Friday, February 13, 2009

I laugh so hard that borscht comes out of my nose

As several commenters point out, poofy is taking it up the pooper for the Google thingies. Ha ha ha, I say. I go sleep now. Good night, peoples.


  1. They seem to basically WANT to lose all viewers/readers now. They are pretty much asking them to leave.

    What tools.

    Why not take the design they had, make it vertical, but the Google crap ads down the side like every other blog. My God, my cat could have designed a better platform.

  2. PUT the ads down the side, not BUT the ads down the side. Sorry, long day.

  3. I think your cat has probably deposited better-looking stuff in her litterbox!

    Thanks for keeping us so well entertained, Jacy!

  4. They are so desperate for page views they are making "readers" (cough cough) click through on EVERY item now to read whatever lame little caption blurbo they have appended. Lots of luck with that, ladies.

  5. Thanks Squirrel!

    Dyseptic: My God, that's exactly what they're doing.

    Jesus, pity me, RBNS and Russian Girl. We actually have to negotiate that shit scene in order to reblog. It makes my head hurt and my eyes bleed.

  6. Jacy, RBNS, Russian Girl--we are depending on you to click through nobly and capture the blergorama for our inspection, so that we do not have to go clickety click clicking through their site like NonSociety marionettes.

    to the barricades, bloggers....

  7. This means:

    1. No money in sponsorship deals
    2. No money in free gimie deals
    3. No moeny in TMI video deal?

    NS ship sinking fast

  8. I was just wondering if anyone took note of Jankles' latest twitter?

    "How we treat each other does matter. It matters bc, without empathy, our lives are shallow, self-centered & meaningless." - @JasonCalacanis
    about 8 hours ago from web

    Gentle Jesus. This woman is absolutely retarded.


  10. Anony 12:37, isn't that just so touching? Except all she wants is empathy for HERSELF. She has ZERO empathy for others. Absolutely none.

    She is not acknowledging that her own life is, indeed, shallow, self-centered and meaningless. She's just trying to take a swipe at her critics. (We are legion.)

  11. OMG, 12:41, are those ads legit??? They're just too damn funny and so revealing at the same time.

    I'd like a show of hands, has anyone ever clicked on a Google Ad link and then purchased whatever was being sold there?

  12. Anonymous 12:49:

    Heh. I read that would-be Deep Twitter the same way. It's not about Julia Allison learning to be empathetic; it's about people who criticize Julia Allison learning to empathize with her--and shutting the hell up!

  13. Loving the GIANT billboard for Tyson's chicken strips next to Mary in all her style-snob-posing glory.

    Next trick, nagging pop-ups ala Better Homes & Gardens (world's most annoying site).

    The ads are so degrading, I almost don't have the heart to pick on them today. Almost.

  14. Do they really expect me to click on "more" to read the second sentence of a two-line post? Fat chance, cupcakes.

  15. Anonymous 12:55:

    I literally snorted lemonade (not borscht, alas) when I saw that Tyson's ad jockeying with our Rambles. Not exactly the posh lifestyle ads they were maybe hoping for when they set out upon this particular hobbyhorse.

  16. Even an ad for Charmin toilet paper wouldn't be as bad as that honkin' big bag of frozen chunks of dead chicken carcasses. At least Charmin has cute cartoon bears in their ads.

  17. How the design meeting went at NS:

    JA: But we have to get page views up an dad revenue up

    Designer: But the internet peasants want you to eat lots of cupcakes dear Miss Baugher and have lots of little pests by a very peasant looking man

    JA: Whah?

    Designer: You know the internet peasants you run after for page views..

    JA: WTF?

    Designer: That's what they said..

    JA: Huh?

    Designer: You see you have to design for the internet peasants as they do not have high speed mobile 3g only edge so if its a burden to view on mobile they will go away

    JA: really? you mean mean RBNS and RJB will go away from not having tips sent in and etc?

    Designer: One can only hope..

    MA: But..

    JA: But nothing..I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT

    MR: Shuddering..please someone wake me up from this pleasant nightmare

  18. It's been a long week, I'm tired, and I'm a bit slap-happy. And I can't stop laughing at that bag of chicken shards juxtaposed with glamour shots of Rambles and that other one. I may need to start rooting around for a paper bag soon, in case I start hyperventilating.

