Tuesday, February 17, 2009

UPDATED: Julia -- Truly Vile

I don't think I'm going to the Tents tonight.

Talking to Dan on IM. He might have cancer again.

I fucking hate cancer.

The last thing on my mind is watching a fashion show right now. I’m sorry.

This is classy, even by JA standards.

Tired, Jules, after an exhausting couple of days convincing David Karp to censor the many bloggers who are totally onto you? Don't feel like going to work after "letting" Mary do all the Fashion Week chores again for TMI? Need some sort of publicly stated excuse to stay home? How about outing your ex-boyfriend's possible relapse?

Oh, and then, why not bring the entire conversation back to YOU, because that's what one DOES upon learning a dear friend might be facing another battle with cancer. You talk about your non-weight gain! And in doing so, you suggest that your BFFs, business partners and "beloved sisters" are anorexic. To prove to the haters THAT YOU ARE NOT FAT!!! DAN, WHO MIGHT HAVE CANCER AGAIN, SAYS YOU'RE NOT!!! AND DAN'S SMART, AND HE MIGHT HAVE CANCER!!! SO BACK OFF, HATERS!!!! AND DON'T ATTACK ME, BECAUSE DAN MIGHT HAVE CANCER!!

Dan & Julia Conversation, Part I

Dan: People will not stop asking me about Mary's haircut.
Me: HAHHAHA are they talking about how I'm fat, too?
Me: I've been getting that a lot lately. "Julia looks like she's about to implode" was my favorite.
Dan: No, no one who talks to me says you're fat.
Me: Oh that's good. That's a plus.
Dan: They all agree with me that you hang out with too many people that are anorexically skinny. And if you are around normal sized people, you look tiny, because you are, in fact, tiny.
Me: I just feel like my face is fat. I feel sort of ugly and fat bc of fashion week. I think one tends to lose perspective.

UPDATE: Here's some more of that TRAUMATIC conversation that Jackles had with Dan tonight that prevented her from going to work. She is so worried about Dan! If by "worried about Dan," one means obsessing once again in a pathological manner about oneself and how the hectic pace of lying around and posting private IM conversations is sure to destroy a person:

Dan: Well, you are overworked and over-stressed and wearing makeup for pictures all the time and that isn't good for your face or your body's water-tissue balance. And yes, your lifestyle means that you are way over-exposed to visual scrutiny.
Dan: Like those celebrities in people who get caught looking ugly. An easy 50% of the time, it's like "congrats, you took 5,000 pictures and she looks like a normal person in 1 of them and now the headline is 'so-and-so has imploded and has an alien growing out of her face."
Me: I know. I never thought I'd say this, but ... I'm pictured out. I no longer want to dress up and put on makeup and take photos every day. I am fine with doing it ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS.
Dan: hahaha too much attention?
Dan: well all i have to say is GIBFT: Good It's About Fucking Time
Me: blah blah blah you suck
Dan: I saw you for three days, your lifestyle: not sustainable.

By the way -- is this further evidence of just how HAPPY Jackles is? Wasn't it just a few days ago that Jackles was braying about Never. Being. Happier. Before. In. Her. Whole. Entire. Life.


  1. Well, here it is: the sympathy-generating ploy/play that's been overdue for about 24 hours now. Man, Julia Allison just never quits, does she.

    Mary Rambin pulls just 37 viewers for her live Mogulus coverage this afternoon, but JA can't haul herself down to "the tents" for her planned "arrival." Riiiight. She's just cried wolf one too many times.

  2. That is awesome. She said she didn't feel like doing fashion week before it started. She said she didn't want to go today.

    Then --what luck!-- she gets a reason. Someone else's cancer. Is Dan an f-ing saint? The proper response would have been, "You're right. I REALLY don't care to hear about your 'problems'"

  3. So, she just bailed on her responsibility to Time Out New York? Yeah, okay. Tell me again how she's not being fired from TONY. She's acting like Katherine Heigel trying to get out of her GA contract.

  4. Please note: The original title of her post was "I don't think I'm going to Max Azria" (or something to that effect). Then, she changes it to "I don't think I'm going to the Tents tonight" and skips the other two or three shows she has on her schedule, as well.

