Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pretty please.

Dear Loren,

Because you love us so much, will you please give us another Julia Allison puppet show?



  1. Oh, yes, best Valentine's gift ever!

  2. Ooh, please sir, a special Valentines Day edition of could re-enact the great Julia/Mary Vivienne Westwood dress debacle!
    Or re-enact Julia interviewing the poor Georgetown applicant. Or re-enact Julia reading Malcolm Gladwells Outliers in Borders.
    Oooh, ooh Davos, re-enact the piano bar scene from Davos!

  3. Have the puppets lip dub Joni Mitchell's "you're so vain" (which suits this bunch of dummies) and was also Jaggles not so cryptic message to the CNN guy (Alex?) who blew her off. ("crushed")

  4. Carly Simon, 6:34.

  5. Wow. You bunnies actually know me. I'm shaking. It will be my honor to do a Valentines show. Gimme a day or two.

  6. Marvelous, Loren! Can't wait for the pearls of wisdom to spew forth from the Mary puppet's mouth. "Waaaa! Wasaaaa!" Peering into the camera: "Waaaa!"

  7. Loren:

    I always wondered what happened after you ran
    into Julia at SXSW--right after he realized you
    were you.

  8. right after 'she' realized

  9. You're the best.


  10. Phoebe,

    I have that footage. Maybe its time to share it with the bunnies. Its a total trainwreck.

  11. A trainwreck, you say...quelle surprise! (I know you love that Frenchy talk.) Bring it on, cupcake!

  12. That puppet show was all kinds of awesome. I cannot WAIT for another episode. I love you, Mr. Feldman.

  13. I'm a big a fan of skewring the NS nit wits as anyone but Loren's version of Megan Asha (stereotypical 'Indian' voice) was the wrong side of parody. Considering this dude has a history of erm, racial insensitivity, I don't see why anyone would endorse him doing more of the same in the future.

  14. I'm sick to death of people getting offended on behalf of other people, who probably aren't even offended themselves. We're adults here; we can judge for ourselves what the "wrong" side of parody is, mmmkay?

    If his comedy isn't your cup of tea, you don't have to watch. I'm sorry it confuses you so much that other people don't think exactly the way you do. Maybe you should start a website and call it Reblogging Loren Feldman.

  15. I also think racial insensitivity has no place in comedy. I hereby boycott the following so-called comedians:

    Jerry Lewis
    Sacha Baron Cohen
    Ricky Gervais
    The cast of Saturday Night Live
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Ben Stiller
    The cast of MADtv
    Chris Rock
    All members of the Friar's Club
    Eddie Murphy
    The cast of Monty Python
    Andrew Dice Clay

    Well, there's more, but my brain hurts.

  16. Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies! I have seen the Julia footage Loren has. It's full of win.