  19. Review of the "new design" by a real webdesigner!

    The new design is ridiculous. The explainations behind their awful design is even worse. Julia actually thinks they are being new and innovative by forcing a horizontal scroll through tiny content? She is preparing for the future of technology when all of our computers will be like an iPhone yet this technology doesn't exist for computers for the general public. So that has made their website mostly inaccessible.

    1. Horizontal scrolling is not revolutionary made possible for the first time by Nonsociety.

    2. Horizontal scrolling is unconvential and therefore will deter many viewers. Calling it a new found plan for the future of technology that we have yet to see, makes your website unviewable by the people of today. How is that a good plan?

    3. As with the last version, how one reads this so called content...isn't ideal. You have to scan across then down. Now you have to scan across, down, open another window and continue to scroll down just to read anything. I would have left the site at scanning across.

    4. The content is too small. Not that it's worthy of huge screen-estate, but as any good web designer knows, if you can't read it because it's too small...what's the point of even having it?

    Successful websites don't reach so far into new heights that the majority of your viewers can't appreciate or view the content easily. It is never about how revoluntionary your website's about the content. We go to the web for content, not pretty unusable websites. This is a joke, and all the web designers out there will take this so called "revolutionary design" and learn what NOT to do from it.

  20. You all are doing the Lord's work here.

  21. Okay people

    JA has thrown donw the challenge..

    Its our duty to come up with a Believable company name and email the NS twits at:

    and pretend that we want to advertise with them..

    andthan we can repost JA's laughable pr shit here and have a field day with it..

    My suggestion is tha tthe company name has to play into JA's trends..

    Suggested Company Names:




  22. I just took the bait and went on over to see if I could read it on my phone and I cannot scroll. I could only view a portion of the first two posts. And, yet, I can read and comment on this blog with no problem.

    Way to lose more page views....

  23. Baugher! Oh, how I've missed you! My RSS feed for your site is growing dust bunnies.


  24. I have one almost ready to go (I fact check, and need one confirmation), with confidential tipster goodness.

  25. BethC, I am so there. How about:


  26. Kari, I'm tingling!!

  27. I doubt my tips are as good as the professionals, but I have an insidery source. Tease? Yeah, there is some serious infighting.

  28. The fighting is real! Oh, thank gawd, for a minute there I was nearly convinced they were smart enough to form a strategy.

  29. BethCooper: a very apt typo "dad revenue.." Isn't that the only kinda revenue NS is going to be receiving soon.

  30. BreyingWithPinkCupcakes


  31. Bunny Bingo:

    I, too guffawed at "dad revenue." It may have been a bad day at the increasingly unwatchable/unusuable Nonsociety, but it has been a red-letter day at RebloggingNonsociety. I don't know when I have laughed so much over the sport made herein.

  32. Kari, you better email us at!

  33. Had a tip that the Vivienne Westwood ad fell through. That explains the dead chicken parts!

  34. This Google adbar thingee cuts off the bottom of the freakin posts, it's too much happening at once - the sideways plus the downways plus the weird Google ads like these:

    -Lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks
    -Free CD to sleep better
    -Baking with chocolate
    -Fouling in heat exchanger (got limescale?)

    It wouldn't matter if the content suddenly became great because the format is horrible.

  35. Dyspeptic-you say the VW ad fell through?

    From Mary's blog:

    "My apologies Jules, I didn’t think you would be into the funky fashion of VW so I went a little more conservative for you."


  36. BAUGHER!!! All hail the mighty Baugher blogger :) She is the one who initially gave me hope that others could see through Poofy's facade and also planted the seeds for this uprising which would later occur against her idiocy.

    So happy to see you are checking in here. :) Hurrah for RBNS!

  37. Yeah, advertisers tend to shy away from folks who refer to their products as "hideous".

  38. Oh, I was just funnin' about the Vivienne Westwood ad falling thru. As if. And I was making fun of myself, too, as if I might have a real tip.

  39. Rampant speculation about unfounded rumors based on wish-dreams about NonSociety crashing and burning are my favorite kinds of tips, Dyspeptic!