Saturday, February 14, 2009

God, this woman is an idiot.

Julia is excited because She Discovered Something!

I know we’re in the thick of Fashion Week, but I wanted to let you guys know about an event NonSociety is participating in next Saturday, February 21st. AMC Theatres has FINALLY done what I’ve been hoping a theatre would do for years … play all of the Best Picture Nominees in one day!!!!!

Since I’ve not seen any of them yet, Meghan, Mary I will be attending ALL FIVE of the films and lifecasting the whole thing. They’ve made it available throughout the country (just click on the AMC Best Picture Showcase site and type in your ZIP), for $30, which includes a free large popcorn and unlimited refills.

Dude, you don’t have to tell me twice. I’m just psyched I won’t be clueless when they call out the Oscars!

[Note: We are NOT being paid by AMC to promote this.]

Um, Jules? They've done this before. Like last year, and the year before that. Jesus H. Christ on a stick. Don't you work for Time Out New York or something?


  1. I love how you immediately call Jackles out on her clueless dopery. She'll still probably try to pose with cardboard cutouts of actual celebrities in the theater lobby, though.

    If only I lived in NYC, I'd be there in a heartbeat. That big tub of popcorn would be perfect for pelting at that squealing nincompoop.

  2. Just love how she is trotting out alllll her outfits and getups from when she was actually cute and skinny. Before the great face injection faze and bloat.

  3. If you don't want to spend Valentine's Day re-tasting your bonbons, steer clear of JA's hellish corner of NS today. It's a retrospective of her annual V-Day photoshoots. She thinks she's giving us some sort of treat, allowing us to see how pretty she thinks she used to be. You have been warned.

    P.S. Some commenters had a field day speculating about her real age on that Gawker/Valleywag posting about the Google ads on NS. Almost nobody believes she's under 30.

  4. Speaking of commenters, I see you, you naughty little minxes, getting around that high tech screening over at QOTD. Jankles, Jack Les, Kan Kles, fart (heh.) Beth Cooper never disappoints, either. Air kisses for everybody!!

  5. This is just like the other day, when Clueless Meghan first discovered one of those electronics stores in midtown where they arrange the merchandise in the window in an unusual manner.

    Hey, the stores have only been doing that for a few decades, but now Meghan Asha Parikh has stumbled on this awesome display of unique art!

  6. Nothing new re: screening--they do it in L.A. every year--but please keep this Julia Allison creature out of the theater. She doesn't have the attention span for anything but Bride Wars and will surely cause a disruption if made to sit through anything with subtitles. Thanks, and see you on Oscar night!

  7. Boy. I don't know about you guys, but I can't *WAIT* for a ten hour lifecast of three insipid hairdos sitting at a movie theater. Undoubtedly an epic in the making.

  8. Spot on, Kate. Do they plan to bring their iPhones and laptops into the theater and tappity-tap away during the films? What could possibly be so riveting about watching them watch a movie?

    Note to J-Blab: You will STILL be clueless on Oscar night. In your case, the stoopid is malignant and inoperable.

  9. OMG! Compare the now picture of JA to the Joker in Batman.. oh Damn