    Funny, she says she doesn't understand why everyone thinks she has TIME to write letters to herself and game Google with her spam code. Then she goes and pulls stunts like this.

    The accusations themselves may or may not be true, but it is VERY apparent she DOES have the time.

    The woman shows up hours late for work or, like today, not at all.

  5. "I feel like my face is fat."

    That's because her face IS fat!

    Poofy, indeed. Sorry Dr. Bobby couldn't help more with the poof.

  6. The inveterate liar has pulled crap like this for forever. If she has a major responsibility to school, work, a friend, whatever, then some outrageous excuse is brought into play in the eleventh hour. At Georgetown, it was always the semester prior rape. Can you imagine anyone lying about sexual assault in an effort to skirt responsibilities? Can you imagine anyone using a good friend's possible cancer relapse as an excuse not to do their job? Neither can I.

  7. Wait, didn't she mention Dan's cancer returning during the Inauguration coverage???

  8. I think Dan MUST be a saint. He seems to be the only one who can put up with her. If I were Mary I don't know whether I'd be pissed she didn't show or glad that I don't have to put up with her.

  9. fat face:

  10. oh its all right there! she feels fat and ugly and so she is MIA...
    all she has is her looks and thats what she thinks.
    thanks for sharing that, Julia. WE ARE ALL RIGHT.

  11. Wow!

    The only person i currently know of who can turn someone else's possible second battle with cancer into a passive aggressive diss on her friends' better physique is Jackles.

    That takes skill i only thought existed on soaps.

    Someone should really write a John Waters-eque screenplay for this "character." I'll design and film it.

    I know how to make ugly shit seem intriguing to the camera (you think she looked crazed on Barbie night -- just you wait!).

  12. She just needed an excuse. I know first-hand that she is horrified with the her facial appearance post-Restalyne injections. According to her, she is also at an all-time weight high. And there is the pesky squabbles with MA and MR.

  13. Okay, i don't know her! But this latest escapade constitutes a kind of "knowing." Egad.

  14. and if youre so upset he has cancer WHY ARE YOU POSTING THE PART OF THE CONVERSATION ABOUT YOUR FACE!

    she just posts for us. she tries to win the sympathy. she admits she feels fat in a public way to all her haters...aaaw, we feel bad now. NO WE DONT.

    how dare you even bring his cancer into the same conversation.

    Youre a sick sick person, Julia

  15. Notice how the mention of Mary must be squelched. The conversation had to be sequed back to her at all costs pronto. Someone hates Miss Mary, that hardworking, thin and toned blond bitch.

  16. So, do we have the OK to go back to referring to her as a little cunt?

  17. its so sad. she is holed up in her apartment so afraid of the world SEEING HER. its insane.

    Julia, you really think all you have are your looks?


  18. This is what gets me; the inauthenticity. So okay. You're tired, malnourished, upset about a fight with a friend, feeling generally blue, or need some restalyne/botox recovery time, whatever. It happens. So you bail on some obligations. You say, sorry gang, I'm useless right now, I owe you one but I'm staying in and hiding under a rock for the foreseeable future. It kinda sucks but people forgive and move on and you do eventually make it up to them because you are a decent person and are just having a bad day whatever.
    But no, not our Miss Baugher. She initiates an IM convo with her possible one stalwart friend and then uses HIM as the excuse. It's just so damn calculated and shitty. And it escalates. I "let" Mary cover the morning shows but I'll be at all the evening events. Nope, my friend might have cancer again, I'm going to miss one specific show. Oopsy, looks like I won't be making it (because we are now in a very involved conversation about ME).
    I don't want to hate on this girl but cripes ... grab a clue Miss Allison Baugher or whoever you are. Don't use your friends like this. Mary is homeless, remember? Maybe you could spend some time helping her out with that since the reason she gave up her place was based on your false promises. Dammit girl. Just get an effing clue.
    And why insult your interns' enthusiasm by sending them out for hairbands for crissake? Can you put yourself in their shoes? How would you want a mentor to channel your energy and latent talent?
    It's just all so goddam gross. Sorry. I'm not a hater by nature; this just eats away at my soul. I'm not thanking Gawker either. I went there years ago to keep up-to-date on NY-based media. Not this shite. Yet I let myself get reeled in; met a few exceptional people along the way, and in short, am hoping for a happy ending. Particularly for Mary and Meghan, perhaps in the longer term for JAB.
    My belief is that if you cast a light on darkness, it cannot prevail. And so ... I linger.

