Wednesday, February 18, 2009

She makes my head hurt with how much she has to do

Poofy couldn't actually do her job tonight at the Week of the Fashions, but she did manage to clean her apartment, photograph her dog and write up a list of the 8,000 things she will be doing in the next 30 days. SHE IS BUSY AND IN DEMAND, PEOPLES!!!!

She writes:

Fashion week concludes on Friday … but things won’t slow down for quite some time. Here’s an idea of what we have coming up!
February 21 - AMC Oscars Best Picture Event.
February 22 - Oscars! Not sure where we’ll watch them …
February 24 - Meghan I fly to San Francisco.
February 27 - Mary meets us out there for the SF leg of the Randi Julia BiCoastal Birthday Party.

And blah blah blah. I would like to add on her behalf:

March 14 - Eat the cupcakes, make the kissy face and pretend that life is amazing
March 15 - Like that
March 16 - Like that
March 17 - Like that

There is a person in my village named Sergei. He drinks too much vodka, tells the same story over and over and then passes out in his own spittle in the town square. Excuse, but who does he remind me of?


  1. My favorite point is that she says she wants to write, but the longest thing she has posted on her tumblr in months was her itinerary!

  2. It's a painful thought, but I think we have to ensure that Poofy is the cunt heard 'round the world. The more international ridicule she receives, the sooner she may be coaxed back into Illinois obscurity.

    Obviously, Russian Girl has spread the word throughout her village. The Germans figured out that JA is a vapid twat (remember that cutting article?) Next up, the Brits. Those London tabloids really know how to put a pissed-up slapper in her place.

    Be strong, comrades!

  3. February 21 - Sit on my butt and watch a movie screen
    February 22 - Sit on my butt and watch a TV screen
    February 24 - Go on vacation and party in San Francisco


  4. She's so out of touch with reality it's painful. How about actually addressing all this bad press about your business that's flying around the internet instead of posting pictures of your freakin dog!
    Perhaps her Mom/Dad will talk some sense into her.

  5. BunnyBingo, I smell an intervention. She admits she hasn't spoken to her mother in a month and all of a sudden they're flying into town when she'd supposed to be SO BUSY covering (or being to lazy to go to) fashion week? I can picture it now... Mr. and Mrs. Baugher dragging their sick daughter through the airport as she screams, "But MOOOOOM!!! I have to stay in New York and rid the Internet of mind cancer!!!! I have important work left to do!!!!"

  6. Now that it's clear NS is over, Julia is working on her memoirs, ya'll. Kate Lee, WHY WOULD YOU REPRESENT THIS PERSON?

  7. Hell, she is coming to the UK.

  8. I love it that Julia Allison has a few speaking engagements coming up. More chances for her to make a braying ass of herself and talk in circles about nothing in front of a large audience. Talk about mind cancer... looked in the mirror lately, Jules? Also love it that she looked like a slobbering fool "interviewing" her hero Tina Brown. She managed to kiss her ass, make some stupid statements AT Tina (rather than asking a question like, um, a journalist should), throw Huffington Post under the bus, and get Tina to practically run away from her post-interview, all in a two minute span. Way to go, Jankles! And, since Julia managed to really throw the gauntlet yesterday, I will also say that she was looking extra bloated and poofy in her Tina interview.

  9. And Mary is producing content like no tomorrow.

  10. Her folks are probably just coming to town with their interior decorator to look at art or silk drapes. They're smart enough to know there's nothing they can do with a person who so obviously doesn't want to change. They've already advised her to get off the internet a hundred times (and her one attempt was a pathetic joke!)

  11. Has anyone read Meghan's part of the site recently? She's been typing her pretty little fingers off. Kudos to you, Meghan, really!!

  12. Sorry for the cross-post, I also had this on the older "Hobbesian" post and wanted to reiterate here since it has much to do with her speaking engagements, which are nothing more than attempts for her to legitimize herself TO herself.
    When she contacts places/events for speaking opportunities (sorry, highly doubt they seek her out except in dire circumstances and for misguided reasons - as in the case with DLD, their last minute courting of her and their wrong assumption that what she does is "digital storytelling), she doesn't promote nonsociety (though it may get a mention), but her better organized, less vanity-driven (not much, but still) personal site It looks legitimate enough for someone scrambling for additions or somewhat relevant presenters to "accept" without doing due diligence (their problem). Consider what comes out of all this. First of all, we've seen her performance and speaking ability, and it's no surprise WHY she didn't go out of her way to promote the easily accessible video of her DLD speech (or even tape and post it on her own). It's even less surprising that her calendar items are so vague. If they were events of importance (at least to those she values/wants to impress) she'd be name-dropping non-stop. Her vagueness is more likely due to the low-scale nature of the event (as with the MIT thing, which we could already assume had much to do with her brother being or having graduated from there and being a prized student BEFORE she even qualified it as such) or that it's tentative. The latter wouldn't surprise me because we all know how much she likes to rewind and rewrite history as if everyone isn't aware of what they'd seen initially.

    In fact, her terrible usage of "Hobbesian" to sound smart is such gold because she sent it in an email to someone at Gawker - where it will stay in all its unedited glory to receive all the requisite ridicule - without the benefit of her being able to remove the mention or edit it to actually be relevant. C'est la vie.

  13. Russian Girl, I love the calendar appointments you made up for JA: "like that" every single day!!! I am still laughing. You are the best.