey

My dear sister in blogging, RBNS, pointed out earlier this week that JA rarely uses "Bunny" anymore.

You know what else I haven't read in ages?

Ineffable! Or indefatigable!

I haven't seen that "Um .... err ... oops!" thing either lately, or whatever that stupid saying was she over-used to such an extent that I had to erase it from my mind for fear my head would explode.

Are we puppet-masters?


  1. Other terms and claims JA needs to stop:

    1. Stop claiming you are a Journalist
    2. Stop claiming NS gets 1 million visitors per month, not even 100,000 I think

    any more to add to the list?

  2. 3. Don't. Write. Like. This.

  3. 4. Stop whining not being able to sleep. (or, in general, just shut up).

  4. Actually, trainwrecks mentioned the "ineffable" thing a while ago. She definitely reads them. That was the last time I've seen her use it I think.

  5. 6 and Please JA no one miss sues the street cred terms as much as Preppy Girl you it neither makes you street cred or intelligent just make syu a Meghan Asha noob

  6. 7. Zoolander Blue Steel pose? End it.
    8. Stop writing about the exes.
    9. Stop stalking celebrities. Ya, we know Ashton is following Meghan but he's not going to ever add you to his list and neither is Demi so give it up. It's embarrassing.
    10. Take up drinking. Seriously. Have some fun without trying to be so damn in control all the time. Jeez.
    11. Lilly is adorable. More pictures of her.
    12. Less pictures of you. You don't have to be in every picture at every event you go to. Try looking outward instead of in the mirror. Try. Sheesh.

  7. 13 Apologize ot every Ex's Mom that you have trashed online and publically

  8. 7.) No more stupid headbands.

    If she was really our monkey, I would like to see us puppetmaster he into giving some fucking accountability. Own up to all the "all hype, no delivery" items- whatever happened to your fab live/work space, Jules? And the Bravo show? And your bangs? Stop fucking gloating about wonderful stuff happening, and then when it inevitably falls through, just ignore it. Tell your readership what is going on.

  9. Beth Cooper at 12:40,

    I think this site has stopped the lying about site statistics. NS barely tickles 30,000 views a month. Which by the way are really 5,000-10,000 views per month since Tumblr's architecture register's views as the dashboard's of people following them(sorry girls, that doesn't count according to advertisers), plus the frame around the site registers as it's own view.

    I do not think we will see that bold faced lie ever again.

  10. 14.

    or ANYTHING .com for that matter, which she obviously uses to imply an innate connection to the web 2.0 zeitgeist. JA, that shit ain't 'fetch'.

  11. the on pic of JA looking normal and her age of 2009:

  12. Beth Cooper @ 2:07 - but she still looks poofy in the face

  13. Can you imagine the other girls at Fashion Week snickering at her. That stupid Chanel Cerf bag is so... pathetic. One high-end designer handbag is not going to make you a chic person or an fashion journalist who actually belongs at fashion week.

    It amazes me that they get invited to these things. HOW? WHY?

  14. JA is the fluffer..that is why she warms them up for the real journbalists :)

  15. TMI, the 3 stated they were each other's valentines, and they would be spending the night together. But, given the week and the vitriol about the dress [not ours either]it will be interesting to see what takes place with the evening.

    Mary blogs that fashion week begins [for her livestream] on Sunday.

    JA just posted pics of herself arriving at fashion week [alone]

    Mary can get in without julia's press pass?

    confused and intrigued.

  16. What's the over/under on how many pics Jackles will post from FW that are NOT of her, but of the actual purpose of the event?

    It's almost sad how she thinks she's so trendy and sophisticated, but is really SCREAMING (through her clothes, mannerisms & actions) that she's a pathetic wannabe from the suburbs.

  17. So far, the ratio of Julia to Not Julia photos is 2:1.

  18. So go ahead, call me mean, but:
    She has earned the name Jankles.
    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  19. Wow. Lame front row action she posted there. Lindsay Lohan? She stopped being A list 3 years ago. That's the best they could do? Is that the only front row that had a celebrity in it? And is there a reason why everybody in the front row is dressed like a slob?

  20. So far, the ratio of Not Fashion-related photos to Fashion-related photos is: 3:0.
    (Not that I'd listen to a word this child has to say about fashion regardless.)

  21. Wait, who is taking the pictures of Jules
    outside of the tents--could it be Mary.

    How come no pics of them together.

    Mary, how can we live without your head to toe, how can we exist without seeing your plastic bracelet and your YSL shoes/or wait the I.M. boots you have been rocking with each outfit.

    Julia!!!let mary back on camera-- I am sure she is really sorry....