  19. Anon7:04: She looks pregnant in that photo. Seriously, if I didn't know better, and you had told me this was how she would look in a year, I would think she was six months pregnant.

  20. Anon 7:39: I agree, but she'd have to actually have sex for that to be the case. Sad.

  21. RBNS--it's a good point you bring up how she outs him on having a relapse. anyone who's known a young person with recurring illnesses or cancer can imagine how fucking hard it would be to read about it on someone else's website. its a much graver sin than just being inconsiderate to others. but julia's never been one to consider the feelings of others.

    and, of course, there's no reason to point out all the holes in the this lame excuse for staying in but i will....if staying home cured a friend's cancer i'd have one more friend in life :(

    (hey julia! we know you're reading us tonight since youre stuck at home with a bag over your head!)

  22. I guess I missed the part in this IM convo where she says to Dan: "Do you mind if I post very personal conversation on my blog?"
    Or, where she mentions to him: "Oh, you know, I really should be working right now." And he says (like any normal person would, of which he seems to be one): "No prob, talk to you later, go work!"

  23. Meanwhile, Rambo's posting away like a maniac.

    I am in the tents and I heard a rumor that Wintour was actually impressed with Mary and was asking around about who she was. Oh how sweet that would be.

  24. Oh and you know, it's also really a great friend-like thing to do to post such a conversation about someone calling your two FRIENDS "anorexically skinny" when one had a legitimate eating disorder, one CLEARLY currently suffers from a bit of exercise addiction and food issues, and you yourself, JA, are always freaking out about sugar and rehashed your "college bulimia" story not even a month ago. Really, you'd think someone who'd supposedly SUFFERED from an ED would be more sensitive towards the subject in every conceivable manner - or does Dan's comment imply he knows something we don't (that it was a boldfaced lie for sympathy)?

    Sorry, sucks that you're SO HAPPY, all whilst being SO VAIN and are now surrounded by superficial people (your ilk, really!) at Fashion Week who will glare you down without a second thought in all your insipidness and desperation. That and Mary clearly fits into the scene (Meghan too, even though she's the "tech geek") and it's becoming blatantly obvious you don't. Have a Hurts Doughnut.

  25. I didnt read the 'anorexically skinny' comment to mean Mary and Megs...I feel like he meant all the women that are ever in photos with JA from various parties and events. Like, I think he's commenting on the sick societal ideals of the "hip" "celebrity" "media" crowd, no?

  26. Wow. Really? http://twitter.com/juliaallison/status/1221142201

  27. FashionSLicker: you just ruined Julia's night with that rumor! OH to be a fly on her wall when she reads that post! i can only imagine the object-smashing, yelling and screaming, enraged jealousy that will take place!

  28. I swear I can only ever recall photos of her with men she's cozying up to or woman she wants to be/sycophant on and the only ones even approaching the term would be her bffs. I could definitely be wrong but then I try to flush all JA imagery from my brain as soon as it enters.

  29. Dan was ABSOLUTELY referring to MA/MR as being anorexic looking. Read the context. He says you're always photographed with anorexic looking people. Who is JA always posting with? anon 8:15, NICE TRY. Sick and passive aggressive of her to do such a thing when she's suffered with an eating disorder.

  30. Wouldn't be at alllllll surprised if "parents visit" becomes the latest and greatest excuse for dogding work responsibilities (they'll be here on two of the last 3 days of FW). *whistles*
    Also, weird that she's all depressed and sad yet right around the "I let mary cover morning shows" she's cackling it up through manic twitter updates. Mmmmmmkay.
    The non-picture thing? She'll get over it after a new shipment of Blueprint comes - can't live without it.

  31. All Anna W has to do is take one glimpse at MR's blog and she will no longer be impressed. Or, she could ask her friend, Donna KarAn if she has ever heard of the stuid test.....

  32. I think Julia made that conversation up. Certain Julia-isms give it away. Her parents are coming to NY this weekend... I seriously hope they sit her sick self down and have a long talk.

  33. Please yes, let Mary be Anna Wintour's next PA. Isn't she actually looking for one at the moment? Take a very pretty and enthusiastic girl who is invested in but clueless about fashion and MOULD her Miss W. Please! Omg, it would be so great!

  34. Good point, Total Jing. Jesus, Meghan had an eating disorder and even had to get treatment for it. And her "sister" is posting something suggesting she looks anorexic compared to the "tiny" Jackles.

    What a soulless, heinous human being she is.

  35. Oh, and this is the first "publically posted" convo with Dan lately. We will never see the ones where she bitches out - sorry, too Mean Girls? "vents" - about her BFFs and I think it'd be silly to even imagine many of those haven't taken place over the course of her and Dan's post-relationship friendship. He's the custodian of her memories and has seen her many, many personalities, we must never forget.

  36. Julia has problems. Soulless, narcissistic, with behavior as transparent as many would have liked her promotion of specific products to have been. However, Mary, is no prize. I am so tired of reading how broke she is. She got spanked this summer for her cruise blogging and unlike Julia, Mary learns what people like to hear. She knows she came off as the rich spoiled texan--so she played it down. If you read her early blogs [painful] and you read her newer blogs [still painful] it becomes obvious she did not go through some metamorphis, she simply read the haters and made some adjustments.

    The dresses from VW--so Mary wears the dresses after julia and meghan??? How long do they keep these clothes for? [small rant]

  37. Having been around the tents, and Vogue World, I can guarantee that Anna has NO IDEA who Mary, or any of these people are... please (and I mean this with all due respect), she is from nowheresville (okay, LA, or Texas or somewhere), is not properly educated, does not speak French (can barely master English), has abominable taste in fashion (Missoni?), knows nothing about fashion. Nothing. And cannot write a sentence to save her life. And it is not as if any of them are from good families, etc.

    I know, I know, I sound awful, but there it is.

    Also, WHY is JA talking about her terrible weight gain to a cancer patient for god's sake? One of the biggest problems they have is keeping weight on... She really is a terrible person. And if not terrible, oblivious.

    Maybe they will all go away soon.

  38. If by away, you mean Denmark and London, Texas and San Francisco, then, *sigh* yes.

    Let's hope they have internet probs in at least three of the above. It's a given that they will have internet for the birthday --

  39. THANK YOU, RBNS for not being on tumblr.


  40. Um. I'm beginning to think this Dan character doesn't exist. Or, at least, he might exist but he and Jackles haven't been on speaking terms since they "broke up," if, assuming, he and she actually dated at one time. And if he does exist, then I'd like to say two things to him:

    1) So sorry about the cancer relapse. Honestly. You seem like a nice guy and I hope all goes well.

    2) Why the FUCK are you still friends with that TWAT? Talk about masochism.

  41. OK, I hate to get sappy here, but Dan is obviously Julia's soulmate. He is her only real friend and he will do just about anything for her. I think that she should marry him and they should build a life together. He can definitely help her and she can, through helping him, become more than the sum of her parts. It would be the best possible outcome for this whole iNSane story.

  42. He can only help her if she wants to change, which doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon - particularly with her latest nonsense. He's been having similar conversations with her for a looooong time, and she has a life coach to boot. She's basically burning him out (though he seems not to mind and that might have to do with caring for her, as he actually dated her and continued to communicate with her after it ended) and wasting her money on guidance she seems to think (on both ends) she's above needing or following.

  43. I'm doubting that this Dan really exists. Something about this convo sounds too "what if someone who really loved you and understood you were talking to you", as if he can read her thoughts. If Dan is not made up, at least the majority of this convo is made up.

  44. Anon12:01: Silly! Dan is not attractive enough for her, wealthy enough or connected enough! Clue in! Jackles doesn't care about a person's kindnesses to her, about a person's character. It's all about money, ambition, fame, looks.

  45. Um yeah. That conversation is completely made up. WHY would Dan and his friends talk about Mary's hair and Julia's weight gain - as if they all follow the blog of Dan's old high school friend and her friends? How would that even come up in conversation?? And the timing is just a little too predictable - Julia comes under fire, trots out ploy for sympathy. She's done it a million times before. Yeah right. FAKE. FAKE. FAKE.

  46. Here's Dan's blog (Julia linked to it a while ago):


    He's apparently real.