  22. Isn't today Friday? Why does Ramblo think Fashion Week doesn't start until Sunday? Why is JAB there without her?
    (And to answer a question above, NS didn't get invited. TONY has a press pass (or passes) and gave one to Julia, Mary probably had one of the interns apply for a "blogger" pass for her. Not exactly a hot ticket so I'd imagine they had no trouble procuring.)

  23. Mary isn't there. She said on her blog that she wasn't going today. It's probably one of the TONY camera people. I think she's avoiding Mary.

  24. Oh, so ya, Jackles. Charlotte is Sam Ronson's twin sister. Do ya get the Lohan connection now? See? She's not there because you and her are besties. Kthxbai.

  25. Anon 2:48

    Yikes. Between the admittedly chunky ankles in pumps, the ill-fitting, too-long coat, JAB looks scarily like pics of my Mom in the '60s - when she was in an early stage of one of her many pregnancies.

    Tip from a fellow lower leg puffiness sufferer: Knee-high boots with snappy heels will turn matron into hot mama in a jif. And it is winter, isn't it?

  26. Heheheh. I was laughing my head off immediately with that "ineffable" shit hit.

    What a moron Jackles is. To call each fucking person you meet ineffable is just the pinnacle of stupid, overreachy and try to hardy. And kind of wrong!

    See definition # 2:

    This word is usually reserved for the sacred, like art, metaphysics, shit like that. Not fucking people and deserts.

    It's not one of the fancier words around, but is one that should only be deployed when you have actually ATTEMPTED to describe something utterly profound and found you can't.

    Jackles skips the trying part every time.

    And yeah, all talky no delivery has got to stop.

    So a lot that happened at Davos was off the record, fine. Was Davos INEFFABLE Jackles, thus your inability to report on that? You journalist you! Same for Munich, and CES and everything else that takes a brain to engage with??


    Fucking do something or get out of the way, you cankled poseur! Oh, and does she ever have a pair on her.

    It wouldn't be so funny if she weren't such a mean, vain bitch. Such as.

  27. deserts = desserts?? i don't know. i don't have a sweet tooth really. sorry. anyway, cupcakes. you get it.

  28. I like how Julia Allison is "front-row" at Charlotte Ronson and BCBG -- you know, the lines that aren't actually designer lines. Just crap you end up finding at Kitson.

  29. Fallacy:

    I am in the front row at Charlotte Ronson.
    Lindsay Lohan is in the front row at Charlotte Ronson.

    Therefore, I am as important as Lindsay Lohan.



    Enjoy, cupcakes!

  31. wndr, you've summed up her entire life.

  32. Stop saying hells yes. It's fucking stupid.

    Cover up your chunky monkey legs:

    Stop pissing in your pants every time you see a celebrity. It just reinforces that you are in fact NOT a celebrity and will never be one.

    Stop sitting in the front row chairs at fashion week after the show is over/before it starts, take a picture of yourself, post a picture on your blog and then pretend that you were in the front row for that show. You pulled that pathetic stuff last year and we all know you weren't in the front row.

    Get some better fucking outfits for fashion week. Your day one outfit is a FAIL and you will probably be laughed out of the tents by Monday at the latest. This is sort of a FASHIONABLE event and no one wants to be in proximity to such FUG. You look like a cheap, cheesy wannabe, which is pretty much apropos but at least get good at faking class like Mary does sometimes. You even suck at being a poseur.

  33. So Fetch: Your rage excites me.

  34. Julia's outfit was horrible for the start of fashion week, it's true. A black wrap dress would've been so much better, and she really should ditch that awkward coat that matches with nothing.

  35. Jacy, honey, I could go on, but I think the ones who get offended at the sight of the word Jankles would crucify me. If you want me to unleash the hounds, I will, but the ones that take this a *wee* bit too seriously might not be to happy, bunnykins cupcake. xoxo.

  36. Sorry, that's "too" happy. xoxo headbands to all and to all a good night.

  37. Fetch, I would love to read your unleashed rage, because we are on the same page and I love it.

  38. This is why a forum would be great. We could have a special place to unleash the fury. I am a homicidal Monty Python and the Holy Grail type of rabbit, but I don't wish to frighten all the sweet Beatrix Potter type of bunnies. They outnumber me.

  39. Fetch + Anon @ 2:30am crack me up.

    forum name idea:

  40. also, another reason a forum would be a GREAT idea is because we could organize the comments a little better on topic. I feel like there is so much GOLD here that gets lost in the fray.... things that should be held for posterity, and hopefully for potential NS sponsors to be made aware of.